15 Chilling Objects That Are Allegedly Cursed

You will not be cursed if you read this list.

Whether or not ghosts exist is a highly debated topic that will never reach a conclusion unless we have factual evidence that can’t be disputed. The same can be said when it comes to cursed and haunted objects. This includes anything from a piece of furniture to a creepy doll that has some sort of tale of horror attached to it. Pretty much every culture has its fair share of ghost stories, but finding cursed objects is much more difficult. When it comes to ghosts, it’s sort of a "he said she said situation," but when it comes to a cursed object, it’s easier to prove the reality of whether or not something is haunted or if it’s just another piece of junk.

If someone gave you a cursed object and nothing ever happened, surely you’d never believe that the object has some sort of paranormal history. Would you be brave enough to accept the cursed object, to begin with, though? Most of the objects on the list are now in the hands of collectors or in museums, but if given the chance, would you ever accept any of them? Even if you didn’t believe in any sort of curses or paranormal activity, it’d surely be hard for you to accept any of these items into your home because you have to question whether or not it’s worth the risk.

Share this list with your friends to see if any of them would be daring enough to take these objects home! Here are 15 Chilling Objects That Are Allegedly Cursed:

15 The Spirit Of Two Young Girls Are Trapped In This Mirror

The mirror in the photograph above is one that sits inside the Myrtle Plantation home. Being a plantation home, we don’t have time to tell you of all the horrors that occurred here involving slavery and the abuse of innocent people. The reason this object makes the list is that it is allegedly haunted by the children of the house. The story goes that the two youngest daughters of the plantation owners were poisoned by one of the slaves seeking revenge for terrible crimes against her. The young girls died, and while it was common practice then that mirrors be covered in the home of the recently deceased, no one covered this mirror. As a result, many believe that the spirits of the two young girls are trapped inside this mirror for eternity. Pictures have popped up over the years of this mirror containing the face of a young girl, but critics say they're all fake. What do you believe?

14 This Australian Rock Causes Bad Luck To Those Who Disturb It

In Australia, inside the Ayers National Park, sits a rock known by its indigenous name as "Uluru." Because it's such a sacred location with a rich history, many believe that taking anything from this place will surely curse whoever decides to make the swipe. Of course, tourists want a free way to remember the rock, so many have been known to take a chunk home with them. The park rangers state, however, that about once a day, they receive a package known as a “sorry rock,” which includes a piece of rock that was stolen with an apology letter telling how whoever stole the rock suddenly experienced terrible luck such as a death in the family or a breakup. Many would say that it’s just a coincidence, but others argue that all of the separate stories are just too much of a coincidence for the curse not to be real. Either way, who would still take a rock home knowing that they might get cursed?

13 This Statue Found In A Cave Will Knock On Your Door At Night

One of the most important rules of pretty much any horror movie ever made is that if you find a creepy object while in a strange location -- for example, a cave -- just leave it there. Don’t take it home, don’t touch it, and don’t even take a picture of it if you don’t want to be followed around by the horrors potentially attached to the object. Unfortunately, the explorers of the cave that was home to this terrifying statue didn’t follow any of those rules, so they suffered the consequences. At first, the statue just began moving around when no one was watching, popping up in a different place each time the homeowner returned. Then, strange noises and figures appeared randomly until the person who took the statue couldn’t take anymore and returned it to where it had been found. Hopefully, that was enough to please the statue, but many suggested offering gifts as a sign of apology. Was it just neurosis out of control or do you think this object could’ve really been cursed?

12 A Dibbuk Box That Causes Strokes And Nightmares

The box above is a traditional wine cabinet that belonged to a Jewish woman who survived the Holocaust during WWII. After her death, her belongings were sold at an auction, in which an unidentified man purchased it hoping to give it to his mother. He also happened to be the owner of a furniture store. The first day he brought the box back, all of the lights in the basement of his shop were destroyed, his employee was locked inside, and the place smelled like cat urine. The employee quit and never returned. The shop owner gave the box to his mother, who had a stroke as soon as she saw it. The shop owner took the box home and found that he was having similar nightmares to the houseguests that stayed close to the box! In fact, no matter whom the box is given to, some sort of bad luck follows. Could it all be coincidence, or is there really a hidden curse?

11 The Real Annabelle

Everyone by now has probably heard of Annabelle, the haunted doll Ed and Lorraine Warren have in their home in the movie, The Conjuring. What they might not know is that Annabelle is actually a real doll and is pictured above. She was the inspiration for the story, but her appearance is much less terrifying in real life. She looks more like a regular doll rather than a creepy beaten up one like the prop in the movie. That makes her more terrifying to some because there's something creepy about innocent-looking toys being used by evil spirits. Most of what happened in the film was an exaggeration, but the previous owners of the doll did claim she tormented them during the time she was in her possession. She looks harmless to some, but others wouldn’t touch her with a ten-foot pole. What about you?

10 The Hands Move Behind The Boy In This Cursed Painting

The painting above was created by David Stoneham in 1972. It depicts him as a young child with a doll next to him, hands grabbing behind him representing the imagination and fantasy world. The painting became involved in one of the first viral eBay posts to scare internet users all over the world. The owners of the painting claimed that the images often changed and that the creatures whose hands we see in the painting came to life at night and left the painting only to terrorize the owners! Those who saw the painting in person also claimed that it gave them an ill feeling. The artist was surprised by these claims and never gave any indication that it could be cursed or haunted. He did claim, however, that the gallery owner to which he had sold the painting, as well as the first art critic to review the painting, both died within a year of coming into contact with it.

9 The Cursed Iceman

The mummy in the photograph above is known as "Otzi" and was only discovered several decades ago. His body was perfectly preserved in a glacier and is now known as one of the most well-preserved mummies ever discovered. The glacier basically acted as a freezer for thousands and thousands of years. Although it was a great discovery, many claim that Otzi’s discovery brought a curse to those who took part in the study of his body. Seven people involved in the discovery and examination died, four involving freak accidents! Although seven might seem like a pretty high number, many claims that countless others helped in the exploration and the following study, so it’s really nothing more than a bunch of tragic accidents that happened to surround these specific people. Either way, it’s a pretty strange discovery even without the curse. What was he doing there alone, and why was he there, of all places?

8 A Haunted Wedding Dress From A Broken-Hearted Lover

The wedding dress above once belonged to Anna Baker. Unfortunately, Anna was never able to wear the dress as her father forbade her from marrying the love of her life. Instead, the dress was sold to another woman who mocked Anna for never being able to wear the dress. The Baker family is now long gone, but their home remains a museum with Anna’s dress preserved in a glass box in her room. Many visitors of the museum claim that the entire house is haunted, with the family members roaming around and strange noises occurring at night. The most talked about haunt of the house has to be Anna’s dress, which often moves with the wind even though there's no way wind could get into the box! Some will say it’s a trick of the eye, however. But knowing the tragic story behind the dress, it wouldn’t be surprising if it actually was haunted.

7 Robert The Doll Talks And Moves When No One Is Watching

The doll above is named "Robert" and is best known for being the inspiration for the Chucky franchise. The doll was given to a young boy in the early 1900s. The mother and father of the boy claimed that they would hear their son talk to the doll while using two different voices, one very deep and his regular voice. They later determined that it was not their son talking; rather, the deep voice belonged to the doll! They also stated that neighbors would tell a tale of the doll moving from window to window while the family was out. The doll now sits behind a glass wall in a museum, but wherever he is, some still claim horrors follow. As if the appearance of the doll isn’t creepy enough, knowing the terrifying backstory makes it all the more horrifying.

6 The Crying Boy

"The Crying Boy" is the name given to the painting above. Although this is not the original version, it is said that all copies are said to be cursed as well! We’re curious now to see if just looking at the image on your computer screen is enough of a curse, but there’s really no way to be certain, is there? The legend behind this photograph is that after several houses that had the painting in them caught fire, all the burnt down homes had one thing in common: the painting of the crying boy was perfectly preserved with no signs of fire damage even though lives were lost in some of the fires! The explanation many gave was that the paintings were protected with a fire-resistant layer, although not all copies were known to actually have this flame protectant on them. No matter what the reality is, if anyone you know has a copy of this painting, get it out of there quick before the house burns down!

5 Maori Masks Cause Miscarriages 

The Maori are an indigenous group of people located in New Zealand. The mask above is one that was often used in times of war and attack. Legends of the Maori state that almost all of their artifacts have a soul behind them and that they are known as "tapu," translated to "taboo." They also believed that any woman who was pregnant or even just menstruating was also taboo and that if they were to come into contact with any of the objects or artifacts, a curse would be awakened and all hell would break lose. Most critics state that this was just a terrible way to keep women away from the men and that it was a pretty sexist practice. Others, however, believe it to be so true that certain museums have banned pregnant women from visiting if they house Maori artifacts! Would you risk visiting a museum if pregnant or do you think it’s more sexist malarkey?

4 A Haunted Giraffe Statue, Its Spirit Captured in a Photo

A young girl took the photograph above of her father, who was holding a giraffe statue, which he claimed to be cursed. He believed that it brought evil into their house and that it would sometimes move or make noise late at night. Of course, many people claim to have strange objects that do strange things, but this case is a bit more peculiar. In the photograph, you can see a transparent white cloud surrounding the man holding the statue! The photographer claims no one was smoking or cooking at the time, so the strange orb in the photograph is unexplainable. It seems as though it’s actually coming from the giraffe and surrounding the man holding it! The girl who took the picture and her father ended up moving out shortly after this photo was taken, and they left the giraffe statue in the house. The most chilling part is that it also looks as though there are legs in the doorway behind the dad.

3 King Tut's Tomb Kills Those Who Enter

In 1923, archaeologists set out on the first ever mission to explore the newly discovered King Tut’s Tomb. On the tomb were warnings that anyone who entered would be subjected to a deadly curse. Warning signs like these were all over Egyptian tombs as an attempt to scare off any thieves looking for gold, so of course, educated archaeologists weren’t going to let a few warnings get in the way of the greatest explorations in history! That is, until they all started mysteriously dying. The leader of the expedition was the first to go with a death caused by a mosquito bite! Many others followed suit and died from mysterious or random deaths. Many said that these deaths were all just a coincidence as not everyone involved died. However, with the warnings on the tomb and the strange circumstances surrounding the multiple deaths, it’s hard not to believe that there may be a curse attached to this tomb.

2 A Man In Anguish Painted With Blood

Without having any sort of curse or terrifying story behind it, the painting above is a pretty disturbing one to see just as it is. However, learning the story behind it makes it much more terrifying. The painting now belongs to a man who only recently brought it out of storage. He claimed his wife hated it for its negative energy, so they kept it stored in the basement. They were given the painting by the man’s grandma, who gave warning that the painting had a dark history. She claimed that the painter of the portrait used his own blood mixed with oil to create the image and that moments after completion, he took his own life. Since bringing the painting out of storage, the man claims strange things have been happening in his home. He states that doors slam shut without warning and objects in his home move on their own.

1 A Cursed Chair Kills Anyone Who Sits In It

The chair above is known as "Busby's Stoop Chair of Death." The story behind it goes that there was once a man named Busby who liked to sit in his chair in his favorite bar and grew angry with anyone else who sat there. One day, he got so upset with a man who thought he could relax in the chair that Bubsy bludgeoned him to death. Bubsy was hanged for his crimes, but with his death came a curse to the chair. Anyone who sat in the chair after that died a tragic death not long after sitting in it. One man fell through a roof while working the same day he had sat in the chair. Many others had fatal health issues or got into car accidents. One even hanged himself moments after sitting in the chair. Most would say it’s just a crazy coincidence, but others would never dare to sit in the deadly chair.


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