15 Chilling Photos The U.S. Army Doesn't Want You To See

If people were innocent, they would be living in heaven. That applies to every single one of us. It does not matter if you are American, Mexican, Chinese, Russian, or Egyptian, you still have some dark secrets you wish no one knew. That is what humans have in common. And in most cases, the more power people have, the more bad things they do. Don't get me wrong, the U.S. Army did some great things in the past, but they are not the saviors of the world by any means unless we are talking about the type of saviors from The Walking Dead, of course.

Before you tell me how ignorant lying piece of crap I am, finish this article, please. Of course, from the perspective of Americans, the U.S. Army is the best organization ever, which guarantees the peace and well-being of their nation. However, ask the Japanese from Hiroshima and Nagasaki about the goodness of the U.S. military and see what they say. Of course, we all know the answer, and it is not a nice one. People from Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and many other countries around the world would also tell you the same thing. So, is the U.S. Army honorable after all? These photos will prove you that some people from the U.S. Army are disrespectful to other countries and only care for themselves. These photos will make you think twice before trusting the American Army again.

15 The Line Of Torture

The U.S. Army invaded Afghanistan right after 9/11 to save the world from terrorism. At least that was the official version. We should not get into a discussion about the real reason for the invasion. Let's better look at the facts. In this picture, we can see how an American soldier is leading seven Muslim men towards their hell. It is obvious that those poor people already went through a lot, but it does not look like the U.S. military service members are ready to stop the torture.

I get it - those people might have had some information that the Pentagon wanted to know badly. However, it is a big chance that those Muslims were just random men who ended up in the wrong place at the wrong time. When the U.S. Army goes to war, they don't mind killing a couple of innocent human beings if it helps to reach their goal. They don't mind killing even if it is just for fun.

14 Treating Humans Like Dogs

First of all, I don't think that a dog should receive treatment as cruel as the one in the picture. The action took place at the infamous Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. The vicious U.S. soldier from the picture is Lynndie England. Lynndie was only 21 when she went to Iraq and tortured local people without a cause. Of course, people in the Abu Ghraib prison were there for a reason. However, they were still human beings and treating them like this, only showed the evil side of Lynndie and the whole U.S. Army. On top of all that, Lynndie England refused to apologize for her actions when she got a chance eight years later. "They got the better end of the deal. They weren't innocent. They're trying to kill us, and you want me to apologize to them? It's like saying sorry to the enemy." To be completely honest, Lynndie was also trying to kill them. That's how war works.

13 Hiroshima And Nagasaki

World War II was over when Americans dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki, causing over 200,000 deaths. On top of that, millions of people got sick from the radiation. I am not even talking about the financial loss here. And what was the point? William “Bull” Halsey Jr., Commander in the U.S. Army, said: “the first atomic bomb was an unnecessary experiment... It was a mistake ever to drop it… The scientists had this toy, and they wanted to try it out, so they dropped it…”

That is the way to go! The bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki were one of the worst events in history and Americans will be responsible for it forever. There are no excuses for this kind of behavior. The Pentagon cannot stand the picture of "Enola Gay" flying away after dropping the bomb. To be honest, no one can. No wonder why the pilot later committed suicide. That poor guy knew that he made a massive mistake. Sadly, it was impossible to turn back the time.

12 Brutal Electric Treatment

People will remember the Bush administration for invading Afghanistan and Iraq. All the reasons and intentions aside, in reality, many innocent people died on both sides for nothing. The Bush administration even let the soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan use their physical power and torture the prisoners. Of course, everyone knew that it is violating every single value of humanity. However, the torturing happened, and we cannot change a thing now.

The only thing that the Pentagon is now sorry about is the fact that all the pictures, of the U.S. soldiers torturing harmless prisoners, went viral. In this particular one, we can see how one U.S. soldier is taking a picture of a man being tortured instead of helping him. I mean, wasn't peace the primary reason for Americans to join the war in the Middle East?

11 American... Nazi Officer

It looks like Nazis are still alive and kicking. One American citizen took this photo of officer Lichtermann and sent it to Philadelphia Police Department. If you don't understand what is wrong with this picture, let me help you. The tattoo on Lichtermann's arm is one of the most iconic symbols of Nazism. It is pretty strange that an American officer is allowed to have such a tattoo. However, investigators closed the case, saying that legally, they see nothing wrong with this tattoo. Yup, there is nothing wrong with a police officer of the United States advertising Nazis. How crazy is that, folks?

The only positive thing, Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney denounced this situation, saying: “Since the investigation determined that the police officer couldn’t be dismissed because Philadelphia Police Department does not have a policy against tattoos, we will draft such a policy so this cannot happen again." It looks like the only sane person in Philadelphia is the mayor. In the meantime, Lichtermann is advertising Nazis, earns $72,000 a year, and "protects" people from injustice.

10 Torturing A Human With A Dog

One more photo from Abu Ghraib, the favorite prison of the sadistic U.S. soldiers. Just look at the poor prisoner in this picture. He is about to tell the U.S. Army anything they want to hear. That is one of many down parts of torturing. Scientists even proved that people under a lot of fear, panic, and pain would do anything, including lying, to get out of the misery. It means that the prisoners might answer "Yes, we did," even if they didn't.

On top of that, why make dogs do all the dirty work? Those poor animals don't understand what crime they are committing. Do the U.S. military members have any moral code? It sure looks like they don't. They only care about their well-being and "saving" the country from the Muslim terrorists. Sadly, those violent methods can only increase mutual hatred.

9 The Cruelty Of The Vietnam War

Everyone who was a part of the Vietnam War has some blood on their hands. Of course, Communists were downright evil, and someone had to stop them. Americans decided that it was their job. Many soldiers came to Vietnam with good intentions. However, something happened during the war, and many of them became as evil as people on the other side of the trenches.

Look at this picture. How old is that poor soldier? Americans put a board in between his arms and tied his eyes. It was all done just to bring more stress into his already terrifying life. I can tell from the picture that it worked. This poor Vietnamese soldier looks like if he is about to die from fear. How was this behavior of the U.S. Army any better than what Viet Cong did to Americans?

8 Capture Of Saddam Hussein

Saddam Hussein was a brutal dictator. He totally deserved his punishment for all the crimes he committed. However, why was it the problem of the American military forces? Operation Red Dawn is so famous that there are even movies about it. People love it. Of course, I totally get it. We could argue about the fact that the U.S. Army stayed in Iraq even after capturing Saddam Hussein, but we are not here to talk politics now.

Let's focus on the picture. Why the hell would anyone make it and later publish for the public to see? I bet that everything connected to Saddam Hussein was top secret, and the Bush administration was not happy at all to see this photo leaked. It is brutal, and people don't need to see it. On top of that, if you google "Saddam Hussein's execution" you will find a video of Saddam Hussein's hanging, released by the Iraqi government.

7 "You Will Thank Us Later!"

The American military invaded the Middle East as peacemakers. However, so often it looks like they are the ones showing the aggression. The Bush administration screwed up big time in Afghanistan and Iraq. If you disagree, just look how brutal the American military members were. They came to help, and instead, they started torturing and beating locals. It's as I would now come to your house uninvited and start beating you up for living incorrectly. Later I would take your money and wife away from you and make you thank me for saving your life. Of course, this example is an exaggeration of the situation, but this photo certainly isn't.

Somehow, when people get too much power, they start to act like bloodthirsty animals. I respect all the soldiers who served their country, and I understand that they had good intentions. However, how in the world the situation slipped out of everyone's hands to the point where torturing became a norm?

6 "Look What We Did To Your Relatives!"

Does it really matter who started the war as long as it continues? Of course, the terrorists in the Middle East are responsible for dozens of crimes against humanity, but so is the U.S. Army. People are only responsible for their actions, and I believe that the terrorists will pay their price. However, do you think that the man in the photo thinks better of the American military than Americans think of terrorists? I surely doubt it. The U.S. Army interrogated this innocent man and showed him the horrible photos of his suffering relatives. At this point, it does not even matter if this man's relatives were guilty or not. What matters is the fact that the American military members used inhuman methods against human beings, and that is a shame. I am sure that I would hate anyone who brutally tortured my brother, wouldn't you? Violence only evokes violence, my friends.

5 Eight Versus One

There are a lot of brave soldiers in the U.S. Army, who are risking their lives to ensure that peace prevails. However, these eight "heroes" in the photo don't fit this profile. Those eight American soldiers are evil cowards who use their power only to bring more pain to our already suffering world. Of course, those soldiers had seen a lot and they probably even had some valid reasons to punish the poor guy we see laying on the ground. That said, the punishment itself was way too inhuman and unjustifiable under any circumstances. I mean, didn't we create a justice system to punish all the bad people humanely? As I recall, being beaten up by eight highly trained soldiers without a chance to defend, is nothing like justice. The Pentagon would do a lot to delete this picture from the internet. Sadly, it is impossible.

4 Misdirected Bomb Destroyed Home Of Civilians

The U.S. Army is one of the most precise and developed armies in the world. However, even they make some unforgivable mistake. For example, in this picture, we can see a Cambodian girl who is collecting the remains of her home after the U.S. military accidentally hit it with a misdirected bomb. I am not even sure if the U.S. Army said sorry, but they certainly did not cover the damages. It was an unfortunate mistake which they probably refused to acknowledge. After all, we all make mistakes, don't we? The only difference is that my mistakes don't destroy the homes of thousands of innocent civilians.

Was it the only mistake of this nature? Well, not exactly. Rough estimations show that during 1969-1973 the U.S. Army killed around 150,000 civilians in Cambodia.

3 It Was Once A City

It is a photo of Sirte city in Libya after the U.S. military bombed the hell out of it in 2011. Before the war on ISIS and other problems, it was a peaceful place, where Libyan civilians lived happily. However, the U.S. Army and ISIS made sure that Sirte would become ruins. Of course, the major part of the blame falls on ISIS shoulders. However, it was the U.S. military which bombed the Sirte city in 2011. It would be naive to expect that the civilians thanked Americans for doing them such a nice "favor." The war against ISIS is not different than any other war - two vicious powers fight for their dominance while innocent people have to suffer all the consequences. I wish that ISIS never existed. I also wish that the U.S. Army would not have used such drastic methods to fight against them.

2 U.S. Airstrike In Syria

How would the world react if terrorists attacked the Western World and killed 85 innocent civilians? Let me tell you - everyone would lose their minds and demand a war against that terrorist organization. However, when same things happen vice versa, no one cares. You can see a photo of a little Manbij town right after the airstrike of the U.S. military. The U.S. Army killed 85 civilians, including 11 children. However, everyone justified this airstrike because it also weakened the positions of ISIS. If you ask me, it is hypocritical on so many levels. However, we are living in a world where lives of Syrian civilians are of less value compared to the Western World. That said, the Pentagon hates to talk about incidents like this one. They try to make everyone believe that it is only ISIS and Russians who kill people.

1 A Friendly Conversation

The U.S. Army invaded Syria to stop the war. However, this photo gives me second thoughts. The 82nd Airborne Division came to innocent Syrian's house, pointed a gun at him, and questioned him for hours. It is disturbing. I mean, the U.S. military members lost their control, and their peacemaking mission in Syria today reminds me of terrorism itself.

As a professor at Harvard, Stephen M. Walt, said: “How many Muslims has the United States killed in the past thirty years, and how many Americans have been killed by Muslims? Coming up with a precise answer to this question is probably impossible, but it is also not necessary because the rough numbers are so clearly lopsided.” Yes, the United States killed an awful lot more. The most recent studies show that since 9/11 Americans killed around two million Muslims in "The war on terror." It just doesn't sound right.

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