15 Chilling Photos Of Paranormal Shadows That'll Send Shivers Down Your Spine

I bet that we all know that feeling when household objects or a pile of clothes make a creepy shadow, which looks like a vicious monster. To be completely honest; every time it happens, I stand up, walk to the shadow, and move all the things to make sure that I destroy that creepy shadow before it gets me. Yes, these moments make us insane for a minute. I mean, even though we understand that the shadow is completely fake, it still feels like it is going to walk towards us slowly like in some horror movie. It feels like that creepy shadow is going to kill us with a smile on its dark face.

Also, am I the only one who runs through a narrow and long corridor because it seems as if someone is standing behind me, ready to stab a knife in my back? Or is it just me who is hiding under the sheets during the night so that the shadow monster wouldn't find its way to my bed? I knew it. We all do those silly things to feel safer. Well, if you haven't done it before, I am sure you will start doing it after seeing these creepy photos of unexplainable and chilling shadows.

15 The Black Wedding

A wedding is probably the most exciting event of any person’s life. However, it looks like some weddings are just not supposed to happen. We all know about the infamous 'Red Wedding' from Game of Thrones, but this time let me introduce you to the black wedding. A photographer who took this photo had no idea that he would capture a ghostly shadow. He only wanted to take a shot of the beautiful bridesmaids standing in the church. However, things don’t always turn out the way we want. So, this photo became one of the creepiest things that you will ever see in your life, instead of a nice picture from the wedding of a happy couple. I can only imagine how terrified these bridesmaids must have been after seeing a monster was standing behind them.

14 Someone Is Watching How You Sleep

I just cannot sleep with my blinds or curtains open, and there is one good reason for that: I don't want that someone would get a chance to stalk me while I am sleeping. Sadly, closing the curtains can only help get rid of human eyes. There's nothing that can save us from creepy unexplainable shadows, ghosts, and other paranormal creatures, though. Even worse, closed blinds might be the perfect spot for a shadow to materialize. Just look at the photo. I don't know how to explain it... and I don't want to. I can only tell you one thing - if I ever saw a creature like that on my blinds, I would make sure to cover it with all the sheets left in my house. If I've learned anything from horror movies, it's that you cannot mess with paranormal stuff by any means.

13 The Storage Room Has An Uninvited Guest

There are plenty of reasons why people don't like to go to their storage rooms too often. First of all, storage rooms are usually messy and filthy. Second, they are full of crap that nobody actually needs. Third, and most important, sometimes creepy monsters stay in our storage rooms without an invitation. Don't you believe me? Take a closer look at the above picture and make sure for yourself. I know, this photo does not make any sense, but yet, it is real. No item looks like it could take the form of this strange shadow. However, all the theoretical BS doesn't matter at a time. All that matters is we can see a picture with a ghostly shadow in it. Next time you go to your storage room, be careful and remember this chilling photo.

12 Boggling Stairs In Alcatraz

Well, the fact that this photo was taken in Alcatraz prison, the most controversial and infamous prison in the world, is creepy enough.

To be honest, I don't have an explanation how can this photo be real rather than the broken photo camera. However, it seems like the photo camera was totally okay at the time of this shot. Does it mean that ghosts are real? I wish that it wasn't true, but my mind says that we cannot deny the existence of paranormal activity. The worst thing that I have read about this photo was that this creepy shadow belongs to the most vicious criminals who died in Alcatraz. Could it be Al Capone's vague shadow?

11 Who Called Batman Or The Devil?

I sure as hell wouldn’t like to see the shadow of Batman on my window. I respect him as much as I can respect a fictional character (or maybe he is not fictional, after all?). My problem with this photo is that Batman only comes to the places where bad things are happening, so seeing him in my house, wouldn't make me feel comfortable at all.

Of course, I know that this shadow only reminds us of Batman and there is nothing paranormal about this picture. However, our mind is capable of materializing creepy things. Sometimes it is not enough to understand that scary things are not real to make the fear disappear. I mean, we all know that all the horror movies are fake, but somehow I still dreamed about Freddy Krueger after watching A Nightmare on Elm Street.

10 Gray Man Shadow Only Appears Before The Storm

In South Carolina, this shadow has a name. People call it the Gray Man. Oh yes, it definitely means that this shadow is not a one-time thing. Actually, locals noticed that the Gray Man only appears before the biggest storms. So we can say that this is a friendly shadow, which tries to warn people about the upcoming cataclysms. However, with all due respect, I think I don't want to have friends like the Gray Man. It just feels wrong. I mean, look at the picture again and tell me if you would like to see this kind of creature appearing during one of your night walks on the beach? I sure wouldn't. On the other hand, I am always supporting people who are brave enough to throw themselves into the scary situations just to capture such chilling images. So, people in South Carolina, take your cameras and visit the beach tonight.

9 Illuminati Confirmed?

The Illuminati is probably the most mysterious group in the world that we at least know of. People cannot even agree if it exists, not to talk about the things the Illuminati does. Let's be honest; if it is a real group, then any of our family members or friends might be a part of it without us knowing it. That is scary AF, right? The worst thing is if the Illuminati is real, we can be sure that it is watching us all the time. I mean, the symbol of the Illuminati is an eye for a reason.

That is why I would be terrified to see that my lamp forms a shadow of an eye which looks straight into my soul. To be honest, I would take down that ugly lamp first thing, after seeing such a creepy shadow. Don't even lie to yourself; you would do the same. Otherwise, it would be impossible to live in a house, that watches every single thing we do 24/7.

8 Three Little Monsters

Give me a break. This photo is just too much. There is no way that someone would find an explanation to those three little creepy shadow monsters. Yes, I understand that topknot casts one shadow, but what about the others? The more I look at this photo, the more terrified I get. That is exactly the way how people get paranoid and start looking behind their back even when left alone (are we ever alone?). This woman looks completely relaxed, and it is obvious that she doesn't feel that three monsters are slowly creeping towards her. I wish that she stood up in time to run away from those shadows. I always felt safer when I sat in the corner of the room, being able to see all the movement inside of it. However, after seeing this picture, I am not sure that I can feel safe anywhere. After all, the shadows can move behind you anytime without making a sound.

7 Do You Need Help Ironing?

There is a reason why people are afraid to look around the corner when the night comes. Yes, it always feels like someone is standing there, patiently waiting for us to come. Of course, most of the time when we actually have enough courage to look around the corner, nothing is there. However, this photo is a great reminder that we cannot take safety for granted. Where the hell did this shadow come from? Of course, the owner of the house must have been terrified to see the picture. At least, I would be. Good thing, there is always a chance that this creepy shadow showed up just to help with household work because let's be honest; the owner of the house could use some extra hands cleaning those month old dishes. Jokes aside, I would probably die from a heart attack if I saw something as creepy as this shadow in my room.

6 Towel Face

It is one of those creep cases when casual things cast a strange shadow. I must agree that this photo doesn't look super scary when you see it on your screen. However, try to put yourself in the shoes of that poor photographer who came to the bathroom and saw the shadow of a human's face. Oh yes, the first thing we feel in the moments like these is how eternal fear conquers our body, leaving no space for any kind of hope. Of course, in a couple of seconds, that ugly feeling goes away, but it only takes a moment to become insane. And I am not even exaggerating here. People with a vivid imagination can sometimes see themselves staying awake, including a shadow face of a towel. I only have one advice - move your household things so that they wouldn't cast those creepy shadows.

5 The Shadow Prompts A Tragedy

This picture looks like any other picture at first sight. However, take a closer look. Do you see anything strange? Oh yes, the shadow in this picture is trying to tell us an entirely different story. If we only looked at the shadow, we would think that the man in the photo had hanged himself. That sends chills down my spine. Even the slightest thought of suicide scares the living hell out of us, so just imagine how the boy must have felt when he saw this picture. Yes, it might not look like something serious, but let's not lie to each other; we would all think that it is some kind of mysterious sign that shadows are trying to send us. Sadly, this sign doesn't look like a promising one. It is just another good example of the fact that shadows have their own independent world, which is sill unknown to human beings. You know what? I am just fine knowing nothing about it.

4 "I'm Watching You"

Ugly things cast ugly shadows. We must agree; the mask itself is not the prettiest one, and if the owner of it used it for any other reasons than a Halloween party, he or she has some serious problems. However, there is something about that terrifying shadow that scares me even more than the real mask.

I bet that every one of you would not like to see such a shadow on your wall. That face finds its way to the depths of my soul even through the computer's screen. I can only imagine how scared I would be seeing it in reality. And you know what the worst thing about creepy shadows like this is? They never ever stop staring at you unless you destroy them. However, is it only me who has an irrational fear of seeing the shadow staying still after moving the thing that casts it?

3 Classic Horror Movie Stuff

Ok, this one is probably set up. I mean, if it isn't then the world is way too creepy for me to live in. However, even knowing the fact that someone has faked this photo, it still sends chills down my spine. After all, when I am walking down the narrow corridor, this shadow is exactly what I imagine behind my back. And believe me, even though I understand that no mysterious shadow hand exists behind me, it sure feels like it does. Oh yes, we are always experts to judge silly people's judgment in horror movies, but if you think about it; we all act just the same in reality. If I hear a squeaking noise in my attic, I always go to check what is that, expecting to find some sort of a gnawer. However, it might as well be the creepy shadow hand that is luring me into the attic.

2 Shadow Caught On Camera

I am not a CGI expert, so I won't tell you if this video is real or fake. Yes, there is a high possibility that someone just montaged this video to fish for YouTube views. However, we cannot rule out the chances of this video being real as well. What if a creepy hostile shadow actually showed up before midnight to attack an innocent man? I don't even want to think about it because it would bring eternal paranoia to my life. Ok, let's think about it; every time we walk down an empty corridor, we might be attacked by some paranormal forces, which are probably invincible. Well, if it is true, then Sam and Dean from Supernatural might better be real as well. That would bring back the balance to our lives. Anyway, remember to always look back over your shoulder even if you are (seemingly) alone. We just cannot ever know who is watching us.

1 The Story Of A Shadow Friend

I don't know how legitimate are the things we read on the internet, but they still send chills down my spine. For instance, look at this fearsome picture of a shadow man standing behind the girl. There is also a story behind it. The girl wrote about her friendship with a shadowy figure in one of those creepy internet sites, which you only accidentally wander into at 3 am after watching cute cat videos on YouTube for hours. Yes, we all did that, and there is nothing shameful about it. Anyway, the girl told a story of a shadow man who was just chilling in her room for years until one day he started talking. That is when they became friends and spent time together up until the girl was 17 and told the shadow man to leave her alone. I am not sure if the girl had some serious mental problems or actually had a supernatural friend. However, does it matter? One way or another, shadow man existed and... have a good night!

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