15 Chilling Images Of Open Water That Are Scary AF

The Earth is a huge planet full of countless mysteries waiting to be discovered. Even more so than mysterious, the world can quite often be seen as a terrifying place full of horror and evil. It really depends on your perspective, but one of the most horrifying things the Earth has to offer is open water. Whether it’s a pond, a lake, a river, or an ocean, large bodies of water can hold some of the most frightening images in the universe.

Water is a mystery itself. It’s a clear and odorless substance that every living thing needs to survive. Not only is it required for life, but it often makes up a decent portion of a living thing’s anatomy as well. More important than water is when creating a living being, it is home to a majority of the living as well. there’s more water than there is land covering the surface of the Earth. Deep inside the vast majority of our planet lies undiscovered terrors awaiting to mystify scientists further who desire to dissect our planet and purpose.

Some might not find these particular curiosities all that frightening, however, after seeing the next fifteen pictures, your perspective on what is scary versus what isn’t scary might alter. Sitting in the comfort of our phone, computers, and tablets, the ocean might not seem all that scary. But truly imagining yourself within the deep worlds of open water will help to terrify the experience. Here are 15 Haunting Images That Will Make You Scared Of Open Water:


15 Over Two-Thirds Of What Lives In The Water Is Unidentified

Just like how little we’ve explored the area that the ocean takes up on our planet, we’ve discovered little of what exists within it. Only about one-third of the living beings in the ocean have been discovered. That means there are countless fish, insects, and other sea creatures out there that we don’t know about or have any idea how they operate! What we are already aware of within open water is terrifying enough, but knowing there are things out there that exist that might cause more terror than what we already know is absolutely bone-chilling. Fish already outnumber humans, and that’s just counting the fish we already know about. That also means there are potentially creatures out there that possess abilities that we don’t have the capability to comprehend. And who knows how big the squids may be in the parts we have yet to explore.

14 It's Seemingly Bottomless


If anyone ever tells you they’ve been to the bottom of the ocean, they’re lying. That’s because no one has. No one can! The ocean is deeper than the sky is tall and we may never get to the bottom of it in your lifetime or mine. When looking at the image above, at first it’s confusing because it appears as though they’re diving off a tall ledge. But anyone who’s been in water knows that gravity doesn’t matter, and since this person is actually already under water, they’re basically just diving into a deeper and darker part of the ocean. Do you think you would be brave enough to do what they’re doing? Deep diving is challenging as it is, but going into darker and even less explored territories would turn this experience quickly into a heart-stopping one.

13 We've Only Explored Five Percent Of The Water

At the bottom of the white bubbles, you see in the photograph above, is a person who just jumped into a deep part of open water. You may have seen this image before Photoshopped to show the subject jumping towards some sort of sea creature or other danger. The truly terrifying reality of the photograph is that there is nothing below the subject that just jumped into the water. Instead of being surrounded by mystical fantasies of supernatural creatures, this person is alone in a huge amount of empty space.

Perhaps the fairy tale creatures are soon to be discovered. Just like how the subject takes up a small percentage of the photograph, humans have discovered an extremely small portion of our oceans, less than five percent, actually. Just how little we know about what lies deeper than the ground this image covers is terrifying enough to make us not want to go swimming anytime soon.

12 There Are Plenty Of Lost Items Waiting To Be Discovered


Although we’ve spent most of our time so far discussing how scary the ocean is, there’s no doubt it’s still a beautiful place. The coral reef is a breathtaking sight for starters, not to mention the totally un-scary cute fish that do exist in the large bodies of water. But unfortunately, the ocean has become a graveyard, dumpster, toilet, and landfill. It’s seriously polluted and filled with garbage all over.

But just as much garbage there is on the ocean, there’s still a lot of things that were put there by humans that are waiting as spooky discoveries. Think of all the shipwrecks that wait at the bottom of the ocean or even the potential for buried treasure. The above photo is from an art installation, but think of someone in the future who is unaware of the intention discovering a sight like this!

11 You Can't See All The Threats

It’s challenging enough for us as land animals to see the imposing danger around us. Oftentimes, danger doesn’t always appear to us in plain sight like it may out in nature, and we’re frequently blindsided by harmful things. In the ocean, it’s even more difficult to see an imposing danger. When you’re on top of the water, say, in a boat or in a helicopter, you can only see what’s closest to the surface. Once you’re underwater, you need all sorts of equipment to be able to see clearly, and even then your depth of field is pretty limited. This means that a lot of our senses are lost once we’re in water, making it difficult to know that we’re safe and have the ability to relax. Just look at the people in the photograph above! We’re only able to tell there’s a giant creature below them because this photograph was taken way overhead!

10 The Ocean Has Scarier Versions Of Scary Land Animals


On land, we don’t really have animals as terrifying as sharks, but we do have a lot of already pretty scary animals. Just think of all the spiders that constantly surround us. Even though snakes aren’t as common as our eight-legged enemies, they’re still just as frightening. Well, the ocean happens to have their own versions of each of these items, but way scarier. Just imagine a crab. If you really think about it, crabs are somewhat like the ocean version of a giant spider. The sea actually has literal sea spiders and sea snakes. Let’s not even get started on the ocean’s version of centipedes. Most of these creatures also have way better swimming abilities than you do, so if you ever found yourself in front of a terrifying ocean monster, there’s a small chance you would actually win in the scenario.

9 There Are Countless Ocean Urban Legends

Every body of water seems to have some terrifying story behind it. The ocean is basically a graveyard when it comes to old explorers, pirates, and soldiers, so it’s not uncommon that you’ll hear a ghost story about the open water near you at one point or another. Besides just the spirits that still haunt the surrounding H2O, many bodies of water also have urban legends about the things that inhabit the territory. The Lochness Monster and mermaids are just to name a few!

Of course, these are called legends for a reason. No one ever has any actual proof other than their own two eyes, and we know how deceptive those can be. But seeing as how we’ve explored barely any of the ocean and there’s still an entire 60 plus percent of the creatures waiting for their names, who’s to say that a creature like the one in the picture doesn’t exist somewhere out there just waiting to feast on lonely swimmers?


8 The Midnight Zone Is Terrifying


Even though some water appears dark to us when we’re in it, even darker is what’s known as the Midnight zone. This refers to the part of the ocean that the sun no longer reaches. It is a part so dark and empty of light that much life cannot exist within. We’ve discovered an even smaller amount of this zone as we have the surface of the ocean, and even fewer creatures as well. The life that exists within this space void of light requires extensive equipment to have the ability to survive in an area with so little to offer. There is no sun for light or easy hunting. Not as much plant life can exist either, very little space to find shelter and safety. The creatures that exist in these deep parts are not for the lighthearted. Like the one pictured above, these are not animals that you would see in any children’s story, rather, nightmares.

7 It's Full Of Dead Bodies

The ocean can be a rather deadly place. Not only is it full of terrifying creatures ready to tear apart any human threat, it is also filled with water, something that not all humans can survive. The ocean has taken many lives and kept their bodies. Think of all those who died at sea on shipwrecks, or when planes crashed into the ocean with the bodies unable to be discovered.

We also previously discussed how the ocean can sometimes be treated as a dumping ground for garbage, and for some people, they use open water as a place to throw victims. If the water doesn’t decompose the body, there’s the potential for someone who’s been murdered and thrown out to become fish food. You’re not going to run into a dead body often, as human bodies break down quickly in the water. However, that still doesn’t mean there might be secrets awaiting discovery.

6 What Even Is This Road?


Apparently, there is a road in France that goes directly through open water. The road is called Passage du Gois. The road was not built that deep beneath the surface, rather, it just floods twice a day because of the tide. But if you’re on your morning commute, the tide doesn’t really take a break for you. This means that you’ll have to do your best to stay on the path. If you swerve off just a bit, you risk the chance of getting pulled under the water. I don’t think that many people would have the courage to drive across this bridge. Bridges can be challenging to drive across as it is; many people fear to get in accidents near open bodies of water. This road is actually submerged for a bit, meaning your vision of where the road stops and water starts are very challenged. Do you think you’d be able to drive across this road?

5 Things That Look Like This Live In The Ocean

The jellyfish in this photograph is absolutely terrifying! The largest recorded jellyfish was actually discovered in 1870! It was fortunately washed up on shore and not in a run in with a swimmer. The body was over 7 feet around and over 120 feet long! But even the smallest of jellyfish can be scary! They’re absolutely beautiful creatures and would be incredible to see in a zoo, aquarium, or behind a piece of glass. But having a run in with a jellyfish, especially one as long as the longest over discovered would be terribly frightening! They have the ability to swim much easier than you and also have countless tentacles that could fill your body with pain! Although these creatures may be breathtakingly beautiful to the sight, having a run in with them in any part of open water is enough to make us want to stay dry for the rest of our lives.

4 And This


It doesn’t take a genius to know that not all big things are scary, or even harmful at that. Who doesn’t love cuddling with a big dog? Elephants are some of the most compassionate and gentle creatures we’ve discovered. But that doesn’t mean that just because a large creature isn’t intentionally scary that it’s any less terrifying! Whales are massive creatures and although they don’t intentionally seek out humans to harm, they can still cause some serious danger if you run into them! Just look at how small the boat in the photograph above is compared to the whale that’s resting right below it! The whale is not going to take time out of its day to make sure it doesn’t hurt you or accidentally knock your boat over when it comes up for a breath. The idea of such massive creatures living below us is absolutely terrifying.

3 We May Never Discover Everything

Every day it seems as though science has discovered new and valuable information. But with every new thing we learn, we also learn of a new thing that we still have to learn about! Basically, the more you know, the more you realize how little you know! Just finding a new fish doesn’t mean that the exploration is over! We need to take the time to research that fish and how it reacts to the world around it! Does this fish have a valuable skill or is it made up of a potentially lifesaving substance? As fast as we’re exploring things like these, new animals are emerging, and the ones we’ve already discovered are evolving new skills ready to be explored! We still have 95% of the ocean left to explore, and that’s not finishing anytime soon. You and I will never know everything about open water, and even generations millions of years from now might not get the chance either.

2 The Ocean Is Bigger Than Anything We Know


The ocean is so large, it’s actually a little incomprehensible. The ocean makes up such a huge part of our world but seems to play such a little part in our lives. It’s wide, it’s deep, and it’s massive. Luckily, we’ve managed to find ways to work around and in it, not letting the size affect our day to day lives too much. But even though we’ve found ways around it, we’ll never be able to forget how big it actually is.

Just look at this photograph taken at Flathead Lake in Montana. It appears as though it’s somewhat shallow, that if the girl jumped off her raft, she’d be touching the bottom of the floor easily. However, the truth is, is that this lake is over 300 feet deep. The water is so clear that you can see the bottom of the lake even though it’s incredibly far away. The photograph makes the body of water look deceptively shallow, but in reality, no one would be able to reach the bottom without some serious deep sea equipment.

1 We Really Have No Way Of Knowing Everything That's In The Ocean

There’s still no one in the world that could refute the possibility of terrifying creatures living deep in the ocean beyond a reasonable doubt. There’s absolutely no way of knowing everything that’s in the water and what really lies beneath the surface! Most sane people will tell you mermaids aren’t real, but can you really know? We don’t have the equipment possible to discover every single corner of every body of water. We can spend all our time and money in trying to get to the bottom of the ocean, but in reality, do we really want to? Sure, the answers to some of our environmental or health issues might lie within an undiscovered plant, mineral, or species, but what other horrors might we find on the way?

Luckily, the creepy black thing in the water above is only seaweed, but that doesn’t make it any less frightening. What do you think the scariest part of the ocean is? What do you believe lies at the bottom?


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