15 Chilling Facts About Hunter Frank Yeager

In 2013, Frank Yeager of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, was arrested for the attempted assault of a real estate agent. To their amazement and horror, police detectives soon discovered that not only did Yeager have a plethora of tools indicative of such an assault but this planned (though thwarted) attempt was not an isolated one. In fact, Yeager had plotted in great detail to assault hundreds of victims, most of them blonde real estate agents who happened to bear a resemblance to a certain blonde reality star.

Yeager's Facebook page provided detectives with a figurative roadmap of these planned attacks. On the social media site, they found records of messages between he and many real estate agents regarding appointments to visit listings and view model homes, which is where the foiled attempt that landed him in police custody happened. Yeager is a disabled man who had a hard life after being forced to endure facial surgeries. Because of the results of these surgeries, people were heartless in their treatment of Yeager his whole life. Fed up with the cruel bullying he had dealt with and thinking that he would never be able to find that right woman, Yeager spent months detailing a shocking diary of his revenge plot against the women he couldn't have.


15 A List Of 200 Possible Victims

Frank Yeager was thirty-three when his plan to assault, abduct and possibly murder a real estate agent was thwarted. That's when the police detectives found his list of two hundred potential victims that Yeager had been scheming to serial assault real estate agents, according to police theory. Yeager kept a detailed diary in which he described not only his possible victims but his thoughts and feelings as well. He described his depression which his family stated was due to the multiple facial surgeries he had undergone and the subsequent bullying he had endured since childhood. Police are thankful that Yeager had been unsuccessful with his first (known) attempt and as far as they know, there weren't any other victims. This is backed up by Yeager's diary entries. It is chilling to know how many possible victims there could have been if things had gone a different way.

14 The Water Leak Lie


The incident which ended it all was Yeager's first attempt, believed by police and confirmed by Yeager's diary entries and the man himself via confession. When Yeager entered the office for a new development, his plan was to lure the pretty blonde female real estate agent into the model home alone but she refused to go. So Yeager left and came back with a lie. He told her that the model home had a water leak and she should come with him to check it out right away. But a male co-worker showed up and Yeager exited stage left. When the woman checked the home after Yeager left, she found something more terrifying than a water leak in a model home. Not only was there no leak but the house was dark. The curtains had all been closed and the lights were off. Yeager confessed to the police that he lied about the water leak in order to "take advantage" of the real estate agent.

13 Yeager's Diary Entry: "I Truly Enjoy The Hunt And Cannot Wait For My Prize"

Probably the most chilling diary entry included Yeager's handwritten words, "I truly enjoy the hunt and cannot wait for my prize. If you are reading this, I found a realtor woman and (assaulted) her." It is horrifying to know that he had planned his attack in such great painstaking detail as to leave a note behind. This diary entry shows that Yeager was serious about his suicidal plan and it's very eerie to think that if he was going to commit suicide, he wouldn't have anything to lose and the attacks that he planned to carry out could have been nothing short of a nightmare and torturous death sentence for the women he was stalking. It also makes us wonder if Yeager was interested in being known as a prolific attacker after his self-inflicted death.

12 Yeager Suffered A Lifetime Of Bullying


By the account of Mr. and Mrs. Yeager, their son had always been socially awkward thanks to a severe series of facial surgeries that made him the target of bullying which occurred over many years. Yeager was legally considered a disabled individual. Even though police had evidence that was overwhelming indicating that Yeager planned to hurt many women along with his own confession, Yeager had never actually hurt anyone and in the past, he had no record of physical violence. He told police that he knew that he could never have what he wanted, which was a wife and a home, and he wanted to carry out his fantasies before he committed suicide as planned. It seems that Yeager was a very lonely man who perhaps did not have an outlet or a way to properly vent his pent-up feelings of understandable frustration in a healthy way.

11 Self Described As "Beyond Help"

In one of Yeager's diaries, he wrote that he wanted to die because he felt that he was "beyond help" but before he left this world, he wanted to complete the assault fantasies that he had been so carefully planning against hundreds of women. His diary entries confirm that he was suicidal and planned to end his life after he felt that he had carried out his malicious intentions to his wishes.

While it is possible to sympathize with Yeager for the multiple facial surgeries he had to deal with and the lifetime of bullying afterward, wanting to negatively affect others, essentially planning to ruin the lives of hundreds of women and their families, is something that most of us can't relate to.

10 Plotting Away For Months


Yeager told police that he enjoyed searching for his potential victims online as his full-time work. Hundreds of pages in Yeager's diary entries tell the story of how long he had been planning and plotting his revenge against womankind in general (thanks to the women who had rejected him his entire life). Police say that Yeager had spent months, possibly years tallying his list of victims, totalling two hundred blonde women who mostly worked in the real estate field. But based on one particular diary entry, it appears that Yeager had been at least thinking about abducting and assaulting women his whole life. The abduction plan that went awry in November 2012 and got him arrested before anyone could get hurt had been planned for months.

9 Yeager's Diary Entry: "I Have Been Planning And Wanting This My Whole Life..."

One of Yeager's most terrifying diary entries states, "I have been planning and wanting this my whole life.... the help I need is too great and I would rather die." This entry gives pause to what Yeager's mother, Angela, said at his court sentencing date. Mrs. Yeager pleaded for mercy for her son, stating that he had never hurt anyone before and just wanted what everyone else had, meaning a wife and a home. But according to Yeager's own words, "I have been planning and have wanted this my whole life" it appears that he didn't want what everyone else had and instead, wanted to inflict great pain and possibly death to others. By Yeager's own admittance, he knew he that the help he would require to be a functioning member of society was an impossible amount. For someone who knows that, or even thinks that they are beyond help... knowing that they are at the end of their rope leaves open terrifying possibilities.


8 Disturbing Drawings In Diary


Besides chilling words, police also found troubling sketches in Yeager's diary that depicted female victims being assaulted in grisly detail. The sketches, which have not been released to the public, were disturbing enough to trouble the minds of even seasoned police detectives who have seen their fair share of creepy images. Knowing that Yeager had time to meticulously draw out his would-be victims being attacked by him shows that he was seriously committed to following through on hurting as many people as he could before killing himself. For the crimes that he planned to commit, Yeager received a ten to twenty year sentence in 2013 and lost his appeal when it was tossed out by a Superior Court in Pennsylvania. Yeager complained that he had inadequate counsel because his lawyer didn't challenge the legitimacy of his confession.

7 The Paris Hilton Effect

In his diary, Yeager described his "perfect victims" as pretty and blonde and having the essence of Paris Hilton. Police say that Yeager was obsessed with the heiress. Yeager is not the first to have a disturbing obsession with Paris Hilton. Her longtime stalker known as "Johnny" once flew two planes over her parents' Malibu compound asking their permission to date their daughter and got to her door once by posing as a flower delivery man. Another man was arrested outside of her beach house one Fourth of July and on one occasion, she awoke to a man banging on her window with a knife in his hand. Yeager never threatened Paris directly like these Paris stalkers... he just wanted victims that looked similar to her. All pretty, blonde real estate agents who worked in the Pennsylvania area at the time of Yeager's "hunt" were in danger of making it onto his list.

6 Ropes, Chains, Guns And Duct Tape


After Yeager failed to lure a female real estate agent into a model home in November 2012, the suspicious woman called the police and Yeager was promptly located and arrested. Police quickly found a smorgasbord of scary "tools" in his vehicle. Ropes, chains, guns and duct tape were in Yeager's possession which pretty much told the police all they needed to know about his intentions for the luckiest female real estate agent ever. Later, police obtained search warrants for Yeager's home and found his diary with its disturbing entries and sketches depicting horrible acts of violence against women among the detailed information of Yeager's potential two hundred victims. It is chilling to know that Yeager had three items to bind his victims along with guns to possibly threaten them into compliance or worse.

5 Full-Time Work

Police say that Yeager told them during an interview that he looked at searching for his victims as his "full-time work." Judging by what we know of his diary entries, it is easy to see why he considered "hunting" as he referred to it, as a full-time job. For the November 2012 planned attack that was discovered before anyone was hurt, Yeager spent months plotting away a plan to lure the female real estate agent into the model home. His diary entries were loaded with details about his potential victims such as their full names, places of employment and other pertinent pieces of information that someone would need to stalk a person. Keeping close track of details like these for two hundred people is a lot of work indeed.

4 Picket Fence Dreams


After spending the most important years of his life being cruelly and mercilessly teased by acquaintances and strangers alike due to the multiple facial surgeries that altered his physical appearance, Frank Yeager was through being shunned by women. His mother, Angela, stated that all Frank wanted was a wife and a home - "what everybody else wanted." Experts say that Yeager was seeking retaliation even though the first would-be victim was completely innocent and had never even met Yeager before. But the retaliation goes deep, as experts have said, Yeager was looking to take out women who represented the women that he would have liked to have been with but who had rejected him in the past, therefore ruining his hopes for the American picket fence dream as he saw it.

3 Stalking In Detail

Yeager's diary entries included not only the names and places of employment where his two hundred potential victims worked but personal details such as their addresses. Based on the diary entries, police believe that Yeager had been stalking his victims in detail. Apparently, he had the time to follow them at least, online for the majority of them and get to know intimate details of their personal lives that would assist him in stalking them further. In his diary, Yeager referred to the blonde female real estate agents that he seemed drawn to as his "prizes" and said that he enjoyed hunting them. Yeager seemed to get a great thrill from learning where his victims spent their time and plotting how he would hunt them in real life when the time came.

2 The Real Estate Agent Who Was Lured


She's the real estate agent who might as well have won the lottery - she's that lucky. Luck and intuition, that's what saved the Pennsylvania woman who Yeager planned to call his first victim. It was November 2012 when Yeager visited the check-in office where the real estate agent worked and asked her to show him a model home that was located in an isolated area. Due to Yeager's behavior which the agent described as "strange" and probably a healthy dose of intuition, she declined and advised Yeager that he could visit it on his own since it was open. Mere minutes later, Yeager returned and said that there was a problem with the house and she needed to go with him. A male co-worker entered just then and Yeager panicked and fled the office. But because of his odd behavior, they called the police and the rest is prison sentence history.

1 His Mother's Plea

In 2013, Yeager's mother, Angela begged the court for mercy for her son. “He has never hurt anyone. He wanted what everybody else wanted – a wife and a home," she said. Both of his parents pleaded for the court to spare Yeager when it came to his sentencing, stating that he was mentally ill and was forced to undergo many facial surgeries and was the victim of severe bullying for most of his life. Hearing this, it's almost easy to feel sorry for Yeager. That is, until the details of what he planned to do to his victims are learned. For anyone who has dealt with bullying should know better than anyone that the emotional scars left behind from attacks can last a lifetime even if the physical scars heal. But what Yeager planned to do to these real estate agents was seen much differently than bullying by the court system.

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