15 Chilling Stories Of People Who Live-Streamed Their Own Death

The advent of social media in the mainstream consciousness has completely changed the way that we interact with one another, and it's also caused a massive change in ego, particularly in younger people. The constant need to draw all eyes to every move that you make has given way to an incredibly narcissistic society wherein people so desperately seek to one-up the person next to them in an attempt to maintain a steady stream of admiration and affection.

We see it on a day-to-day basis on our various social media feeds, and people in modern times are obsessed with advertising even the simpler aspects of their day. Pictures, videos, and long-winded posts about breakfast dishes, picking up items from the store, and dealings with relationships clutter our social media feeds, and Facebook and Twitter have essentially become platforms for people to scream for attention at the top of their lungs. Because society is predicated upon an “I want it now” mentality, live-streaming has quickly become yet another platform for individuals to gain instant reactions from people who follow them on different social media sites.

Unfortunately, few can ever truly anticipate the events that can occur in a moment’s notice, and the individuals found on our list fell victim to having their deaths live-streamed on social media. Whether they were doing the recording for a live audience or they were the subject of another person’s stream, these people had their untimely deaths broadcast to droves of people, and their videos are still making their way around the internet.


15 Naika Venant – Hanging

Going through your teenage years is a tough experience for people, though most of us have it better than we would like to believe. Naika Venant was just 14 years old when her name would become a cautionary tale for those looking for help. She was currently living with a foster family when she began her live-stream. The live-stream lasted for several hours, and the young lady contemplated taking her own life. Most people didn't realize that Naika had had a very rough childhood and that she wasn't issuing empty threats. In fact, there were people watching the live-stream that egged her on, insisting that this was nothing more than a cry for attention.

Naika would end up hanging herself during the live-stream, shocking onlookers who were following the video feed. The strained relationship that Naika had with her mother was the subject of a subsequent investigation, and it was revealed that her mother had abused her in the past, and she wanted nothing to do with her.

14 Armin Schmieder – Plunged To His Death In A Wingsuit


Adrenaline junkies and extreme sports enthusiasts are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest trends in their respective communities, and wingsuit flying slowly caught on with the extreme sports communities. Utilizing a special suit in order to glide great distances from soaring heights, wingsuit flying is an incredibly dangerous sport that requires an immense amount of resolve to take part in. To give you an idea of just how dangerous this sport is, a 2012 study conducted by the University of Colorado concluded that there was one death for every 500 jump attempts.

Armin Schmeider was a 28-year-old Italian wingsuit pilot who set out to live-stream another successful jump when tragedy struck. Armin jumped from the Alps, and shortly thereafter, everything went terribly wrong. Schmeider had one year of experience as a wingsuit pilot, though this amount of experience wasn't enough to prevent this tragedy from occurring. When the video finally surfaced, it quickly went viral, and it amassed millions of views from eager onlookers. The news of Armin's death quickly spread like wildfire, and his death was the second in the wingsuit community in less than one week.

13 Robert Godwin Sr. - Shot And Killed

A leisurely stroll down a local neighborhood in Ohio soon became the scene of one of the more horrific scenes in recent memory. Cleveland, Ohio is a city that's notorious for being a dangerous place to live, though few could've predicted that such a tragedy would occur on an Easter Sunday. Personal problems are something we're all forced to face in our lifetimes, though few people on this planet are deranged enough to allow personal strife to give way to murdering an innocent person.

Robert Godwin was walking down the street in his native Ohio when his life would come to a screeching halt. Steve Stephens was in the process of live-streaming on Facebook when he saw Godwin making his way down East 93rd Street. He approached the 74-year-old gentleman, and in cold blood, Stephens took Godwin's life. Stephens would come to be recognized as the "Facebook Killer," and he would eventually take his own life by shooting himself in the head.

12 Sofia Magerko - Car Accident


A night of drinking and partying is commonplace with young adults, and the decision to get behind the wheel of a car while impaired led to a teenage beauty queen losing her life. From an early age, people are taught the dangers of driving under the influence, and in many drivers' education classes, students are forced to see videos and photos of horrific tragedies that occur on the road. This information, however, often goes ignored by people around the world, and it's estimated that 28 people die in motor-vehicle crashes that involve an impaired driver in the United States alone.

Sofia Magerko and her friend Sasha Medvedeva were drinking from wine bottles as Medvedeva was behind the wheel of a car. The two were intoxicated, and as they were live-streaming their latest adventure in poor decision-making, they crashed into a pole in Ukraine. Magerko was 16 years old, and Medvedeva was 24 when they lost their lives in the fatal accident.

11 Antonio Perkins - Shot And Killed

Gang affiliation leads individuals down a dark path, and many, including the subject of this entry, never make it out alive. Much like the aforementioned, Cleveland, Chicago is one of the roughest and most dangerous cities in the United States, and the area is infamous for its criminal activity. Young people growing up in the inner city of Chicago are subject to gang activity, and many join the ranks of these despised groups, attempting to find common ground and a sense of safety within their own community.

Antonio Perkins was a suspected gang member who was live-streaming a gathering with some close friends when he his phone quickly fell to the ground. Voices cried out, narrating the tragedy that just took place. Perkins was only 28 years old when he was shot on South Drake Avenue. Sadly, Chicago is a city that's notorious for tragedy striking families of those involved in gang activity, and it's estimated that roughly 15.65 out of every 100,000 people are murdered in Chicago, the highest murder rate in the United States.

10 Frederick Bowdy - Suicide By Gunshot Wound


A son of Texas who sought to reach the top of the entertainment industry ultimately caved into himself in the most public of ways. Each year, Hollywood and the allures of fame and fortune attract a bevy of individuals to their doors, though the pressures of making it in the entertainment industry can be too much for one person to handle. It's a cutthroat industry that requires a sink-or-swim type of mentality, and many people cave under the pressures of becoming the next big thing. It's a title that's reserved for few people each generation, and most working actors struggle to make a living in Hollywood.

Frederick Bowdy was a former teacher who decided to pursue his dreams of becoming a force in the world of acting. Browdy had landed several small roles from 2014 to 2017, but he had yet to reach the level of fame that he so desperately sought. Several days before he took his own life, Bowdy was arrested on suspicion of sexual assault, and the mounting pressures from his arrest, his family life, and his career were too much to overcome. Bowdy would take his life by a gunshot wound in his vehicle at the age of 33.

9 Andrej Cekuta - Beaten To Death

Drunken quarrels are usually not causes for murder, but one Slovenian man quickly learned that alcohol abuse can cause humans to commit unspeakable acts. After becoming intoxicated, a war of words got out of hands between a group of friends, prompting a vicious beating. Andrej Cekuta spewed a hateful remark about his friend's mother, and in a drunken stupor, his friend Ales Olovec and Martin Kovac proceeded to take matters into their own hands.

The two men responsible for killing Cekuta, aged 20 and 26, broadcast the violent beating for public consumption. As one man savagely beat Cekuta's body, the other filmed, and both were eventually taken into custody. Cekuta initially survived the beating, though he would later die from his injuries in the hospital. Prior to the video being removed from Facebook, it had received over 200,000 views, and it's subsequently made its rounds through the internet. Cekuta was just 26 years old when he was beaten to death by the two men.


8 Jared McLemore - Set Himself On Fire


The end of a relationship can cause great pain and strife for both parties involved, and a Memphis man couldn't live with the pain of failure. Months before the now-infamous live-stream was broadcast, musician Jared McLemore already had a run-in with the law after he was arrested for strangling his ex-lover and threatening to kill her. It's clear that the now-deceased McLemore had serious mental instability issues, and counseling had done little to help the troubled man. The 33-year-old decided to make a spectacle of his suicide, and onlookers, both on Facebook and in person, were in complete disbelief at the events that were unfolding before their eyes.

McLemore doused himself in a heap of kerosene and then lit himself on fire. From there, McLemore would run into a bar, Murphy's, around 12:30 in the morning. Onlookers would help put out the flames, and McLemore would be transported to a local hospital where he would eventually be pronounced dead.

7 Nikol Barabasova - Car Accident

Keeping on the alert at all times while behind the wheel of a car is of paramount concern, and even the tiniest of distractions carry with them the potential for disaster to strike at any moment. 22-year-old Nikol Barabasova and her friend were making their way down a stretch of road in the Czech Republic when Nikol decided to film and live-stream their adventure. The two women were having a pleasant time, laughing and singing along to the music in the Volkswagen. Then, in the blink of an eye, everything would change for the two young women in the vehicle.

Nikol's friend was traveling nearly 75 miles per hour when she suddenly struck a barrier on the road. From the moment of impact, Nikol can be heard letting out a yelp, and the car would then flip. A person would come shortly thereafter to check in on the two women in the vehicle before a team of emergency personnel made their way to the scene. It was a member of the emergency response team that finally shut down Barabasova's phone, ending the broadcast.

6 Lazarec Collins And Lavontay White – Shot And Killed


For the first time on this list, though unfortunately not the last time, we have an entry involving a child losing his life, this time due to gun violence. Heading back to the rough streets of Chicago, we're once again presenting a situation of someone killed by a gun-bearing assailant. Three people, including 2-year-old Lavontay White, 26-year-old Lazarec Collins, and a 25-year-old woman, were all sitting in a car in an alleyway when a man approached the car with ill-intent. Several shots rang out before the assailant fled the murder scene.

Lavontay and Lazarec were both shot in the head, while the woman was shot in the abdomen. The young boy and his father would lose their lives from the gunshot wounds, while the woman, who was pregnant, would survive the tragic incident. She was the person who live-streamed the shooting, and her unborn child remained unharmed after the incident.

5 James Jeffrey - Suicide By Gunshot Wound

Love can drive a person crazy, and the fallout from a breakup can leave some serious damage in its wake. While talking with his ex-girlfriend, James stopped responding, and the worried young woman sent police over to his house to check on his well-being. By the time the police arrived at his house, James had already committed suicide during a now-infamous live-stream that was broadcast on Facebook. Because his death was live-streamed, a high number of calls were coming into the 911 dispatch, informing the emergency service of what had happened in his home as police were still on their way over.

After police had arrived on the scene, they launched their investigation, and the video was eventually removed from Facebook. James Jeffrey was 49 years old when the breakup with his girlfriend catalyzed his live-streaming of his suicide. The Alabama native was in the process of talking with friends online as he was having his conversation with his girlfriend.

4 Wuttisan Wongtalay – Killed His Child, Then Committed Suicide


This entry is perhaps the most sickening on this list, and it's a true example of how evil a human being can possibly be. 20-year-old Wuttisan Wongtalay suspected that his lover was cheating on him, and his suspicions drove him to commit one of the more sickening murder-suicides in recent memory. After his partner left his house, Wuttisan took the 11-month-old child to the top of a building, and he hung her in broad daylight. After hanging his daughter, Wuttisan hauled her body back up before ultimately hanging himself, all while live-streaming on Facebook.

The mother of the child was with her brother when the two saw the horrific events transpire on Facebook. As it turns out, the 11-month-old was Wuttisan's step-daughter, and his wife's relationship with her ex was a cause of division in their relationship. No one could've known that Wuttisan would've resorted to such a despicable crime.

3 Luis Manuel Medina – Shot To Death

Independent journalism is a hot-button issue in the Dominican Republic. A disc jockey doing his job was gunned down during a live broadcast. Working for FM 103, Luis Manuel Medina was reading through a bulletin list of topics when a gunman went on a rampage in the studio. Medina was live-streaming on Facebook when the attack took place. Medina was 47 years old when he was fatally shot, and his show Milenio Caliente had been broadcast for nearly 25 years. He was a well-known and well-liked member of the media, but in the political climate of the Dominican Republic, reporters aren't afforded the opportunity of living a peaceful life.

The individuals that choose to pursue a career in investigative reporting are subject to harassment and physical abuse, and many thought that there were possible Mafia ties to the killing. The community was devastated after the attack, and the video subsequently made its way around the internet.

2 Jacqueline Sanchez – Car Accident


Texting and talking on the phone while driving are crimes that can have massive implications on a driver who chooses to break this law, and this driver, Obdulia Sanchez, would be responsible for the death of her younger sister. Obdulia, her sister Jacqueline, and Jacqueline's girlfriend, Manuela, were making their way back to the Sanchezes' home in Stockton, California when Obdulia suddenly lost control of the vehicle. Obdulia tried to correct the vehicle and failed, which led to the car traveling into a field before the car flipped, ejecting the two passengers, who had neglected to wear their seatbelts.

While trying to get some help from passing cars, Obdulia went back to live-streaming the fallout from the car accident. This caused an uproar from people after the story went viral, but Obdulia maintains that this was to help raise awareness about the situation in an attempt to get money to help pay for her sister's funeral.

1 Erdogan Ceren – Gunshot Wound

Another example of a painful breakup causing a person to lose control of his actions. Erdogan Ceren was a 22-year-old man who had just ended his relationship with a young woman, and despite being the one to pull the plug on their romance, he appeared to be the one taking things the hardest. Before using a gun to put an end to his life, Ceren recited poetry that he had written, pertaining to his failed relationship. It was a heartfelt and sincere moment that showed Erdogan in a very vulnerable state. Following the chilling poem, Erdogan mentioned that people didn't believe him about committing suicide, and he then proceeded to shoot himself on camera.

The young man was bleeding out, and his family raced to the nearest hospital in an attempt to save his life. This ultimately proved useless, and the 22-year-old would die later that day from the self-inflicted gunshot wound.

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