15 Chilling Cases Of Satanism In Modern Europe

"Satanism." This word alone causes many people to panic. More probably laugh out loud. Many people find the idea of black-cade devil worshippers silly and overly dramatic. After all, wasn't it the backwards people of Salem Village who sent innocent people to their deaths because they sincerely believed in black magic?

After reaching its apex in Early Modern Europe, when both Catholics and Protestants sent suspected witches to the funeral pyre, fears of Satanic power slowly began to fade, even despite a resurgence in literature about the Black Mass (the diabolic inversion of the Roman Catholic Mass) that appeared in the late 19th century.

However, something strange happened in the 1960s. In 1966, Church of Satan founder Anton LaVey opened up his first congregation in San Francisco. Then, in the 1970s and 1980s, a slew of serial killers with an interest in the occult began appearing on television screens across Europe and North America.

These days, thanks to the Internet, many independent researchers are looking into the possible connections between Satanism and pedophilia. In Europe, where fears of Satanism took root, many underground voices report that Satanic activity is afoot. The following cases are their proof.

15 Greek Tragedy

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On Eastern Orthodox Sunday in 2014, a 22-year-old confessed Satanist named Alexandros Papageorgiou committed a heinous predawn attack against a 41-year-old homeless woman in the Greek resort town of Glyfada. According to investigators who apprehended Papageorgiou, the killer confessed to attacking the woman with a stone.

After hitting the defenseless woman until she died, Papageorgiou used a knife to cut open his own arm. Using his own blood, the young Satanist wrote "666" on a nearby park bench. The 22-year-old told police that he was inspired to commit the crime as a sacrifice. He believed that it would ultimately bring him closer to Satan.

14 Violence, Satanism, And A French School

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Many people have the misconception that mass shootings are a purely American phenomenon. While they did begin in the U.S., and America has produced most of the major school and mass event shootings in history, rampage killers armed with rifles and pistols have appeared all over Europe since the 1990s.

In March 2017, a 16-year-old French student named Kylian Barbey walked into the Alexis de Tocqueville school in Grasse. Armed with a rifle, two handguns, and a series of grenades, Barbey injured eight students and teachers.

It was later revealed that Barbey had frequently watched mass shooting videos from America prior to undertaking his own massacre. Barbey, the son of a municipal councillor, was frequently described in the media as a "lonely Satanist." Apparently, Barbey's target was the school's principal.

13 A Popular Predator


 For decades, British entertainer Jimmy Savile was the lovable and kooky television personality who appeared in films and on the radio. His popularity proved so enduring that he became Sir Jimmy Savile before his death in 2011.

Not long after his passing, a major scandal erupted. As it turned out, Savile was a ruthless sexual predator who frequently abused children in the BBC studios of London. The revelation of Savile's pedophilia set off a panic in the UK, especially since it appeared that the BBC and other powerful organizations covered up Savile's many crimes.

Given that Savile molested, abused, and raped underaged children for decades, it would seem that he would be capable of anything. In 2013, a 12-year-old girl came forward to claim that Savile was the leader of a Satanic ring that sexually exploited children. Specifically, the woman claimed that a hooded Savile and others led a Black Mass over her hospital bed sometime in 1975.

12 The Dartmoor Ewe

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During the Summer Solstice in 2015, a whiteface Dartmoor ewe was found hacked up in a farmer's field in Dartmoor. The innocent animal had had its throat cut and one of its legs and ears removed by some sort of sharp implement.

With its blood, the perpetrators made a spiral before leaving its corpse to rot in the English sun. A farmer in the Teign Valley of Devon claims that he had previously lost several other sheep to Satanic killers who usually struck on moonlit nights.

This publicized killing, which has the appearance of a ritualized slaughter, brought many other Cornish and Devonshire farmers forward with similar tales of livestock attacks. But what does it really all mean?

11 Decapitated Ducks 

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It seems that ewes are not the only targets of ritualistic killers in England's Teign Valley. In July and August of 2013, police in Devon's Teign Valley received calls about decapitated and mutilated ducks. All told, two ducks had been decapitated, while others had had their necks snapped. The gruesome pictures began appearing online.

Incredibly, along with the butchered ewe and the decapitated ducks, Teign Valley has also seen other animal mutilations over the years. On July 23, 2013, a two-month-old pony was discovered dead in the middle of an ash pile. Its right ear and testicles had been removed.

Similarly, in 2006, approximately one hundred sheep were found dead in the valley, with many showing signs that someone had removed their eyes, tongues, and sexual organs.

10 Satan And The "Love" Ring

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During the "Satanic Panic" of the 1980s, many conspiracy theorists began arguing that daycares and schools were more or less run by organized pedophile rings that worshipped the Devil. Using the now discredited method of recovered memory therapy, moral crusaders during the age of Reagan effectively ruined the lives of many innocent educators and daycare workers.

That being said, there is evidence linking Satanic practices to pedophilia. In 2014, 48-year-old Colin Batley, a Tesco security guard based in the Welsh town of Kidwelly, was convicted of performing sex acts on minors. Batley and three female conspirators were also found guilty of eleven rapes and running a prostitute ring.

Batley used Egyptian-inspired black magic and the teachings of Thelema (the religion created by Aleister Crowley) in order to convince those around him to perform perverted sexual activities.

9 Grandmothers And Bad Magick

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 On November 15, 1998, the Scotsman newspaper reported a very shocking series of arrests in the Italian city of Modena. Six adults, all of whom were above the age of sixty, were arrested and charged with a litany of crimes. Most of these charges involved prostitution and sexual assault.

According to the initial reports, eyewitnesses had seen the parents of the victimized children drop their young ones off at the homes of grandmotherly women and one 70-year-old male. From there, the children were driven to isolated farmhouses and sold for sex.

Several of the victims claimed that they were subjected to ritualized abuse, including being dragged to a Satanic ceremony in a rural cemetery. During the night, some thirty adults reportedly wore animal masks and made pledges to "Our Devil."

8 Nursery School Horror

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In 2007, the Italian town of Rignano Flaminio was rocked by allegations that sounded eerily similar to Satanic ritual abuse cases of the "Satanic panic" era.

Fifteen students at a nursery school just outside of Rome accused several of their teachers of participating in black magic rituals. Six individuals were singled out as the ringleaders responsible for the sexual abuse that supposedly went on in the school.

A subsequent investigation turned up no credible evidence, even despite some eyewitness testimony that claimed that the sex acts and the ritual blood drinking were all recorded on camera.

7 A Russian Cop's Zombie Army 

Pics shows: Arsen Bairambekh, the killer behind bars; An self-confessed Satanist ex-cop who brutally murdered six homeless men because he wanted to see if they would turn into zombies has been jailed. Arsen Bayrambekov was slapped with 13 years in prison for the sickening crimes in which he abducted his desperate and homeless victims to slay them because he was an 'occultist' who believed in the paranormal and he wanted to make a zombie army. The 35-year-old, who worked as a policeman in his daytime job before carrying out his deadly deeds at night, took his victims from the city of Yekaterinburg in central Russia's Sverdlovsk Oblast region. The self-confessed Satanist, who reportedly advertised himself online as an expert in black magic, took them to 'Ganya's Pit' - a spot close to the nearby village of Koptyaki, where the Bolsheviks threw the bodies of Tsar Nicholas ll and his family in 1918. It is believed he then killed them with a knife before performing rituals with their blood. He then buried the bodies in a particular way before trying to resurrect them to create zombies. Police were alerted to the crimes after an anonymous tip-off after the killer boasted to other Satanists about what he had done. They completed a search of the area and found the evidence and bodies of the sickening slayings. Bayrambekov admitted the killings and many feared he would escape a prison sentence as he had tried to make a deal with the prosecution, claiming he was not in his right mind. But judges sent him for a psychiatric evaluation with experts eventually ruling that Bayrambekov was sane enough to be able to answer for his actions. He was sentenced to 13 years and 2 months behind bars and ordered to pay 900,000 RUB (12,510 GBP) to the families of the murdered men.

2017 has already had its fair share of very weird stories. However, one story out of Russia takes the cake.

900 miles east of Moscow, in the town of Verkhnyaya Pysmh, a former police officer named Arsen Bairambekov was caught committing sick and depraved murders for the strangest reason. According to evidence released by journalists, Bairambekov would lure homeless men to a remote part of the forest. There Bairambekov would ritualistically slaughter these men in order to offer up a sacrifice for Satan.

Believing himself a necromancer, Bairambekov admitted that he frequently returned to the graves of his victims in order to dig them up. Bairambekov believed that his victims would form a zombie army loyal only to him.

6 Betrayed By God

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In the Russian region of Tambov, a 17-year-old named Aleksandr Kireev used an ax to kill his mother, father, grandmother, and sister. The news struck the small village of Sosnovka very hard, especially since the Kireev family were not known to be troublemakers or a dysfunctional family.

While police investigators speculated that a family dispute could have triggered Aleksandr's killing spree, the suspect himself confessed that he felt that God had "betrayed" him. Some of Aleksandr's classmates told reporters that the killer was an open Satanist who would routinely blaspheme against Christianity.

Whether or not Kireev's alleged Satanism had anything to do with the murders has not yet been officially established.

5 The Vatican's Growing Industry 

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In October 2016, it was reported in the international media that the archdiocese of Milan had performed twice as many exorcisms in 2016 as it had in 2015. Elsewhere, in the holy city of Rome, church officials had set up a hotline in order to deal with the increase in exorcism requests.

Father Vincenzo Taraborelli told newspapers that he sees as many as thirty clients every day. Some of those seeking an exorcism have mental problems, the priest claims. Others really do require the church's divine help.

According to another priest, Father Ildebrando Di Fulvio, the country-wide increase in exorcisms is due to the popular interest in Ouija boards and seances. Other possessions are the result of people joining Satanic sects or fooling around with black magic.

4 Teen Suicides

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In the late summer of 2001, between August 25th and 26th, three German teenagers jumped off of the Goeltzschtal Bridge in Reichebach. The Saxon bridge has long been a popular destination for suicides. However, these three boys, ages 14, 17, and 18, pointed out the growing risk of "death chats" on the Internet that may lead to murder or suicide.

Interestingly, all three teenagers were known devotees of Satanism. Although not connected with any particular Satanic cult or coven, all three boys apparently agreed on a suicidal pact as part of their interest in the dark arts. According to reports filed back in 2001, the eastern half of Germany, which was then mired in economic poverty, had a Satanic population of approximately 3,000 t0 8,000 individuals.

3 Heavy Metal Murder

On April 29, 1993, a German student named Sandro Beyer was strangled to death. Ultimately, one of those involved turned out to be a black metal musician named Hendrik Mobus. Mobus was then the leader of a band called Absurd. Mobus was also known as an active member in the neo-Nazi subculture of eastern Germany.

Absurd, which included two other members, combined their love of Nazism with their deep interest in Satanism. For the murder of Beyer, Mobus was sentenced to eight years in prison. Upon release, an unrepentant Mobus claimed that Beyer was murdered for being a "race defiler." Mobus would later relocate to America, where he would be arrested again for displaying Nazi paraphernalia.

2 The Procurer

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 Between 1989 and 1997, French serial killer Patrice Alegre took out his sexual frustrations on five young women, most of whom had long brown hair. Some of these women danced at the club where Alegre worked.

Like many sexual predators, Alegre was full of rage and was especially angry about the fact that women routinely rejected him. So, often while drunk, Alegre would capture women, torture them, rape them, then strangle them to death. Although his official bodycount is five, many suspect that Alegre killed several more.

During his trial, Alegre revealed that an elite ring of sadomasochists hired him to dispose of the body of a dead transvestite. The cult members, some of whom were interested in magical rituals, feared that the prostitute was close to revealing their identities.

Alegre, who was known to be a compulsive manipulator, claims that he sometimes procured sex slaves for this very exclusive ring of sexual sadists.

1 The Secrets of Belgium

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Anneke Lucas is now a woman over the age of fifty. At the age of six in 1969, Lucas claims that she was sold into sexual slavery. By the time she turned twelve, Lucas had experienced over 1,700 hours of rape and sexual abuse. Just the year before, at 11, Lucas' abusers considered her too old and therefore useless. They decided to kill her.

Fortunately, Lucas managed to escape her pursuers and became a witness against pedophilia. Shockingly, Lucas claims that her abusers included well-known Belgian and European politicians. She also saw noblemen abuse little boys and girls.

Many decades later, another Belgian, serial killer Marc Dutroux, confessed that an elite ring of pedophiles hired him to kidnap and deliver young boys and girls to their secretive meetings. Dutroux was arrested in August 1996. Soon thereafter Belgian police discovered the corpses of many missing girls in the basements of Dutroux's houses.

However, although Dutroux apparently wanted to complete an underground city full of his own sex slaves, he claimed at his trial that Satanic elites in Brussels used his services for their own ends. Some circumstantial evidence, including the fact that police officers admitted to hearing female screams when they visited one of Dutroux's houses, certainly points out that Dutroux had some high-level connections.

The first judge assigned to the case, Jean-Marc Connerotte, later admitted that very powerful people were interested in covering up the case as much as possible.

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