8 Celebrities Who Are Looking Better With Age (And 8 Who Definitely Aren't!)

Half of these women have aged like a fine wine. The others... Not so much.

In the world of show business, everyone wants to look young, everyone wants to be considered beautiful and everyone wants to be an icon. Growing old is something that a lot of women fear, which in our opinion is stupid because a lot of women get better looking as they get older. For some celebrities, aging is a scary thing and for others, aging is simply something inevitable that they embrace (perhaps because some seem like they've found the fountain of youth!).

There are many reasons why some women age better than others, from taking care of their skin to not abusing substances, to not injecting their faces with botox or just simple things like a great diet and exercise. On the other hand, many women find themselves making themselves looking older as opposed to that youthful glow they so desperately wanted. Aging is something that should happen naturally and half of our list is perfect examples of that. The other half? Not so much!

We at TheRichest thought it would be cool to compare some of the best aging celebrities to some of the worst. From 47-year-olds who look 28 to 30-year-olds who look 60, we got it all covered.

Here are ourtop 8 best aging celebrities and the top 8 worst aging celebrities, we hope you enjoy it.

16 Definitely Is: Gwen Stefani - 47 Years Old


Gwen Stefani is not only a mother, singer and fashion icon, she is also one of the celebrities who is aging best in all of the Hollywood. The 47-year-old mother of three has been in the industry for over thirty years and she has continued to gain more fans as the years go by.

Stefani has a perfect completion, her glowing porcelain skin makes her look like a teenager and leaves us wondering what products this diva uses on her skin. Her incredible sense of style is significant to her larger than life personality makes her seem even younger. There is a certain “joie de vivre” to Stefani which makes her uniquely adorable. She is one of those women who has not changed since her teenage years, which is why she had to make the cut.

15 Definitely Isn't: Janice Dickinson - 61 Years Old

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Once upon a time, there was an astonishingly beautiful supermodel named Janice Dickinson, actually, the term supermodel was in fact originally about her. She had one of the most naturally beautiful faces the world had ever seen. However, fame, plastic surgery and time got the best of her and sadly, she went from being one of the most fresh-faced beauties to one of the worst aging celebrities in show business.

Dickinson's biggest demise was her obsession with perfection and her fear of aging, which ultimately lead her to have a lot of cosmetic work done. All the surgeries took away from the supermodels natural beauty and left her looking a lot older than she really is. Although she was one of the most fierce models to ever grace the cover of a magazine, throughout the years she lost her “it” factor.

14 Definitely Is: Elle Macpherson - 52 Years Old


However, this is not about how amazing she is, it is about how amazing she looks. Macpherson was always stunning, but throughout the years she has aged so gracefully it is hard not to be envious. Macpherson is one of those women who like a fine wine, seriously keeps getting better with time.

13 Definitely Isn't: Priscilla Presley - 71 Years Old


Elvis Presley fell in love with first wife Priscilla Presley due to her natural beauty and charismatic personality. Presley was the definition of a natural beauty. Her angelic features in combination with her soft eyes are not only what made Elvis fall in love with her, but also every other man in America.

Sadly, Presley did what most every other woman does in Hollywood to preserve their youth, she opted for plastic surgery and a lot of it. Unfortunately for her, she did not get the results she wants and she lost that original natural beauty she was so well known for. Priscilla appears to have done many, many botox injections which have resulted in her having the same expression on her face for the past few years.

12 Definitely Is: Jennifer Aniston - 48 Years Old


Seriously, did you guys think we would be able to have this list without the beautiful Jennifer Aniston? The 48-year-old pop-culture icon is known as one of the most beautiful women in Hollywood. Jennifer Aniston was always good looking, however, in the past few years, she has been looking better than ever before. Her flawless features, smooth skin, and solid body may make girls in their 20's feel insecure.

Aniston has good genes, yes, but she has also always eaten right and worked out extensively. She is a very active person who pays close attention to what she fuels her body with. Aniston is one of those celebrities that not only everyone finds gorgeous but also that everyone loves. Her effortless look is what makes her special and we are so excited to see her continue to age so gracefully.

11 Definitely Isn't: Donatella Versace - 61 Years Old


Believe it or not there was once a time before she discovered plastic surgery when Donatella Versace was actually naturally attractive. The Italian fashion designer is also the current vice president of the Versace Group. Not only is Donatella a fashion icon, she has been around the business since the 1980's and has become one of the most well-known people in the fashion world.

However, this list is not going to be about her influence on the world of fashion but instead, it is sadly going to be about how poorly this icon has aged. Plastic surgery in combination with her aging did not turn out the best for her and instead of stopping the injections and surgeries, instead she continues to do more. It is sad to say, but this one-time beauty now looks incredibly scary.

10 Definitely Is: Sofia Vergara - 44 Years Old


Sofia Vergara is without a doubt one of the sexiest, most beautiful and most charismatic women in Hollywood. The actress and former model is always categorized as being hot, and something tells us, she always will be. The Modern Family star makes her good looks and flawless body look effortless. Not only does she have a youthful glow, she is so natural which makes her even hotter.

Vergara has a great personality to match her great looks and when people find out she is in her forties, they almost do not believe it. Vergara is proving to fans around the world that 40 is the new 30 and that there is nothing wrong with getting older, as long as you do it with style.

9 Definitely Isn't: Meg Ryan - 55 Years Old


Meg Ryan has been in some of the most iconic movies such as Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally, Top Gun and You've Got Mail. Ryan was the epitome of the all-American, beautiful girl next door and she always played that role extremely well. There is no denying that Meg Ryan was always a talented actress, however, in the last few years her aesthetics have gone down and she is no longer as hot as she once was.

Ryan is incredibly thin at the moment and has tweaked her face a little too much, especially when she increased the size of her lips. Meg Ryan's iconic natural, "girl next door" beauty has slowly faded and she now looks like a typical, washed up, Hollywood star.

8 Definitely Is: Jennifer Lopez - 47 Years Old


Jennifer Lopez takes sexiness to an entirely new level. Jennifer, also known as J-Lo is a Bronx native who has always, throughout her entire career kept her New York City swag. The actress, singer, and mother really is one of those women who you can't help but envy for her breathtaking beauty.

Not only is her face structured perfectly, but her body (and booty) are to die for. Lopez is without a doubt one of the most envied women on the planet because let's face it, she has it all. This forty-something year old looks better than a lot of twenty-something-year-olds which is why she had to be included on this list. No wonder she is always dating such younger guys, I mean, she looks their age!

7 Definitely Isn't: Melanie Griffith - 59 Years Old


When you are the daughter of Tippi Hedren who is the star of Hitchcock’s iconic film The Birds, there is a high chance that will wind up being a knockout. Melanie Griffith appeared in her first commercial at only 9 months old and she has been working ever since.

Similar to many women in Hollywood, Griffith became a little obsessed with aging and the effects it was having on her looks, so she turned to cosmetic surgery. Sooner than she knew she was hooked on collagen injections, botox, and other cosmetic enhancements. This turned Melanie from a natural beauty to someone that looks a little scary.

Let's hope her daughter, Dakota Johnson, star of the Fifty Shades movies, does not follow in her mother's footsteps when it comes to having work done.

6 Definitely Is: Sandra Bullock - 52 Years Old


Classy, elegant, beautiful, talented, these are all words that are used to describe this superstar. Miss Congeniality, also known as Sandra Bullock is one of the most respected people in the business. Throughout her career not only has she earned herself a gigantic fan base, she has also earned herself an Academy Award. She is one of those women who will not let anything or anyone stop her.

Not only is Bullock frighteningly talented, she is also drop dead gorgeous. We at TheRichest do not even think she knows how incredibly beautiful she is. The witty superstar is aging so gracefully that it shows women that sometimes being natural is the best way to go. Bullock tries to keep herself young by eating well and working out regularly and of course by running after her precious little boy.

5 Definitely Isn't: Pam Anderson - 49 Years Old


Pamela Anderson ran her way into the hearts of several men when she appeared on Baywatch. Anderson, too many, was known as the hottest thing that came out for the 1990's. The stunning blonde was discovered purely by chance when she went to a football game with some friends. Suddenly, the image of her in a form-fitting Labatt Beer T-shirt was on the big screen for everyone in the stadium to see. A representative from the beer company got in touch with the then 22-year-old sexpot and the rest as we like to say is history.

However, her intense sexiness did not last forever, about fourteen years ago, she was diagnosed with Hepatitis C, an STD which she contracted from ex-husband, Tommy Lee. Life, stress, being a mother and divorce got the best of the 90's icon and sadly, it has caused her looks to go downhill.

4 Definitely Is: Cindy Crawford - 50 Years Old


Cindy Crawford is by far one of the most famous and legendary models to every grace both a runaway and the cover of a magazine. Crawford's natural beauty and signature mole, in combination with her hard work, have led her to an incredible career. Crawford is getting older, yes, but she is not looking older. The fifty-year-old living legend is aging so gracefully, it is almost discouraging to young women who do not look half as good as she does.

Crawford has always been and will always be one of the most naturally beautiful women in the industry. Her ideal face put together with her great body and perfect legs are what makes her look so young. This mother of two is ridiculously good looking and unlike a lot of people, she continues to get more beautiful over time.

3 Definitely Isn't: Courtney Love - 52 Years Old


Courtney Love and the late legendary Kurt Cobain had one of the most infamously toxic relationships in the history of Hollywood couples. This writer, singer, and actress definitely has a very interesting life. She has seen and done more things in her lifetime then more people can even imagine doing. Courtney Love is one of those people that had so much potential but was not even close to reaching it.

The once beautiful Love is the perfect example of how drugs can change everything, even the way you look. The strung out star always looks a mess and barely has a relationship with her daughter, Frances Bean. It is sad to say, but this washed-up rocker chick will most likely continue to age terribly. Let's see what she looks like at 70, if she makes it to 70.

2 Definitely Is: Christie Brinkley - 62 Years Old


When it comes to aging with grace, no one does it quite like the breathtaking Christie Brinkley. This supermodel and legend is now 61 years old and practically looks exactly the same as she did when she was in her 20's. She is a bombshell in every sense of the word and she is one of those women who is just always going to be beautiful.

What is her trick to aging so well? She says it is because she has not eaten meat since she was twelve years old. Brinkley loves eating but she makes sure that everything she puts in her body will benefit her. She also takes great care of her skin by exfoliating and moisturizing on a daily basis. Brinkley also receives a massage every Sunday as she thinks it is a great way to start her week, hard to argue with her there!

1 Definitely Isn't: Lindsay Lohan - 30 Years Old


Remember when Lindsay Lohan was in The Parent Trap and she was the cutest kid ever. Do you remember her in Mean Girls where she was the coolest girl ever? Well since then, the actress has fallen pretty hard and we at TheRichest do not think that she will ever fully recover.Lohan went through a difficult time with drugs and alcohol and began acting out. Shortly after this, people stopped wanting to hire her because of her irrational behavior.

Her once bright smile and smooth cheeks are no longer there, between her excessive use of drugs and alcohol as well as her reported addiction to collagen and botox injections, she has transformed herself from a natural beauty to a typical bleach-blonde botox filled skank. The thirty-year-old looks over 40 easy, which is why she is who we think, is aging the worst.

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8 Celebrities Who Are Looking Better With Age (And 8 Who Definitely Aren't!)