15 Celebs Who Got Fat After Becoming Famous

They're not supposed to become bigger stars every year by eating too many Oreos and getting all chubbed out.

When celebrities become famous, their goal is to become bigger every single year.  I think some of them misunderstand that whole concept though; they're supposed to become bigger stars -- meaning that they make more and more money every year and become more famous. They're not supposed to become bigger stars every year by eating too many Oreos and getting all chubbed out. Some of these people didn't seem to get that message, though.

Some of the stars on this list got fat and did something about it, and after a while seemed to pull it under control and get back to being in at least halfway-decent shape. Others on this list show no signs of stopping and just keep getting fatter and fatter all the time. Something that's really kind of odd about the whole thing is that a lot of these people made their money much more from the fact that they were ridiculously good-looking, not because they were so talented. Can you imagine giving it all up just so you can have a piece of cake?  Although let's face it, a lot of these people are just super rich; they've already made their millions of dollars, so why not just get fat and sit by the pool all day? No real reason that I can think of. I mean, if you're going to be a huge star, why not be really huge?

Here are 15 celebs that got huge after getting famous.

15 Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey is one of the more famous stars out there to gain a lot of weight, although in her case, she pretty much managed to carry it well the entire time. Still though, even though some people don't mind the curvier Mariah, the weight fluctuations that she went through were extreme, even for a list such as this. This has led a lot of sites, such as the National Enquirer to write things such as "Mariah Carey has shed a whopping 45 lbs. from her voluptuous body, sparking speculation she underwent liposuction to get rid of her thunder thighs and fat hips!" Okay, come on... thunder thighs? Really? That seems to be a little extreme. Mariah always looks pretty gorgeous in my humble opinion.

14 Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe is known for being a bit of a tough guy as an actor and also in real life. But one has to say he doesn't look like much of a gladiator as of late. In fact, he really looks totally awful due to nasty weight gain. Hey, I get it; I really do. There have been some times in my life when I 've packed on the pounds and have needed to pull it together, but come on... let's be honest here. It's not like I make my money because of how I look, and Russell Crowe certainly does. Now in his early 50s, it appears that Crowe's acting career is pretty much over, and the thing is, he probably doesn't even care a whole lot. I mean, whatever... he's rich and wildly successful. If he wants to spend his golden years eating cheeseburgers, then so be it.

13 Kelly Clarkson

Kelly Clarkson has gained a lot of weight; that's for sure, but is it okay for someone like Chris Wallace to say, “Kelly Clarkson’s got a lovely voice. She could stay off the deep dish pizza for a little while.” I don't know about you, but to me, that kind of thing seems a little uncool. Does someone have to look perfect to be a good singer or to be a big star? Well, in some ways, yes... what most people are really looking for when it comes to big stars is someone to emulate and someone to look up to. When it comes to Kelly and the way she looks now, people would be looking around her way more than up to her. Still, with all that said, it's totally uncool for someone like Chris Wallace to say something like that about her.

12 Val Kilmer

Val Kilmer was once one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. Then he became one of the biggest stars in Hollywood.  See what I did there? Of course you did; it was pretty obvious. Kilmer broke onto the scene with the movie Top Secret and was even the star of Batman Forever. He was also in the super successful movies Top Gun and Willow, as well as many others. Kilmer was a very likable actor and was also super good-looking, which is why it was a bit surprising to everyone that he blew up to such a ridiculous size. Kilmer, however, has lost a lot of weight in recent years and is back to looking somewhat healthy again. Still, though, it is pretty much for certain that his career will never get back to where it was before.

11 Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley was the star of many movies, but she's probably best known for her role in Cheers. Her struggles with weight are totally well-documented. In fact, she's even been the spokesperson for a variety of different weight-loss products, including Jenny Craig. At one point, she weighed over 225 pounds, which is not a bad weight if you're thinking of trying out as a linebacker with the Pittsburgh Steelers, but it's not so good if you're attempting to be a leading lady in Hollywood. This kind of thing really makes you wonder about what people will do for money, too. I mean, come on... is it really worth millions of bucks to be a total shill for a weight-loss program with people checking out how fat you are all the time?

10 Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal burst onto the scene as one of the new hottest action stars around. He was a black belter, a martial arts instructor, and was known for being a true tough guy -- one that was in really good shape. Then his movies started doing worse at the box office, and he got fat. Now this is kind of a "chicken or egg" thing; I do realize that. Is he not a big star anymore because he got fat, or did he get fat, which is why he isn't a big star? These are the kinds of things that keep me up at night. Also, why does he do such a terrible job dying his hair? Seagal is a big fan of Vladimir Putin and was even granted Russian citizenship because of it. What does this have to do with him being fat? Nothing, but aren't you glad I told you?

9 Jon Favreau

Next on the list of portly stars is Jon Favreau. He became famous for his role in Swingers, which also launched the career of Vince Vaughn. Favreau used to be kind of stacked and would often get the roles of tough guys. In fact, he once even starred as boxer Rocky Marciano, and when he was on the television show Friends, he played Monica's boyfriend, who was also a UFC fighter. Looking at him now, it's rather hard to believe that he used to play boxers and UFC fighters. The only thing that he looks like he could beat up now is a box of donuts. Still though, Favreau is a great actor and a talented writer, so who cares if he spends his middle-aged years looking like a bit of a schlub? Not him, that's for sure.

8 Raven Symone

Raven first became famous for her role on The Cosby Show and was also the star of That's So Raven. She's also a very successful singer and songwriter. Now, it must be super hard growing up in the public eye, and I'm sure that she felt a lot of pressure from all of it, especially since she's since come out as a lesbian -- that just had to add to the pressure that she felt. She also said that she was warned not to get fat at a very young age: "I remember not being able to have the bagel or anything at [craft services] -- we call it crafty -- where it's just a table of food ready for you to eat whenever you want." So with all of that said, no wonder she ended up porking up a little. Good for you, Raven. Eat up.

7 Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson used to be known for two things, and when I say that she was known for them, I mean that she was very well-known for them. One thing that everyone knew her for was being the sister of Michael Jackson, who was one of the most talented and creepiest people in the entire world. She was also known for being an incredibly good dancer and someone who was very talented.  Now, however, she isn't known for either of those things. Her brother has passed away, and at 50 years old, Janet doesn't look like she has the desire or the figure to do any dancing anytime soon. I guess the fact that she's now middle-aged and worth around 15o million bucks probably has something to do with her figure. Who can blame her?

6 Alec Baldwin

For quite a while, Alec Baldwin was thought of as perhaps the very best-looking man in America. And then he got fat. Now let's be honest: there are certain kinds of guys that can still be super good-looking even when they get a little chubby and even while they age, and there's no doubt that Alec Baldwin is one of them. He can pull off the chubby handsome guy way better than most people, just like he can pull off his great Donald Trump impersonation on Saturday Night Live. So hey, Alec, keep on doing whatever you're doing. No, you're not drop-dead good-looking anymore, and yeah, you are pretty much overweight in anyone's book, but you still look better than 99 percent of the people in the world.

5 Jessica Simpson

There are some women that are so gorgeous and curvy that even when they gain a bunch of weight, they still look totally amazing. In fact, they almost look better chubby than they do if they were to be skinny. Don't get me wrong; there's a sweet spot in between for women like this, which is that place where they're not fat, but they still have a lot of curves going on. Jessica Simpson bounces back and forth in between those two spaces of being totally curvy and hot, and being kind of fat and still being hot. She will probably go back and forth between those two extremes forever, and you know what? That's totally fine.

4 John Travolta

There are certain people that probably should not be on a list like this no matter what. John Travolta was ridiculously good-looking back in the day when he was on Welcome Back Kotter and starred in Saturday Night Fever. Then his acting career pretty much died out until he came back with a bang as one of the stars of Pulp Fiction, which is inarguably one of the best movies ever -- and if you don't think so, you simply aren't cool. So the point being, he's had a really wild career and is now in his 60s, so maybe he's earned his way out of having to appear in "celebrities who got fat" articles. But hey, he kind of did, so what are we going to do? Sorry, John... you were great in Pulp Fiction.

3 Brendan Fraser

Sometimes, it's just as simple as becoming middle-aged. It happens to all of us, when you think about it. There's simply nothing that we can do; time marches on. A good case in point is Brendan Fraser, who for a while was a pretty big star mostly because of all of the different The Mummy movies that he did. He was pretty good-looking and was in good shape. There's no doubt about either one of those things. Then he hit 40, and it all kind of blew up. Genetics are kind of an odd thing. Sometimes people keep looking good until they're well into their 50s, and sometimes, they start looking like someone's middle-aged dad as soon as they hit 30. Brendan has the middle-aged dad gene and the gut that goes with it.

2 Marlon Brando

Out of all the different stars that ended up gaining a lot of weight, there's probably none quite as pronounced as Marlon Brando.  The guy was a legend, starting off with classics such as The Wild Ones, Mutiny on the Bounty and On the Waterfront. And even in his later life, he starred in The Godfather. He was incredibly good-looking when he was younger, but that sadly did not continue later in life. He gained so much weight that he became totally unrecognizable. No one would guess you were looking at the same person over the years. He also had a lot of personal problems later in life, not the least of which were the issues that were faced by his son, Christian, who was convicted of manslaughter and died at 49 years old.

1 Jonah Hill

Poor Jonah Hill. Then there's this type of guy, whether it be someone who's a celebrity or not. Jonah Hill was pretty fat, no doubt about that.  Then he decided to get himself in shape. He lost all sorts of weight, and everyone said that he looked great. Then just when it seemed like he had it all under control, he gained all sorts of weight again and ended up looking bigger than he ever did. We can all relate to this kind of thing, of course. It's not just something that you can work on for a little while and then everything's going to be okay forever. You have to keep on it if you have weight issues, or the pounds come back. And when they do come back, sometimes they come back with a vengeance.

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15 Celebs Who Got Fat After Becoming Famous