15 Chilling Deathbed Confessions

No matter what you say every single one of us has at least thought about what the perfect murder could and would be. From using an ice pick to dissolving the body in acid, the perfect murder has always been a curious and sadistic concept. However, it's what you do next that really defines who you are, with the majority of us thankfully leaving it to just a one time thought.

Unfortunately, though there are some that don't and act out their deepest darkest desires by committing the worst crimes imaginable. And with some even managing to get away with it, it seems that the perfect murder actually does exist with murderers evading capture for years on end and in some cases even decades. But as the saying goes, the truth always prevails with the facts more often than not rise to the top.

Yep, from wanting to clear their conscience before their own death or wanting to give some clarity to police cases that are decades old, deathbed confessions are surprisingly common. Ranging from murder and rape to confessions of love and forgiveness, deathbed confessions are usually huge secrets that have been kept inside for the majority of one's life only to be revealed at the last moment. So let's take a look at the scary world of death bed confessions with 15 of the most chilling revelations ever.


15 "I Saw Aliens"

The CIA is one of the most secretive groups in the world, therefore, it's always exciting when a little bit of information is somewhat leaked, especially when it's by one of their own. That's right, claiming that he had seen those little green men from above, a former CIA agent and military officer revealed all during his final hours lingering in bed stating, "I saw aliens and a Roswell UFO". Said to have been sent to the notorious Area 51 base on a research mission, the man reported a number of extraterrestrial goings on to which he hastily reported back to then President Eisenhower. However, his claims were swiftly ignored with Eisenhower choosing not to report the findings even though he had the proof right there in front of him.

14 Nazi Gold Train


According to legends that have grown since the end of World War II, a Nazi gold train carrying an enormous amount of treasure is said to be lurking inside a tunnel in a hillside on the outskirts of Poland. Nothing more than just a rumor for a number of years, a recent deathbed confession has attempted to prove otherwise. Yep, revealing the exact location of the valuable machine, the dying man also declared that what's on board might be worth a lot more than originally anticipated. The train, which is said to contain up to 300 tons of gold, jewels, and weapons, as well as valuable art, was lost while the Nazis began to flee from formerly occupied countries. However, despite the confession and a detailed search, the Nazi gold train has yet to be found.

13 Man Admits To Aiding 3 Prisoners Escape Alcatraz And Subsequent Murders

Somehow managing to escape from notorious prison Alcatraz over 50 years ago, Frank Morris and brothers John and Clarence Anglin have never been found. Sparking a number of theories, books, and even movies, the escape resulted in the longest manhunt ever in US history. With their fate unknown, it was thought that the three men had drowned while attempting to swim to the San Francisco Bay. However, recent revelations have claimed otherwise, with one man recently confessing to a nurse that he was involved. Dying in a hospital, the man told the nurse that he and an accomplice helped Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers escape from Alcatraz, picking them up in a boat that they had stored near the prison. However, things turned dark when the man then claimed that he had murdered the escapees, burying them along a highway in Seattle.

12 Run And Jump


Rife throughout the 1950s, the Ku Klux Klan was involved in a number of murders that were swiftly swept under the rug due to extreme racial discrimination at the time. Murdered in 1957 solely due to the color of his skin, Willie Edwards was accused of sleeping with a white woman which enraged members of the white supremacist group. Beaten before he was commanded to jump off a bridge or risk being shot, Edwards jumped, falling 125 feet to his death. Stating that it was impossible to determine the cause of his death due to decomposition, officials left the case to go cold.

However, after a number of years, Klansman Henry Alexander finally confessed to his wife while on his death bed. Claiming that he did not expect Edwards to jump, Alexander was said to have held on to a huge amount of guilt since the night of the murder. Extremely sickened, Alexander's wife wrote a letter of apology to Mr. Edwards' widow stating "I hope maybe one day I can meet you to tell you face to face how sorry I am. May God bless you and your family and I pray that this letter helps you somehow."

11 "Somebody From His Own Team...Had Fired On The President"

The mystery surrounding the assassination of former President John F. Kennedy continues to rapidly grow year by year. With no sign of slowing down, documentaries and books are continually written detailing the numerous conspiracies that have been generated from his death. However, it was one claim in particular that really got tongues wagging when film director Oliver Stone claimed he had been given some interesting information regarding the President's murder. Known only as 'Ron' the man in question was a former secret agent and was dying of cancer and wanting to clear his conscience. Contacting Stone through a series of strange letters and odd postal codes.

Stone firmly believed that the man was telling the truth stating, "You kill the President, and your cover is security, and if the sniper or snipers who kill the President are hidden in with the guys who are supposed to protect him, guys who have no knowledge of this plot… It makes a lot of sense. And his memory of it was so technical, filled with military jargon, details about radio communications right after the shots."

10 "John Did It. John Did It, And You Have To Tell Someone"


Murdered in 1958 seven-year-old Maria Elizabeth Ridulph was last seen on a street corner before disappearing into the night forever. Known as Chicago's most famous cold case, the murder was left unsolved until one day in 2008. Janet Tessier explained in an email to the local police that it was her brother who was responsible for the murder of the young girl.

Writing, "Sycamore, Illinois. December 1957. A 7-year-old child named Maria Ridulph vanished. Her remains were found in another county several miles away in early spring of 1958. I still believe that John Samuel Tessier from Sycamore, IL . . . was and is responsible for her death." Janet had received the information over a decade prior from her dying mother. John was swiftly arrested and convicted of the murder resulting in one of the longest cold cases to have ever been solved.

9 "I Killed Princess Diana"

Twenty years ago the world lost one of the most significant individuals to have ever lived. Known as the "People's Princess" Princess Diana was a far cry from the stiff upper lip British Royal Family that were often portrayed. From visiting orphaned children all around the world to showing kindness and care to those infected with HIV, Diana was truly one of a kind. Sadly killed in a car accident while being chased by the paparazzi in Paris, the crash sparked a number of conspiracies. With the blame going directly to the head of the Royal family, Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip. It was said that they had enlisted the help of MI5 to take out the former Princess due to her breaking protocol on a number of occasions. Adding more fuel to the fire earlier this year, a former M15 agent confessed to the assassination while on his death bed. He claimed that he was ordered to kill the Princess because she was "placing the British Crown at risk". Perhaps understandably, the story made headlines all over the world.


8 Ava Gardner Reveals Secret Pregnancies With Sinatra


Ava Gardner was one of the most beautiful and talented actresses of her day. Known for her stunning looks, Gardner was also famed for attracting some of Hollywood's most famous leading men. From Mickey Rooney to Frank Sinatra, Gardner had a whole host of affairs and marriages resulting in a number of saucy secrets that would make anyone blush. Managing to capture those details on paper, British journalist Peter Evans was invited to stay with Gardner while on her death bed.

Revealing all, Gardner went on to tell Evans how Rooney was a notorious womanizer who even cheated on her in their marital bed while she was in the hospital. However, it was her relationship with Sinatra that caused the most shock, telling Evans that she had gotten pregnant twice by the former crooner but was forced to abort both babies due to her contract with MGM.

7 The Teenage Murderer

Shocking the home owners of sleepy town Staunton, VA in 1967, Connie Hevener and Carolyn Perry were both shot dead while closing up for the night in the Ice Cream Parlour that they worked at. Found together in the back room, police suspected a robbery due to the amount of money that had also been taken. With reports that a suspicious looking man had been lurking nearby, police began focusing on finding the culprit, leaving the actual murderer to roam free.

Over forty years later the truth was finally revealed when 60-year-old Diane Crawford confessed to the murder on her deathbed. Also an employee of the Ice Cream Parlour, Crawford had gone to the store to let them know she wouldn't be able to work the next day. With things becoming heated, Crawford stated that the two women had begun insulting her as well as making fun of her sexuality. Dying before she could be prosecuted there are still a number of questions that will now remain forever unanswered.

6 Loch Ness Faker


The subject of discussion for a number of years, the Loch Ness monster has still never actually been proven. However, that's not to say people haven't tried, with several photographs of Nessie taken throughout the last few decades. Probably the most famous of the bunch is the black and white grainy photo which depicts the neck and head of the famous lake monster. Taken by Colonel Robert Wilson, the photograph was seen all over the world generating heated discussions on its authenticity. Somewhat settling the debate while on his deathbed, Christian Spurling, whose stepfather was a friend of Wilson’s, said the pair had actually arranged the stunt using a toy submarine and a fake head, breaking the hearts of many.

5 "I'm A Silent Film Actress And I Shot And Killed William Desmond Taylor"

Famous by the time she was just 12 years old, Margaret Gibson went on to become one of the most famous silent screen stars of the early 1900s. Somewhat of a socialite during the golden days of classical Hollywood, Gibson suddenly fled to Singapore where she remained for a number of years. Returning to the USA sometime later, Gibson lived her life inside even having her groceries delivered to her. By 1964 Gibson's health drastically declined, suffering a heart attack which caused her to confess to the murder of Hollywood film director William Desmond Taylor. With the director's death going unsolved for a number of years, Gibson claimed that it was she who shot and killed the famed director and fled the country sometime later.

4 The Bible Bashers


A murder that fits perfectly within the wonderful world of Hollywood, the story of James Brewer is as mystifying as it is shocking. While on his deathbed after suffering a stroke, Brewer decided this would be the best place to reveal his deepest darkest secrets. Confessing to the killing of his then neighbor Jimmy Carroll over 30 years before, Brewer claimed that Carroll had been trying to seduce his wife. Scared, Brewer along with his wife, jumped bail and fled to Oklahoma where they set up shop under new names. However, things came crashing down when Brewer suffered a serious stroke resulting in a deathbed confession that had been on his mind for over three decades. But with karma showing its face, Brewer somehow survived and was arrested and promptly put on trial for the murder.

3 "I am Truly Sorry For All The Pain I Have Caused To Anyone"

Found murdered in a derelict garage in 1975, Joan Harrison was thought to have been another victim of the Yorkshire Ripper (pictured above) who was active in the area at the time. However, it wasn't until decades later that the truth was finally revealed when sex offender Christopher Smith was finally attributed to the killing. Struck with a terminal illness, Smith wanted to relieve the guilt that he had been hiding for years. Producing a three-page letter in which he admitted to the murder, Smith wrote,

"I would like to put the record straight. I can't go on with the guilt. I have lived with it for over 20 years. I am truly sorry for all the pain I have caused to anyone. Please believe me when I say I am sorry. I love my grand kids and my daughter. I cannot go back to prison anymore. Please God help my family who I worship....I am so sorry. God forgive me. I love you all forever."

2 The False Confession Maker 


While some want to unburden their guilt, others would much rather revel in the spotlight. Murderer Ottis Toole confessed to the murder of 6-year-old Adam Walsh while already imprisoned for the murder of two unrelated killings. Claiming to have picked up the young boy in a mall parking lot before killing him, Toole also revealed that he drove around with Walsh's head in the back of his car. However, with no DNA evidence to link Toole to the crime, police were unable to charge him resulting in the case going cold. Obviously receiving a taste for false confessions Toole later admitted that he was responsible for two more unsolved murders. But once again officials found no links. Toole was later diagnosed with antisocial personality disorder.

1 James Washington Confesses To Murder While Suffering Seizure In Jail

While he was already serving a 15-year sentence for attempted murder, 50-year-old James Washington decided to confess to another crime while suffering from a seizure. Telling his guards that there was something he wanted to get off his chest, Washington revealed that he had stabbed and beaten a 35-year-old woman before setting her on fire. While he was previously suspected for the crime, officers were unable to pin the murder to Washington, at least until his confession! After recovering from his seizure, Washington attempted to take back the confession but it was too late for the brutal murderer as he was sentenced to 51 years.

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