15 Disappearances That Remain Unsolved Mysteries

Whenever a person goes missing, it’s always a tragic occurrence. It seems like the less is known about the disappearance, the more frustrating and tragic it can be. What happened to this person and what caused them to leave? Sometimes, a person might go missing on their own, hoping to leave behind a life they didn’t want in search of a new home and identity. Unfortunately, they leave behind worried friends and family who might have to live the rest of their lives with no answers as to where their loved one might have gone. Unfortunately, this isn’t always s the case. Many missing person cases might be the direct result of a kidnapping, human trafficking, and a sadistic psycho who might murder whoever they took.

When a person goes missing, we have to depend on witnesses and clues found at the last place they were seen. This certainly isn’t always a good way to find someone, however. People forget little details and you can’t be expected to remember where someone was at all times of the day. Stories get twisted and they end up becoming useless. You might have seen someone you think you know, but it could just be a person that looked like them, leading detectives to a dead end. We’ve put together a list of missing person cases that still baffle everyone involved. Do you think you have any answers to what happened to these innocent people on the list? Here are 15 Chilling Disappearances That Are Still Unsolved Mysteries.

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15 The Lyon Sisters

Shopping malls are supposed to be fun places where people can go shopping around for things that they need. The last place you’d ever expected a disappearance to occur is a mall filled with potential witnesses. The Lyon sisters were heading to their local shopping mall like they had many times before. Unfortunately, they were never seen again. There was no evidence at all as to where they could have been. No one had seen them coming or going from the mall, so pinpointing which store and what point they went missing was challenging. There was one suspect at the time, a man who was sent to prison for different reasons. one of his relatives claimed they had helped him burn two bloody duffel bags. What was inside might have been the Lyon sisters, but with no other witnesses or any real motive, who knows what really could have happened to these girls.

14 Holly Bobo

The mysterious case of Holly Bobo is one that has baffled many involved. The only evidence they have of her case is witness testimonies and her partial remains. Unlike some other entries on the list, Holly was confirmed dead, but everything surrounding her death and when she went missing still remain a mystery. A boy named John Dylan Adams claims he saw Holly entering the woods with his brothers, Dylan Adams, Zach Adams, and their friend Jason Autrey. The only problem is that John Adams was born with an intellectual disability which unfortunately doesn’t make him as credible of a witness as others since he can be easily manipulated to say what the prosecution might want to hear. It was a frustrating case that rocked the small town she was taken from, and since one of the suspects committed suicide, Holly’s case might never be solved.

13 Springfield 3

Suzanne Streeter and Stacy McCall had been frequenting their friends’ graduation parties when they decided to call it a night and head to Suzanne’s mom’s house and get some sleep to prepare for a trip to the water park the next morning. When the girls didn’t show up to meet their other friend, they went over to check on the three women but found no one home. Stacy, Suzanne, and her mother Sherill were never seen again. Their purses and belongings were all still in the home and nothing was missing but the women. There were no witnesses or suspects at the time, so the authorities had little to go on. These girls had a bright future ahead of them as recent graduates, so fleeing wasn’t something that seemed right for them. What could have happened to these missing three women?

12  Asha Degree

Asha Degree was born into a loving home, albeit a little strict. They were limited in what television they could watch and their parents made sure to always know where they were. Despite being in a bit of a strict home, Asha was a happy little girl with good grades and a family she loved. What then, caused this little girl to leave her home with a packed bag at three in the morning in the pouring rain? She was only 9 at the time and authorities stated that 12 is usually the average age little girls run away. She hadn’t been fighting with her parents and they didn’t express any reason why she would feel the need to run away. She was unfortunately never seen again. The mystery around her disappearance remains unsolved. Did someone close to her lure her out of her home? Had she been running away for some unknown reason and got picked up in the green car you can see in the picture above? We might never know.

11 Craig Frear

The last time Craig Freer was seen was when he was walking into the woods after leaving his friend’s house. Right before he entered the woods, he held a finger to his mouth as if to say “shh” to his friends that watched him walk away. He hasn't been seen since and there are no signs as to what might have happened to him. He was having some relationship and financial troubles, but nothing more than the average person does. What would be so bad that he decided to abandon his life anyway? Did he run into an abductor in the woods or did he just use this as his opportunity to run away from home? Without a body or anything else that gives us a hint as to where he went, we might never know the true location of Craig. What do you think could have happened to him?

10 Kenneth Scott Reed

Kenneth Scott Reed was all set to go on vacation and couldn’t stop talking about how excited he was during his last day of work. The only thing is, he never left for vacation and all of his vacation money remained at the restaurant where he was working. The week leading to his disappearance, he had been threatened twice by two different men. One was a disgruntled employee that Kenneth had fired that week. Another was the boyfriend of a woman that Kenneth had been seeing, though it’s not clear if he was seeing the girl while she was dating the guy who threatened him or if he was just a jealous new boyfriend. Either way, these two are the only suspects in Kenneth’s disappearance and no other evidence has come forward about what might have happened to him. It’s as though he left work that day and walked right into a black hole, with no clues or explanations as to where he could have gone.

9 Lenny Dirickson

Lenny Dirickson was your average middle-aged man who was, unfortunately, experiencing some debt since his divorce. Nothing was too crazy about the debt, but it was taking a toll on his stress level. He was having breakfast with his son when a man pulled into their driveway. Lenny told his son the man was there to see a studhorse that he was selling and that he was going to leave to show the man and would be back soon. Lenny never returned and was never seen again. He left willingly with the man, so a kidnapping isn’t something police suspected. Most think that perhaps he ran away to start a new life, but he was so close with his children, that his family doesn’t suspect it. No one knows where he went, and with so little information, we might never find out. Did he leave on his own or was the man actually threatening him?

8 Fort Worth Missing Trio

The Fort Worth Missing Trio refers to two 17-year-old girls and one 9-year-old girl who went missing after heading to the mall for a shopping trip. They were never seen again. Their car was found locked with presents they had recently purchased sitting inside, so it’s clear that they finished their shopping trip. Unfortunately, something or someone approached them in between their shopping trip and their journey home and caused them to never make it back in time for the holidays. It’s truly a tragic scenario knowing that since they had purchased presents, it wasn’t a voluntary leave. Some of the people on the list, especially older people, might have decided to leave on their own and start a new life. These girls were clearly taken, but who had the power to capture all three of them? Was it someone they knew or did a stranger manage to take three girls in a mall parking lot without anyone noticing?

7 Brianna Maitland

Brianna Maitland was an independent young woman who stayed at friends’ houses. She wanted to experience some independence and her mom allowed her to live with other friends in order to do so. Because of this, she went several days gone before being reported missing. It wasn’t until authorities found her car, backed into the barn you can see above, that her mother was contacted wondering where she could be. All of her belongings, including recent paycheques that had yet to be cashed, were found inside her car. Because of everything that was left behind, it was speculated that she didn’t leave voluntarily. Why did she back her car into the barn the way she did? Where was she going and where was she coming from? The only evidence they have in this missing person case is her car, but with everything left inside, the only thing we can assume is that Brianna was taken by someone she didn’t want to go with.

6 Ashley Freeman And Lauria Bible

Ashley Freeman and Lauria Bible were two 16-year-old best friends that decided to have a sleepover one night. Unfortunately, the morning after their sleepover, they were never seen again. Ashley Freeman’s father and mother were both found murdered in their home where the girls were last seen. There have been several theories as to what could have happened. Perhaps the girls murdered Ashley’s parents and fled. There were a couple thousand dollars Ashley had been saving in the freezer in order to buy a new car. However, Lauria’s purse was still at the home filled with money. Why would she leave that behind if they were fleeing? If they did do it, how did these teen girls get away with this murder for so long? Some also wonder if it was someone involved with Ashley’s father who was a marijuana dealer. We may never know what really happened to these girls and their family.

5 Ben McDaniel

Ben McDaniel loved scuba diving and was happy to move back in with his parents after going through a little bit of a crisis since. They lived close to one of his favorite springs  where he loved to scuba dive. He was diving a lot with the goal to eventually become an instructor. At the diving centre, a fellow instructor was a little baffled to see Ben’s truck still in the parking lot from the day before. He knew better than to go diving at night. He was eventually reported missing, and search parties ensued to try to figure out what might have happened to Ben. Unfortunately, he still hasn’t been found. Most speculate that he went diving alone in the spring and got lost deep in the cave. He either went too deep and lost oxygen or simply got stuck and ran out. His parents speculate foul play because they believed he was too experienced to die while diving. Without a body, we might never know what happened to him.

4 Bobby Dunbar

Bobby Dunbar was a little boy who unfortunately went missing, leaving his parents terrified. Search parties ensued and the authorities were all made aware of this boy’s appearance in case they run into anyone matching the description. They eventually did find a young boy who looked just like Bobby with a man named William Walters. William claimed it was the son of Julia Anderson, a woman that worked for him and that he was simply watching the boy. Police did not believe this man and took the boy back to the Dunbar’s. They claimed without a doubt that the boy was Bobby. They did start to notice some differences, and since this happened almost 100 years ago, there are some discrepancies between newspapers about whether the family actually believed this was Bobby. In 2004, some curious relatives decided to figure out once and for all if it actually was Bobby who returned home. A DNA test between one of Bobby’s descendants and one of his siblings determined that there was no match, meaning Bobby really had belonged to Julia Anderson all along. So, what happened to the real Bobby, then?

3 Brian Shaffer

Brian Shaffer was an OSU medical student who seemed to have everything going for him. He was fit, handsome, and on the road to become a successful doctor. He decided to let loose one night and go out for some drinks with friends. The last time he was seen, he was entering the bar. The biggest problem with his missing case is that he was never seen leaving the bar, but he had definitely entered. How did he leave without anyone seeing him? Did he leave on his own and perhaps wearing a disguise or was he kidnapped and murdered? There’s a chance he found another way out through areas that weren’t accessible by customers and for employees only, but it seems as though someone might have noticed. If he were drunk, it makes sense he might have gotten lost, but how is there still no body that’s ever been found? His case doesn’t add up and we really might never know the answer.

2 Sheryl Sheppard

Sheryl Sheppard was a pretty young lady who seemed to have it all. Women from all over were envious of Sheryl when they saw her boyfriend propose to her on live TV. No one realized at the time, however, that this would be the last place Sheryl was ever seen. After the proposal, she went missing and has yet to be found. She disappeared without a trace, and after the proposal, it seems as though she had no reason to flee to start a new life. Her boyfriend was eventually found in a storage chamber with his car on, so some wonder if he had something to do with her disappearance or if he was so stricken with grief, he didn't want to live without her. Either way, it’s a tragic disappearance that will probably never be solved.

1 Asha Kreimer

Asha Kreimer is a 26-year-old Australian woman who got released from a mental hospital after being awake for four days. She was released to her boyfriend and a family friend who took her to a restaurant in the morning to grab some breakfast. Her friend went to the bathroom and Asha followed, although her friend didn’t know that Asha was behind her. Asha was never seen again, though her hoodie was eventually found on the side of the road. She had nothing with her when she left and she was barefoot when she left the restaurant. This was clearly a mentally unstable woman who shouldn’t be sent off into the world without any money, phone, or even shoes. What happened to her remains a mystery, and very little is known of her disappearance. Did she have another mental breakdown that caused her to run away, or did someone take advantage of this woman and kidnapped her when they saw she needed help?

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