15 Chilling Photos That Will Make You Terrified Of Summer

Summertime truly has to be one of the greatest times of the year. The weather is perfect, the flowers are blooming, and everyone seems to generally be in a way better mood than they are the rest of the year. It’s the time to fall in love, make new friends, and create memories that will last a lifetime. The food is better, the clothes are better, and there’s not much that isn’t just better in general during the months of June, July, and August. Although it seems to be the perfect time of year, it can also be a pretty scary few month as well.

Not everything seems to go as planned all the time throughout the summer, and dangerous threats wait to ruin our times when we’re least expecting it. Once we start spending more and more times outside of our house and in the public as well as nature, we instantly become surrounded with more potentially dangerous and terrifying things that can take our summer from hot to not. Although it’s the time to experience new adventures, not all of those adventures will always result in great memories. Sometimes, the campfire horror stories become more than just stories.

What's your most terrifying summer memory? Maybe it involves a campfire gone wrong or a pool party made for horror stories. No matter what it is, we all have a spooky summer memory we’d like to forget. Share with your friends to hear what horrors they have to tell! For now, here are 15 Chilling Photos That Will Make You Terrified Of Summer:


15 The Cops Might Crash Your Pool Party

Of course, if you throw a legal party and aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have to worry about having the cops called on you. That is, unless you’re an African American trying to enjoy a swim at your local pool. The photograph above was taken in Texas after a white woman called the cops on a group of black teens who were enjoying one of their friends' parties at the neighborhood pool. The pool was private and for residents only, but the teens lived in the neighborhood, so they had as much of a right to be there as the white woman who called the police. When the cops showed up, instead of telling the teens to just quiet down and keep things more low-key, he chased them down, pulled guns on them, and pinned the poor birthday girl to the ground, shoving his knee hard into her back and her face into the grass, all while the white woman watched and used racial slurs against them.

14 Zoos Aren't Always Safe


Zoos are supposed to be safe places for us to have the chance to see exotic and interesting animals we might otherwise go our entire lives without seeing. The unfortunate reality of many zoos, however, is that they're not always safe. The photograph above was taken of an insane man who found his way into one bear’s exhibit and was attacked shortly after. Of course, if you’re sane, there’s a good chance you won’t find yourself in a bear enclosure. However, the fact that it was so easy for him to break into the exhibit is concerning. Not all kids are crazy, but many might try to break into the exhibits to get a closer look, and it only takes a second of looking away for them to make their way somewhere they shouldn’t. We all remember Harambe, right? The real lives in danger in these situations are the animals who end up getting shot to protect the careless humans.

13 Grills Can Be Dangerous

There’s really no better way to celebrate the summer than to have a nice grill around the pool or in the park. Even if you don’t partake in any BBQs over the summer, there’s no escaping the smell of meat cooking on the grill no matter where you live. Many people don’t realize how dangerous some grills can be, however. If not used the right way, they can sometimes explode, cause other things to catch fire, or seriously burn whoever is using them. A lot of people don’t realize that the grills that use propane can easily explode and kill whoever is using them if someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing is the one handling the grill. Accidents like the one in the photograph above don’t happen that often, but when they do, they can be deadly! When it comes to grilling out this summer, make sure whoever is using the grill knows what he or she is doing.

12 Camping Can Be Creepy


Camping is fun all year round, but when it comes to summer, there’s no better time to get a cabin or pitch a tent with your best buds. There’s nothing like sitting around a campfire, cracking a cold one with the boys, and telling spooky stories that make it hard to fall asleep. The photograph above, however, is terrifying enough to make us never want to step foot in the woods again. It seems like just a normal picture of a group of friends enjoying the woods while on a camping trip. The truly horrifying part, however, is hidden in the background. On the right, looking at the picture, between two trees, you can make out a strangely shaped figure lurking behind the group! The friends in the pic claimed to have been alone at the time, or so they thought. Next time you need to add a terrifying twist to a campfire story, show your friends this picture to add an extra scare!

11 Surfing Is Risky

As we’ve already discussed, open water can be absolutely terrifying. Even if you’re a skilled surfer who doesn’t fear the water as much as others, you’re still not safe from potential dangers. Take the photograph above as an example. The two surfers are just enjoying catching a wave, but below them is a terrifying threat trying to catch them! The picture was taken by a friend who didn’t realize, like the surfers, that there was a terrifying shark below them at the time! Although the shark isn’t nearly as big as anything we’ve seen in any scary shark movies, it’s still dangerous enough to bite off some fingers, toes, or cause deep wounds that could end in infection and amputation! The scary part is that there’s no way to avoid dangers like this unless you decide to completely stay out of the open water. There are always pools, but even enclosed swimming spots aren’t always safe from various threats.

10 You Can't Trust The Amusement Park


Most of us probably have at least one summer memory that happened in an amusement park. They’re filled with insane roller coasters and twisty rides that offer thrills and tricks that you can’t find anywhere else. They’re all seemingly safe as well! Most rides have more than one seat belt or another device that holds you in place. They also hire people specifically to check you in your seat to make sure that you’re locked in and safe from harm. With all these safety precautions, there’s still a teeny tiny chance that you’ll never make it off the ride alive. Take the ride in the photograph above as an example. After a glitch in the operations of the track of the water rapids ride, the Australian amusement park found themselves in the middle of a controversy. The boat that was carrying five passengers flipped upside down, resulting in them getting stuck in the track and dying. Two of them, children, fortunately lived, but knowing that this could still happen even with all the safety precautions is absolutely terrifying.

9 The Beach Can Be Horrifying

As we’ve previously mentioned, open water can be terrifying. If this list is enough to scare you out of the water, maybe you’ve decided that your time would better be spent relaxing on the beach, safe from the dangers of the ocean or lake you’re visiting. The sandy beach seems like it’ll probably be just as dangerous, however. The photograph above was taken on a beach of a globster that washed up on shore. A globster refers to any sort of decomposing creature that washes on shore that can’t really be identified. Being submerged in water can slow the decomposing process and cause the dead animal to swell and change shape. That makes them difficult to identify for the most part. The other reason why they might be difficult to identify is the fact that we have yet to discover the creature! The one in the photograph above was never definitely identified, and most have stated that it’s either a dog or badger. What do you think it could be?


8 Sunburn Is More Than Just Painful


Even if you decide to hide in your own backyard the entire summer, you’re still not safe from sunburn! Sunburn can affect anyone, anywhere, anytime! The summer is the most dangerous time to be exposed, however, as temperatures rise, and the sun burns worse than ever. Look at the man in the photograph above. His sunburn was bad enough to cause his skin to swell and fill with pus! It’s painful just looking at something so horrible. Most of us have had plenty of experiences with sunburn, but not everyone can say it’s been as bad as this! Even worse than sunburn is sun poisoning, which can not only cause your skin to feel the effects but which can cause the rest of your body to become weak and ill as well! If this photo isn’t enough to scare you from the sun, we don’t know what is!

7 Accidents Are Prone To Happen

The photograph above was taken the day after a family of four decided to enjoy a nice picnic on the beach. The family was struck with tragedy when moments later, both the mother and father realized that their little boy and girl were both missing. A search party quickly gathered to find the missing children, and soon they did. Unfortunately, the children were found dead from drowning in the water. The parents had only looked away for a moment, but that’s really all it takes for the children to get swept up by a current and pulled under water. The mother is pictured in the photograph and forced to look at her daughter’s lifeless body after it was pulled from the ocean. Imagine the horror the parents must feel knowing that what was supposed to be a lovely summer picnic resulted in the deaths of their beloved children.

6 Waterslides Might Decapitate You


Water parks are some of the most fun places on the planet. We get the chance to swim in huge pools that also happen to have crazy water slides attached to them. When it comes to a slide, it seems like aside from possibly falling off, there’s not really much bad that could happen. That’s definitely the opposite of true when it comes to the slide in the photograph above. The water runs red with the blood of an innocent boy who was decapitated after sliding down the long slide. Accidents certainly happen on slides, and children are always getting cuts and bruised on the plastic tubes. That’s nothing compared to actually getting your head cut clean off! There’s no coming back from that. What was supposed to be a fun family adventure turned into a closed casket and a closed water park. Although accidents like this don’t happen that often, is it really worth the risk?

5 Swimming Is Fun... But Can Be Terrifying

When summer comes around, so does the warm weather. This usually makes people flock to the beaches of lakes, oceans, and rivers all around the world (where summer is happening, of course). What most people don’t think about, however, is just how horrifying open water can really be. In the photograph above, you can see the edge of an underwater cliff as the rest of the ocean descends deep into the dark zone. Many people don’t realize that we’ve discovered so little of the actual ocean. Beneath the warm waves are many terrifying creatures that we know very little about. Aside from the mysterious creatures and mythological legends that could pop up at any time, the ocean is filled with other horrors, such as flesh-eating bacteria and even dead bodies! It’s hard to see in the water, and currents can make it hard to navigate. Next time you go for a dip, think twice about what dangers might be below sea level.

4 The Goat Man Might Join Your Bonfire


While there are many urban legends out there that are good campfire horror stories to tell, one of the creepiest has to be the legend of the Goat Man. The story begins with a group of friends who went camping one weekend. On the second night, they began passing out hot dogs from a pack of 8, a perfect number for each of the campers to have one. That is, until they had one extra left. They all looked around, trying to figure out who exactly might have been missing. Everyone recalled having eight people in total the night before, as they had already finished off a different pack of 8, and no one recalled having two hot dogs.

Still, none of them remembered who was missing but still knew there was an eighth person that each one of them assumed was just a friend of someone else. Then, that night, when back in the cabin, they heard knocking and banging on the door, and when they answered, no one was there. The goat man allegedly takes the form of the closest human around, so when he was hanging out with the group of friends, he would act like them and look like them so no one ever noticed that he actually wasn’t one of them. He’s allegedly a half goat-half man hybrid that escaped from a lab and now haunts wooded areas. Although it’s supposedly just a legend, imagining the goat man is enough to keep us far, far away.

3 Tanning Is Unhealthy

One of the best parts of summer is getting a nice golden kiss from the warm sun above. Everyone looks better when they get a little tan, and the sun can bring out the glow in all of us. Most people, however, feel as though they’re immune to all the horrifying things that can come from excessive tanning. Tanning can be an addiction, and before you know it, the addiction can ruin your life. Take the woman in the photograph above, for example. Of course, while she was going through the tanning process, she didn’t look like that. But as she aged and her skin got rougher, she began to look like leather. Her addiction got so out of control that she even tried to get her daughter to make her way into a tanning bed! Laying out and getting a nice glow is always nice, but the effects aren’t always worth it.

2 What Happens Behind The Scenes Of The Carnival


Summer is a great time for the circus, carnivals, and different fairs to make their way through different towns. They’re all fun and games until you actually look behind the scenes at some of the horrors the entertainment has to go through. For the most part, many circuses, carnivals, and fairs don’t use animals as forms of entertainment as often as they used to. If you do find yourself enjoying a local animal show, however, you have to ask yourself what you might actually be supporting. Behind the scenes of many of these shows are terrifying forms of animal abuse. The man above is using a chain to try and train the monkey to walk only on its back legs and use stilts, all for the entertainment of those around. It’s horrifying and devastating, but unfortunately, this still happens all over the world simply for our entertainment only.

1 Dry Drowning And Secondary Drowning Are Hidden Threats

Drowning is an obvious danger that can happen anytime there’s a body of water around. Most of us are smart enough to keep the children and others who don’t know how to swim away from the pool when they're unsupervised or at least give them devices to help them float. That isn’t always enough, however. The child in the photograph above suffered secondary drowning after jumping into a pool for only less than a minute. He was with two sober adults who supervised him the entire time, but in the split second he was underwater, he inhaled enough water to send him to the hospital. He was fine when they first pulled him out of the water and even played and talked after the incident. However, later, the boy became unresponsive and was rushed to the hospital. It turns out, he suffered secondary drowning. His lungs filled with water enough to where he was fine at first but later ended up having his airways close from so much water being inhaled. Next time you’re with kids at pools, remember that dry drowning and secondary drowning can be silent killers.


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