15 Chilling Mother-Daughter Duos That Will Give You Nightmares

A mother-daughter bond is something that goes unmatched. Little girls around the world who have close ties to their Mommy Dearests grow up emulating everything that their mothers do. They put on their makeup, wear their clothes, and even pick up on their quirky phrases. Having a daughter as a mini-me is something that millions of women wish for every day, but as much as that closeness can warm the heart, they can also burn the soul.

There are mother-daughter pairs who have a close bond, but their kind is more devious. Some say there's nothing that a parent won't do for their child, so for the mothers that have chosen the dark side, they've turned playing dolls with their daughters into a criminal enterprise. If there's anyone that a criminal will trust it would be family, and if you happen to have given birth to your partner in crime, that's someone that you feel you can trust with your life. These 15 monther-daughter deviants' crimes cover all areas of the bad guy spectrum. Some committed fraud together, raking in tens of millions of dollars from the government. A few of these pairs took to thieving and shoplifting, cheating stores out of thousands of dollars. As terrible as those stories sound, they've got nothing on the mother-daughter duos who prostituted or murdered together. Mother's Day in these households must be a tad different than what we're used to


15 The Lonely Hearts Team

Divorced mother Tracy Vasseur linked up with her mom to partner in an international scam with Nigerians.  Tracy was once duped by a stranger claiming to be a U.S. soldier in Afghanistan looking for love who she sent money. The victim turned into the crook and tried out the ruse for herself. After partnering with a Nigerian enterprise, Tracy and her mother listed various profiles on internet dating websites posing as lonely soldiers who were overseas. They entertained fake relationships with their victims and amassed a multi-million dollar fortune for over three years. Complaints started rolling in and investigators started to take a closer look at the scam. The money was traced back to the mother-daughter crime team and they were convicted of racketeering and theft from at-risk adults. Tracy got 19 years in prison while her mother received 12.

14 The Team With The Toddler


Accomplices Shanice Stewart, 25, and her friend Shawnice Adkins, 34, had a theft team working for them that included their children. The women had an entire system in place in order to rip off customers inside of a Gymboree store. Florida police say that the group entered, selected a few items, and approached the checkout counter. Another woman was already there, and while the adults engaged in conversation, the children, ages five to 12, were instructed to distract the woman while Shanice and Shawnice stole her wallet and cell phone. They immediately exited the store and used the victim's credit card at a Footlocker and Pier One Imports, running up a $400 bill. They tossed the phone on the side of the road and tried to go back to the mall to make another purchase for $600, but by that time the card was reported stolen. They were arrested and held on charges of grand theft and credit card fraud.

13 The Child Neglect Team

Police were confused when they stumbled upon the home of 38-year-old Ann Marie Anderson and her 18-year-old daughter, Kaneisha Rene Johnson. Social Services was alerted that there were three children left alone in the home without supervision, and they found that a two-month-old and seven-year-old were left in the care of a 12-year-old. The kids were left to feed and clean themselves, and to make matters worse, there wasn't even a phone inside of the house in case of an emergency. Social Services tried to get in contact with Ann Marie or Kaneisha but couldn't find either one of them, so they took custody of the kids. When the ladies were tracked down, they were both arrested and charged with child neglect and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

12 Street Walking Team


Mothers and daughters who get arrested together, stay together. That's the saying, isn't it? This mother-daughter duo were caught by Florida police in an undercover sting that was trying to find people operating as prostitutes on They came across a listing placed by someone calling themselves "SeXy MILF" who said she had an "awesome attitude and personality." She also wrote about all the things she enjoyed doing without a condom and it would only cost someone $100 for a 30 minute session. When undercover cops arrived they found 57-year-old Tanja Gammon and her 31-year-old daughter Darcel both dressed in lingerie. After groping at the officer they were promptly arrested.

11 The Stabbing Team

Police believed that Dannette R. Gillespie told her teenage daughter and her friend to rob an elderly man on the street. Detectives say that Danielle gave knives to her 15-year-old daughter and 19-year-old Vanessa Anne Ocampo and told them to get money from 75-year-old bar owner Eugene Palma. The girls hopped out of the car and attacked Eugene while Dannette waited in a parked car nearby. The three had been driving around the city looking for someone to rob. Eugene was standing in the driveway of his Houston home when the teens stabbed him multiple times and ran off with his money. They only got $15. All three ladies were arrested and charged with capital murder. Friends of the business owner said that Eugene would have just given the women what they wanted without a fight.

10 The Theft Ring Team


A New Jersey mother-daughter duo stood in front of a judge and were charged with conspiracy, leading an organized retail theft enterprise, shoplifting, and identity theft after police said they were the leaders of a theft ring. The pair were accused of scamming JCPenney stores in six states and banking over $100,000. Caroline Britt, 47, and her daughter Breanna Britt, 23, had an entire crew working for them. The mother-daughter pair had their mini-Mafia group shoplift upscale cosmetics from the JCPenney stores and then would come back later to return them for store credit. They would then alter the receipts to get store credit exchanged for cash using fake or stolen identities.

9 The Animal Cruelty Team

When officers opened the front door to 74-year-old Linda West home that she shared with her 37-year-old daughter, Carol, they were overwhelmed with the smell of urine and feces. It was surprising to them that living there were also Carol's 11-year-old and 8-year-old children. Officers were responding to a call placed by a neighbor who said that one of the Wests' horses tore up his grass, so when they got to the home they couldn't believe what they experienced. There was an unrecognizable substance covering the shower, rat poop throughout the floors of the house, dozens of rats in cages in the hallways, emaciated dogs in crap-filled kennels, dead rats in the freezer, and 16 horses in corrals with no food or water. The mother and daughter were charged with 29 crimes including two counts of child neglect, six counts of felony mistreating animals and 21 counts of misdemeanor mistreating animals.


8 The Shoplifting Team


A Michigan mother-daughter team of shoplifters were arrested after a customer told a store clerk that she saw a teenage girl stealing items from a Victoria's Secret store. The clerk found the 15-year-old girl hunched over on the floor piling items into a large bag and confronted her, but the girl ran out of the store. The girl met up with her 33-year-old mother and the two were followed around the mall by security who attempted to stop them and even chased them out into the parking lot where the mother jumped into the driver's seat of her car and hit him. The pair tried running away from the scene but the security guard caught up to and restrained the mom while another officer arrested the daughter nearby. Their charges included organized retail fraud and assault on a security officer, and they were found to have $2,300 items from not only VS but The Buckle, Route 21, Hot Topic, and Campus Dean.

7 The Medicare Fraud Team

People try to pull one over on Medicare every year, but nothing beats 62-year-old Mildrey Gonzalez and her 40-year-old daughter, Milka Alfaro who defrauded the system to the tune of $20 million. Mildrey admitted to authorities her role in the crimes and pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud. Milka pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit healthcare fraud.

According to the Miami Herald, the multi-millionaire duo reportedly owned seven businesses that were said to provide home healthcare services. They would bribe Medicare customers or sell healthcare packages to people who didn't even qualify for home healthcare. Their whole ring included recruiters, doctors, and nurses who all got kickbacks from the scheme. If you can pull off a $20 million scam then just think of how much you can make with a legitimate business!

6 The Drug Dealing Team


A neighborhood thought it was sweet that a mother and daughter ran a quiet little daycare out of their home, but all those fuzzy feelings turned sour when police found out what really was going down inside. One neighbor said that after a while, he didn't see many children around, but there was certainly heavy foot traffic in and out all hours of the day and night.

Detectives said that 52-year-old Sheila Detaeye and her daughter Erin Siler were selling heroin out of their daycare, which they had been running for two years. They were busted after undercover officers showed up as customers on three different occasions. There were children present when the drug deals went down. Both women were arrested and, of course, faced a number of drug charges. Wouldn't be surprised if police tacked on a couple of child endangerment charges as well.

5 The Maid Murdering Team

Police responded to a call from a woman who told them that her maid was sick. By the time the ambulance arrived on the scene, the poor maid was already dead. An investigation into the maid's death showed that she was tortured to death, so the woman who made the initial call, along with her daughter, were brought to police headquarters for questioning. Both women denied any wrongdoing but police kept at it, eventually learning that of the eight maids that were brought into the home, seven of them had run away and hid at a neighbor's house. The mother later admitted she would discipline the maid for "misconduct" and the daughter made confessions of her own, saying that the maid was stubborn and needed to be beaten up. Talk about coming into the worst job ever.

4 The Big Lots Scamming Team


Bobbette Deeanne Hobbs, 45, and her daughter Ashley Chennise Hobbs, 24, were they type of mother-daughter pair who loved each other so much that they even worked together at a Big Lots store. They seemed as if they were just like any other close parent and child, except that they were robbing their employer blind from right under their noses. Big Lots began conducting an internal investigation into a specific store after they noticed that the accounting was a bit off. They found that the Hobbs ladies were responsible for stealing $10,000 from Big Lots through a credit card scheme. They would ring up merchandise but then credit their personal credit cards for a returned transaction. They were charged with second-degree theft and second-degree fraud. They told police that they took the money to help out grandma.

3 The Game-Room Shooting Team

Ga Young Chon, 58, was at the Wagon Game Room minding his business when two people burst in and attempted to rob the place. Shots rang out three people were injured including a 23-year-old woman named Shalonda Faye Scott. Chon, unfortunately, died at the scene. Police turned to the surveillance footage to try and piece together what happened that evening at the Texas game room, hoping to get a glimpse of their suspects. The story that unfolded was something that sounded as if it came from a movie.

Shalonda, her mother Lestelle Scott, and a friend of Shalonda's named David Bruce McKinley conspired to rob the establishment. Lestelle told police that on the day of the robbery and shooting she told the other two that she didn't want to go through with the plan, but they did anyway. Dave said that was an outright lie. They were all arrested and were charged with capital murder.

2 The Human Trafficking Team


There are more human slaves on the planet today than any other time in history and organizations and efforts are doing their best to combat human trafficking all around the globe. Investigators claim that 50-year-old Feng Ling Liu, her daughter 26-year-old Tin Ting Yin, and her husband forced women to perform sexual acts on customers at massage parlors that they owned. The trio are accused of trafficking 10 women from New York to Massachusetts against their will, however dear ol' dad told prosecutors that he had no idea what was going on at his wife's shops so he shouldn't be held accountable. All three were arrested and charged with human trafficking, money laundering, and prostitution. They all claimed that they were innocent even though bank records and statements from victims implicated them.

1 The Kidnapping And Robbery Team

This mother and her teenage daughters went on a robbery crime spree that involved shooting before they were all apprehended in Beverly Hills, California. Police allege that a 41-year-old mom, her 19- and 17-year-old daughters, as well as another 23-year-old man, were all involved in a string of violent hotel robberies that struck seven establishments in a three month period. They matched a vehicle that the group was with to a shootout that happened at a chicken shop where no one was hurt. Someone fired a number of rounds from the sunroof of the car at 9:30 a.m. when local businesses were just opening.

According to police, the man was behind the robberies and the shooting, but not only that, he and the other women were also responsible for a kidnapping. The 23-year-old broke into someone's home, forced the man living there into a car with the women, then taken to a house where they all demanded cash from him. They drove him to an ATM and made him take out more cash. They were all tracked down to a Beverly Hills home where they were raided by police and thankfully taken off the streets.

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