15 Chilling Tales Of Intruders Living In Someone's Home

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They’re where we can go to eat our favorite food after a long day at work, cry ourselves to sleep when we had a rough day, and just generally enjoy being alone whenever

Our homes are our sanctuaries. They’re where we can go to eat our favorite food after a long day at work, cry ourselves to sleep when we had a rough day, and just generally enjoy being alone whenever we choose to be. But what if you realized that you weren’t actually alone in your own home? What would you do if you discovered that there was actually someone living inside your walls, your closet, or your floorboards? What would you do if you discovered someone was eating the food you had worked hard to put in the fridge, stealing the heat that you pay to keep on, and even showering in the very shower that you feel safe and warm every morning or night?

That, unfortunately, is the case for these fifteen people on the list. Each and every one of them thought they were alone in their very own homes, only to discover that someone was living off of everything they were! We pay to have four walls around us to feel safe and to feel like we have somewhere to truly let go and be ourselves. Our homes are sacred; they’re filled with the people we love and the things we enjoy. But unfortunately, there are disturbing people in the world who feel as though if they don’t have a home, they can just move into yours. Next time you hear a bump in the night, remember that it might be your roommate that you have yet to meet.

Here are 15 Terrifying Stories Of Intruders Living In Someone's Home.

15 The Case Of The Night Crawler

Joe Cummings lived alone in New York City when he began noticing strange things happening around his apartment. It’s challenging enough to afford to live in even the tiniest of apartments in the big city, so his food going missing inside his own home was the first thing that really caused alarm. He first blamed his girlfriend for snitching food when he wasn’t around, but she repeatedly claimed her innocence.

He decided to set up a security camera to figure out what exactly was going on. He was hoping to catch his girlfriend in a lie, but what he really saw was much more alarming. After Joe went to bed, he caught a woman sneak down from a storage area high in his kitchen, pee in his sink, and steal his food. The image above is an actual image from the footage he got! He immediately called the police upon viewing the footage and she was arrested, not knowing how long she had actually been there.

14 A Mysterious Light In The Basement

Reddit user CanABrothaThrowAway thought they had the perfect set up in a large Kentucky mansion that they and their friends could live in while they attended a university in the area. Everyone had a large room, and the old and vintage building had a lot of interest to offer. They thought they had the perfect home, only to discover that they weren’t the only ones to think so. One night, they decided to play a good old-fashioned game of hide-and-seek.

After turning all the lights off, they discovered one remained on, but one in an area of the house they had yet to discover: a closed off part of the basement. Scared about this mysterious part of the house, they decided to end the game and instead explore the mysterious light together. As they made their way into the basement, they discovered an old mattress, men’s clothing, a box of needles, and most horrifying, a folder that contained the papers of a man who was just released from prison. The students were able to get out without meeting the man and contacted authorities.

13 The Creep In The Crawlspace

One Reddit user, TheBellaBubbles, thought they had the perfect set up when their family left them to housesit while they visited France. The house was in the middle of nowhere, meaning it was the perfect place to quietly relax. The house also had 8 dogs, so although being scary is alone sometimes, the dogs were enough company to make them feel safe. That was, until one night, when they heard a mysterious scratching coming from the walls and ceiling. They decided to check it out, and it appeared the noise was coming from a closet that was normally locked.

The closet held the homeowner’s guns, so the door was rarely left open. Upon discovering the unlocked door, they also found something else: a mysterious hole in the wall. They quickly called their friend and their friend’s dad, who rushed over to check out the scene. Their friend’s dad soon discovered that behind the hole in the wall was a mattress, men’s clothing, and countless chicken feathers. They all worked together to seal up the holes and any other possible entry point into the home, but the man was never discovered, nor was the reason for all the random chicken feathers.

12 Squatter Homecoming

Sandra Bainbridge was relieved to finally return to her own home in Belper, Derbyshire after being away on holiday for the past week. There’s nothing like finally returning to your own bed and shower after being away on even the finest of vacations. However, Sandra didn’t get the homecoming that she longed for. Instead, she came face to face with the woman who had been living in her home for the past week, Andrea Cutler. Andrea Cutler also happened to be the woman who would take Sandra’s life.

When Sandra returned home, the paranoid schizophrenic Andrea stabbed Sandra to death and hid her body in the bedroom. She then took over Sandra’s home and car and continued to live there like nothing happened for over a week. After Sandra appeared missing, Andrea was eventually caught in the home and arrested.

11 What's Behind The Bookcase?

Secret bookcases are always a cool edition in various movie mysteries and horror stories. But imagine finding one in your own home after living there for several years! That is exactly what happened to one online user who decided to share their terrifying squatter story. After discovering their bookcase was in fact, not a bookcase and actually a door, they decided to discover what secrets might be hiding behind it.

Terrifyingly, they discovered a spiral staircase that led to a crawl space. That seems pretty cool until they realized someone might be using this exact crawl space as their own home! The residents discovered clothing, candy wrappers, a mysterious key, and other scary items pictured above. They contacted authorities but no one was ever caught and no one has returned to their crawl space home! But imagine remaining in that home after discovering what they did.

10 There's Someone In The Attic

For some people, it seems like the past has a hard time of remaining the past. That was definitely true for Tracy, of Rock Hill, South Carolina. Tracy was a hardworking single mother of five who had an ex that she would’ve liked to forget. But he was the last thing on her mind when she began hearing strange noises in the middle of the night.

She became terrified after she heard something in the ceiling and nails began falling from the sky. She had her oldest son check the attic, only to discover that it was Tracy’s ex-boyfriend finding a warm spot in her own attic! He had just recently gotten out of jail and apparently made Tracy’s home his first stop! They discovered large cups filled with his urine and feces, and also found out that he had rigged the air vents so he was able to spy on Tracy while she slept!

9 What's Under The Bed?

When we’re kids, we always have nightmares of what might possibly be lurking under the bed. But as we get older, we realize those fears are more and more unlikely, and most beds aren’t even high enough off the ground to fit someone under them! But some beds still are, as was one D.C. area nurse, who discovered Carlo Castellanos-Feria hiding under her bed.

Carlo was a valet attendant at the hospital where the innocent woman worked. Apparently, she gave her entire key ring to him and he decided to copy all the keys she had. He then stalked her for some time, eventually going to her apartment and hiding under her bed for two days. Luckily, a male friend noticed movement in her room and soon discovered the man under her bed. They called the police, who caught the man with condoms, a power cord, gloves, and a hidden camera he had set up in her room. The lesson learned from this? Only give valet drivers your car key.

8 The Worst Roommate Ever

Everybody remembers the roommates they had in college. Sometimes you have a roommate who partakes in strange behavior, has weird people over or is just a walking pile of garbage, always making the place a mess. However, apparently, some are lucky enough to never even realize they had a roommate! This is the case for a group of students living on the OSU campus in a shared house. They began noticing strange occurrences around the house, like missing food and cabinets and doors being left open. When living with a lot of people, it can be hard to keep track of who’s responsible for what throughout the house.

But this was strange enough for the crew to try and figure out if something extraordinary was going on. They had always had a locked door in their kitchen, and they assumed it was just the door to a furnace or storage area. But when they finally made their way into the room, they discovered it was actually someone’s bedroom! It was a fellow student who decided to shack up with the rest of the house rent free! They eventually kicked the guy out but nothing harmful ever came of the situation. It’s still terrifying to imagine having an extra roommate for so long without even knowing about them.

7 The Figure In The Window

The Hocking Hills area is a mountainous land filled with wildlife and cabins, the perfect getaway. It also happened to be the area that one Reddit user’s family, lyndihrdmn, owned an area of land. The land had several sheds and cabins built on it, all abandoned and rundown. From time to time, the family would still go to enjoy the area and discover what secrets might be left behind in the decaying buildings. The user reported that they did this often, but one day, in particular, was different.

They were walking through the land when she suddenly looked up to one of the buildings, only to see a large, bald, greasy man staring down at the family. She immediately screamed, alerting the rest of the family to the dangerous man’s presence. They ran back to the car, and when she looked back, the man had run out of the house too, holding a large unidentifiable silver object in his hand. The user has since gone back but has never seen the man again.

6 The Case Of The Vanishing Money

Imagine keeping cash around your home only to have it constantly go missing. But with no sign of forced entry anything else out of the ordinary, would you call the police? They’d probably think you’re crazy for claiming your money was mysteriously disappearing. That is why Mr. Wang, of Kunshan, China, decided to not say anything to authorities when he noticed his money was mysteriously vanishing. But after the incident kept happening, along with food going missing and mysterious noises throughout the night, he finally decided to get the police involved. A good thing he did. When they arrived and searched the house, they discovered a man had been living in the crawl space for three months! He discovered the crawlspace on the top of the building and was able to live there in secret, as well as go to two different apartments to steal cash, cigarettes, and food. Next time you notice your things mysteriously vanishing, instead of blaming your forgetful mind, remember you could have an unwanted houseguest.

5 That's Not A Rat Under The Floorboard

Velma Kellen thought the mysterious smoky smell that would lurk into her home was just the smell of a broken furnace. When she called the repairman, he was able to fix the problem, but alerted her with a terrifying truth: someone had been living in her crawlspace. The repairman discovered signs that there was someone sleeping under Velma’s home without her knowing. She claimed that she would often smell what she thinks now was possibly marijuana. The man was probably looking for a place to get warm and never harmed Velma. But discovering a man had been under her home without her knowing for how long was enough to absolutely terrify Velma. Although he never caused her any harm, what might have happened if she had caught him in the act? Who knows who has the capability to become dangerous when they feel like they’re being threatened. Hopefully, the 73-year-old woman never has to deal with this situation again.

4 A Japanese Man Captures An Unwanted Houseguest

One man in Japan began noticing things going missing from his home on a regular basis. It was inconveniencing enough for him to decide to install a security camera in order to catch what he believed to be a burglar. A terrifying part for this man was that there was never any sign of forced entry or a break in. The story sounds similar to Joe Cumming’s tale that we already discussed, only with a terrifying twist.

This man did indeed see a woman walking throughout his apartment while he was at work one day, only to discover that she had actually been living there for up to a year! She was hiding in this man’s own bedroom closet! Imagine all of the nights that she was able to watch him sleep! Next time you think you’re home alone, remember that you might actually have an unwanted houseguest.

3 When Squatting Turns Deadly

Reading these stories can be terrifying and infuriating. Of course, if you were in any of the people’s situations that we’ve discussed so far on the list, you probably have thought about what you would do. Perhaps you would flee and call the cops? Or maybe you’d like to take matters into your own hands and stand your ground. That is what Wayne Burgarello had planned on doing when he discovered there may be two squatters living in his home. Although he owned the house, Wayne wasn’t living in the vacant lot at the time. He was still tipped off by a neighbor that there may be people breaking into the house he owned.

He ran over with a pistol, and upon discovering two people sleeping in one of the bedrooms, decided to shoot. He killed one man and wounded the man’s girlfriend. He only shot because he thought the couple had raised their own guns, only later discovering they had only raised their hands in a sign of innocence, attempting to show they were harmless. Before being shot, the women even yelled out, “we’re just sleeping!” What do you think? Was Wayne right in shooting the intruders, or did he take it too far?

2 Noises In The Attic

Davis Wahlman was an independent man who enjoyed living in his large home all by himself. Who wouldn’t enjoy having their very own house that they worked hard enough for to finally call their own? Davis thought that he had just that, until one night when he discovered something that would never allow him to feel safe in his own home again.

Davis came home after work to discover some lights to be on that he was sure he had turned off before leaving. Figuring he was probably just remembering things wrong, Davis decided to just go to bed for the night. In the early hours of the next morning, Davis was abruptly awoken by sounds coming from above him in the attic. Davis began hunting for the noise, making his way to his office, in which the door was locked.

When he knocked on the door and tried to open it, a woman began screaming the name Jimmy from the other side. She claimed that Jimmy had given her permission to live there. Terrified Davis called the police, only for them to arrive just after the woman fled. She was never caught.

1 A Life Stolen

John Goodman returned to his home after getting cancer treatments one night, thinking he was alone. Indeed, he was, but what he was unaware of was that he was no longer the only one living there. The day before, Fabio Pereira decided to move into the home after being evicted from his apartment, thinking this new one was empty. Fabio returned back to what he thought was his new home, only to discover that it was not, in fact, empty, but instead definitely occupied by John Goodman.

Unfortunately for John, Fabio decided he did not want to lose the home and attacked and killed the rightful owner of the house. Fabio saw this as his opportunity to start a new life and began living as John for the foreseeable future. He spent John’s credit cards and used his things to live the life he wanted. Not thinking things through all the way, he was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison for the murder.


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15 Chilling Tales Of Intruders Living In Someone's Home