15 Chilling Last Tweets No One Took Seriously (Until It Was Too Late)

Every case of an individual posting his or her last tweet carries its own unique story, from the more vague to nothing short of a declaration of impending death. While the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about Twitter might not be death, the social networking site is nonetheless a growing factor in some of the most stunning and notorious losses of life in recent memory.

There are many famous and recent examples of tweets communicating things that led many to fear for the worst, including the Manchester Attacks in London back in May of 2017. There are tender tweets from individuals expressing their desire to end the cycle of chronic pain or miserable life circumstances they're experiencing. Sometimes a celebrity tweets a final tweet that's so chilling it brings the twittersphere to pandemonium.

Unfortunately, despite Twitter's breakthrough communication system, the platform still falls short in the area of suicide prevention. There are just too few safeguards on the Internet and thus easy for individuals to fall through the cracks.

Some cases involve too much alcohol and driving way too fast while tweeting. Others involve the combination of birthday celebrations and mass-shootings. Yet no matter what the specifics, all of these tweets may carry what Paula Deen (she herself suffered through "20 years of unadulterated hell" resulting from the loss of both of her parents within a 5 year period) might call a "heavy" weight; the mental recognition that the author of a tweet was in fact committing one of their (witting or unwitting) final acts on the interwebs.

15 Manchester Attacks: Suicide Bomber Tweets About Threat

It was a day like any other on the balmy eve of the horrific Manchester Arena bombing. To many, such a deadly attack would have not been conceivable. Yet on the evening of May 24th, 2017, Salman Ramadan Abedi - the suicide bomber who detonated a bomb in the arena that killed 22 people - posted tweets to his Twitter account.

Here are the stunning tweets by Abedi sent just 4 hours before carrying-out the jihadist attack: "Are you forget our threat?" "This is just the beginning."

At the time the above tweets were sent, concert goers were enjoying a performance by Ariana Grande, who is much praised as the reigning pop music diva of our time. In a wild turn of events, at about 11:25 PM, news channels were interrupting normal broadcasting with breaking news of the deadly events to outlets around the world.

The city of London has been delivering on their resolve to overcome and prevent terrorism since the notorious Manchester Arena bombing.

14 Ervin McKinness' Drunk Driving Tweet

A fast car and cell phone combined in the last tweet of Ervin McKinness. In fact, his tweet acknowledged those facts; he was drunk and driving at 120 miles per hour, swerving around corners. It wasn’t long after McKinness’ last tweet that the aspiring rap star from Southern California - who was in a car with 4 friends in Ontario, Canada at the time - died in a crash resulting from his driving under the influence of alcohol.

This tragedy developed just seconds after the 21-year-old McKinness made his last-ever tweet from the driver's seat of his car - which also included 4 passengers who also lost their lives. Here’s one of his last tweets: "Drunk af going 120 drifting corners #F*ckit YOLO’ - 2.7.5 Inkyy"

Since McKinness posted his now infamous pre-crash tweets at around 1:19 a.m. on September 2, 2012, his Twitter account has continued to accrue post-mortem shout-outs and R.I.P. messages.

It is believed that McKinness had recently signed on with a major record as the artist Inkyy around the time of the accident. Here’s his final tweet: "Driving tweeting sipping the cup f*** yolo I’m turning it up."

13 Maya Angelou Shares Her Poetic Insight

The 86-year-old Maya Angelou posted the poetic tweet below on May 23rd, 2014, just 5 days before she passed away: "Listen to yourself and in that quietude you might hear the voice of God."

For many years, the iconic poet, playwright, historian, and best-selling author suffered from chronic pain from a dancing career. It was also revealed that the literary legend was suffering from respiratory failure prior to her death.

When near here final years, Angelou was busy making public appearances, whether on television, in movies, or at various events and engagements. In addition to her schedule’s personal demands were the significant amounts of time she spent writing books. In fact, it is reported that Angelou was working on an autobiography about her interactions with international world leaders before she died in 2014.

According to Angelou’s son, his mother had written 4 books in the last 10 years of her life.

12 Rapper Capital Steez's Simple Tweet: "The End"

The disturbing details of the suicide of a 19-year-old New York City based rapper are made more somber with the presence of a suicide tweet. At exactly one minute before 9:00 PM, King Capital Steez submitted his last tweet, which simply stated: "The End."

The rapper had walked to the rooftop of the Cinematic Music Group’s headquarters (building seen above) and texted his closest friends with goodbye messages. Later during the night of December 23rd, 2012, Steez ended his own life. The rapper had never gotten to see the release of his posthumous album, King Capitol, which was announced just over a year later by Joey Bada$$.

Since Steez’s passing, his music industry earnings have proved to be quite impressive, and the late rapper has gained a veritable cult following. On July 7th 2015, on what would have been Steez’s 22nd birthday, a "Steez Day Festival" was kicked-off by Pro Era, as announced by Joey Bada$$.

All proceeds from the festival are donated to Steez’s family.

11 IndyCar Driver Dan Wheldon's Last Tweet About The Big Race (That Killed Him)

The last tweet from Dan Wheldon, a race car driver from the United Kingdom, was sent out the day he participated in his final race: the 2016 IZOD IndyCar World Championship. The tweet that Wheldon made the morning of his trip to the Las Vegas Motor Speedway in Clark County, Nevada was brief but clear: "Big day today, $5,000,000.00 at stake!!! Heading to the track."

The dramatic events that unfolded later that day during the 11th lap of the race are horrifying. Wheldon’s vehicle crashed into the catch fence head-first where it hit a pole near the edge of the fence and then bounced back onto the pavement.

Fifteen other vehicles were involved in the accident which resulted in a massive pile-up and many casualties. Wheldon’s car was thrown approximately 325 feet through the air into the catch fence. Wheldon had won the Indianapolis 500 in both 2005 and 2011.

10 Aurora Theater Shooting Victim Excitedly Tweets About Movie

Alex Sullivan lost his life in a most tragic chain of events that unfolded on the night of The Dark Knight Rises premiere. On what would be his last birthday, Sullivan tweeted the following: "#TheDarkKnightRises @Reel_Nerds oh man one hour till the movie and its going to be the best BIRTHDAY ever."

Since the notorious mass shooting, which was carried-out by gunman James Eagan Holmes on July 20th, 2012, there has been much media attention surrounding the victims and their families. More casualties resulted from the July 2012 attack - of which Holmes was the sole assailant - than in any other mass shooting in United States history to date.

Holmes wore camouflage and threw tear grenades into the crowd during the shooting and used several firearms. Sullivan was among the 12 people killed during the horrific attack.

The gunman has been sentenced to life in prison without parole.

9 YouTube Star Stevie Ryan's Heartbreaking Loss

The Internet and much of Hollywood went into shock when it was revealed that up-and-coming celebrity Stevie Ryan had died after committing suicide. It was known to fans and colleagues that the celebrated YouTuber had suffered from depression.

In fact, Ryan co-hosted a podcast that focused on mental health issues called “Mentally Ch(ill).” She had also found much success with a self-titled sketch series titled Stevie TV. The 33-year-old also co-hosted a reality show on the E! Network called Sex with Brody starring Brody Jenner.

A week before her suicide by hanging, Ryan had discussed her grandfather’s passing, stating “I’m just worried that this is going to send me into a deeper depression.” Ryan took her life on Saturday July 1st, just a day after tweeting this statement about her recently deceased grandfather via Twitter on Friday, June 30th: "The man of my dreams will now only be in my dreams. I’ll miss you everyday, forever. I love you my Pa."

8 Linkin Park Frontman's Look Towards The Future

The lead vocalist of mega-hit producing rock band Linkin Park tragically committed suicide just over a month ago at the age of 41 on July 15th. No one thought that his last tweet (a retweet of a post by hip-hop musician Watsky) could have been his last tweet ever: "Can’t wait to see where this goes [praying hands emoji]"

The passing of Chester Bennington shocked countless fans around the world. Taking place on what would have been the 53rd birthday of Bennington’s close friend, Soundgarden’s Chris Cornell, the 200th day of 2017 was excruciating for many industry insiders as well as the rock community as a whole.

Bennington and Linkin Park have been widely recognized for legendary achievements, and his role as the band's lead vocalist has been attributed to much of its success. Jared Leto penned a statement following Bennington’s passing which states that the fallen star was an "... absolute legend."

7 Eddie Murphy's Brother Charlie Murphy Tweeted About A Deep Sleep

Brother of superstar comedian and actor Eddie Murphy and famous in his own right as a comedian and actor, Charlie Murphy’s last tweet was made just a day before his untimely death at the age of 57: "One to Sleep On: Release the past to sleep as deeply as possible."

Having gained a massive following from his guest appearances on The Chappelle Show, and most recently was doing voice-over work including as the character of Bellybomb in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, which also features Seth Green as Leonardo.

The stunning news of Murphy’s death from Leukemia came as a complete surprise to many, especially since according to his latest tweet, he was just about to take a nice nap.

His brother, film legend Eddy Murphy, was his only sibling. He is survived by three children, two of them by his late wife who passed in 2009 from cervical cancer.

6 Denver Post Reporter Warns About Busy Roads, Then Gets Hit By Car

Unfortunately when it comes to the title-holders of powerful tweets, the victors are all too often no longer around to witness their impact of their words, as is the case of a prolific tweet from a Colorado-based journalist at the Denver Post.

Just before Labor Day weekend, traveling commenced for the 61-year-old Denverite. She had tweeted the following warning to drivers via Twitter: "Get ready for some wicked traffic if you’re heading out of town on Labor Day weekend."

According to police reports, Colleen O’Connor was walking against the signal of a crosswalk when she was hit by a drunk driver who had the green light. The 23-year-old Jesus Carreno has since been held on charges of vehicular manslaughter.

The same intersection resulted in another accident just two weeks earlier, according to a nearby resident. O’Connor was missed by her colleagues at the Denver Post who deposited flowers on her desk in her memory.

5 A Tourist Tweets Her Grand Canyon View...Before Falling To Her Death

"That view tho [insertion of an emoji smiley face with red heart eyes and an emoji hand making the ‘okay’ gesture] @ Grand Canyon National Park"

It is possible that someone following Burns might have warned her about falling from a high cliff! The Grand Canyon is a top tourist destination but it’s also a dangerous terrain. Amid the gruesome details of Burns’ fall is the fact that it was a simple misstep that led her to tipping back towards the Grand Canyon.

"She was stepping out of the way for another gentleman to kind of squeeze in, and unfortunately, Colleen kind of got tripped up on her own feet and fell backwards, fell into the canyon," said Jessica Roman, who was with Burns at the time.

This tragic case of a last tweet is something that makes anyone take stock of where you are.

4 Dr. Wayne Dyer's Innocent Last Tweet

Dr. Wayne Dyer, good friend of Esther Hicks and longtime leader in The Secret movement that swept through the nation from about 2005 to now, died after making the now infamous tweet about an "orange": "I was preparing to speak at an I Can Do It conference and I decided to bring an orange on stage with me as a prop..."

A well-known speaker who was considered a motivational guru, Dyer had authored many books before his passing. Ellen DeGeneres tweeted the following tweet following Dyer’s passing on Saturday night, August 29th: "The world has lost an incredible man. Wayne Dyer officiated our wedding & was an inspiration to so many. Sending love." Oprah Winfrey tweeted: "It was always a pleasure to talk to @DrWayneWDyer about life's big questions. He always had big answers. RIP Wayne. You brought the Light."

Dyer had been suffering from cancer.

3 Pieter Hintjens' Shocking Euthanasia

In this case, the tweet did alert followers to the imminent death of the tweeter. Having dealt with leukemia for long enough, Hintjens chose to exit peacefully through euthanasia: "I’m choosing euthanasia etd 1pm. I have no last words." Hintjens delivered the tweet at 4:35 AM on October 4th, 2016.

Born in the Congo, Hintjens left behind a seriously impressive professional legacy which included his altruistic work in the open source community. He had served as the president of the Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure (FFII). Once he made the decision to take his own life, he wrote about his plan on his blog. He apparently chose to undergo the euthanasia in Belgium, which allows for people to choose "death on demand."

Tragically, he also provided instructions on how to donate to his children via a PayPal as they were considered "semi-orphans" following their father's passing. In the end, Hintjens achievements will last as powerfully as his followers remember them.

2 MTV's Real World New Orleans Ryan Knight's Tweet About A Lost Love

News of Ryan Knight’s death came as a shock to his family, friends and fans in November of 2014. The last tweet from the 2010 Real World New Orleans cast member stated the following: "You used to mean a lot."

At just 28 years old, there had been no signs of any trouble with the MTV star before police investigated a report of his body in a local house. It was on Thanksgiving morning of 2014 that authorities confirmed that Knight had died. The night before the incident, Knight and his friends had gone out. Knight’s cause of death is still unknown.

One of the most memorable aspects of Knight's appearance on Real World New Orleans was his stressful relationship with castmate Jemmye Carroll.

1 DJ AM Tweets His Love For New York (But It's Not What It Seems)

You might say that the below tweet would definitely lead anyone to suspect that its tweeter wasn’t in the best of places emotionally at the time of writing the message. This is the final tweet from a popular New York City DJ - known as DJ AM - who was found dead just two days after posting it: "New york, new york. Big city of dreams, but everything in new york aint always what it seems."

August 28th 2009 was a sad day for many fans of the popular DJ, whose real name was Adam Goldstein. The words to his last tweet are lyrics from rap legend Grandmaster Flash and are arguably as much of a nod to his fellow New York City residents as it was to those he cared for most of all. Whatever the reasoning behind his choice of words for his final tweet, it was definitely done with a foreknowledge of his impending suicide.

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