15 Celebs You Didn't Know Were Left At The Altar

You may think that people who live in the public eye would be a little more diplomatic when it comes to breakups, but celebrities can be just as cold as the rest of us. When it comes to engagements, there are celebrities out there who are leaving their spouses at the altar. You don’t get much colder than that.

Usually, it’s in the movies where we spy such behavior. There's the man standing at the altar, waiting for his bride to be to make an appearance. Then, we start seeing him nervously looking at his watch. Being stood up at the altar has to be the worst feeling ever regardless of whether you're a man or a woman. When you’re a celebrity, however, we find it a little more shocking that you could be left by or could leave a spouse at the altar. Imagine the headlines alone; you just can’t run from something like that.

This is a story that's a favorite among screenwriters because it’s so powerful. There's no more hurtful way to spurn partners than to publicly humiliate them in front of friends and family. The question for us is, why not break things off before the wedding date? It’s going to hurt either way, of course, but at least it removes the public humiliation part. You might be surprised to find out how many celebrities have jilted their partners in this way. Tune in to find out who were the celebrities who got left at the altar.


15 Brad Pitt by Gwyneth Paltrow

All these women are dumping the gorgeous men of Hollywood and breaking their hearts. These two met on the set of the awesome movie Seven, and it was like love at first sight. "I definitely fell in love with him," Gwyneth recalled, "He was so gorgeous and sweet. I mean, he was Brad Pitt!" Yeah, no kidding, lady! What were you thinking? Well, the two were supposed to be married in 1997 when she left him at the altar. So, why did she call things off? It turns out, like so many young actresses, she just wasn’t ready. "I was such a kid; I was 22 when we met. It's taken me until 40 to get my head out of my ass. You can't make that decision when you're 22 years old... I wasn't ready, and he was too good for me. I didn't know what I was doing."

14 Hugh Hefner by Crystal Harris


Honestly, we aren’t sure why these girls get tangled up with Hefner. He’s not exactly faithful, and the lifestyle is all just a little bizarre. These two were set to get married in 2011, but Harris called off the wedding just five days before. That sent Hefner to Twitter, where he announced, “Crystal has had a change of heart,” and then he proceeded to invite a bunch of guests over to watch Runaway Bride at the Playboy Mansion. There’s a twist in the story, though; it turned out that Harris had yet another change of heart and decided to go back to Hefner. The two married on New Year’s Eve, breaking in 2012 with a bang. It probably had something to do with her realizing that there was a lot less money on the other side. After all, not too many of these girls make it big in the industry, and without Hefner, there isn’t much offered to them.

13 Ben Affleck by Jennifer Lopez

We can’t figure out how the two of them got together in the first place, but it wasn’t that surprising that Lopez eventually called the wedding off. The two were going hot and heavy for a while, and Affleck even purchased Lopez a huge $1.2 million ring when he proposed. But once Gigli turned out to be a complete flop, things started to go downhill for the two. The two were set to get married in 2003 until rumors started flying that Affleck had cheated on her with a stripper. They split up shortly before the ceremony. At first, they told everyone it was because of media interference. But they never did get back together, and the people who witnessed the breakup first-hand were quite shocked by the split. We really can’t blame Lopez in this case; if she felt like she was cheated on, then she shouldn’t have to go through with the wedding, regardless of how close it was.

12 Demi Moore & Emilio Estevez


These crazy kids were well… just kids when they got engaged, which was probably half the problem. The two met on St. Elmo’s Fire. They weren’t a couple in the movie, but the cast and crew could see the sparks flying from a mile away. Estevez was actually directing the movie that she starred in, and the two grew close. We can’t really blame them; they do look like they would be steamy together. But they had a very volatile relationship; their passion came out in fights as well. Everyone was thrilled when they got engaged, but it didn’t last very long. Just before the wedding, the two agreed together that they shouldn’t go through with it. They believed that they were a volatile match and that it wouldn’t last long-term. These two are one of the few couples that decided to remain friends after the breakup.

11 Tara Reid by Carson Daly

An unlikely duo, but for 17 months, the two seemed to work pretty well together, and they were set to be married in 2000. That was until Daly called things off right before the wedding. Reid was devastated and went into a spiraling downfall that included plastic surgery disasters and intense partying. Her career never survived that period of time. Reid has a lot of regrets about losing Carson and believes that her life would be very different had she married him. “I think if I would have married Carson, I’d probably have kids by now… I wouldn’t have had all that crazy partying. My life would have been completely different. I’ve never loved anyone the way that I loved him.” That’s kind of sad when you think about how terrible her life became after the breakup. It was never confirmed as to why he decided to call it quits.

10 Kiefer Sutherland by Julia Roberts


Don’t these two just look so much in love? What could have happened? The two met while filming together on Flatliners, and they were inseparable afterward. The two were very young and were set to get married in 1991 at a very lavish ceremony held at 20th Century Fox Soundstage. Roberts got cold feet, however, and called the wedding off a few days before the ceremony. Sutherland has stated in many interviews that the news had been “painful” for him. What made matters worse was that instead of marrying him, Roberts took off to Ireland with his best friend, Jason Patric. Now that’s really cold. Sutherland mentioned in 2016 that he thought it was probably for the best. “And I think it took a lot of courage, even amongst all of that other stuff, to be able to say, 'I can't do this.'" But did she really have to leave him for his best friend?

9 Lance Armstrong by Sheryl Crow

Lance Armstrong and Sheryl Crow seemed like a match made in heaven. They were together for two years when Armstrong proposed to her in 2005. They were engaged for a year and set to marry in 2006 when the wedding was suddenly called off. Crow said that she felt that they just weren’t in the same place in life. He wanted to chill for a while when she just wanted to settle down and start a family. An interesting theory came out later about their breakup when a couple of Wall Street Journal reporters wrote a book called Wheelman: Lance Armstrong, the Tour de France and the Greatest Sports Conspiracy Ever. In the book, they claimed that the real reason the wedding was called off was that Crow had caught Armstrong doing drugs, and she called the Feds herself. Now that would be a shocking turn of events.


8 Rachel Hunter by Jarret Stoll 


You would think that any guy would count his lucky stars to be engaged to a supermodel, but in the case of Jarret Stoll, he had a change of heart when it came to his relationship with Rachel Hunter. The two were set to be married in 2009, but just two months before the wedding, Stoll stated that he’d had enough. Hunter was devastated that her hockey-player boyfriend was ending things. Sources say that Hunter was deep into the final wedding preparations when she got the news, so she was completely blindsided by his decision. She was extremely upset by the news and asked the media to respect her privacy. She was also upset because Stoll refused to give her a reason for the breakup. It turned out that the 13-year age difference started to freak the guy out, and he got cold feet.

7 Chris Klein by Katie Holmes

Katie Holmes and Chris Klein started dating when Dawson’s Creek and American Pie were a big hit. They went on to continue dating for five years, so it wasn’t a surprise to anyone when they got engaged. What did surprise everyone was when Holmes called off the wedding just months before it happened. There were rumors that Klein’s drinking got in the way of their relationship, but Klein denies it. "That first DUI was a bit of a wake-up call, but the breakup had little to do with where my life went," Klein told The Daily Beast. "Young Hollywood was ending. [Holmes's] huge television show was ending. Life was changing, and that adventure ended. It was a transitional period. So, I was 25 years old, trying to find my voice, since my teenage one was played out." There was a lot of speculation that Tom Cruise was the reason for their split, as Holmes got together and married him shortly after breaking off the engagement with Klein.

6 Jude Law by Sienna Miller


Jude Law and Sienna Miller were hot and heavy for a few years. They were on their way to getting married when Miller pulled the plug. So why would the blushing bride call off things off so close to the wedding? Law, as it turned out, was sleeping with their nanny, and when the crap hit the fan, Miller no longer wanted anything to do with him. Their breakup was shocking to everyone, especially since Miller was such a fox, so why would Law step out on her with a nanny, of all people? Law tried to win her back, but she wanted no part of it. Four years later, in 2009, the couple tried another go at the relationship but called it quits again in 2011 because old problems seemed to resurface again. We can never understand why guys cheat on their hot girlfriends.

5 Dakota Meyer by Bristol Palin 

Bristol Palin and Marine Dakota Meyer were set to be married Memorial Day weekend in 2015 when Palin suddenly called things off at the eleventh hour. There were many rumors about lies that had resurfaced about Meyer that Palin couldn't deal with. “I guess you have seen by now that the wedding -- that was supposed to happen last weekend -- was called off. I’m sure you’ve seen this has been all over the media, but this is a painful time for family and friends, and I would just really appreciate your prayers. I know God’s plan is greater than anything else, and Tripp and I are in Alaska beginning to rebuild our lives under much different circumstances than we anticipated.” The breakup had something to do with a previous marriage of Meyer’s that he didn’t disclose to Palin.

4 Kesha Ni'cole Nichols by Richard Jefferson


Everyone including Kesha Ni’cole Nichols was stunned when her NBA fiancé called off their wedding the night before it was supposed to take place. "He called about two hours before the wedding. It was nuts," said one Jefferson pal. Now that’s cold, especially since the bride was taken off guard and they had a lavish wedding all planned out. He waited so long, in fact, that some of the guests had already started to show up for the wedding. Nichols had called her family right away to tell them that the wedding was off while Jefferson waited almost until the last minute to tell people, which was why there were guests showing up. The only thing that was confirmed was that the NBA star got cold feet, but neither wanted to talk about it to anyone after. "She just wants to keep this as quiet as possible and move on," a Nichols family insider told FoxSports. "She's doing just fine."

3 Janine Turner by Alec Baldwin

Before Janine Turner and Alec Baldwin became famous, they were engaged to be married in 1983. The two were hot and heavy, and Turner believed that she had met the love of her life. Turner was about to make her big break on Northern Exposure while Baldwin was proposing to her. During the wedding planning, Baldwin bailed just before the wedding, and Turner was crushed. She ended up pawning the engagement ring, not that she needed to because she became a hit in Northern Exposure. “The breakup was very, very painful. I loved Alec very much, so it was devastating.” It took her almost thirty years to admit that it was probably all for the best. “We both just knew that it was wrong... It wasn’t healthy. And I knew I didn’t want to live that way in my life. I think it’s a good life lesson. A lot of times, people are put in our lives for reasons. Maybe it doesn’t come to fruition in the way we anticipate. It was through that experience that we both actually found a way of life that is miraculous, really.”

2 Jamie Belman by Petra Nemcova 


Petra Nemcova lost her first fiancé tragically when he died in a Tsunami in 2004. She never thought she would fall in love again until she got engaged to Jamie Belman, who swept her off her feet. They had a ceremony booked for June 12, in 2012, and she even planned on wearing a Marchesa dress for her wedding. So, it came as a surprise when she called things off at the last minute. It was a mysterious ending because no one talked about what happened. The couple just sent out an announcement and left it at that. “Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman confirm their separation. They remain close friends and thank their families for their continued support during this time.” Maybe Nemcova realized that no one could take the place of her former love who died tragically. It makes you wonder why no one talked about it after the separation.

1 Jesse James by Kat Von D 

Kat Von D and Jesse James were all set and ready to get married after they broke up the marriage of Jesse James and Sandra Bullock. It sounds like Karma came James’s way when Von D walked out on their wedding. It's hazy on why they ended things; maybe James was caught cheating again -- we don’t know. She was planning the wedding and had all the arrangements made when the two split up. Everything was shown on Von D’s hit show when the two broke up. In 2011, the two canceled their wedding, reconciled again, and then broke up all in the same year. Later on in life, Kat Von D also canceled her wedding to Deadmau5, so maybe that girl just isn’t meant to be married. James went on to have his fourth marriage to Alexis DeJoria.


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