15 Bone-Chilling Stories Of People Who Received Signs From The Dead

Losing a loved one can be a terrible thing, something that affects us our entire lives. We all wish that we could live forever, if for nothing else, to be able to stay with our family and friends for all of time. We don’t like thinking that there will come a time when the people we love will no longer be around. When a person passes, we assume that it’s over, that we will never have another opportunity to talk to our loved one again.

In the case of some people, however, that isn’t the case. As creepy as it sounds, there are people out there who've been contacted by loved ones in various ways. With the way our society is these days with technology, some people are even receiving text messages from their dead loved ones. Too creepy to even imagine? Well, we would have to agree 100% with you. What would you do if your phone lit up and you stared down at the text message to find out that your mother messaged you from beyond the grave? We would probably sh*t our pants, and if you’re honest with yourselves, you would admit the same thing.

Be prepared to be shocked and amazed by stories that you wouldn’t even think were possible. Are these people going insane, or are they really being contacted by something spiritual? The choice is yours to believe what you want to, but these creepy stories might have you changing everything that you thought about "the other side.”


15 “I’m Still Here”

A young girl was given her grandmother's phone as a plaything after the grandmother had died. One night, the phone started receiving messages while the little girl was sleeping. She woke up to the text alerts and showed her parents. There were three messages on the phone, and they came in three minutes apart. The number that showed up from the texter was made up of all nines.

“Still here.”


“Beautiful girl.”

The weirdest part was that the phone was not hooked up to the internet or a data plan of any kind. The phone was supposed to be capable only of playing games for the girl. The family had no explanation for the messages or where they were coming from. But considering the grandmother had recently died, they believed that she was trying to communicate with the family that she was still around. (SpiritSeeker)

14 Watching from the Window


Yes, this is definitely the kind of stories used in horror movies, to be sure.

“My maternal grandma was diagnosed with a brain tumor in 1999, and we were basically told they could make her comfortable but not much else. So, for the next two years, we all just kind of sat around and tried to keep her comfortable as we watched her wither away. My mom was basically left to care for her alone with a 2-year-old and a newborn, both of whom had major surgeries in this time. My grandma finally passed in January in the home my mom grew up in. My mom was mowing the front lawn that spring, and as she's facing away from the house, she feels like she’s being watched. She turns around, and in the big picture window stood my grandma, looking just like she did when my mom was a teenager and she looked out the window to check on her.” (Thought Catalog)

13 Knocking at The Door

A sure sign that you have ghosts is when there's mysterious knocking at the door.

“After my dad had passed, I always felt like I saw someone walk by or peek around the corner, but no one would be there. I would hear someone walking around when my mom and I would be in the same room. I was 12, and it would terrify me. One night, my mom had a meeting to go to, and I stayed home alone. I went out to the garage to grab a soda, and I heard a heavy knock on the door leading to the basement in the way my dad would knock. He had one of those specific ways of knocking, if that makes sense. I ran to my neighbors, thinking someone was in my house, and they came over to look, finding no one. After that, I was kind of convinced the stuff I was seeing was because of my dad. My mom thought it was ridiculous but put the house up for sale within a month. Years later, she mentioned she had heard the knocking, too but didn’t want to scare me.” (Thought Catalog)

12 The Phone Call


So, you get a call, and all you hear is static on the line. Would you believe it’s a call from beyond the grave? We would think it’s more likely a prank call, but these people were sure that it was a dead loved one making a call.

"My aunt passed away from various illnesses she had been battling all her life. She was in her 50s, and both her parents outlived her. So, one morning, about 7 AM, my Grandma (aunt's mother) gets a phone call. The caller ID said it was my aunt calling. When she was alive, that was the normal time for her to call almost every day. My Grandma answered and could only hear static, but she stayed on the line repeating her daughter's name until the call was disconnected on the other side." (Ranker)

11 Warning from the Grave

This family received warnings from a dead grandfather through their dreams. We wonder what would've happened had they not turned the heater off.

"When my grandfather passed away, my mother and I just moved into our new home. Within a week of his passing, I had a dream that the phone rings and it's him on the other line. He says 'Hey Heather, do you know who this is?' I didn't know what to say because it sounded like him, but I knew in my dream that he passed away. He just laughs and says, 'I don't have much time. Can I speak to your mom?' And I say, 'Of course,' and run into the room to give my mom the phone, but I dropped it and it got disconnected. The next day, I tell my mom about it, and she gets a serious look and tells me that he called her in her dream and said, 'I don't have much time. I need you to turn off Heather's heater.' She wakes up, goes into my room, and the heater is shooting flames out of it. The heater was an old plug-in one that was his, and I used it every night, pointing it at my bed when I went to sleep.” (Ranker)

10 “I Have to Get Back”


We have to wonder when we hear about spirits speaking like this. Where are they going back to? Another realm, heaven, or something worse?

"My grandfather passed last February while I was about six months pregnant. About two months later, I was worried about my baby because he had stopped moving. It was an incredibly stressful day. I fell asleep and had a dream that my grandpa walked into my living room, gave me a big hug, and said everything was fine and that I needed to stop scaring myself. Went to the doctor the next day, and sure enough, the baby was fine, just running out of room to move. Also, a few days after I had my son, I had a dream that he was standing by my back door and said he couldn't stay long; he 'has to get back' but wanted to say he loved me and was proud of my son. It's nice to have some validation for this. There's no way it was just a dream." (Ranker)

9 Brother Standing By

In this case, the family was reassured that a dead brother still wanted to be a part of the family. During a family photo shoot, the brother sent them a message that couldn’t be explained.

“On a crisp fall morning, my daughter Laura went to pose for her senior pictures with her brother Josh’s bright green snowboard. Josh had died in a motorcycle accident the summer before, and Laura, an avid snowboarder, wanted his board in the shot. The photographer knew the perfect ­backdrop—­a vibrant graffiti wall in town. He peered through the lens, ­focused, and gasped. We all looked up and read the words spray-painted on the wall above Laura’s head: ‘Big Bro Is Watching.’” (Reader's Digest)

Now, we've watched far too many horror movies for this type of thing to be reassuring, but hopefully, it brought some peace to the family.


8 Good Luck Pennies


Many people believe that messages from beyond the grave are just coincidences; we’ll let you be the judge of this one.

"My best friend took his life in 2013. I started getting 'signs' from him all the time. His favorite songs on the radio (obscure songs that wouldn't normally be played). He used to put pennies on heads in the corners of his room as a silly good-luck thing. I started finding pennies on heads in the corners of my room. I had a really hard time with his passing and went to a therapist who referred me to a medium. He said my friend had come through to speak to me. I knew it was my friend coming through because the medium told me things about him that no one could know or research, including very private things about how he was found. He told me that he loved me and would be around for me and help me with my struggles. The medium told me that he plays songs on the radio for me, which I noticed before I even went to the medium! The medium even said that my friend knows I have noticed the things he does for me. I fully believe that he is around. I can feel him."

7 Happy Mother’s Day

This mother’s son wanted to make sure that she knew he was still close by. It’s honestly the kind of thing you expect to happen in a horror movie, though. Losing a child has to be a terrible thing for any parent; we all assume that we'll die before our children do.

“I lost my son recently and was missing him terribly on my first Mother’s Day alone. We were very close and even jokingly agreed to try to make contact if one of us died. Late that evening, I heard a loud noise downstairs. Upon investigation, I found a pile of holiday plates had fallen and shattered. As I picked up the pieces, I found one plate completely unscathed. I turned it over and was stunned to see that it said, 'Happy Mother's Day.'” (Reader’s Digest) Would that be reassuring to you?

6 Solitary Buck


Cemeteries can be creepy places, and we’re not sure how we feel about the dead contacting us there. Sometimes, people are weirded out by these experiences, while other times, it provides them some comfort after a death.

“On a warm day in January, I went to visit my father at the cemetery for his 72nd birthday. I sat on the clay mixed with grass next to his grave, lay a rose, and told him about me. I pray each year he is happy and proud of his littlest girl who never got to know her daddy. Suddenly, I felt a warm touch on my back and looked upward to see a deer in the middle of the cemetery, solitary and staring. My eyes wandered to his headstone where a buck is carved.” (Reader’s Digest)

Is this a coincidence or something more?

5 Possible Murder

The death of a sister is certainly hard, especially if it’s the result of suicide. But this family member doesn’t believe it was suicide that took her sister away.

"I lost my sister this February to 'suicide.' I put that in quotation marks because I still do not believe it was a suicide because she left no explanation and, more so, didn't tell me anything before it. I was asleep in my bed with my girlfriend when I was woken by my phone ringing. It was 3:37 AM. It was a private number (unknown number). Usually, I will not answer private number calls, but being half asleep and guessing it was probably a drunk friend, I answered. 'Hello,' and all I could hear was this muffled static sound. No one replied, so again, I said 'Hello.' No response, so I thought it was probably just a prank call and was about to hang up when I heard my name. It was clear as day and sounded 100% like my sister. I froze and started to panic, saying her name a few times pretty much pleading it to be her. Then, all I heard was 'I'm sorry. I love you. Please help me.' The last bit is what has made me upset and uneasy. I asked where she was; then, I heard a loud screeching sound. Then, it went back to the dial tone. When I hung up, I turned to my girlfriend; she said my face was pale white. She asked why I was saying my sister's name and what was wrong. I didn't go back to sleep. I just sat up with my phone in my hand, waiting.” (Ranker)

4 Crossing to the Other Side


Sometimes, messages are passed along while a person is crossing over to the other side. No one really knows what the other side is; there are so many interpretations. For those of us that think about death, we hope that the other side is a better place.

“'I love you, Kat,' my dad said over the phone. 'I love you, too, Daddy,' I replied. That night, I dreamed I was on a forest path while a raven watched me from a tree branch. Daddy stood to my right in a trance, our hands linked. Ahead of us, a tunnel radiated prismatic rainbow-colored light. Soothing. We walked toward it. Then I heard my mother’s voice. 'Kat, wake up. Daddy’s gone. Daddy’s dead!' I sat up in bed. The hot August sun shone through my windows. 'I know,' I said, realizing. 'I was with him when he crossed over.'” (Reader’s Digest)

3 “Help Me”

Yup, this story is super creepy, and we would love to know what was really going on.

"I was trying to get a hold of my mother. I called her cell, and it picked up after the first ring. At first, it just sounds like static. I kept saying hello expecting a reply, but there was nothing. After a few hellos, I realized it sounded like someone whispering. I said hello again, waiting for a reply, thinking it was the radio in her car, still no reply. The whispering got louder. It sounded like a woman whispering 'Help me' repeatedly. This freaked me out. I thought maybe they got in an accident and my mom was pinned or badly hurt and couldn't speak. So, I am freaking out. I hung up and kept calling back. A few calls later, my mom answered. She swore she never picked up because she had no service until that point. I am still a little spooked." (Ranker)

Well, so are we!

2 Instagram Ghost


Now, these are the sorts of stories that can be open to interpretation. The person claims that a random prankster wouldn’t know her artist account, so it must be the dead person contacting her. What do you think? If someone was going to contact you from the other side, would they really use your Instagram account to do so? This one is a head scratcher and a creepy one at that.

“A close friend of mine died about a month ago. Several days after she died, I got a notification on my phone saying that her Instagram account had started following my art account that isn’t linked to my name or any other social media. So even if someone else had been controlling her account, there’s no way they would have found mine. I really don’t know what to make of it.” (Thought Catalog)

1 Scent of a Cigar

Smell is a pretty strong indicator that there's a change in the room; that’s why a lot of movies use the smell of sulfur as a sign that there's demonic activity there.

“My paternal grandfather passed away when I was 11. When I would sit in my room alone, aged 16 and up, I would often get a strong smell of cigars. I’d look around my room, the window was shut, brother wasn’t home, nobody else could smell it. I’m also on the second story, so it doesn’t make sense that I could smell cigar smoke and not have a source for it. It would also follow me around the house. It happened repeatedly -- twice a week for 15 minutes at a time until I turned 18. My Grandpa used to smoke a pipe, which is what I think I was smelling. He died of Alzheimer’s, and me and my brother were the last things he properly remembered because the last time we visited him, he said our names after he hadn’t spoken for months.” (Thought Catalog)

Source: Reddit

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