15 BTS Incidents These Actors Don't Want You To Know About

Celebrities are the heart and soul of the entertainment industry. And since one cannot help but imagine the grim and terrible world we would live in without the entertainment industry, we have to admit that celebrities are a vital part of the society we live in today. Still, while they might play such vital roles in our daily lives, celebrities are just people. And if there is one thing that people inherently do, it is to mess up from time to time. So, while it might seem mind-blowing to hear about Hollywood scandals and the worldwide proportions some of these dramas can take, we have to remember that similar scandals happen in our cities and neighborhoods every year, month, week, and day without causing such a fuss.

Whether you like it or not, the people who play your favorite characters are flawed human beings who probably messed up at some point in their lives. More than that, a lot of famous actors and actresses most likely have messed up and caused massive amounts of drama behind the scenes of your favorite movies and TV shows. With that in mind, we dipped our toes into the realm of behind-the-scenes scandals that actors and actresses do not want you to know about. Some of these can be old news for you, but a lot of them will blow your mind. So sit back, relax, and get ready to begin second-guessing your favorite characters because here are 15 behind-the-scenes incidents these actors don’t want you to know about.

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15 Mel Gibson

Via: nydailynews.com

What better way to start a list of behind-the-scenes incidents famous actors don’t want you to know about than with the classic Mel Gibson anti-Semitic rant. This particular incident happened over a decade ago, but it is still one of the defining moments of Gibson’s career. This is a man who was arguably one of the most gifted actors anyone has ever watched on the big screen. Still, apparently, he is also one of the most unstable individuals in Hollywood.

The best testament to that assertion is the incident that happened on July 28, 2006, when Gibson was pulled over on one of the most famous highways in the world. Gibson was allegedly burning the asphalt of the Pacific Coast Highway when officers flashed the lights and made him pull over. In a story that would fit a drama, the arresting officers found a bottle of tequila inside Gibson’s car and proceeded to arrest him. Once the handcuffs were on, Gibson began one of the most iconic racist rants of all time as he machine-gunned anti-Semitic curses at one of the arresting officers who was Jewish.

14 Big Brother

Via: pinterest.com

Big Brother has become one of the most watched reality television shows as of late. And while we will not focus on a single actor or, as they say, “contestant,” we feel that the barrage of behind-the-scene peculiarities of the show deserved at least one entry on this list. Instead of focusing on the actors, let’s just talk about something that the producers of the show would not want you to know.

Out of the many aspects we could approach, we decided to go with a little testing they do before locking the contestants into the house and filming their every waking (and sleeping) moments. Apparently, before entering the Big Brother house, all of the contestants have to be tested for STDs.

This is a measure that wasn’t always implemented by the show but one that might have saved some lives. We say that because before Evel Dick entered the house for season 13, he was tested and was allegedly HIV positive.

13 David Carradine

Via: medicalbag.com

We try our best not to mention folks who have already passed away on these lists, but when stories like the death of David Carradine come about, it is hard not to tell you about them. Carradine was a widely known and successful American actor as well as a gifted martial artist. Those skills earned him roles in movies like Kill Bill and the legendary Peter Shaffer play, The Royal Hunt of the Sun.

But while his acting career was full of accolades and entertaining movies, one of the most peculiar aspects of Carradine’s life was his death. This iconic actor was found dead in his hotel room during the filming of a movie in Thailand. Carradine was found hanging from a rope inside a closet of his Bangkok hotel room. However, there was one aspect that made officials believe that his death was not a regular suicide. And that fact was that the rope was also tied to his genitals. The conclusion those officials came about was that Carradine died a victim of autoerotic asphyxiation.

12 Thomas Gibson

Via: ksat.com

Thomas Gibson has risen to fame playing the role of Aaron Hotchner, a unit chief of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit in the show Criminal Minds. In the show, Hotchner is a calm and collected federal agent with amazing profiling abilities that he uses to get into the mind of serial killers and discover their identities. In real life, Gibson could probably use a few of those skills to help himself out.

After what the studio called several incidents, Gibson was terminated from the show, and the fans lost one of their favorite characters. Apparently, the last straw happened when the actor had a disagreement with one of the show’s writers and producers. Gibson allegedly kicked the producer in a fit of rage. This was the third strike. The first one was in 2010 when he allegedly shoved an assistant director and was forced to take anger management classes. The second strike happened three years later when he was arrested on suspicion of DUI and reckless driving.

11 Andre Agassi

Via: independent.co.uk

Andre Agassi is one of the greatest tennis players of all time. This bald-headed phenom has won every single grand slam tournament there was to win. He lifted four Australian Opens, one Roland Garros, one Wimbledon, and a pair of US Opens. His career winnings amount to a ridiculous figure of over $31 million. One would expect that someone with the cool head to win so many tournaments would carry that trait into his personal life. Well, Agassi was not like that.

According to Brooke Shields’ memoir, there was an incident during a cameo she made on the show Friends that proves just how unstable Agassi was. While she licked the fingers of one of the show’s protagonists in a scene where she played a stalker, her then boyfriend, Agassi, went berserk behind the scenes.

Claiming she “made him look like a fool,” the tennis star rushed to his car and drove home, where he proceeded to destroy every single trophy he had ever won.

10 Teri Hatcher

Via: pinterest.com

Teri Hatcher made a killing by playing the lead role, Suzanne Mayer, in Desperate Housewives. But while her character might’ve been a huge hit with the fans of the series, things were not so peachy behind the scenes for Hatcher. Apparently, Hatcher is one of the worst actresses to deal with in the world of filmmaking and television. While many people had heard stories before, it became clear to everyone how bad the relationship between Hatcher and her Desperate Housewives costars was off the screen, when the cast gave a goodbye gift to the show’s crew as the last season wrapped up. Guess whose name was the only one not on the card?

You nailed it. The only star of the show whose name was not on that card was Teri Hatcher. According to Celebuzz, someone from the production even said, “The girls don’t get along with Teri so they organized this and left her out.”

Ouch, we would like to think Hatcher would not be too happy with everyone knowing her costars did not like her.

9 Charlie Sheen

Via: laintrends.com

We were a bit iffy about including this entry or not, on the off-chance that Charlie Sheen might actually want you to remember this. In the aftermath of what the media called “his meltdown,” Sheen did not seem to regret what he did one bit. As a matter of fact, he seemed to get off on it.

What we are talking about is the 2011 behind-the-scenes incident that ultimately led to Sheen being terminated from the show Two and a Half Men. Upset about how the show was going, Sheen did not waste his words when he went on the Alex Jones Show to rant about his bosses. He also sent an open letter to TMZ after the production of his show was shut down. A few of the highlights include him calling show creator Chuck Lorre, “Haim Levine,” which Sheen said was Lorre’s Jewish name, calling Lorre a “contaminated little maggot,” and saying he defeated that “earthworm” with his words.

8 Christian Bale

via Wallpapersdc.net

Have you ever gotten yelled at by your boss or commanding officer, or whatever, so bad that after it was done all you wanted to do was hide in a corner and hope no one could see you anymore? Well, that happened to a crew member working on a Christian Bale movie.

Bale is famous worldwide for playing the role of Batman in The Dark Knight trilogy. In those movies, we got to see how great an actor Bale is. However, we did not get to see what kind of man he was on set. That, ladies and gentlemen, came out during the filming of Terminator Salvation when he played John Connor.

Apparently, Bale was concentrated to get into a scene when someone started messing up on the background, and he went berserk. Bale trashed the crew member responsible for whatever he thought was wrong, so bad that it seems like everyone else on the set was baffled by it. Needless to say, when TMZ leaked the audio, it went viral online.

7 Hermione Wanted Out

Via: bustle.com

One of the biggest problems of playing characters that can define an actor or actress is the very fact that these stars can end up being defined by that character. The prospect of having everyone thinking about that one character, literally every time they see you for the rest of your life, cannot be an easy one to deal with. And apparently, that was a prospect that Emma Watson wasn’t too keen on living with while she played the iconic role of Hermione Granger. According to some sources, there was behind-the-scenes chatter that by the time the fourth movie came around, Watson wanted to quit the Harry Potter series. Some say she was tired about how strict and confining the scheduling and structure of how the movies were filmed were.

Luckily for fans of the series, and perhaps even for Watson, who sure reaped a lot from the success of the movies, she soldiered on and finished the series.

6 Michael Cera

via 7wallpapers.net

Given the roles he plays in his films, we assume that Michael Cera is one of those down-to-earth nice guys who everyone loves to work with. Well, even the nicest of people have their moments of rage. At the least, we are assuming this could have been real and not a fake meltdown as Cera has been known to perform before.

The fact is we can’t help but believe that crew members would bully Cera behind his back, just as we can imagine he would get pissed off for being made fun of. Literally, this kid just went into the set and told everyone to be real with him. Sure, he put together a few remarks that might be pejorative to the crew, like saying that it was made up of 100 percent of amateurs and that because of them the movie would not be worth watching. Still, this is one of the few on-set behind-the-scenes meltdowns we can totally understand.

5 Matthew Perry

Via: businessinsider.com

Substance abuse is, unfortunately, a common issue in Hollywood. Perhaps it is the fame or the pressure, we don’t know. But something leads famous actors and actresses towards this self-destructive path. These are not the stories we like to hear about, but there is little we can do about it. Sometimes, folks just think that the only way they can get away from their problems and the pressure is to do drugs or get drunk.

Matthew Perry was an actor who went through a similar problem. In an interview with People Magazine, he came out to the world saying he developed his horrible substance abuse habit even before he was cast as a member of Friends. Although Perry claims never to have been high on set, he was honest to say that, more often than not, he was hungover as hell during filming. The most terrifying part of it all is that Perry said he doesn’t remember shooting anything from season three all the way to season six.

4 Russell Crowe

Via: thedailybeast.com

There are a lot of actors with violent histories, but nobody in Hollywood likes a fight as much as Russell Crowe. This guy is a real live gladiator behind the scenes. Let’s go all the way to Australia to show you how you need not be in Hollywood in order to make headlines if you’re an actor. Crowe, for example, was doing a play in Australia when he allegedly got into an altercation with a fellow actor.

In an interview with CBSNews, he talked about the incident. Apparently, the other actor was screaming, cursing, and yelling all other manners of verbal abuse towards Crowe in the dressing room they shared, when Crowe decided it was time to show him who he was talking to and how a head-butt can work better than a punch.

“And all the other cast, or the three other principle guys that I worked with or that I shared a dressing with, were holding my arms. So, that's all I had left to hit him with and he f-----’ deserved it,” Crowe said.

3 Rob Lowe

Via: nymag.com

You might know Rob Lowe from his onscreen performances. There was the notorious movie St. Elmo’s Fire, the outstanding TV series The West Wing, and the television film that earned him a Golden Globe nomination, Behind the Candelabra. But if you are someone who has followed Hollywood scandals since the ‘80s, you probably know Lowe for the one thing he is most ashamed of.

It was all the way back in the 1980’s when Lowe was still a young star finding his place both in Hollywood and in the world of American politics. At least, that’s what we assume he was doing at the 1988 Democratic National Convention to support presidential candidate Michael Dukakis. Well, let’s just say the politics were not the big news at the end of the day. Behind the scenes of the convention, Lowe picked up a pair of young women and took them to his hotel room to do the dirty. He videotaped it, only to later find out that the two women stole the videotape to leak it, and one of them was only 16 years old.

2 Jared Leto

Via: konbini.com

They say playing a deranged character can change an actor. And by that, we don’t mean change his career, but his actual psyche. We will not delve too deep into that subject, but let’s just say we hope that is what happened to Jared Leto. It is either that or everyone agreeing that this is one of the most disturbed human beings ever to headline a Hollywood film.

We need to go no further than the filming of Suicide Squad when Leto played the Joker. The thing is that he didn’t just play the Joker in front of the camera. He stayed in character as the Joker all the time around the set and while interacting with the rest of the cast. For example, during the filming of Suicide Squad, Leto sent his fellow stars a few gifts. Will Smith, Margot Robbie, and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje all received thoughtful presents like used cond*ms and an*l beads. Meanwhile, other cast members received anything from a box of bullets to a dead pig.

1 Harry Potter Was A Drunk

Via: celebuzz.com

Believe it or not, when you become such a crucial figure in a big-time series like Daniel Radcliffe became as he embodied the character of Harry Potter, you can show up to work drunk, and no one will bug you for it. Apparently, that is something that happened more often than not during the filming of the latter movies of the Harry Potter series.

By the time he reached his late teens and was already of legal age, Radcliffe had developed a taste for booze and would not be denied. He enjoyed having a beer or two, and would occasionally drink so much the night before filming that he would still be drunk by the time he got to set the next day. So yes, while you were cheering for Harry to find Horcruxes and defeat Voldemort with his friends, you were likely watching a drunken Daniel Radcliffe. Drunk or not, Radcliffe was great in those movies.

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