15 Chilling Photos Of Real Ghosts Doing Weird Things

Just the thought of a supernatural being potentially staring at you while you sleep and lurking around your home in the middle of the night is enough to send chills down anyone's spine. Many people believe some ghosts are invisible, while others claim to have seen the spirits of dead people with their own two eyes. These haunting sightings have been compiled into ghost stories and passed down from generation to generation. If you think ghost stories are rubbish, you'll change your mind after seeing these photos.

These aren't just stories that someone concocted centuries ago. We have actual photos of real ghosts that have been captured on film throughout the years. This collection of creepy images is mind-boggling. You may not want to believe the photos are real because it's much easier to label them as hoaxes. But years after many of these pictures of ghostly figures were taken, no one has been able to debunk what was captured on film.

Get prepared to see some photos that are so frightening, they'll surely disturb you. Many of these images have been known to cause nightmares, so if you're even a tad bit afraid of anything related to the paranormal, you may want to turn away now. But if you love diving deep into the unknown and scaring TF out of yourself, these eery images will get the job done. Here are 15 chilling photos of REAL ghosts doing real things. Just wait until you see the photo of the ghost who decided to spend the day at an amusement park. Talk about creepy AF!

15 Lord Combermere


This photo was captured at Combermere Abbey - a former monastery that was later converted into a house. It's located in Cheshire, England and has been in existence since the 1130s. We may never know how many people died on or near the property, but any place that's this old is bound to have a ghost or two roaming its hallways. That's why it's no surprise that someone actually captured a real ghost while visiting the monastery.

If you look closely at the image, you can make out the outline of an older man sitting in a chair. It's believed to be the ghost of Lord Combermere, a man who died a very tragic death. In 1891, he was killed after being struck by one of London's first electrically powered motor cabs.

The photo was taken by a woman named Sybell Corbet in the monastery's library. It was taken on the same day Lord Combermere's funeral was taking place four miles away. In the image, you can see the man's head, his collar, and his right arm resting on the arm of the chair. Corbet claimed it took the photo about an hour to develop, but when it did, her jaw dropped. Many people believed the photo was a hoax, and it was just one of the monastery's servants sitting in the chair. But Corbet insisted that everyone in the household was attending his funeral at the time this picture was taken.

14 Floating Head


If you believe in ghosts, you probably believe that they surround us and walk amongst us at all times. And if the guy in this photo didn't believe ghosts exists before taking this picture, we're sure he does now. While at a wax museum in Blackpool, England, the man stopped to take a picture. His wife snapped the photograph, and the couple was completely shocked when they later took a look at the image.

In the background, up above the man's right shoulder, you can see a ghost's head peering through the glass window. The man's wife insisted there was no "trickery" involved in this photo at all, and there was nothing around which could have caused a face to reflect off the glass.

Upon further inspection, the wife and husband realized they recognized the ghost in the glass! Her face was eerily similar to the appearance of an actress named Violet Carson. Violet died in April 1980, and her remains were scattered in Blackpool!

13 Going for a Stroll


Back in 1959, an Adelaide Presbyterian minister named R.S. Blance visited Corroboree Rock in the Northern Territory of Australia. He took a photo of what he thought was an empty scene. He just wanted to capture some of the beautiful sights of nature. Later on, when the photo was developed, he was shocked to see the above image.

It's pretty easy to make out the image of a woman standing in a clearing amongst the shrubbery. She appears to be an aboriginal woman wearing a night dress and a cap on her head - traditional attire of women during that ancient period of time.

The woman is holding her hands up towards her face as she looks off into the distance. She appears to be taking in the sights, just as the minister was. To this day, no one knows who this mysterious woman is. She could be the ghost of someone who wandered into the territory and was never found again, or perhaps she's just a spirit that got lost during her travels. We may never know.

12 Stair Climber


There are many photos that were taken during the American Civil War that appeared to capture ghosts in action. Many of these photos have been proven to be fake, but there are some that have yet to be explained. This photo, for example, is an image that has yet to be proven as a hoax, and many believe it shows a real ghost in action.

The image is well-known as the "Solitary Soldier," and it was taken at a home that was under renovation. Confederate soldiers were known to sleep in the home's cellar. This ghost appears to be a soldier who's walking up one of the home's flights of stairs. Is it possible the ghost of a soldier returned to the home to check up on some of the other Confederate soldiers? Anything's possible!

11 Party Crasher


During a trip to the Hotel Vierjahreszeiten in Austria back in 1988, a group of friends decided to pose for a picture. The vacationers all gathered for a farewell party at the hotel, and they wanted to capture a photo so they could remember the moment forever. A man set up his camera nearby and pointed it directly at the group. With the self-timer set, he hurried back to the table to get within the shot. He claimed the camera clicked, the film wound forward, but the flash didn't go off as expected. So he set the camera up for a second shot, and this time, the flash went off properly.

When he returned home, he had the film developed, but he didn't notice anything peculiar at first. It wasn't until one of the guests at the table pointed out in the non-flash photo that there was an unexpected party crasher sitting at the table in the picture. Upon closer inspection, they saw the extra head of a ghostly woman floating near the rear of the table! Can you spot her?

10 Deep In Thought


Bachelor's Grove cemetery located in Chicago has had more than 100 documented reports of paranormal activity, including ghost sightings and glowing balls of light. This photo was taken at the cemetery back in 1991. As you can see, the graveyard is in the middle of a sprawling area full of trees, and since there haven't been any new burials here for many years, the site has been forgotten by most. But ghost hunters are attracted to this area, and any place that houses the deceased is usually a prime target for those who are hoping to spot a real-life ghost.

During an investigation by the Ghost Research Society (GRS), this picture was taken at the abandoned graveyard. GRS member Mari Huff was behind the camera, and she instantly noticed the woman in the shot as soon as the picture was developed. Parts of her body appear to be transparent, but you can tell that she's wearing white as she sits on a tombstone. She also appears to be very sad and dressed in outdated clothes from many years ago.

9 Thrill Seeker


When you visit an amusement park, you expect to scream your head off while riding one of the high-flying rollercoasters. But many people don't expect to come face to face with a real ghost! At Six Flags Over Texas in the city of Arlington, there's a ghost who's well-known to walk around the inside and the perimeter of the park. Her name is Annie, and according to legend, she's the spirit of a little girl who died in the 1900s close by to where the amusement park stands today.

She has been spotted by Six Flags employees numerous times. They say she loves to turn the lights on and off in a small yellow house that's near the entrance of one of the rollercoasters. Others have spotted her just walking around the park and taking a stroll through the grassy fields behind the attractions. This photo claims to be a real picture of Annie standing in the grass. Employees of the park say she's a very friendly yet mischievous ghost, so perhaps this is one spirit we wouldn't be so scared of if we ever came in contact with her!

8 Give Me a Hand


Most of the photos on our lists show images of ghosts with their full bodies. But that doesn't mean people haven't captured the ghostly body parts of spirits, too. This picture was taken in the early 20th Century. A furniture seller commissioned a photographer named Montague Cooper to snap this picture of a bureau that was up for sale. When Cooper took the picture, he made sure the bureau was closed, and he didn't notice anything strange about the picture. He said no one went near the bureau at all, and there weren't any mirrors reflecting off of the piece of furniture. When he developed the film, he noticed the armless hand in the image. Cooper said he had developed thousands of photos during his career, but he had never seen anything quite like this!

The picture was published in a magazine back in 1903, and since then, it has been one of the creepiest photos of a ghost doing the strangest thing.

7 The Friendly Ghost


In 2000, two women were having some fun and enjoying the nightlife in the city of Manila in the Philippines. It was a warm night, and they were dressed in their trendiest summer outfits. The two friends wanted to take a photo of themselves, so they asked a passerby to snap a picture using one of the girl's cell phones. As soon as they took a look at the picture on the screen of the phone, they were horrified! It's not uncommon for ghosts to photobomb pictures, but this ghost got a little too friendly with one of the girls!

As you can see in the picture, the ghost appears to be grabbing the girl's arm on the right just as the camera flashed. It seems like the two girls weren't the only ones enjoying the beautiful night. This ghost wanted to get in on the fun and take a picture right along with them!

6 Brother Ghost


Robert A. Ferguson attended a spiritualist convention in Los Angeles back in 1969. As he stood up and gave his speech, someone in the audience took a photo using a Polaroid camera. These types of instant cameras printed out photos immediately, so it didn't take long for everyone to notice an unexpected visitor was standing directly behind Robert during his speech.

When Robert was shown the picture, he noticed the ghostly figure immediately. It was his brother, Walter, who was killed during World War II. Some people claim this photo is fake, and the image behind Robert is actually a result of double-exposure. But many Polaroid cameras were incapable of producing double-exposed photos, and the image behind Robert clearly has different features. Robert's ears stick out from his head, while the ghost's ears are a bit smaller. Also, the width of each man's head is different. This just proves that the ghost of Walter really did show up to the convention to give his brother Robert some moral support.

5 Baby Mourner


An Australian woman named Mrs. Andrews visited her daughter's gravesite at a Queensland cemetery back in the 1940s. She took a picture of Joyce's headstone, and like many of the other people on our list, she was shocked and a bit scared once the film was developed.

In this picture, you can clearly see a small baby sitting on top of Joyce's grave. But Joyce died at the age of 17. So it definitely wasn't her ghost in the image. A paranormal researcher named Tony Healy caught wind of this photo and decided to do some investigating. He visited the gravesite and took a look at the graves that were near Joyce's. He found out that two infant girls were buried right next to Joyce. Many people believe it's one of the infants that decided to pop up in this photograph.

4 House Guests


Moving into a new home is a very exciting time, but if you don't know the history of the home or the plot of land it was built on, you may not be the only one living in the house. Many ghost stories take place in haunted homes, but even regular homes that don't look spooky can have some very high paranormal activity.

A family moved into their new home in the city of Chicago, and they couldn't wait to start the next phase of their lives. The mom decided to take a picture in front of the house while holding her baby. It's a pretty adorable photo, don't you think? She and her child look so happy, but they had no clue what was going on behind them.

After the photo was developed, the family noticed something really strange going on in the background. If you look at the front door, you can see two ghostly faces peering into the camera! No one knows the story behind these two ghosts, but it's pretty clear that they are the true owners of this house!

3 The Romanian Ghost


In 2008, a woman named Victoria Iovan from Baile Herculane visited the Decebal Hotel in Romania. It was built during the 19th century, and it's said to hide ancient Roman treasures underneath its foundation. It's pretty clear it's the home to some pretty active ghost, too.

People claim a really tall woman haunts the establishment. She roams the hallways and walks up and down the staircases. When Victoria decided to take a photo inside the hotel, she captured much more than what she expected. In the top left corner of the picture, you can make out the figure of a woman wearing a gown. Victoria said the woman looked like a "priestess" and she was dressed in "long white clothes." Other guests of the hotel have also seen the ghost. A group of classmates broke into the hotel one night, and after feeling a gust of air blow by their bodies, they saw a white silhouette standing near them.

2 The Colonial Park Cemetery Ghost


The Colonial Park Cemetery is a historic graveyard in the city of Savannah, Georgia. It opened back in 1750, and it's now one of the oldest burial grounds in the entire city. The 6-acre plot of land is the final resting place for over 10,000 people. So you can just imagine how many spirits lurk around the grounds all day and night!

Despite the number of people who were buried here, there are no more than 1,000 grave markers. Most of the headstones in the cemetery have been demolished, destroyed, or knocked over. Many people were also buried in mass graves, so it's hard to keep track of who's who, and identifying one of the cemetery's ghosts is almost impossible.

Many people believe this cemetery is haunted - largely due to the way the bodies of the deceased and their burial grounds have been treated throughout the years. A man visited the gravesite back in 2008 and took a video of what he claimed to be a child's ghost running through the graveyard.

1 Skeletal Remains


There are many historical colleges throughout the United States, the oldest being Harvard which was established in 1636. Countless students have walked the halls of some of these historical universities, and sometimes, tragedy strikes. Death can occur anywhere, and university dorms are said to be a hotspot for paranormal activity from the deceased who died while on campus.

This photo was taken back in 1986 in the Erie Hall Dorm at Geneseo State University in New York. A student named Christophe DiCesare snapped the picture of his friend, and if you look closely, you can see the image of a skeleton right next to the man in this photo. When DiCesare and his friend examined the picture later on, they decided to do some research to find out who the skeletal remains belonged to. That's when they found out that a student had killed himself in that same dorm room just a few years prior to this picture being taken.

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