15 Absurd Things The LGBT Community Was Blamed For

Unfortunately, homophobia is still something that’s rife in 2017. From the playground to the political arena, intolerance towards homosexuality is widespread and exists in many horrific forms. Countle

Unfortunately, homophobia is still something that’s rife in 2017. From the playground to the political arena, intolerance towards homosexuality is widespread and exists in many horrific forms. Countless acts of verbal and physical abuse are hurled towards individual gay men and women every day, and the entire LGBT community is continuously viewed as an unstoppable evil by large groups.

Sadly, many of the more extreme homophobes hold the absurd belief that gay people are somehow responsible for tragic world events. Effectively, the LGBT community has become a scapegoat for almost every natural disaster and catastrophe to have occurred in the last few decades! Hurricanes, terror plots and disease epidemics—you name it, and the homosexual population has been blamed for it.

By the sounds of some of these bizarre claims, it may sound as if the gay community has God-like powers, capable of summoning floods and tornados at will. Can they even impact the Earth’s surface and alter the course of our geographical landscape?

Many of these pathetic accusations unsurprisingly come from religious groups and fanatics, who have no basic understanding of homosexuality. Now let's bask in the hilarity and downright horror of these alleged ‘faults’ of gay people. Caution: Logic and sanity takes a leave from here on out.

15 No Ebola Vaccine

Yep, you read right. At the height of the Ebola outbreak back in 2014, conservative commentator Erick Erickson blamed the lack of an Ebola vaccine on homosexuals, or as Erickson eloquently phrased it: “Fat lesbians got all the Ebola dollars”. In a post on his personal blog, Erickson claimed health funding had been grossly misdirected, calling out the National Institute of Health over a study which looked into high obesity rates in gay women.

This NIH-funded study was just one demographic in line with others which sought to examine the general challenges to public health. Nevertheless, the notoriously anti-LGBT Erickson jumped at the chance to target homosexuals in an attempt to explain why a vaccine was not yet available. (He was probably taught that the Black death and Smallpox was started by lesbians too).

14 Hurricanes

Apparently gay people have been busy bees when it comes to creating hurricanes. According to UK councillor and Democratic Unionist Party member Maurice Mills, Hurricane Katrina, which killed 1,836 back in 2005, was God’s punishment towards the gays. Years later in 2012, Hurricane Sandy—which claimed 233 lives—was said to be down to Barack Obama’s support for marriage equality, according to American right-wing Preacher John McTernan.

In the days following the Hurricane Sandy disaster, Preacher McTernan carried on his hateful rhetoric, warning that “God is systematically destroying America. Just look at what happened this year”. If people like Mills and McTernan are any judge of the weather, every hurricane to have ever occurred throughout history is apparently the fault of homosexuals. We’re betting these guys didn’t too so well in first grade Geography.

13 Traditional Values

This is one is right up there on the WTF factor. The conventional male and female coupling shouldn't be affected by homosexuality. But according to many right-wing organizations, homosexuality is a sin that is corrupting the sanctity of heterosexual marriage. This is almost like saying that you can't possibly enjoy your steak because someone across the restaurant from you is eating salad. It makes zero sense!

A Christian couple in Australia made headlines in 2015 when they threatened to end their own marriage if gay marriage was made legal in the country. Seriously? This is no threat or loss to the rest of the world, guys. But you are effectively putting your own personal happiness on hold over something that has nothing to do with you. Sadly, this is the kind of homophobic insanity that we can't imagine disappearing anytime soon.

12 9/11

If your jaw just dropped, you’re not alone. This is another incredibly despicable claim by more right-wing nut jobs. On this occasion, it was Reverend Jerry Falwell and Pat Robertson who made sure their views were heard in a hate-filled rant on national television, just days after the September 11th attacks.

When America was still raw from the tragedy of the previous week, Falwell blamed the terror plot on pagans, feminists and the gays because they tried to "secularize America." When you consider Reverend Pat Robertson was once quoted as saying feminism “encourages women to kill their children and practice witchcraft”, you automatically get the sense he's a little crazy.

11 The Economy

The financial crash of 2008 was felt around the world. It was hailed as the worst economic collapse since the Great Depression and people’s lives have been irreversibly changed as a result. Lucky for us we had someone like Rick Santorum to explain the cause of the crash and offer us new insight into how it could have been prevented.

In 2012, the ex-presidential candidate blamed 2008’s economic crash on America’s ‘moral breakdown’ for their evolving views on gay marriage. Elsewhere, a Spanish senator Luz Elena Sanin followed suit by blaming Spain's economic meltdown on “money offered to homosexuals”. The deluded Senator blamed the gay community for Spain’s national debt, which reached nearly one trillion Euros. If so much money was spent on gays, it was probably to help organize all the protests needed to silence this of crackpot.

10 Tsunamis

Another example of gays wielding their ‘almighty’ power upon the world have been Tsunamis—specifically the one that devastated Japan back in 2011. The horrific earthquake and resulting Tsunami struck the coastal region of Tōhoku, causing 16,000 fatalities and more than $34 billion worth of damage. So to add insult to injury, meet people like Cindy Jacobs, who believes homosexuals are behind this tragedy.

Jacobs, who serves as the General’s International Ministry of Red Oak in Texas, appeared to have spotted some disturbing links between unruly weather patterns and America’s timely repeal of the DADT policy. This stands for Don't Ask, Don't Tell, which was an official American policy from 1993 until 2011 and was geared towards homosexuals in the military. Meaning homosexuals could serve in the military but they essentially could not be open about their sexual orientation and military personal could not ask them about it. The controversial policy was repealed in 2011 by the Obama administration, and sought to allow homosexuals to openly serve in the army. Jacobs was against repealing the policy and said “when we break God’s law, it actually causes cycles of nature to come afterwards.” Unbelievable.

9 Germany’s Post-WWI Economy

Another example that uses gay people as a scapegoat is Germany during the post-WWI years. The German economy was failing and Adolf Hitler (during his rise to power) blamed both the Jews and the homosexuals for the nation's problems

When he wasn’t blaming Jews for everything under the sun, Hitler accused gay people of emasculating the nation with acts of “degenerative behaviour” and “corrupting” public morality. (I’ll just let the irony of the latter word sink in for a second). Homosexuals were just one minority on Hitler’s hate-list of course, but linking homosexuals to Germany’s floundering economy played a large part in his rise to power and this is a scary notion in itself.

8 French Terror Attacks

Over the last few years, France has been marred by multiple terror attacks, which claimed hundreds of lives. Most notably were the Charlie Hebdo shootings in January 2015, which killed 12 journalists and the November 2015 attacks, which targeted a concert hall, restaurants, and a soccer stadium. 2015 rocked France to it’s very core and made other major cities fearful of becoming the next target.

On hand to provide sensitive insight to the devastating events was biblical scholar and end-time preacher, Jonathan Cahn. He described the Paris attacks as “the second harbinger of God’s judgement upon a nation,” implying the first wave of God’s wrath came in the form of 9/11. Speaking on a televangelist programme in the U.S., Cahn professed that as long as there is support for gay marriage, God will continue to punish nations like France and the U.S. by "lifting up violent extremists”.


Globally, an estimated 35 million people have died of HIV-AIDS since the spread of the epidemic in the early 1980’s, and this includes men and women of all sexual orientations. Try telling that to the half of the world that still view HIV-AIDS as primarily a gay-only disease, spread by the gays.

Back in 1986, Reverend and TV evangelist Charles Stanley spoke to the Los Angeles Times about the HIV-AIDS epidemic – citing the existence of the disease to be “God indicating his displeasure toward that form of lifestyle”. Sadly, views haven’t changed since then. Thanks to the media and many disgusting and outdated campaigns, people still hold the misconception that AIDS is a disease that begins and ends with gay men.

6 Child Abuse

Grouping pedophilia together with homosexuality is something religious fundamentalists are quite fond of—mostly because it appears to clear the Catholic church of any wrongdoings where child molestation is concerned (God forbid, any straight, neighbourly priest should be involved in such atrocious acts!).

Maybe these fanatics missed a basic psychology class, but someone ought to have told them that homosexuality and pedophilia are not linked whatsoever. This ridiculous correlation between the two may have it’s origins in public safety films of the 1950s, which warned young children of gay men preying on them. These dated films used the slogan “Stranger Danger.”

5 The Ukrainian Conflict

At the height of the political crisis in Ukraine in early 2014, anti-gay American minister Scott Lively claimed homosexuality was the underlying reason for the conflict in Eastern Europe. He explained the great rift between the US and Russia “is the question of homosexuality” continuing to say that “the conflict in Ukraine is being driven by this issue, on the part of the Obama State Department and the homosexual leaders of the EU.”

If you thought this was bad, Pastor Lively is responsible for something even more abhorrent where the gay community is concerned. His homophobic malice may have been heard in the US, but it wasn’t put into practice until a visit to Uganda – where Lively helped introduce an anti Homosexuality act in legislation. The Ugandan bill punishes those suspected of homosexuality by imprisoning them for life. Lively’s original version of the bill was a call for all homosexuals to be executed.

4 Autism

After reading a few titles on this list, you could assume homophobes use a ‘random word’ generator and try their hardest to plausibly pin the cause on sexual orientation (these kind of people may be allergic to facts). The woman claiming autism is linked to homosexuality is definitely allergic to logic in some way. Republican Susanne Atanus, who ran for Illinois congress in 2014, claimed the world is provoking an angry God with “abortions, same-sex marriages and civil unions.”

Using her candidacy to spew further homophobic views, she concluded people in support of marriage equality can expect God’s wrath in the form of autism. This is not only deeply offensive to the gay communities across the world, it also belittles those struggling with the condition and those caring for autistic loved ones. Congrats, Susanne, you score a douche bag hat-trick!

3 Communism

Homosexuals have been blamed for nearly every other atrocity on this list, so their supposed part in communism may not raise too many eyebrows at this point. During the 1950s, gay men and women were feared to be communist sympathizers, so naturally a witch-hunt was set up to remove homosexuals from state employment.

The operation, known as the ‘Lavender Scare’, aimed to take gay people out of their jobs so they could no longer pose a security threat. It was widely believed that all gay citizens had a role in government and were passing information on to communist parties. People like Frank Kameny lost high-ranking jobs because of their sexuality and struggled to find work ever again. Before being fired, Kameny worked as an astronomer for the US Army Map service and afterwards, he became one of the first exponents of the gay rights movement.

2 Homosexuality in Early Teens

Apparently, children that are taught about gay marriage are destined to become gay themselves. This is a widely-held belief by many religious fundamentalists and teachers who believe that children should only grow up with the Bible’s idea of a ‘relationship’. There is probably more evidence out there to support children wanting careers as a Power Ranger than there is for becoming gay as a result of being taught about gay rights.

Someone who has voiced his opinion on this subject is President Vladimir Putin, who introduced the controversial law in 2013 to ban “gay propaganda”. This was setup out of fear that “promoting gay values” could corrupt young minds and lead them astray. The only thing that will lead young people astray is Russian oligarchs telling teens who they’re supposed to be attracted to!

1 Climate Change

Global warming can be too much for some people to get their heads round. Particularly for conservative politicians, who find it much easier to blame homosexuals instead. When you think about it, there’s something very ‘Old Testament’ about climate change. After all, it involves the prospect of the Earth flooding, storms gathering and animals clambering on land to avoid drowning. No wonder right-wing lunatics like to put an epic biblical slant on something that can otherwise be explained reasonably and scientifically.

Across the pond, the severe floods that battered large parts of the UK in 2014 came at a time when the then Prime Minister, David Cameron introduced the law allowing same-sex marriages to take place. Coincidence? Not according to former UKIP and Conservative Party member, David Silvester who attributed the floods to homosexual ‘sins’. Silvester claims that David Cameron went “arrogantly against the gospel” - unaware that Silvester himself goes laughably against logic.



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