15 Celebs Who Are Anti-Gay (And Their Despicable Comments)

When you are a celebrity, you really ought to think twice about the stuff you are going to say in public. Over the years, most of the celebrities have learned to keep their unpopular opinions to themselves, but from time to time, some of them still slip up and show their true colors.

When it comes to the topic of LGBTQ community, people tend to have some really strong opinions on the subject. Sure, the number of homophobic rants has decreased over the years, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen anymore. While on one hand we have a bunch of both gay and straight celebrities supporting the LGBTQ community, on the other hand some celebs have proven themselves to be openly anti-gay by leaving some pretty despicable homophobic comments out there in the open. Of course, some of them didn’t surprise us one bit, for example, Mel Gibson who is anti-everything. But in few other cases, we were left quite surprised. The least people could do is respect each other no matter their differences but, even though that sounds lovely in theory, it doesn’t always work like that in the everyday life.

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15 Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan found himself under fire after he made a bunch of homophobic jokes, statements, and comments during his stand-up acts and during interviews. According to him, gay people should stop acting like p*ssies and stop complaining about bullying. He also stated that being gay is something kids learn from the media and if his son was gay, he would just stab him to death, especially if he would talk to him in a high-pitch “gay” voice. When the crowd seemed uncomfortable and offended by the despicable things he said, he said that he didn’t care about making gay people angry and that they needed to learn to take a joke. As far as tasteful jokes go, Morgan definitely crossed a few lines there and it is no wonder people didn’t like this type of “humor” one bit.

14 Jon Voight

Jon Voight, a Hollywood veteran and Angelina Jolie’s father, isn’t a big fan of gay people getting married and he wasn’t afraid to share his opinions publicly on several occasions. When Brad Pitt’s mother Jane made some homophobic statements regarding same-sex marriage, Voight agreed with her because he shares her opinion that gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry. When Jane Pitt accused the former President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, of supporting the murdering of unborn babies and supporting same-sex marriage (as if there was something wrong with supporting those things), Jon Voight applauded her for speaking up and sharing her opinions. So while their children might not be as in love as they used to be, it seems that the parents get along just fine.

13 Beanie Sigel

Nobody really knew that the rapper Beanie Sigel was anti-gay until his interview on The Breakfast Club on National Coming Out Day in 2016. What we’ve learned about Sigel during that interview was that he finds homosexuality to be disgusting and sickening. He stated that all that “homosexuality sh*t” appeared in media and on television way too much and he didn’t want to have to explain to his son why a man was kissing another man on primetime television. According to him, nothing positive can come out of that, especially for the young generation that is way too exposed to LBGTQ content through media. When the host of the interview didn’t agree with his opinions, he accused him of being “politically correct”, but the host didn’t want the argument to escalate even more.

12 Kim Burrell

Kim Burrell is a gospel singer who thought that delivering a sermon at her church was the perfect opportunity to lecture people a little bit on the subject of homosexuality. The thing she didn’t count on was somebody recording the whole thing and posting the footage on the Internet. During the sermon, she described the gay people as men and women deceived by the spirit of confusion and delusion. When the video went viral, Ellen Degeneres, an openly gay woman, didn’t feel confused at all and she banned Kim Burrell from her show immediately. Burrell was scheduled to appear with Pharrell Williams in one of the upcoming episodes, but thanks to her homophobic rants, she never made it to the stage. Of course, Ellen wasn’t the only one who wasn’t too happy about Burrell’s comments as Burrell got a ton of backlash both from her colleagues and from the public.

11 Isaiah Washington

Grey’s Anatomy has been one of the most popular TV series for 14 years now and it was really a huge hit when it first aired. During the first couple of seasons, there were some characters that we don’t get to see anymore now, including the cardiothoracic surgeon Preston Burke and the surgical resident George O’Malley. Those two doctors, portrayed by Isaiah Washington and T.R. Knight, were the best buddies on the screen, but that wasn’t the case when the camera wasn’t rolling. In fact, Washington once called Knight a “fa**ot”, shortly before Knight came out as gay publicly. That wasn’t the only time Washington used the gay slur, as he did it again during a press conference. This got him booted from the show and the end of Season 3.

10 Kirk Cameron

Kirk Cameron is an American actor best known for his role on the ABC sitcom Growing Pains which got him two Golden Globe nominations. However, even though he came to Hollywood as a teen heartthrob and an atheist, he became a devoted Christian in the middle of his career. According to him, homosexuality is unnatural and destructive because it poses a huge threat to the foundations of civilization. He finds the idea of same-sex marriage to be deeply disturbing as God intended marriage to be a holy union between man and woman until death does them apart and no one should try to redefine the idea of marriage. Long story short, he doesn’t believe that there is anything legitimate about the union of two same-sex partners and he doesn’t believe it should be allowed.

9 Mel Gibson

Is there a group of people Mel Gibson hasn’t offended yet? But let’s not talk about his misogynistic, racist, and anti-immigrant slurs, and let’s focus on his anti-gay comments that he made on several different occasions. He strongly advised Heath Ledger not to take a role in the Oscar-winning movie Brokeback Mountain because it is about a secret relationship between two cowboys. Of course, Ledger didn’t take his advice too seriously. Back in 1991, during one of his interviews, Gibson shared his opinion on gay sex where he described it as unnatural and disgusting. He also finds himself to be a perfect example of a straight man. According to him, nobody could ever think he was gay because he doesn’t lend himself to a confusion like that since he doesn’t move, talk, act, or look like “one of them”.

8 Victoria Jackson

Victoria Jackson was a big fan of the show Glee right until the moment the show featured a kiss between two gay men. She wrote that it was sickening and that it is terrible how they shoved the “gay thing” down everybody’s throat and how they mocked Christians. Jackson was raised in a very religious family and she quoted the Bible when describing homosexuality as a sin. According to her, it doesn’t matter what she thinks about the LGBTQ community personally; the important thing is what Bible says. She also stated that she was very concerned about her country because the immorality has reached a whole new level and it has stolen the innocence of the new generation of children, such as her daughter who is now forbidden from watching almost every show on television.

7 Tim Hardaway

While there are homophobic people who at least try to pretend they are not, Tim Hardaway is a “proud homophobe” and he’s not afraid to openly admit that. This retired NBA athlete made very clear where he stands on the topic of gay people when John Amaechi, a former NBA star, came out as gay. When asked how he felt about that, Hardaway said that he would try to distance himself from a homosexual player as much as possible. When it was pointed out to him that his comments were homophobic, he replied that he hated gay people and that he was fine with everybody knowing that. He also admitted that he was homophobic; he didn’t want to be anywhere near gay people, and he thought that they shouldn’t be in the U.S. or the world.

6 Phil Robertson

The reality television star on Duck Dynasty, Phil Robertson, is very openly anti-gay and he sure uses every possible occasion to assure everybody his opinions remain unchanged. According to him, AIDS is God’s punishment for the immoral gay relationships because the sex between same-sex partners leads to horrible diseases, whereas sex between a man and a woman doesn’t. He probably didn’t get that last part from a medical expert. He also linked homosexuality to bestiality and he compared gay people to terrorists and he was temporarily suspended from his show after those statements. When he was accused of being a homophobe, he stated that he was as much of a homophobe as Jesus Christ was, because Jesus, like himself, claimed that homosexuality was a sin. For the record, not entirely true.

5 Eddie Long

Eddie Long’s whole career revolved about him “curing” the homosexuals through his “sexual reorientation”, so everybody was quite shocked when some men spoke up about Long coercing them into sex. If you haven’t heard of Eddie Long, he was an American pastor who died earlier this year, and he was well-known for his notorious anti-gay statements, preaching against homosexuality, and offering “homosexual cures” to men and women during his services. However, in September 2010, four men filed separate lawsuits, accusing Long of using his pastoral influence for coercing them to have sex with him. They also said that Long used to bribe the guys by buying them expensive gifts such as cars, trips etc. All four lawsuits were settled out of court with all terms undisclosed. Long’s case was used for one episode of the documentary series Sex Scandals in Religion.

4 Blake Shelton

Many have grown to love Blake Shelton. If not for his country music, then for his funny personality and the good atmosphere he brought with himself into The Voice. However, there are some things in his recent past that will make you reconsider. People have dug up some of his old tweets that are nothing if not homophobic. For example, he wrote that men who wear Chuck Taylor shoes should just write on their foreheads that cucumbers turn them on, or that men who order skinny caramel latte in coffee shops are clearly gay. He also wrote that if any man tries to touch his behind, they will be beaten and bleeding. Once those tweets became a topic of a public discussion, he publicly apologized, stating that he was just joking and that it was all just his type of comedy.

3 Buju Banton

Jamaican reggae artist Buju Banton has been known for the anti-gay lyrics in his music since the early ‘90s. His 1992 hit Boom Bye Bye, for instance, is a song about murdering gay men, and he wrote it when he was only 15 years old. Unfortunately, young age isn’t an excuse in his case because his opinions haven’t changed much since then. People did briefly believe that he joined the Stop Murder Music campaign by signing the “Reggae Compassionate Act”, but Banton publicly denied being a part of that. For those who might not know, the “Reggae Compassionate Act” was promoting respect, tolerance, and equality between all people, no matter their race, religion, sexual orientation etc. It was made around the old reggae moto “One Love” with the purpose of eliminating homophobic statements from songs.

2 Adam Carolla

Adam Carolla is an American radio personality, television host, and comedian, and he is best known for his talk show The Adam Carolla Show. Unfortunately, he became significantly less-likable after his anti-gay statements on his show in 2011. He stated that the acronym LGBT should be replaced by something more “appropriate”, for example, “YUCK”. He also said that he didn’t understand why all people suddenly seemed to “give a sh*t” about transgender people. When he realized he went overboard with those comments and that many people found them offensive, he apologized to everyone and he added that it was all meant to be a joke since he was a comedian, not a politician. However, a comedian or not, he should definitely pick his jokes more carefully because people don’t seem to take comments like this very well.

1 Donnie McClurkin

Gospel singer Donnie McClurkin has been known for his negative feelings towards gay people since 2000, when he publicly thanked God for delivering him from the “curse” of homosexuality. Since then, he made a number of despicable comments, some of which were just downright crazy. For example, in one of his YouTube videos, he called homosexual people “vampires” and, in that same video, he also stated that the “feminine boys” that he sees everywhere he goes are proof that people have failed. In 2015, after the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage, McClurkin stated that God wouldn’t agree with the ruling since the only acceptable and God-approved form of marriage is the one between a man and a woman, and it doesn’t matter what the people or the laws say.

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