15 Chilling Resurrection Stories Of People Who Came Back From The Dead

The word "resurrection" makes many people think of some religious figure that comes back from the dead in order to spiritually save the world, but for others, it's an uncomfortable reality that has taken place in their lives. Most of the time, the thought of dead people coming back to life instills fear of an oncoming zombie apocalypse, but it's a scary reality that happens more than you think. Every day, there are those whose hearts stop beating, even but for a few brief moments, and they're declared clinically dead. However, not every dead person wants to stay dead, and not every doctor who can't find a pulse is truly dealing with a dead person.

From stillborn babies to a 95-year-old woman who climbed out of her casket after being dead for six days, these stories from around the world seem unbelievable. The people who witnessed these medical miracles can't explain how someone with no brain function can suddenly open their eyes and start a conversation. There is one story on this list that is particularly shocking: a man who everyone thought had crossed over to the other side suddenly woke up during his own autopsy as doctors were cutting into his face. *shudders*

15 Dead After Walking Home In A Snowstorm

Justin Smith was hanging out with friends and having a few drinks in Allentown, Pennsylvania back in 2015. In what was probably not the best decision, Justin decided to walk home in the middle of a snowstorm. The 25-year-old never made it home. He slipped and hit his head before he fell into a snowbank. He remained there in four-degree coldness for 12 hours before his father found him the next morning. He didn't have a pulse or blood pressure, but he was airlifted to a nearby hospital where doctors did all they could to revive Justin. They used an ECMO machine to drain his blood, oxygenate it, take out the carbon dioxide from it, warm it back up, and put it back inside Justin's body. It took some time, but Justin's heart began to beat again, although he did remain in a coma for 15 days. After a year of physical therapy, Justin made a full recovery, which people can't help but call a miracle.

14 Stillborn Baby Awakes In A Drawer

Analia Bouter and her husband were getting ready to celebrate the birth of their fifth child when Analia went into labor 12 weeks early. The parents were hoping that their baby would be healthy, albeit premature, but sadly, their little one was stillborn. Instead of heading home with a baby, the Bouters were sent home with a death certificate. Obstetricians, gynecologists, and a neonatologist confirmed that the baby was indeed dead. The little girl's body was put into a refrigerated drawer in the hospital's morgue, and 12 hours later, the parents returned to see their daughter. When the drawer was opened, the girl laid still and cold, but instantly, she began crying. The Bouters named their daughter Luz Milagros and looked forward to watching her grow up, but tragedy would once again visit the family a year later. Little Luz had many developmental problems including microcephaly and died from multiple organ failure.

13 The Pr-------te Who Died During Intercourse

Getting it on can feel good but may also be detrimental to your health. A prostitute in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe was in the middle of probably trying Reverse Cowgirl for the millionth time with a client when she dropped dead. The pair were shacked up at a local hotel, so the staff had to call the police to have the body removed. She was placed in a metal coffin and taken out of the hotel where a crowd of macabre looky-loos were trying to get a glimpse of a dead body. They got more than that -- suddenly the woman opened the coffin, sat up, and started screaming, "You want to kill me!" The crowd understandably freaked out and people began running in all directions, which was lucky for the guy still stuck in the hotel room because he was able to slip out unnoticed. The prostitute was let go and was taken home by one of her fellow "woman of the night" friends.

12 Delivers A Baby While Dead

Erica Nigrelli was 36 weeks pregnant and just around the corner from giving birth. One day, while working, the English teacher started to feel a bit faint and passed out. Erica and her husband, Nathan, work at the same school, so when he found out his wife wasn't feeling well, he called for an ambulance. He told them that Erica was having a seizure while their coworkers were giving her CPR. For a moment, her heart stopped, and the school's staff used an emergency defibrillator to get it pumping again. The ambulance finally arrived and got Erica to the hospital where doctors performed a C-section. Nathan was in a panic, but what doctors said next floored him. He was told that Erica had been clinically dead and had had the baby post-mortem, but moments after the delivery, her heart started beating again. She was in a coma for five days, and when she woke up, doctors told her that she had a heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which required her to wear a pacemaker. Both Erica and her daughter are doing just fine.

11 Man Wakes To Find Himself In A Morgue

Back in 2011, the owner of a morgue in South Africa called the police because he believed that he had some monster zombie at his facility. A family called the undertaker to say that their 80-year-old relative had died. Someone went to the home, did all the proper checks on the man, and declared him to be dead after a pulse wasn't found. The body was taken to the morgue, placed on a gurney, and put in a cooler. The elderly man's body lay there for 21 hours before he awoke and upon noticing his surroundings, began frantically screaming. This shocked the morgue staff who believed there was a ghost in the building, so they ran out and called the police. The owner waited until the authorities arrived before he stepped foot in the building again, but once inside, they realized they weren't dealing with the paranormal but a man who had come back to life.

10 Toddler Dies, Then Wakes, Then Dies Again

In 2012, Brazil was shaken by a story about two-year-old Kelvin Santos. The boy stopped breathing following complications from bronchial pneumonia, and his grieving parents immediately began making preparations for his funeral. Before they were even allowed to take his little body, Kelvin was kept in an airtight bag for three hours. The open casket wake took place the evening that Kelvin died, but just before the ceremony was to start, the little boy sat straight up in his coffin. He said, "Daddy, can I have some water?" People were understandably surprised but thought that his recovery was a miracle. The happiness lasted for just a few moments before Kelvin fell back into his tiny casket and couldn't be revived again. He didn't come back alive for a second time, and his family continued with his funeral.

9 Young Boy Falls Into Freezing Ice And Dies, But Doctors Don't Give Up Hope

Eleven-year-old Alvaro Garza, Jr. was like any other rambunctious kid. He was playing on frozen ice and trying to grab a dead squirrel when the ice broke. He fell through and was submerged in water for 45 minutes during the rescue process. After his body was finally pulled from the freezing waters, Alvaro didn't have a pulse, and his body temperature was 80 degrees. He was rushed to the emergency room and didn't have a heartbeat for 10 full minutes. Doctors were able to revive Alvaro by using a heart-lung bypass machine that warmed up his body and forced water out of and air into his lungs. A brain-wave test did show some signs of abnormalities, according to doctors, but four days later, Alvaro was able to communicate by blinking. After spending 17 days in the hospital, Alvaro was released but had limited use of his limbs. As time passed, the boy regained his strength and made a full recovery.

8 Woman Was Dead For 17 Hours Before Waking Up For A Chit-Chat

Val Thomas suffered two heart attacks and subsequently, her heart stopped. Rigor mortis had begun to set in when she was placed on a respiratory machine. She was taken to a West Virginia hospital where she was then placed on a special machine that cooled down her body before heating it up again. While her heart did start up again, it was only for a brief moment. For 17 hours, she had no brain waves and no heart beat, so her family said their final goodbyes, and her tubes were removed. While her loved ones discussed donating her organs, Val remained on a ventilator. Ten minutes into their conversation Val woke up and started talking. She was transferred to another clinic for observation, but doctors couldn't find anything wrong with her.

7 Mother Who Couldn't — Or Wouldn't — Die

The year was 1650, and a woman named Anne Greene was arrested for a horrific crime. According to reports, Anne was a servant who was raped by her boss's grandson. She became pregnant, and when she gave birth to the child, she said it was stillborn. Authorities didn't believe her, and she was arrested and charged with murder. She was found guilty and hanged for her crime. As the noose was around her neck, she was hit severely to make sure that there wasn't any life left in her. She was pronounced dead, but that wouldn't be the end of Anne. The next day, her body was about to undergo an autopsy when the doctor noticed that Anne still had a faint pulse and was breathing lightly. She fully recovered, and after cheating death, authorities let her live.

6 Woman Spends Three Days In The Morgue

A woman named Nastya went to visit her mother in the hospital only to be told that her dear Mama had died earlier that day. By the time the daughter found out that her mother was gone, the morgue was already closed, and because it wasn't going to be open during the weekend, they told Nastya that she had to wait until Monday to see her mother's body. She spent Saturday and Sunday taking care of business and making funeral arrangements. She spent $2,000 and invited 50 friends and relatives, but when Monday came around, things took a turn. Nastya went back to collect her mother's body only to be told by a friend that they'd just spoken with the dead woman. In fact, when Nastya saw her mother alive in a hospital bed, she screamed and ran out of the room. Her mother said she did spend three days in the morgue, but the hospital declined to comment on the whole ordeal.

5 The Moving Body Bag

When 78-year-old Walter Williams from Mississippi died, his family had the coroner come by to pick up his body. He was legally declared dead, placed in a body bag, and taken to the morgue. As they were about to take him out of the bag, someone noticed that it looked as if Walter was moving his legs. After a quick check, the coroner was able to find a heartbeat. An ambulance was called, and Walter was treated at the Holmes County Hospital and Clinics. Walter's family were excited to have him alive and back home, but the fanfare wouldn't last. Not long after he came back from the dead, Walter... well... died.

"It was a two-week miracle for me, and I enjoyed every minute of it, and my family did too," Walter's nephew, Eddie Hester, told a local news station.

4 Man Wakes Up During His Autopsy

A Venezuelan man named Carlos Camejo was involved in a car accident back in 2007. Doctors tried to help him, but he ended dying from his injuries -- or so everyone thought. Medical examiners quickly rushed his body away even before his wife was able to identify his body. During the autopsy, the examiner was cutting into Carlos's face when he noticed there was a surprisingly large amount of fresh blood pouring out. That's when Carlos woke up screaming in pain. Doctors were called to stitch up his face while Carlos was hollering from a feeling that he described as "unbearable" pain. By the time his wife arrived at the hospital, her grief turned into disbelief when she found her husband alive and lying bandaged in a hospital bed.

3 The Old Lady Who Climbed Out Of Her Coffin

No offense to the elderly, but people aren't necessarily surprised when an almost-100-year-old person dies. Li Xiufeng was 95 when she suffered a head injury. Two weeks later, when a neighbor stopped by to check on her, they found Li laying in her bed. The neighbor couldn't wake her, and it looked as if she wasn't breathing. Li's body was placed in a coffin and put on display in her house so friends and family could come by and pay their respects. It was just a day before Li was going to be buried when someone went to Li's house and found an empty casket. Li awoke inside the closed coffin and apparently had a hard time getting out. When she finally got the casket open, she climbed out and went to her kitchen to make something to eat. Li had lay "dead" in that coffin for six days before mysteriously coming back to life.

2 Crying And Coughing Coming From The Coffin

Guo Liu went through two packs of cigarettes a day, so it didn't really surprise his friends and family when he collapsed -- while smoking-- and he was taken to the hospital. Doctors said he was suffering from a severe brain hemorrhage. He stayed in the hospital for three months before his wife got the call that her beau had died. As his family prepared him for burial, they were astonished to hear him coughing. When they opened the coffin, they also noticed that he had tears in his eyes. He was taken back to the hospital where he was treated in intensive care. A staff member said they'd never seen anything like that before, and Guo was under constant supervision until he fully recovered although doctors expected his speech and mobility would be affected for the rest of his life.

1 Daughter Gives Dead Mom A Hug Only To Find That She Was Still Breathing

Rosa Celestrino de Assis fell ill and was admitted to hospital only to learn that she had pneumonia. Doctors and nurses checked in on her only to find that she had stopped breathing and didn't have any vital signs, so they sent her body down to the morgue. Rosa was placed in a body bag and inside the morgue's refrigerator for two hours before her daughter came to see her. As her daughter leaned over Rosa's body to give her mother one last hug, she felt that Rosa was breathing. The daughter began shouting that her mother was alive, but doctors thought she was either crazy or joking. She demanded that they take a look at Rosa's body, and after careful examination, they agreed that Rosa was alive. She was placed on life support and recovered. The nurse who checked her vital signs was fired, and the doctor who declared Rosa to be dead resigned from his position.

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