15 Celebrities You Forgot Have "Racy" Films Out There

Many of these celebrities have a clean image, but they may have a dirtier past than you realize.

In these modern times, the news of celebrities in sex videos is so common that they rarely raise too many eyebrows anymore. In fact, there are some celebrities that make these tapes on a regular basis. The shock effect is not what it was many years ago when the likes of Pamela Anderson and others gained notoriety for their on-camera sexploits. With the advent of smartphones and other similar devices, it seems that everyone is making them now.

Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian gained their notoriety through making sex tapes while Carrie Prejean, Taiwanese journalist Chu Mei-feng, and Malaysian politician Chua SoiLek had their careers severely damaged by participating in them. Some people don’t mind having their intimate moments laid out for the world to see while others suffer great embarrassment.

Very few actors become movie stars overnight. It is not uncommon at the start of their career for many to struggle to make end’s meet and will take any role they can get. This includes showing it all on camera. Keira Knightley, Reese Witherspoon, and Kim Cattrall are just a few famous actresses that exposed themselves early in their careers. Elizabeth Berkley tried, unsuccessfully, to launch a movie career when she let it all hang out in Striptease.

Be they leaked sex tapes, roles that were taken out of desperation, or roles that are taken to revitalize a career, here are 15 celebrities you forgot have “racy” films out there.

15 Jane Fonda

Jane Fonda has been doing movies since the 1960s and is currently starring in the Netflix series Grace and Frankie. Many people remember drooling over the sex symbol’s Barbarella character in the 1968 sci-fi flick of the same name. She has since appeared in dozens of films and she even put out the popular Jane Fonda Workout videos in the 1980’s. Those aren’t the only videos that she has appeared in. She also allegedly appeared in a risque video. Now, before you scramble off to do the inevitable internet search, we’re not talking about the twenty-something smoking-hot version of Fonda. We’re talking about the past-her-prime 48-year-old Jane involved in a three-way with wrinkly media tycoon Ted Turner and another brunette woman. The supposed video was confirmed by two ex-Hustler employees with Larry Flynt reportedly also acknowledging its existence.

14 Usher

This famous R&B and pop singer has been pleasing audiences since he was a kid. His career has spanned nearly 3 decades which has seen him produce such hits as "Nice" and "Slow", "You Make Me Wanna", and "U Don’t Have to Call". Aside from music, Usher is involved in other ventures such a being a part owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers as well as having appeared on the silver screen in various roles. One such role that you may have forgotten is his part in a sex video in which he is engaged in amorous activities with his now ex-wife. The tape was leaked after some electronic items such as laptops and video cameras were stolen from him in 2009. The video was allegedly part of the stolen loot. It is available for purchase on some websites, but not much else is known about it.

13 Tonya Harding

This ex-Olympic figure skater is best remembered for her alleged involvement in the 1994 attack on figure skating rival Nancy Kerrigan. The vicious attack pretty much ended Tonya’s figure skating career. She has done a lot of different things since then such as boxing, racing, and has appeared many times on television including her work as a commentator on the television show World’s Dumbest. She also did a sex tape back in 1994 with her then-husband Jeff Gillooly. The tape is often referred to as the Tonya Harding Wedding Video but the wedding dress was apparently a costume and the film was made after a Halloween party. This is very fitting seeing how scary the video is. The film made headlines in the early 1990s but it has been generally forgotten amidst the spate of similar videos that have flooded the market in recent years.

12 Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan is another veteran of the big screen that has seen his share of commercial successes. His star began to rise in the 80s by the mid-90s he had become quite well-known. He gained international recognition for his roles in the Rush Hour action series and the comedy Shanghai Noon. He is quite famous for doing most of his own stunts in his films and even performs many of his co-star’s stunts. He definitely did his own stunts in one of his earlier films entitled All in the Family. Chan chose to take a role in this soft-core comedy simply because he was a struggling actor that needed the cash. While this type of thing is something that many successful actors later regret, Chan insists that has no regrets from being in the adult film.

11 Sibel Kekilli

Sibel Kekilli has gained a lot of exposure from her role as Shae in the hit television series Game of Thrones. She was discovered by a casting director in 2002 and was subsequently given a part in the movie Head-On. The film was a hit overseas and won several awards. Kekilli went on to star in many other foreign movies. Little did anybody know that the dark-haired beauty had also starred in several adult flicks under the name Dilara before her sudden rise to fame. A simple Google search of either Sibel Kekilli or Dilara will yield oodles of X-rated videos that feature the German actress. Sadly, Kekilli’s parents stopped communicating with her after the revelations were made. She also ripped the media for their “smear campaign” during an award acceptance speech. Seems she wanted to leave Dilara in the past.

10 Sylvester Stallone

Sly has been one of the biggest names in Hollywood for decades. He got into acting in the late 1960s and started to get starring roles in the mid-70s. His career took off in 1976 with his starring role in Rocky which he wrote after seeing a Muhammad Ali fight. He has gone on to star in numerous movies including the Rambo series and the Expendables franchise. One role that most of us tend to forget about is his character “Stud” in the 1970 film The Party at Kitty and Studs which was later re-edited and renamed Italian Stallion.

Stallone has admitted that he took the role because he was struggling financially at the time. For his efforts, Sly was paid $200. While the film was officially X-rated, it does not have any hardcore scenes in it.

9 Cameron Diaz

This blonde beauty has enjoyed a pretty good career since she rose to stardom in the early 90’s with roles in such films as The Mask, There’s Something About Mary and My Best Friend’s Wedding. She has gone on to appear in several other popular movies including Sex Tape in which she stars alongside Jason Segel.

The title of this movie should remind us of a real-life video that she was in when she was an unknown 19-year-old. In that raunchy BDSM-themed video, Cameron Diaz bares quite a bit while she and another young woman do their thing with a bound male. She succeeded in having photos of the film shoot go unpublished but the short film can be seen in its entirety by doing a quick Google search.

8 Hulk Hogan

In keeping with the theme of old guys being videotaped while they get their rocks off, you may have forgotten about Hulk Hogan’s infamous sex tape. It’s definitely one that most would like to forget including the Hulkster himself. The tape was uploaded to the internet in April of 2012. In the video, Hogan is doing it with his friend’s estranged wife. That’s not all. His friend is heard voicing his approval of the tryst as he leaves the couple to it. At the end of the video, his friend refers to the videotape as a ticket to retirement. As for Hulk Hogan, he was deeply embarrassed.

This whole episode resulted in Hogan suing the website Gawker for $100 million dollars. The suit was settled in 2016 with Hogan receiving $31 million.

7 Helen Mirren

The Academy Award-winning actress has been in several popular movies such as Gosford Park and The Queen. She has also been quite active in theater as well. She definitely has an air of sophistication about her and one may find it hard to imagine the 71-year-old actress in anything but dignified roles. The truth is that Helen has appeared in various states of undress in no less than 10 films. Some of these movies such as Age of Consent, Oh Lucky Man, and Caligula show Helen in some very tasty scenes. She has gone topless in several other films such as Savage Messiah and Excalibur. These roles are considered softcore and they are quite tame by today’s standards but they feature racy scenes nonetheless. The 1970s sex symbol has since retired from exposing herself on film.

6 Rob Lowe

Rob Lowe deserves a nod as one of the 15 celebrities you forgot had “racy” films out there because he was one of the first to become commercially available. Rob was pretty famous at the time with movies such as Oxford Blues, St. Elmo’s Fire, and About Last Night under his belt. In 1988, a 24-year-old Lowe showed the world something else that he had under his belt. A videotape surfaced showing Rob in a naughty romp with a 16-year-old girl. On the same tape, Lowe is seen with a friend of his engaging in all sorts of lascivious behavior with a girl only known as Jennifer. The threesome was allegedly taped in a Paris hotel room.

The tape stirred all sorts of controversy and damaged the young star’s career and reputation. Needless to say, his career has rebounded quite well.

5 Jennifer Lopez

We are all probably familiar with Jennifer Lopez. The Latin-American diva has been singing, dancing, and acting for over 25 years and she continues to succeed at almost everything she does. Despite her many successes, there are a couple of her films that she doesn’t want you to see. One of them is the 2003 box office bomb Gigli which she made with former beau Ben Affleck.

The other film is a honeymoon sex tape that she appeared in with her first husband, Ojani Noa. The video has been subject to a long and drawn out legal battle as JLo has desperately tried to keep it from being released. It is reportedly safely tucked away in a depository as ordered by the court.

The video will certainly get a lot of attention if it ever hits the internet.

4 Jayne Mansfield

The voluptuous Jayne Mansfield was a Hollywood icon and sex symbol throughout the 1950s and 60s. She was well-known for showing her incredible curves and the occasional “wardrobe malfunctions”. She made several movies throughout the 50s and 60s but her career began to slide in the early 60s and she was considered washed up by around 1963 although she was still regarded as a celebrity. What do you do when you’re a blonde bombshell and your career has hit the skids? Well, if you’re Jayne Mansfield you could always bare your skin. That is exactly what Mansfield did in the 1963 movie Promises! Promises!. She was talked into taking the part of Sandy Brooks and, with that role, became the first mainstream starlet to be filmed in the buff in a commercial movie. This revived her career but her resurgence was short-lived as she was tragically killed in a car crash in 1967.

3 Colin Farrell

The award-winning Irish actor has had a very successful career starring in such movies as Minority Report, Daredevil, In Bruges, and Horrible Bosses. Like many celebrities, Colin Farrell has had his controversial moments such as a bout with drug addiction. He has also been romantically linked to his share of gorgeous women. One controversy arose out of a video that was shot in 2003. In the 13-minute video, Colin and his girlfriend at the time, Playboy model Nicole Narain, are seen getting on. Farrell claimed that Marian released it in an attempt to damage his career. He did what he could to cover it up but, despite his efforts, the film can be easily found on the internet. He reached settlements with both Narain and Internet Commerce Group (ICG). His career continues to thrive.

2 Gene Simmons

He is known for being the long-tongued and blood spewing demonic bass player from the band KISS. He has also made a name for himself in the world of reality television and film. If you are a fan of his and you like Austrian models then you may have seen Simmons’ sex tape which hit the internet in 2008.

If you haven’t seen it then consider yourself lucky and if you plan on seeing it you’d best have some Pepto-Bismol on hand. One redeeming quality of this video is that Gene remains dressed while his partner goes to work. There is also a soundtrack to this cinematic catastrophe but it isn’t a KISS song. Gene gets his groove going to “I Want to Know What Love Is” by Foreigner.

When you consider Simmons has made love to hundreds and hundreds of women, we're sure he got plenty tired of listening to his own records.

1 Bob Crane

Bob Crane is best remembered for portraying Colonel Robert Hogan in the popular comedy Hogan’s Heroes. He deserves a mention on the list of 15 celebrities you forgot have “racy” films out there because he was somewhat of a pioneer when it comes to filming one’s own sexual escapades. He is thought to have started the habit back in the 1950s and is believed to have made hundreds of very explicit videos featuring himself with various women and even some men. He continued to make these raunchy home movies up until he was murdered in 1978. His son created in 2001 which featured snippets from Bob’s salacious movies. The site has since been changed and the controversial content has been removed. However, there are still hundreds of hours of Bob Crane sex tapes out there somewhere.

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15 Celebrities You Forgot Have "Racy" Films Out There