15 Chilling Pictures Amanda Knox Doesn't Want You To See

Right around the time when the television series, Locked Up Abroad, was first released and began gaining the attention of Americans, a media storm began to brew around the American exchange student, Amanda Knox. The 20-year-old was sharing a residence in Italy with roommates, including the fellow student, Meredith Kercher. The discovery of Kercher’s brutally murdered body instantly sparked media scrutiny and it wasn’t long before both Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito, were arrested. The media couldn’t get enough of exploiting some of the oddities in her behavior during that time and further investigation into her past wasn’t exactly flattering.

It seemed like an endless barrage of negative reports on Amanda Knox, which only increased with each new stage of the case. Knox spent two years in an Italian prison and was ultimately convicted in 2009 of murder and sexual violence, alongside Sollecito. While Sollecito was sentenced to 25 years, Knox actually received one year longer than her then-boyfriend. Both had adamantly professed their innocence and were acquitted on appeal in 2011. Knox returned to the United States but Italian courts overturned the acquittal and she was ultimately convicted again in 2014. Taking it to Italy’s highest court, both convictions were vacated on the grounds that there were “stunning flaws in the investigation.” With so much contradictory evidence in the case, some might say that the world will never truly know what happened to Meredith Kercher on the fateful day of her murder. Yet, all three individuals that were charged in the case have maintained their innocence. Check out our list of the 15 pictures Amanda Knox doesn’t want you to see and decide whether or not you could have been one of the millions that were swayed by the media's published photos.

15 Kissing Her Boyfriend After Roommate's Death

In the moments after the body of Meredith Kercher was found, Amanda Knox was photographed smiling and kissing her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. The photos were picked up by the media and it painted Knox as a cold and unfeeling roommate that didn’t even seem to be grieving. On top of her roommate dying, it was the manner of her death that truly had people thinking that Knox could perhaps have something to do with her murder. The brutal murder of Meredith Kercher was bone-chilling and the fact that Knox would be able to so casually return to her love life seemed like an aspect of the case that might lead to further suspicion of her guilt. Knox sat down with Diane Sawyer for an ABC interview and defended the photo saying, “I think that everyone’s reaction to something horrible is different.”

14 Mysterious Scratch On Knox

Shortly after the body of Meredith Kercher was discovered, Amanda Knox was photographed with her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. On closer inspection of the photos taken while outside with her boyfriend, it was clear that there was some sort of discoloration on her neck. Five days after Kercher’s murder, Amanda Knox was arrested and the police took detailed photographs of different areas on her body. The mysterious discoloration on her neck was further investigated and it became clear that it was a deep scratch that left a discolored mark. This also coincides with the theory that Knox and Kercher engaged in a struggle and that Knox was indeed involved in her brutal murder. Kercher’s death was caused by a wound to her neck and it made people wonder whether or not Knox had a similar neck wound because she was there during the encounter.

13 Foxy Knoxy Photos

One reason why the case surrounding Amanda Knox was able to grab the attention of the world was because of the extreme duality of her persona. On one side of the coin, Knox was portrayed as an innocent American student that was more of an introvert with a form of social dyslexia. Yet, the other side of the coin was the way the media depicted her as a promiscuous party girl with a revolving door of sexual suitors. Obviously, her supporters were quick to talk about how important family was to her and how she was trying to cope with the horrific situation the best she could. However, photos from her Myspace account began popping up and her profile name, “Foxy Knoxy” didn’t exactly help sway all those naysayers that questioned her innocence. There was even a YouTube video that showed Knox in an inebriated state and was quite damaging to her reputation.

12 Conflicts To Her Alibi

On the date of Meredith Kercher’s murder, Amanda Knox claimed that she was at the residence of her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito. Obviously, it didn’t help the couple that their only alibi depended on each other and this definitely came into play when both of them were arrested and charged in the case. It seemed like each new stage in the case led to a reversal in public opinion on what the truth is regarding the real murderer of Kercher. From a conviction to an acquittal to a guilty sentence, there are so many twists and turns that continue to prolong the ordeal surrounding the incarceration of Amanda Knox. One huge aspect to the newer revelations of the case was surveillance footage with a timestamp from the date of the murder. To some, it seemed like definitive proof that Knox was at their Italian residence, instead of at Sollecito’s like her alibi stated.

11 Earring Ripped From Her Ear

During the investigation, a photo was taken of Amanda Knox and it was discovered that her lowest earring had been ripped open. There were reports that Knox claimed that the ripping of the earring hole was due to a piercing attempt gone wrong but many began speculating that the earring hole was ripped during a struggle with the deceased Meredith Kercher. The crime scene seemed to have some aspects that would coincide with the theory that Knox lost an earring during the struggle with Kercher. A lamp was found on the floor, even though there was plenty of overhead light in the room. Some speculated that the lamp being on the floor could have been used as a flashlight of sorts in order to help her find her missing earring.

10 Maniacal Smile In Court

There have been numerous photos of Amanda Knox during her time in court and many of them portrayed her as a stoic beauty that could be hard to read. The other photos showed Knox crying hysterically, which some claimed to be just another part of her “act.” Yet, there were a few photos taken in the courtroom that showed a completely different side to Knox from all of the others. This particular photo shows Knox in a twisted grin that wasn’t like any other facial expression the public was used to seeing on this beautiful brunette. The smile is basically an ear-to-ear grin that showed off all of her teeth but that wasn’t the oddest part of it. It was the maniacal glare and strange shape to her mouth that made her look so different from the innocent young college student that she was trying to portray in all of her other courtroom photos.

9 Mysterious Spots Around Her Mouth

It’s no surprise that the media can sometimes sensationalize murders, whether it’s putting a catchy name on a serial killer or painting a murderer as a seductress. In the case of Amanda Knox, the Italian papers were highlighting her beauty and her immediate closeness with her boyfriend as a way to sensationalize her character. She was painted as a sex fiend in a number of ways and there were even theories that Meredith Kercher was killed in some sort of sex party gone terribly wrong. When photos appeared of Amanda Knox in the courtroom, people couldn’t help but notice some red mystery spots around her mouth. Some even reported that they may have something to do with a sexually transmitted disease, which only furthered the speculation of her promiscuity.

8 Flirting In Court

When Amanda Knox was first named as the suspect in the murder of Meredith Kercher, the media began depicting her as a sex fiend that had an ever-revolving door of lovers. Her arrest only furthered the tawdry headlines and public opinion was quickly altered to make Knox appear like a seductress that used her beautiful looks to get whatever she wanted. After her conviction of elements regarding the death of Kercher in Italy, her lawyers quickly began getting their appeal case ready for Perugia. Yet, her seductress reputation seemed to alter the way the public viewed her relationship with her lawyers. This photo, in particular, made some believe that she was using her feminine wiles on her attorney and others in the courtroom. While it would be assumed that she would have a closeness with those trying to help her, this photo looked far more flirty than professional.

7 Far Too Playful In Court

The reason why so much of the trial against Amanda Knox has become a worldwide phenomenon is because of the minuscule evidence against her. Yet, it was the odd behavior Knox exhibited directly after the body of Meredith Kercher was found and the continued odd behavior during incarceration that truly had people quick to point the finger at Knox as the murderer (or at least co-conspirator). Part of the odd behavior had to do with her seemingly uncaring attitude after the brutal murder of her friend and roommate. There were some reports that said she was doing cartwheels at the police station and then, of course, there is this photo. Knox appears practically giddy in the way she’s smiling and playfully addressing others in the courtroom and this didn’t sit well with the public.

6 Glorifying Killing As A Nazi

After Amanda Knox was arrested for the murder of her roommate, Meredith Kercher, it wasn’t just her immediate actions around the time of Kercher’s death that were investigated. The entire life of Knox was investigated, in order to find a deeper understanding of her character. In the age of the Internet, everyone has photos that they regret posting online. Yet, in the case of Amanda Knox, there were some photos and videos from her past that did far more damage than just a poorly executed haircut. While posing with a machine gun, Knox could be seen pointing the gun at the camera and pretending to shoot the gun with intense exaltation. To make things even worse, Knox captioned the photo with, “the Nazi.” When the photo was revealed to the public, it showed a side to Knox that seemed almost flippant about murder and extremely insensitive.

5 Inappropriate Female Relationship

Part of the theory surrounding the involvement of Amanda Knox in the murder of Meredith Kercher revolved around a tawdry sexual encounter between the two girls and two other men. There were multiple theories revolving around this premise, with some believing that it was a sex game gone horribly wrong and others claiming that Kercher was murdered for not wanting to participate. Yet, all of them revolved around Knox having inappropriate relationships with the women in her life. This particular photo shows Amanda and her sister, Deanna, being photographed while shopping. The two walk practically joined at the hip in a half embrace. Her sister can be seen stroking her head in a number of the photos. While this might be something that a sister would do in an effort to offer comfort in a more private setting, it certainly seemed odd with them walking down the street together.

4 Broken Window Appeared Staged

During the initial investigation of the crime scene regarding the murder of Meredith Kercher, part of the speculation of her death involved the idea that a burglar broke in through a window. When Amanda Knox and her then-boyfriend, Raffaele Sollecito were suspected in her murder, it was the idea that a burglar breaking in that was one of the only ways to refute claims that her death was due to some sort of illicit sexual encounter with Knox and two other men. Yet, photos of the crime scene window led investigators to believe that it was actually staged by Knox and Sollecito. Part of that reasoning was due to witness accounts that said that glass from the broken window was on top of items in the room after it had already been ransacked. There were also shutters that needed to be opened prior to breaking the window, even though that meant the burglar would need to climb a wall twice without ever disturbing the area beneath the window.

3 Public Money Transfer

When Amanda Knox was acquitted by an Italian court, her return to the United States was almost as highly scrutinized by the media as her time dealing with the Italian courts. Cameras often showed Knox with the men in her life, which brought furthered speculation over the real Knox in her personal life. Her romance with James Terrano was legitimized once it was revealed that she actually has known him since childhood. Yet, it was this strange financial exchange that had people wondering about the true nature of their relationship. The Italian media had been known to depict Knox as a promiscuous party girl, which she had desperately tried to refute throughout the trial and appeal process. Yet, this money exchange of what looks like $100, seems more than just a bit odd.

2 Multiple Romances

Part of the biggest controversy surrounding the incarceration of Amanda Knox revolved around the interrogation practices of the police in Italy. On top of the prolonged bouts of interrogation that weren’t always in the presence of her attorney, there were reports that the police had her write down the number of men she had sexual intercourse with as of turning 20-years-old. While the media would have undoubtedly brought up some sort of sex aspect due to her stellar good looks, it was the leaked information about her sexual partners that truly got the public to buy into the sex fiend persona much of the media was depicting. Supporters of her case were quick to refute the claims that she was a promiscuous sex fiend but it did perk some questionable looks when Knox began having a number of male relationships outside of Raffaele Sollecito, her then-boyfriend that was also incarcerated. There were reports that she was receiving male while in prison in Italy with her childhood friend, Colin Sutherland, and numerous photos with another childhood male friend, James Terrano. Obviously, it doesn’t help her persona to be constantly photographed with different men, especially since the media has been known to paint her in a negative light regarding her personal life.

1 A Changed Look

Ever since the horrific murder of Meredith Kercher in 2007, the media has hounded Amanda Knox and made her face instantly recognizable all over the world. While some of the coverage regarding Amanda Knox was defamatory and simply salacious enough to sell papers, not all of the coverage was meant to destroy public opinion of her. Supporters and the entire Knox family held a number of interviews throughout her incarceration to try and bring attention to the “injustice” to an American student living in Italy. Added attention to the case also brought a huge number of people that supported the claims that she was innocent of her alleged crimes. After her acquittal in 2011, Knox returned to Seattle, Washington but the media scrutiny continued. In an effort to regain a sense of normalcy, Knox tried to live quietly and even got a job as a freelance writer. This photo shows a huge contrast to other photos of Knox and she would undoubtedly hope that her new look wouldn’t be as highly documented and plastered over every news source.

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