15 Bizarre Things Humans Have Discovered (But Wish They Didn't)

Throughout the history of the Earth many things have happened. Humans have made many amazing discoveries, including some inventions we're still using to this day. However, humans have also made some discoveries that we wish we could forget. These things sometimes include things from history that our ancestors did, and when humans had less morals than we do today.

There is a lot on the Earth that remains undiscovered, and a lot of that comes from the ocean. Over 90% of the ocean remains undiscovered, so it only makes sense that we still discover some strange creatures coming from the ocean's depths. While the ocean is still being explored everyday, many new creatures are discovered daily when they show themselves by washing up on the beaches.

The next stop is space. Space is infinite, so there's no way that we can discover everything it has to offer. However, from what we have discovered, it's truly nightmarish. There are so many things in space that could instantly end Earth as we know it, and most of those things could happen at any moment. Let's hope they don't, and if they do we can at least prepare for the worst...

15 The Sounds of the Ocean

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Hydrophones are best described as microphones that are located within the ocean to report any strange activity to us humans on the surface. In 1997 a strange sound was heard, and scientists called it The Bloop. After reviewing the sound waves scientists confirmed it wasn't a man made noise, and knew it had to have come from something larger than life.

They deduced that the source must be coming from a sea animal. However, the strangest part is that the sound was picked up by other hydrophones that were located up to 5,000 kilometers away. One theory that most assume is correct is that the sound came from ice caps scraping against each other due to them melting. But who knows, there could be humongous creatures laying in the depths of the ocean still waiting to be discovered...

14 Bursting Gamma Rays Are A Potential Threat

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In the 1960's the US military satellites picked up something strange. They began picking up bright bursts of light that would later be coined gamma ray blasts, or gamma ray bursts. They were thought to have come from other galaxies. These bursts of light have an incredible amount of force behind them, and come from rapidly rotating pulsars from the collapse of two stars.

These blasts usually last for half a minute, and aren't visible to the naked human eye. If one of these gamma ray blasts were ever to hit Earth, it, and everything on it, including us, would be burned up in seconds. It is odd to think that the damage could happen at any moment.

13 The Frozen Preserved Children

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The Llullaillaco children are known as the three children who were discovered perfectly preserved on the slopes of the Andes. Many experts believe that the three children were part of a ritual sacrifice, in which they took their own lives for their tribes. They were likely just left to freeze by their tribes, and were discovered perfectly frozen in time centuries later.

The conditions on the mountain perfectly preserved their bodies. So much so that the scientists who were examining one of them were able to travel back in time, and see what kind of diseases they had, all the way to identifying that one of them had back issues. They remain as some of the best preserved humans to be uncovered in modern times.

12 The People Shackled to Athens

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When archeologists took to digging up around Athens, they made a disturbing discovery. In 2016 a group of archeologists uncovered a mass burial ground that contained over 80 skeletons that had been shackled to the ground. They were all lined up, and were in orderly fashion. This amount of care to lock them up like this meant they were likely not slaves, but military men.

Experts who studied the bodies claim that these bodies belonged to men who were part of a support group for a man named Cylon. They were executed, and buried while all still wearing their military equipment. It's speculated that they perished around 600 BC, and could be one of the earliest mass killings. The uncovering of these remains show the brutality in how these people were executed back then.

11 Dark Matter Makes Up 95% of the Universe

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When people think of the galaxy, they most likely think of how large, and mysterious it may seem. However, many don't understand the underlying creepiness that comes with living in such an open solar system. For example, scientists have recently discovered that surrounding galaxies are actually slowly moving away from us.

They also seem to be spinning around a lot faster for the amount of matter they contain. So what's going on? This theory has led experts to believe that only five percent of the galaxy is actually visible to us humans. The other 95 percent is made up of something known as dark matter. Dark matter is just as scary as it sounds, and it's likely something we never want to run into in our lifetime.

10  Perfectly Carved Stone Circles Link to Aliens?

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In Costa Rica around the 30's, a banana company was clearing land for one of their plantations, when they made a strange discovery. As they were digging they began to dig up strange and perfectly shaped circular stone balls. As they kept digging they came up with a whopping 300 stone balls during their excavation.

Not all of these balls are tiny enough to fit in your hand. Some of them actually reached a weight of 16 tons! Many people have speculated their origin, or how they got there. Some claim they date back a thousand years. This has many believing that the balls are there as ancient remnants of a time when aliens touched down on Earth... Others say that it has something to do with dark magic, and that the balls are used to store magical essence. Who can really tell?

9 The Misshapen Skulls of Mexico

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A mass grave was discovered in Mexico revealed the bodies of twenty five people. Thirteen of the bodies discovered had strange misshapen skulls that resembled something out of an alien movie. The skulls were large, cone shaped, and spiked almost. The skulls also had mutilated teeth, and it was obvious something was wrong from the second they dug the bodies up.

Archeologists are aware of the practice of deforming the head of children, as it was popularized in parts of South America. Boards would be applied to the children's head to form longer skulls. This was done to achieve the look of being more intelligent. However, most of these ended tragically, and this was backed up by the fact that the archeologists confirmed most of the deformed skulls belonged to children.

8 Willard Asylum Suitcases Uncovered

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Willard Asylum for the criminally insane closed its doors in 1995. When the institution was closing the employees were asked to start emptying the buildings of furniture, equipment, and old documents. However, one of the employees stumbled into the attic of the asylum. It is there that they found documents dating back to the opening of the asylum.

The creepiest part is the fact that the documents were stored in over 400 suitcases. The items inside, besides the documents, included old clothes, and accessories the patients had before they were admitted. One employee even recalls finding a clown doll, and a prosthetic leg. As if mental asylums weren't creepy enough...

7 Fourth Kind of Neanderthal Species?

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Humanity has seen a lot of history, and not all of that history was without violence. A mass grave of random bones that was discovered in Belgium revealed new, and bizarre facts about our ancestors, the Neanderthals. During cold winters the Neanderthals would partake in cannibalism. There's also evidence to suggest that the Homo sapiens that came after them participated in similar activities as well.

It's also suggested that they may have mated as well because modern DNA testing reveals signs of mixing between Homo sapiens and Neanderthals. However, what is even stranger is the discovery of a third and fourth species. The third species is known as the Denisovan, and the fourth remains unknown. Many believe the fourth species is a type of extra terrestrial being...

6 The Obsession With Preservation

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An Italian archeologist by the name of Girolamo Segato was obsessed with the idea of human preservation. Because of this obsession he made many voyages to Egypt, because Egyptians are famous for preserving their dead in pyramids or mummifying them. Because of these many trips, where he studied the different preservation methods, Segato developed his own method of preservation as well.

He would turn the skin, and whatever remained, into stone in a process called petrification. Segato's patients are still around, and are still intact and available in museums for viewing. While this kind of preservation is obviously morbid, it's not practiced anymore, much like any kind of human preservation for that matter...

5 The Mystery of the East River Monster

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A strange discovery made in 2012 may have uncovered a new type of water species we've yet to discover. In July of 2012, under the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, a strange dead creature washed up on the shore. Witnesses say they thought it was a bloated pig at first, but by looking further it revealed paws, and what looked like claws, resembling that of a wolf or a dog.

However, this isn't the only instance of a creature that fits this build washing up somewhere. A creature known as the Montauk monster surfaced on shore in Montauk, and had similar characteristics to the East River monster, but this one sported a beak like mouth. Many believe the creatures to be some new breed of aquatic rat, but it's still unknown if these cases are just coincidence, or discovery of completely new species.

4 A Mysterious Place For Unfortunate Newborns

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Discovered on the coast of Israel a mass grave was discovered that contained the skeletal remains of nearly a hundred newborns. They were all buried beneath a Roman house, and it's said they died over 2000 years ago. Experts were scratching their heads, wondering what could have caused this many infants to die, and also why they were all buried in this grave.

Many believe the Roman house was a brothel that produced many unwanted children. This discovery is surely one of the most saddest discoveries in our history. Discoveries like these will surely lend us a hand in learning from our ancestor's mistakes.

3 The Mystery of Entropy

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Brian Schmidt in 2011 discovered the expansion of the universe was growing in speed since the big bang theory, instead of slowing down as everyone thought. His theory even landed himself a Nobel peace prize. His theory states, for example, that the universe is cold, and it will only continue to grow colder until all matter in the universe is unable to interact with each other.

Reality as we know it will no longer exist. This is a terrifying phenomenon that could happen in our lifetime perhaps. It's one of the many ways Earth itself, and the entire universe surrounding it, could simply go extinct one day. The scariest part about it is that it's inevitable...

2 The Peter Pan Mummies

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The LAPD took on a strange case in 2010 that dealt with remains of two people wrapped in newspapers. They were discovered in a trunk that looked like it was from the 1930's. It's worth noting that the investigation was called on in 2010. The name on the trunk was that of JM Barre, the same name of the author who wrote the popular book Peter Pan.

The book follows a group of children, as they take down a pirate, and seek out a place called Neverland, which is a place where they can live happily ever after. Through the investigation the officials learned that the owner of the trunk was of a woman named Janet Barrie. She was a nurse who was thought to have hurt many people due to her occupation.

1 Naturally Made Pipes Confuse Humans

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Mount Baigong in China has caves that contain strange iron pipes that were thought to connect the waterways inside the caves. These pipes have been found all over the caves, and the outside of the mountain. Most people would assume that these pipes were man made because of how intricate the design looks.

This sounds like the only viable option, but it's actually false. These pipe structures date back 150,000 years according to experts. Strangest part is that humans didn't start making things with metal until around 15,000 years ago. Many people believe that the pipes are made by mother nature, while others believe they could've been built by an alien race who inhabited Earth before humans.

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