15 Children Who Killed Their Own Parents

Blood is supposed to be thicker than water, right? Children and parents, brothers and sisters and families are supposed to look out for each other, protect one another and be there for each other in times of turmoil.

That said, some families are not part of the norm. Blood is spilled in these families, the blood of none other than the parents, by the very children they brought forth to this world. These parents may or may not have been ideal; in fact, some of them may also have been evil. But something has to be said about these children, who killed their parents in cold blood – sometimes for money, sometimes in a rage, and sometimes as revenge.

These stories may sound unbelievable but they are very real tales of 15 children who killed their parents in cold blood. Some of these murders were committed by children who had been pushed to the very end of their rope by their horrible parents. Some by grown-up kids those who had lost their mental balance and later repented their actions. Some of these kids were just born evil, what you might call the devil’s spawn. Read about these murderous children who knocked off their parents, and sometimes their entire families, off the face of this earth.

15 The Boy Who Turned His Life Around: William James Bresnahan Jr.

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On an ill-fated day of August 3, 1964, 16-year-old William, who reportedly had been subject to an abusive childhood from his parents, finally snapped. And in doing so, he ended up stabbing and beating his abusive parents to death while they were all on a camping trip. The bodies of his parents were discovered the next day. When the authorities tracked him down, he confessed to the murders - claiming that he and his mother had argued about him wanting a car and he had stabbed her to death. He then confessed the same to his father and bludgeoned him to death too.

William Jr. was arrested and jailed, and while incarcerated turned over a new leaf. He enrolled in the University of Colorado and graduated with a perfect 4.0 grade point average. His sentence was commuted to 24 years and he was paroled in 1977. He then studied to be a doctor and got his license in 1983 - after which he treated migrant workers in a California clinic. In 1987, he received an unconditional pardon from Governor Roy Romer and has been living an upstanding life ever since.

14 The Baby-Faced Family Annihilator: Sef Gonzalez

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Sef Gonzalez was born on September 16, 1980, in the Philippines, to staunchly Catholic parents Teddy and Maria Loiva Gonzalez. When Sef was 10, tragedy struck in the form of the 1990 earthquake that destroyed Teddy’s hotel business – in fact, Teddy rescued Sef from the collapsed hotel. And so, the family moved to Australia where Teddy became an immigration lawyer.

Years passed and Sef was now 21, failing his classes and dating a girl his parents disliked. Sef had his eye on the family fortune and a penchant for the finer things, without wanting to work hard or honest. So he devised a plan which led him to first cold-bloodedly choke, bash, and stab his sister Clodine to death (she was 18), stab his mom to death, and then finally stab his father to death too. He later tried to present this as a hate crime, spray-painting “F**k off Asians” on a wall of the home. He went out after the murders, came back in the evening and then called the police saying that he had chased off the intruders. The truth finally overtook the lies and Sef is now in prison, serving three concurrent life sentences.

13 The Youngest Multiple Murderess: Jasmine Richardson

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On April 23, 2006, the bloody, stabbed, and slashed bodies of Marc and Debra Richardson were found in the basement of their own home. The body of their 8-year-old son was found in his bed, amidst blood-spattered toys. Ominously, their 12-year-old daughter Jasmine was missing and authorities assumed that she had been kidnapped.

A day later, the gory truth emerged – Jasmine had been the one to plan the murders with her 23-year-old goth boyfriend Jeremy Allen Steinke, who was a self-proclaimed 300-year-old werewolf and wore a vial of blood around his neck. While Jason had first stabbed Jasmine’s mother and then her father, Jasmine snuck up and slashed her brother herself – claiming it would have been cruel to leave him without parents.

Jasmine could only be sentenced to 10 years in prison accompanied with psychiatric treatment and so in 2016, she walked a free girl, aged 22. Free from prison yes, but how can someone who committed such heinous acts as a child, be ever truly free of their past?

12 Let’s Throw Away My Family: Roberto Martinez-Marinero

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In June 2015, the Internet was rife with reports of a 25-year-old Omaha man who first beat his mother, Jesus Ismenia Marinero, with a baseball bat before dumping her, still alive, in a ditch – and then throwing his alive and well 11-month-old half-brother Angel Ramirez-Marinero in a dumpster. To add to that, he then threw his 4-year-old half-brother, Josue Ramirez-Marinero off a bridge into the Elkhorn river. Ismenia and Josue perished, while Angel was rescued, bruised but breathing, when passers-by heard noises from the dumpster.

The man in question was Roberto Martinez-Marinero who was in a steady relationship with girlfriend Gabriela Guevara and the couple themselves had two children aged four and five. Gabriela is in custody too, and has been charged as an accessory to it all – it is believed that she helped Roberto dump his mother’s body as well as helped him throw his half-brothers into the river and dumpster. The reason? His mother was pestering him to help around and he kept asking her for money which she didn't have much of.

11 Killed Parents, Then Cooked Up Body Parts To Resemble Pork: Henry Chau

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Upset by his mother’s insistence for him to learn the piano, and with his father’s supposed disinterest in his studies, 31–year-old Henry Chau of Hong Kong did the unthinkable in 2013. When he couldn’t achieve anything big by the time he was 30, a lifelong dream of his, he turned his resentment onto his parents in a big way and blamed them for everything that ever went wrong for him.

And so naturally, he decided that if he managed to kill them, his new life with bigger and better things could start. As he explained to the court later, if he killed his parents, he could be “reborn”. And so he killed his elderly parents, father Chau Wing-Ki, aged 65, and mother Siu Yuet-Yee, aged 63, by stabbing them and slashing their throats. After which his friend dismembered them, cut up pieces, and microwaved and salted them to resemble pork. Later, he bragged about it on a WhatsApp group and was consequentially caught! He is now in prison, serving life sentences.

10 A Broken Home, Murder & Life After: Derek & Alex King

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Derek and Alex King were not your typical, everyday Florida boys. They came from a broken family, a drug-addled mother and a father, Terry King, who was simply inadequate in his role as a dad. After being bounced from foster home to foster home, Derek and Alex landed with Terry, their father, when they were 13 and 12. But life with dad was not happy and Terry often took them along to work in a printing press and did not allow them to hang out with friends like most teens do.

At this point, 41-year-old Rick Chavis entered the picture and started a sexual relationship with 12-year-old Alex – notes were found at the time with Alex declaring, “Before I met Rick I was strate [sic] but now I am gay.” Since Terry did not approve of this, Rick egged the boys on to kill their father. Alex urged Derek to do so and Derek, on an ill-fated day, bashed Terry’s skull in with a baseball bat while he was sleeping. Then the boys set the house on fire.

The truth came out, and both Derek and Alex served about 10-12 years in prison each. Now, finally released, they are looking for one thing that they never had – a family. Rick Chavis will be eligible for parole in 2028.

9 “I love you Mom” Shooter: Kipland Kinkel

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On May 20, 1998, the Thurston School shooting occurred in Springfield, Oregon, where expelled student 15-year-old Kipland “Kip” Kinkel fired in his school, killing two students, Ben Walker and Mikael Nickolauson, and wounding 25 others. From the beginning, Kip had trouble studying and had also been diagnosed as dyslexic – apart from that, most of his fellow students often described him as morbid and with an unnatural interest in guns and killing. His childhood, though, was normal and loving and, in fact, he also has an older sister. Both his parents were Spanish teachers and his father taught at the same school that Kip studied (and opened fire) at.

Before the school shooting in which Kip was finally overpowered by the students of the school, including wounded ones, Kip had used his .22 rifle that his father had gifted to him and shot both his parents, his father once in the back of the head and his mother a total of six times, twice in the back of the head, three times in the face and once in the heart – this after he told his mother that he loved her. He is serving 111 years in prison, with no parole.

8 Killed Her Father To Protect Her Sister: Stacey Lannert

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While killing is a crime by law and by moral standards too, Stacey Lannert is one killer who probably paid for her crimes before she even committed any. Born to Deb Underwood and Thomas Lannert, Stacey started out as her father’s pet but when she turned eight, her father’s “love” turned predatory. She was abused by her father and finally raped at age nine. This carried on unchecked, even while Deb Lannert was at home, as she assumed that Tom would take care of whatever was making Stacey cry. Deb and Tom’s marriage dissolved and Deb remarried, leaving her daughters with her abusive ex.

Stacey left when she was 13 to live with her mother and step-father but returned once Christy, her younger sister, desperately called for her to come back. Fearing that her father might be abusing her sister, Stacey returned and the rapes began again. Finally, Stacey took her father’s rifle and shot him twice, later confessing to the murder. She was awarded life without parole, which was later commuted to 20 years – and finally released after serving 18 years. She now runs an NGO that aids abuse victims called Healing Sisters.

7 The Only One Who Deserved To Live: David Bain

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22-year-old David Bain made a frantic call on June 20, 1994, to the authorities saying that his entire family had been killed – father Robin Bain, mother Margaret, and siblings Arawa, Laniet, and Stephen – and he had discovered them when he came back from his paper run. The authorities could not believe his story, especially as he put his clothes in the washer once he was back from his run and, four days later, he was charged with the murders and sentenced to life imprisonment.

The defense argued that Robin Bain had murdered his family before committing suicide as he was estranged from Margaret and in an incestuous relationship with one of his daughters. There was a message written on the family’s computer, supposedly from Robin to David that said, “Sorry, you are the only one who deserved to stay.” David was granted a retrial and acquitted in 2009 and also received some compensation from the government. Now, he’s married, has a child, and works in an engineering firm.

Oh and the sweaters he wore during his trial stirred up quite a fashion storm with stores selling the latest “David Bain sweaters” at the time!

6 A Family Massacred Over Music: David Brom

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Bernard Brom and his wife Paulette of Rochester, Minnesota were staunch Catholics and raised their four children to believe in the Good Lord and his ways. However, when Bernard argued and forbade his 16-year-old son David from listening to a punk rock tape that the boy had bought, because of questionable lyrics, little did he realize that he had sealed his own fate.

For depressed David Brom, who had attempted suicide twice, and had been talking about killing his family for the past six months, finally tipped over. He took an ax, and with 56 slashes, killed his parents as well as his younger siblings, 14-year-old Diane and nine-year-old Richard, in a brutal, merciless manner. He then bragged about what he had done to a girlfriend of his, who later informed the police. Sure enough, the bodies were found and David arrested.

His crimes were so severe that, though he was 16, he was tried as an adult and sentenced to three consecutive life terms, and he will not be eligible for parole till 2041.

5 The Murderer Who Slaughtered and Vanished: John William McGrath

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John William McGrath was not your usual next door New Hampshire boy with a sunny disposition – he was in fact, undergoing treatment at the state hospital in Concord for mental issues. Voted “class intellectual” at his high school, John had applied to Dartmouth College and the University of New Hampshire but peel off a few layers and there was a depressed, scared teenager growing increasingly imbalanced and about to explode.

And explode, he did. He hated babysitting, was disillusioned with his parents, feared his father, and wasn’t close to his mother. So he shot his younger siblings while they were sleeping, right in their faces – killing 13-year-old Peter and five-year-old Charles. When his parents Frances and Willena, came back, he first shot his mother and then when his father ran, caught and shot him too. At his trial, he was found not guilty by reason of insanity as expert psychiatrists declared him to be a paranoid schizophrenic and he was committed to a state mental hospital. He remained here for a decade and on August 13, 1974, he escaped. He remains the longest-running escapee in New Hampshire history. If still alive, he would be almost 70…

4 He Shaved To Shoot: Lowell Lee Andrews

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While this is a case from the archives, it’s no less chilling. On November 28, 1958, 18-year-old Lowell Lee Andrews was home for Thanksgiving in Kansas from college. His hometown newspaper dubbed him the “nicest boy in Wolcott” but his affable exterior hid his true nature, for he wanted to kill his family and become a professional hit man.

That day, Lowell was alone in his room reading The Brothers Karamazov by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He finished the book, shaved, put on a suit and then walked downstairs with a .22 caliber rifle and a revolver. Then he shot his sister three times, his mother four times, and his father a total of 17 times.

He tried to make it all look like a burglary, but ultimately confessed to it all. While the defense tried to prove him insane and thereby not guilty, he was found guilty and executed by hanging on November 30, 1962, at the age of 22. He remained stoic all through and even at his trial stated, "I am not sorry and I am not glad that I killed them. I have no feelings."

3 He Gave His Step-Dad An Atomic Wedgie: Brad Lee Davis

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This might be funny, if it hadn’t ended in a tragedy. While a wedgie has perhaps been the most favored bullying tactic used by jocks and dudes on unsuspecting geeks in American schools all over, death by wedgie is literally unheard of and not a very pleasant or graceful way to go.

But that is exactly what happened when 33-year-old ex-marine Brad Lee Davis got into a verbal argument with his step-dad, Denver St. Clair, who decided to insult his wife (and Brad’s mom) at the wrong moment. Brad Lee knocked Denver around (there were blood spatters around the kitchen and living room) and then pulled an atomic wedgie on him. An atomic wedgie is basically a physics-defying one where the underwear is pulled all the way over the victim's head. This underwear’s waistband choked Denver to death and Brad, who claimed that the death was accidental, took photos of it all while his step dad gurgled away his last breaths. Needless to say, the judge did not take to Brad’s story, and sentenced him to 30 years in prison for manslaughter.

2 I Torched Him: Nina M. Holbrook

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In 2011, Indiana resident Nina Holbrook called her father to her room at the Chapel Road home they inhabited, and when Carl Holbrook, a certified sex offender, followed his daughter, she threw lighter fluid on him and then set him ablaze with a lit candle. She then calmly walked out of the house and ran into her uncle, Harvey Holbrook, to whom she said, “I torched him” and “I set him on fire.” When she met another neighbor, she told him the same and when he inquired if she was fine, she responded with a thumb up.

Carl Holbrook was still alive when Harvey ran to him, though badly burned, and he died of his injuries in the hospital later. Nina was arrested and pled guilty but mentally ill to the charges. She has been sentenced to 55 years in prison for murder and to 50 years for arson, to be served concurrently. She never really gave a reason as to why she had “torched” her dad...

1 You Didn’t Stand Up For Me: Seth Privacky

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Strangely reminiscent of the Lowell Thanksgiving murders are the Thanksgiving murders of the Privacky family of Michigan. On November 29, 1988, 18-year-old Seth Privacky grabbed a .22 Ruger and shot his older brother Jed while he was watching TV. When Seth’s father and grandfather returned, he shot them. Seth’s mother was in the shower and once she got out, she too was shot. Jed’s girlfriend April Boss showed up at the wrong time and so he shot her too. He then called over a friend, Steven Wallace, to help him dispose of the bodies but was caught when April’s parents showed up. He ran but was caught the next day and made a full confession.

His reason was that his father was kicking him out of the house and no one was standing up for him. He was convicted of five murder counts and sentenced to life – on July 15, 2010 he made an attempt to escape the Kinross Correctional Facility where he was incarcerated and was shot dead for his troubles. He was 30.

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