15 Chilling Stories Of Children Remembering Their Past Lives

It is so hard to believe in things that we don't see. However, there are an awful lot of cases when it becomes too hard to ignore the fact that something paranormal exists in our world. Let's be honest; it doesn't matter if we believe in miracles, we still keep thinking about them. I mean, how many times have you wondered what happens after death? I bet it was more than once. Good news, there might be an answer to this eternal question.

It looks like Buddhists were right when they talked about reincarnation because there are tons of cases when kids remember their past lives. I know, I was skeptical at first as well. However, after reading those creepy stories and watching a lot of documentaries about it, I must say that there is a very high probability that those kids did not lie and actually remember who they were in their past lives. The spirits in charge of afterlife must have screwed up to let some newborns enter the world with old memories. We all make mistakes, don't we?

But seriously, some things are way too disturbing to be a lie. I mean, if those kids would be capable of coming up with such big lies, they should become politicians when they grow up. Anyway, check out this creepy list and remember that we can only see the surface of the world with our eyes. It is a mystery what's beneath, so let's find out together.

15 Prodigy Golfer Kid Said He Was Reincarnation Of Bobby Jones

Sometimes it is hard to check if the facts about kids and their past life memories are real. However, in this particular case, a 3-year-old kid had some serious proof that he was Bobby Jones, legendary golf player, in his past life. You see, the boy could actually play golf as a professional even before he started walking.

Dr. Jim B. Tucker wrote a book, Return to life, about Hunter (fake name) and his reincarnation memories. When Hunter saw a picture of Bobby Jones, he identified that it was him. He also showed the house where Bobby Jones used to live. Of course, you can lie about things like that. However, what about the fact that Hunter won 41 out of 50 junior golf tournaments by the age of 7? It does not sound like a coincidence to me. The more I think, the stronger I believe that Hunter was Bobby Jones in his past life.

14 James Leininger Was A Pilot In WWII

When James Leininger was just a small kid, he started having nightmares of an airplane crash. Those nightmares were completely vivid, and it scared his parents. As time went by, James started showing knowledge about planes and WWII. He even corrected the narrator of a documentary about WWII, who used a wrong name for one of the Japanese planes. Shockingly, James Leininger was right. The situation only got worse (or better?) with time. James stated that he remembered being a U.S. pilot in World War II. He said that his name was James as well, and he died when his plane crashed over Iwo Jima. Want to make a guess if there was actually James who had died when a plane crashed over Iwo Jima? Yes, his name was James Huston. Every single fact that James Leininger said matched history. Remember that he was only a couple of years old when he said all that stuff. It is also impossible that he heard it from someone else as his family members didn't know those things themselves.

13 Cameron And His Journey Back Home

If you don't have time to watch the video, let me tell you the story in a couple of words (I strongly advise to watch it, though).

Cameron was born in Glasgow, and his life looked like everyone else's until he turned five. That is when he started remembering things from his past life. At first, his mother was skeptic about Cameron's stories, but she started to see that things are only getting worse. Cameron insisted visiting Barra Island, which was only 220 miles away from his home in Glasgow. His mother agreed to go because she was curious if Cameron was telling the truth all along. It turned out that most of the things that Cameron said were true. He remembered his dog's breed, the color of his house, and the views from the window. Turn the video to 35:00 and see Cameron's reaction when he enters the house. Well, Cameron was either a natural born actor or telling the truth.

12 Barbro Karlen Was Anne Frank

Barbro Karlen was born in 1954, nine years after the death of Anne Frank, the most recognized victim of the Holocaust. What did those two girls have in common? Well, Barbro claimed that she was Anne in her past life. I believe her because no one would dare to make up such a terrible lie. On top of that, Barbro had a lot of nightmares of Nazis breaking into her attic. She also inherited all the phobias and pain from Anne Franks's life.

At first, Barbro's parents did not believe her. That made her insecure, and she kept all the stories to herself. However, things changed when Karlen family went on vacation to Amsterdam. Barbro knew exactly where the house of Anne Frank was, and she led her parents straight to it. It is even more fascinating that Barbro recalled everything on the inside of the house, and she showed where the hiding place of Anne Frank was without any help from the tour guides. This story breaks my heart because Barbro Karlen never found her peace with these hideous memories.

11 Pollock Twins Were Their Dead Sisters In Previous Life

Gillian and Jennifer Pollock were twin sisters, who remembered being their own dead sisters in the past life. It sounds complicated... and it is.

John and Florence Pollock had two daughters before Gillian and Jennifer. Sadly, they both died young in a tragic car accident. John was completely devastated, but he believed that his daughters would come back to him one day. Later, Florence got pregnant, and Gillian and Jennifer Pollock were born. Strange things started happening as they grew up older. Twin sisters started asking for their dead sisters' toys. They even knew the names of those toys. Also, Jennifer had two birthmarks in the same spot as one of her dead sisters'. On top of that, both twin sisters used to shout "The car is coming to get us," whenever they saw one. They also knew all the places, where their dead sisters used to hang out. However, by the age of five, all the memories vanished, and Pollock twins lived perfectly normal lives.

10 Kendra Carter Met Her Past Life Mother Who Aborted Her

All the stories on this list are quite disturbing, but this one stands out. Kendra Carter was a typical 4-year-old girl when her mother took Kendra to swimming practice. That is where Kendra Carter met her coach, which apparently was also her mother in the past life. If that is not creepy enough, Kendra's coach/ex-mother had aborted Kendra. Yes, Kendra remembered who her mother from the previous life was, but that past life only lasted for a couple of months before an abortion. What must have Kendra felt when she met a person who aborted her in the previous life? Those stories mess up my head. Oh yeah, the coach/mother really had an abortion nine years before Kendra was born.

Anyway, Kendra developed a deep relationship with her coach. However, Kendra's birth mother got into a fight with the coach and forbade Kendra to see the coach. Poor girl could not handle it and went into a depression. She did not talk for five months before her mother let her see the coach again. Moral of the story - some people want to be born so badly that even abortion cannot stop them.

9 Sam Taylor Was His Own Grandfather

I know, it sounds complicated, but let me explain everything. Sam Taylor started recalling details from his past life when he was just over a year old. His parents did not pay too much attention to it until one day Sam said something incredibly creepy to his father when he was changing Sam's diapers:

“When I was your age, I used to change your diapers.”

Oh my God! That would scare the living hell out of me! Sam Taylor later explained that he was his grandfather in his past life. What is fascinating, Sam remembered all the secret details of his grandfather's life, which he could logically never know. On top of that, Sam's grandfather died 18 months before Sam was born, so all the details match. I am not sure what to believe, but I am not ruling out the possibility of reincarnation on this one. I mean, how else could Sam know all the intimate details? For God's sake, he was just a baby.

8 Hanan Monsour Knew About Her Death And Upcoming Reincarnation

Hanan Monsour was a Lebanese lady who married a policeman named Farouk and had three beautiful children. However, when she was giving birth to her third child, there were a lot of complications with her health. She told her husband that she is going to die soon and reincarnate into a girl with all the memories of her past life. Believe it or not, Hanan died a couple of years later. Before her death, she tried to call her daughter Leila, but she didn’t make it.

Suzanne Ghanem was born ten days after Hanan's death. When Suzanne was only 16 months old, she took a phone and started saying "Hello Leila." Her parents couldn't understand what was going on at first, but with time Suzanne remembered more things. She even identified 13 members of her past life family. In no time, Suzanne told where Farouk was living, and they met. Farouk accepted Suzanne as a family member, and they were in touch for the rest of their lives.

7 The 3-Year-Old Boy Found His Hidden Grave From The Previous Life

This particular story got a lot of attention from psychologists all over the world. German therapist, Trutz Hardo, wrote about this story in his book Children Who Have Lived Before: Reincarnation Today. Yes, there is a man who collected those creepy stories and published a book.

Anyway, the 3-year-old boy, who was born near the border of Syria and Israel claimed that someone had murdered him with an axe in his past life. Of course, people did not feel like believing such a bizarre story, but the boy demanded to visit a place of his hidden grave. He took some grown-ups from the village and went looking. In no time, the boy pointed at a seemingly random place and said that he was buried there. Elders of the village actually found a skeleton after digging the grave. On top of that, the little boy showed a place where an axe was buried as well. What is most fascinating, the boy had a long red birthmark on his head in the exact spot where his killer hit him in the previous life.

6 The Victim Of Titanic

One woman told a story about her child remembering things he should not remember. For obvious reasons, the woman decided to keep all the identities anonymous, but let's call the kid Arthur.

When Arthur was only four years old, strange things started happening. He was watching Titanic with his family when a scene in boiler room came up. Arthur looked closely at the TV, thought for a second, and calmly said "That’s wrong. The boilers were on the other side. And I was right here.” I can imagine how shocking it must have sounded to Arthur's parents. I mean, he was only a 4-year-old, and it was impossible that he had any information about Titanic at all. However, Arthur continued, saying: "That’s why I don’t like water now.” Well, if he was telling the truth, we cannot blame him for disliking water. However, I still have many doubts about the legitimacy of this story. It is just too disturbing to be true.

5 Peter Teekamp Was A Famous Painter In His Previous Life

Peter Teekamp is not a standard case of reincarnation. He didn't want to accept the fact that he had reincarnated, and he surely didn't try to pursue others to believe it. However, as time went by, Peter Teekamp turned from being a skeptic to a believer.

Peter Teekamp was a painter all his life. Many art critics compared him to Paul Gauguin because their paintings were basically identical. Odd thing, up until that time Peter had never seen Gauguin's work. On top of that, Peter had some visions in his life, which were reflections of Gauguin's life. Also, both guys shared similar experiences through their lives. People claimed that Paul Gauguin reincarnated and started painting again, using Peter's body as a vessel. Let's be honest; this story sounds very strange and unbelievable. However, can we be sure that it is not real? I don't think so. Worst case scenario, Peter Teekamp pulled off a genius marketing campaign, and if it is the case, I applaud him.

4 Chanai Choomalaiwong Had Two Birthmarks Exactly Where His Deadly Wounds Were

Chanai Choomalaiwong, a little boy from Thailand, started remembering his past life when he was only three years old. Chanai said that he was a teacher named Bua Kai before. Sadly, someone shot him in the head while he was riding his bicycle to school. Chanai stated that he remembers where he used to live in his previous life and he even insisted on visiting his former parents. Believe it or not, Chanai successfully found a way to Bua Kai's house and met his parents from the previous life. I cannot imagine what those poor elders must have felt when Chanai told them that he was their dead son reincarnated. However, it was hard not to believe his story. I mean, Chanai even had two birthmarks in the same spot where the bullet crossed Bua Kai's head. Professors, who are working with reincarnation cases, say that birthmarks represent deadly wounds from previous lives. So, if you have one, there is a high possibility that you had been killed in your past life.

3 Chase Bowman Was A Civil War Soldier

Chase Bowman was born with a severe phobia of loud noises. He was terrified of everything starting from loud cars to fireworks to screaming people. On top of that, he used to have vague nightmares which were driving him insane. Chase also regularly had rashes appearing on his wrist for no reason. His mother couldn't handle it anymore and hired a hypnotherapist to find out what the hell was going on.

During a session, it became clear that Chase was a black soldier in the American Civil War. He said: “I have dirty, ripped clothes, brown boots, a belt. I’m hiding behind a rock, crouching on my knees and shooting at the enemy. I’m at the edge of a valley. The battle is going on all around me.” That is downright creepy. Later, Chase remembered that a bullet hit his wrist and killed him.

2 Shanti Devi Convinced Mahatma Gandhi That She Remembers Her Past Life

Shanti Devi is probably the most iconic case when it comes to kids who remember their past lives. Shanti was born in Delhi on December 11, 1926. She was a strange girl from the little days as she never spoke a word before the age of four. However, she became even creepier when she opened her mouth for the first time. Shanti Devi claimed that she had a husband and a couple of kids, who live in a small village, approximately 30 miles away from Delhi. It was a serious claim back in the 30's, so the news about Shanti Devi spread faster than Usain Bolt runs. When Mahatma Gandhi heard about this case, he was so interested that he decided to help Shanti himself.

That is when Shanti Devi went to meet her family from the past life. Her husband Kedar, a cloth merchant, could not believe Shanti at first, but her knowledge and manners convinced him that Shanti used to be his wife. However, he had already remarried another woman by that time. That said, Shanti remained close to her past family throughout her entire life. Till this day people cannot agree if this story is true, but it sure looks like it.

1 Ryan Was A Hollywood Actor Marty Martyn

This is one of my favorite stories ever. When Ryan was a small kid, he started telling things about his past life in Hollywood in the 30's as an actor. His parents didn't believe him at first, but his stories got more and more detailed with time, so his parents called professor Dr. Jim B. Tucker to investigate the case. It turned out that Ryan was telling the truth all the time. He even identified himself when he saw an old picture with a bunch of actors.

55 facts that Ryan told about his life as a Hollywood actor Mary Maryn were correct. That included some of the private facts that only a few people knew. On top of that, Ryan told that he died at the age of 61. However, the death certificate of Marty Martyn showed that he died at the age of 59. Did Ryan make a mistake? Well, it turned out that there was actually a mistake in the birth certificate and Marty died when he was 61. I think I believe reincarnation from now on.

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