15 Celebs Living With Physical Deformities

One needs not look too hard if on the hunt for proof that celebrities are in fact humans who possess some otherwise peculiar flaws. How we typically see our favorite stars on screen or in print is frequently a direct result of methodical lighting, strategic angling, and skillful Photoshop manipulation. The reality that celebrities are people, too, quite often falls to the wayside, and they are expected to appear in all their glossy perfection anytime their audience demands it.

Yet, no matter how rich, no one can grace the public eye with the absolute certainty that photo filters usually provide. You're in public, and everything is live and visible. You need to work extra hard to hide the parts of you you're most self-conscious about. There are some celebs whose disfigurements are subtle, while others live with some that are a tad more glaring. Though most members of Holly-weird manage to keep their respective defects well-concealed, it hasn't stopped the world from exposing some of their strangest and most shocking secrets. Because everyone loves celebs, and when their humanity is exposed, we love them even more. Here, we'll look at 15 celebrities who live with physical deformities, making them perfectly imperfect.


15 Tina Fey - Stranger Slasher

Tina Fey isn't your average triple-threat. She's an eight-year SNL alum, model, author, and multiple award winning comedienne. 'Everywhere' doesn't begin to describe the myriad of places we find this near-perfect woman these days. Notice we said "near-perfect." The untrained eye may completely overlook what has been so enormously obvious to film producers, directors, and anyone else being paid to "shoot her from her good side." An almost squinty-eyed examination of her left cheek reveals a long, dreadful scar. In a most terrifying act of violence, while Tina was only five years old, a stranger walked up to her and slashed her cheek, resulting in the permanent blemish we see today. Most of the scenes she has filmed are shot from her right side to keep the scar as well-hidden as possible, though this is yet another person whose career hasn't been stunted by her curiously shocking disfigurement.

14 Karolina Kurkova - Where's Your Navel?


This Czech-born model is a Victoria's Secret Angel by day and hottie next door by night. Karolina Kurkova has fooled the public through Photoshop in her print series for years. She has no navel. There's a space where her navel should be, but there is no innie or outie, she just doesn't have one. In every other way, she appears normal enough to the naked eye. However, the public was shocked to notice her lack of a belly button when she strutted her stuff on the runway at a Victoria's Secret fashion show back in 2008, and the rumors began to fly. Some experts claim that the smooth indentation she has in place of where her navel should be indicates the possibility of umbilical herniation. She herself has offered the simple explanation that she had a complex surgery as an infant, and has left it at that.

13 Ke$ha - Wag Your Tail

Ke$ha's familiarity with the stage goes back to infancy, when her singer-songwriter mom, Patricia would perform, but had no means for childcare, so her mom would look after her on stage as she performed. She comes from a modest upbringing, as her single mother struggled to support her and older brother, Lagan, at times, relying on welfare and food stamps to make ends meet. Most recently, aside from being known for her stunning looks and eccentric style, Ke$ha has made headlines with her very public battle to be released from her contract with Dr. Luke's label, Kemosabe Records. What's been kept much more private, on the other hand, is that she was born with a quarter-inch long vestigial tail. It was removed not long after she was born, although, had she kept it, it would be no surprise if it was accessorized and accentuated like the rest of her amazing features.

12 Mark Wahlberg - My Third Nipple

One of our favorite bad-boy heartthrobs, he's been around for a couple of decades now; modeling, following his older brother, Donnie's footsteps in music and leading Marky Mark And The Funky Bunch back in the 90s, eventually turning his attention to acting and appearing in films like Fear, The Other Guys, and Ted and Ted 2. He's also spent so much time with his shirt off that it's almost unbelievable to know we've not noticed this celeb's body oddity at some point or another over the years. Mark was born with a superfluous third nipple. Yes, you read that correctly. A third nipple. How is is that we've never noticed this before, you ask? Once again, we can thank the illustrious capabilities of Photoshop for deceiving us. What Mark has come to call his "most prized possession" was viewed by photo and movie editors alike as "unsightly", and thus airbrushed out of almost all of his print and screen appearances. Some editors have chosen to allow it to appear au naturale in their works, however, because we noticed it winking at the camera in one of his newest films, Shooter. 

11 Vince Vaughn - Missing Tip

Born in Minneapolis and growing up in northwest suburban Chicago, Vince Vaughn has said that despite his participation in baseball and football, he wasn't the athletic type. This may have helped make his roles in Dodgeball and Old School feel more authentic. He's also been dubbed a member of Hollywood's "Frat Pack"; co-starring with many of the same actors in comedy films, such as Ben Stiller. With as many of those films as he's appeared in, his particular deformity is also not readily obvious. When Vince was 17, he was involved in a car crash that resulted in him losing the tip of his right thumb. While he doesn't exactly wave it around showing it off, funnyman that he is, he's been known to joke about its appearance, saying, "It looks like a penis with a fingernail."

10 Jennifer Garner - This Little Piggy...


It seems as though Dude, Where's My Car? hit theaters just last week; although, it's been 16 years since its release, and Jennifer Garner first blasted into our hearts and living rooms with her cute, girl-next-door appearance. Since then, she has wrangled roles that launched her career into the stratosphere and scored endorsements which have rocketed her to consistent stardom. She, too, however, has a strange imperfection, and she doesn't seem to be all that self-conscious about the need to keep it under wraps. Though she didn't let her new baby just hang off her arm as the adoptive mother to an unwed teen's son in the movie Juno, she seems to let her baby toe hang any way it wants to when she wears open-toed shoes. Jennifer has a condition called brachymetatarsia. It's a deformity which makes her extra-long pinky toe overlap the others, almost as if it's growing directly on top of another toe. Strange looking, indeed.

9 Ashton Kutcher - Webbed Toes

From That '70s Show to The Butterfly Effect, and from Demi Moore to Mila Kunis, this ultra-busy stud is yet another member of the webbed-toe club. We had an opportunity to see his feet in full view during one of the early scenes in Dude, Where's My Car?, but once again, camera magic pulled the wool over our eyes. If it's not readily apparent, this strange imperfection hasn't put a damper on his career, nor his love life. Ashton has hooked up with some of Tinseltown's most eligible bachelorettes through the years, and none of his ladies have had anything negative to say about his quirky toes.


8 Seal - Facial Scarring


His full given name is Seal Henry Olusegun Olumide Adeola Samuel. The London-born singer of international acclaim is known for hits such as 1991's Crazy, and what was perhaps the most popular song on 1995's Batman Forever soundtrack, Kiss From A Rose. Seal made headlines as Heidi Klum's main squeeze, and more recently, as a vocal coach on Australia's The Voice. One of the things we've never been able to get past, however, is the incredibly obvious scarring on his face. Past tabloid features have made such false claims as him having been the victim of a fire and even botched plastic surgery, but the truth is quite shocking, even if just a bit sad. While still a teenager, Seal was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder called discoid lupus erythematosus. It is a form of lupus which primarily affects the skin of the face. It presents with a scaly texture and pronounced follicular plugging; and, as it did in Seal's case, usually leads to disfiguring scars and atrophy of the facial skin.

7 Mila Kunis - Two Eyes, Two Colors

It now makes absolute perfect sense that she wound up with her That '70s Show co-star and on-screen boyfriend, Ashton Kutcher; neither minds the other's bizarre body quirks— they're two peculiar little peas in a pod! It's shocking to know that with as much as the camera loves her sensational eyes, we simply had no idea that Mila's were two different colors. Mila suffered from a debilitating condition called chronic iritis, which caused her to go blind in one eye for many years. The condition also changed the color of the affected eye from brown to green. She eventually had surgery to correct the blindness, and often wears contact lenses to conceal the difference in color.

6 Megan Fox - Stubby Thumbs


This brunette bombshell, who's been named sexiest woman alive over and over again, and is known for her roles in Transformers, Jennifer's Body, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has, since her explosive first appearance in Hollywood, had men drooling over her intense sex-appeal, and women feverishly attempting to duplicate the actress' knockout style. She is seen by many as the epitome of female perfection, yet, a hearty chunk of those folks have never taken a good, hard look at her thumbs. Though she's been blessed with reasonably favorable genes, Megan has also been cursed with a hereditary condition called brachydactyly, or, in other words, clubbed thumbs. They're short and stubby, with the nails also appearing pug-like and unusually wide. Hers is a relatively mild version of the defect, however, and doesn't seem to impede her ability to grasp and pinch things the way a person with normal thumbs would.

5 Andy Garcia - Scarred By Conjoined Twin

The Cuban-born, award-winning actor, who spent many of his early years sitting just outside the local Cuban bars gaining an appreciation for the culture's music because he was too young to go in, has quite the intriguing backstory. Andy Garcia has earned a reputation in the US by starring in such films as Hero, The Untouchables, Ocean's Eleven, and The Godfather: Part III, and has wowed us repeatedly with powerfully inspiring performances and a strong sense of family, which has generally helped him with his preference to stay out of the limelight. There was, perhaps, one menacing detail that he simply wasn't able to hide from inquiring minds. By looking at him today, unless you're able to catch a rare glimpse at his naked shoulders, you'd never guess that he was born with a softball-sized conjoined twin attached to his shoulder. Due to it having been so underdeveloped, it perished in utero and was removed shortly after he was born. He has no memory of the twin or the surgery.

4 Daryl Hannah - Missing Tip #2


She's so easily remembered as the evil Elle Driver from Kill Bill Vol. 1 & 2, but what propelled her to fame was playing the sexy, naive mermaid in the 1980s classic, Splash. It opened doors for other popular roles, such as the one opposite Steve Martin in Roxanne. But, no matter which character she's playing, or how we remember her best, Daryl Hannah has an imperfection that she regularly hides from the general public. You see, when she was a young child, during a visit to her grandparents' house, she suffered an incredibly frightening accident. While using a rope pulley to raise a water bucket from a well, she caught her left index finger in the pulley, effectively severing the tip of her finger. If we pay attention to the angles at which she's photographed, we'll notice that her left hand is often not visible, as with the above photo. When she films movies and must include her left hand in certain shots, she often wears a prosthetic to conceal the missing part of her finger.

3 Kate Bosworth - Blue & Brown

This model-actress and champion equestrian is well-known for her roles in The Horse Whisperer, Blue Crush, and Superman Returns. It's not quite as frequently noticed, however, that she, too, has two different colored eyes. In her movie roles, it seems editors do their darndest to ensure we don't notice these things, but she publicly embraces this hardly noticeable defect. Kate was born with this ever-so-slight imperfection; a condition called heterochromia iridium. It's an interesting condition which primarily affects the iris, but sometimes also the skin or hair, and happens when there is a mutation of the genes that determine the distribution of melanin, or, pigment.

2 Dan Aykroyd - Webbed Toes #2


The Academy Award winning, Canadian-born actor has been a household name longer than most of us can remember. As an original cast member on Saturday Night Live, Aykroyd developed a skit with fellow cast member John Belushi that eventually became the iconic film, The Blues Brothers. He's further known for the Ghostbusters movies, The Great Outdoors, Coneheads, and Driving Miss Daisy, and though he's revered as something of a comic genius, he remains humble in his roots. Further proof that he's a mere mortal like the rest of us, however, lies in one of his unique deformities. Both sets of his middle toes are connected, or, webbed. It's a condition called syndactyly and is a shared feature of more than 28 different syndromes. It is considered the most common of congenital malformations, affecting one in every 2,000 to 3,000 live births. We can't help but wonder if perhaps the condition was used as part of Beldar's costume in the movie, Coneheads.

1 Joaquin Phoenix - His Lip

We know him from his childhood television roles, movies such as Signs, and for being River Phoenix' younger brother. The Puerto-Rican born vegan is actively involved with PETA and other animal rights advocacy groups, and won a Grammy for having lent his talent to the Walk The Line soundtrack. Yet, many of us simply can't get over that upper lip. It apparently hasn't hurt his career, although it is a defect which causes thousands of babies to be born with their upper lip separated every year. It is a defect referred to as a cleft palate, and it's a condition which forms while still in utero. Many times, the separation in the lip or mouth does not grow together before the child is born, but Joaquin was fortunate in that regard, as he was left with a small scar where the separation would have been.


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