15 Celebs That Have Had More "Fun" Than Lindsay Lohan

  Lindsay Lohan used to be one of the most popular actresses in the world when she was younger. As the star of movies like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, she was one of those rare woman who g


Lindsay Lohan used to be one of the most popular actresses in the world when she was younger. As the star of movies like The Parent Trap and Mean Girls, she was one of those rare woman who guys wanted to go out with and girls wanted to be their friend. Until she started partying a lot and sleeping with just about everyone in town, that is.

Who did she sleep with? Well she was kind enough to leave a list. These are just the famous ones; apparently if you are not famous, Lindsay Lohan didn't bother to write it down. According to her she did it with Max George, Adam Levine, Joaquin Phoenix, Colin Farrell, Justin Timberlake, Lukas Haas (Lukas Haas?!?), James Franco,  Heath Ledger, Wilmer Valderrama, and Zac Efron, among many, many others.

Yeah, so Lindsay likes having sex. She has said: “Being an actress is lonely, and I never want to be alone… I hate sleeping alone. I like being able to be in different relationships – being able to see a few people. I’m not really like a crazy addict. I mean – I enjoy having sex.”

That's cool Lindsay, most of us do- it is just that some of us have a tiny bit of self restraint. Don't worry though, there actually are a few celebrities out there that have an even looser moral code than you do. Here are 15 of them.

15 Simon Cowell

There is another type of guy that a certain type of woman seems to be super attracted to, and that is the one that is powerful, and also a total and complete D-bag. Oh Hey Simon Cowell, how did you know we were talking about you? Cowell is also said to have bedded around 2,000 women over the years. So hey ladies; if you are out there, and you want to sleep with a guy that is handsome, rich, and is probably going to completely make fun of your performance in the bedroom, then what are you waiting for? Go hook up with Simon Cowell as soon as possible. But Lindsay, if you are reading this I would probably give Simon a pass, as I am not sure that you could handle it where you are mentally and emotionally right now.

14 Kendra Jade Rossi

Kendra Jade is yet another alumnus of Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew and Sober House. She also is a veteran of the adult industry, and used to appear on The Howard Stern Show. She identifies as a sex addict. It is rather interesting that most; okay, actually all of the women on this list have a bit of a troubled past, while Lindsay Lohan was a child star who appeared to have things easy. Either way, considering Kendra Jane's past we would have to assume that she beats out Lindsay Lohan in the numbers category. Kendra has kind of dropped out of the public eye, so it is hard to know how she is doing. Although dropping out of the public eye is usually what happens when someone that is known for being sexy stops trying to be so anymore.

13 Russell Brand


Russell Brand has almost certainly had more sex than Lindsay Lohan. His rumored number is around 1,000. Some of his more notable conquests are Kate Moss, Geri Halliwell, Courtney Love and  his ex-wife Katy Perry. A couple things here. For the love of God, why do so many women sleep with Russell Brand? He broke up with his then wife over text message for crying out loud, and the thought of him and Courtney Love doing it makes me want to gouge out my eyes. Brand actually ended up going to rehab for sex addiction, then for a while said he was celibate, and now he has a kid that he is going to bring up  "gender neutral."  In other words, Russell Brand is totally out of his ever-loving mind. But we knew that.

12 Hugh Hefner

Well this one is pretty much a no-brainer. There is almost no way that Lindsay Lohan has been to bed with as many people as Hugh Hefner, the man behind the Playboy empire. It is rumored that he has bedded between 1,000 and 2,000 women. He claims that he has been faithful during his three marriages, and that he did these other conquests before his first marriage and in between. In actuality the dude is kind of lazy. I mean he is 90-years-old and has had access to tens of thousands of women who don't mind taking their clothes off for money. Shame on you Hugh. You really should have worked on things a little bit harder. Lindsay is 30 and she probably is way ahead of you when you were her age. Not that you would remember.

11 Jennifer Ketcham

You may possibly remember a show called Sex Rehab With Dr Drew that was on VH1 a few years ago. If so, you also probably remember Jennifer, who used to perform under the name Penny Flame. And when I say "perform," I mean she slept with all sorts of dudes on camera and also starred in a bunch of fetish movies. How do I know all this? A friend told me. What do you care? Anyway, Jennifer, I mean Jennie, wrote a book called I Am Jennie which details her sex addiction. She is now out of the business and is living a sober lifestyle. I am not sure if that means no more sex, or just that she doesn't have sex with hundreds of people anymore. Either way, I am pretty sure she has Lindsay beat when it comes to numbers.

10 Gary Beadle

I know what you are saying, who is Gary Beadle? Well, I can tell you right now there are well over 1,00o women who know exactly who he is. He is the star of an MTV show in the UK called Geordie Shore. If you can not guess, it obviously is a bit of a take off on Jersey Shore and Gary is a bit like The Situation, except he obviously has much better game. He has had numerous threesomes and even foursomes both on and off camera, and is said to have had sex with 1,000 women or so. I doubt that Lindsay has been able to keep up a pace of this nature, and not only that, I doubt that she would want to do a foursome. That actually sounds a bit scary. But who knows? Lindsay has done a lot of things that are a bit confusing to many of us.

9 Nicole Narain

Nicole used to be a Playboy Playmate, who also appeared in a bunch of music videos. I know, that is not much of a resume, so why is she even famous? Oh, just because she was sued by Colin Farrell in regards to a sex tape of the two of them. He tried to block the release of the tape, but it got out anyway. If you want to see the tape, well, just type the words into google, as it is all over the place. Nicole later came out and said she was a sex addict, and got some publicity for that before her career pretty much faded away, much like Lindsay Lohan's did, just on a much smaller scale. We are not certain of course, but all signs point to Nicole having more partners than Lindsay, although apparently they both shared one, as Lindsay said she slept with Colin, too. Maybe he should be on this list.

8 Jack Nicholson


Jack Nicholson is obviously one of the best, and most famous actors of our, or any other generation. Still though, it illustrates the difference between men and women. Sure Nicholson was decent looking at one point, but even when he got older he was still this dude that was going to bed with all sorts of hot women all the time. It seems that a lot of women just go for intellect, charm, money and power, so sorry, that leaves about 99% of you guys out. He is supposed to have slept with around 2,000 women and once said that he had slept with women of all sorts of ages, “And their mothers… some of them with their mothers.” Oh Jack, that is totally creepy, although he did make it clear that they were all of legal age. Who knows, maybe he slept with Lindsay Lohan?

7 Mick Jagger

There is certainly almost no doubt that Mick Jagger, has slept with more women than Lindsay Lohan, as his number is estimated to be around 4,000. Some of his conquests are rumored to include Angelina Jolie, Uma Thurman, and Farrah Fawcett. Lindsay is just 30- years-old, so she would have to be pretty busy to get to 4,000. In fact, I am no math genius, but I would say it would be pretty much impossible, unless she spends every single second of every single day in the bedroom, and I am pretty sure she didn't do that since she was in a bunch of movies and all that. Jagger is yet another guy who you just don't understand unless you are of a certain age. For all of you kids out there under 25, he used to be cool once, I promise, I really do.

6 Kari Ann Peniche

Kari Ann is a wild ride, that is for sure. She was once described by as "the reality TV-starring, bikini-designing, Playboy-modeling, Aaron Carter-betrothing, sexual abuse- and domestic violence-surviving, Lutheran soccer-playing, high school-cheerleading, drug-recovering, title-losing Miss United States Teen." That pretty much sums it up, except to say that she also has come out as a sex addict on top of all of those other things. There is a popular video floating around of her naked hanging out with married actors Eric Dane and Rebecca Gayheart, both of whom were also without clothes. This is probably a close race, but I have to say I imagine she has had a bit more sex than Lindsay Lohan; for Lindsay's sake I sure hope so, anyway.

5 Gene Simmons

This one just goes under the total "Yuck" category. Simmons used to be a member of the metal band Kiss. If you are too young to remember them, they used to wear ridiculous costumes, tons of makeup, and platform boots, and yes, people somehow thought they were cool. And yes, you are correct- the 70s were really odd. So supposedly Simmons has slept with around 4,600 women. This boggles the mind as Simmons is neither good looking, nor is he charming in any way. In fact I may be wrong, but I doubt even Lindsay Lohan would sleep with him.  He is now married to former Playboy model Shannon Tweed. Once when he was asked about how many women he slept with he replied “A lot of them didn’t get any sleep.” Zing!

4 Charlie Sheen

Well yeah, of course Charlie Sheen has had more wild times in the bedroom than Lindsay Lohan! His estimated number is 5,000, although the pace has probably slowed now that he has come out with the fact that he has HIV. He has done the deed with Winona Ryder, Denise Richards and also many others including lots of prostitutes, of which he once said “I don’t pay prostitutes for sex, I pay them to leave.” Pretty charming, no? Yeah, not at all. Well there is no doubt that Sheen is no longer "winning" in life, as his career is now pretty much non existent, but he is winning in the race with Lindsay Lohan to see who has slept with more people. But there is pretty much no way she possibly has done even close to 5,000

3 Warren Beatty

Back in the day Warren Beatty was the absolute man. In fact he still kind of is; at age 79 he is married to Annette Bening, who used to be one of the hottest women alive and is still quite smoking at 58. Beatty is rumored to have slept with over 12,000 women; at least that is what was said by his biographer, although Beatty himself says it is not that many. Well, I guess we will believe him, but even so there is pretty much no doubt at all in my mind that he has slept with more people than Lindsay Lohan. 12,000 women would be an average of one woman a day until he got married when he was 55 years old. Now that sounds crazy, but obviously Beatty could have done that if he wanted to-  one woman a day would be nothing for him.

2 Amber Smith

If there is one thing for sure, it is that Amber Smith is totally hot. I mean really, incredibly hot. She was back in the day, and she still is now. She was a supermodel and an actress, and yet another woman who came out as a sex addict on Celebrity Rehab and Sex Rehab with Dr. Drew, thus ensuring that all men in the world wished that they had met Amber before she started to get well. My lord, she has to be the hottest sex addict in the history of the world. Now Lindsay may or may not be a sex addict and Lindsay is pretty hot, but she is not as hot as Amber and it is almost certain that she has not been with as many people as Amber has. Amber is supposedly now doing quite well and stays out of the limelight.

1 Wilt Chamberlain

There is not one celebrity in the history of the world that has done the deed more than Wilt Chamberlain. He claimed in a book that he had sex with around 20,000 women, which adds up to 1.4 women a day. Does that sound crazy? Well maybe not, he is said to have loved threesomes and according to someone in the know : "he was intimate with 23 different women on one 10-day road trip. Wilt was also a lifelong insomniac, sometimes just not sleeping at all. He probably would take a woman to bed any time he couldn't fall asleep." Whether it is true or not, there is absolutely zero doubt that Wilt has had more relations than Lindsay Lohan. Hey Lindsay, if you are reading this, you better get to work, you have a lot of catching up to do. No pressure though. You just keep on being you.


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