15 Beauty Queens Who Were Stunning, But Lost It All

There's something special about beauty queens. They embody everything that all women want to be, deep down inside, and although most guys don't want to admit it, they all want to date a beauty queen, too. And why not? They are beautiful after all, hence the name, and to top it all off, they are pretty much always the nicest women around -- that is part of being a beauty queen after all. The wholesome aspect of the entire thing is why women get to be beauty queens in the first place. It isn't like you can be a beauty queen if your life has a whole lot of problems.

Well, at least before the women on this list became beauty queens, that was true. All of them had nice wholesome lives, nothing bad had happened to them, and they had not publicly done anything bad to other people either.  This was not so much true after they became beauty queens, though; in fact, it was quite the opposite. All of the women on this list either did something totally horrible to someone else, or they had something horrible happen to them. Because hey, you can't be a beauty queen forever, no matter how hard that you try. Here are 15 beauty queens that met tragic ends.

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15 Meghan Alt - Kiddie P--n


One doesn't expect to see a former beauty queen being busted for kiddie porn, but that's exactly what happened. Meghan was Miss Orange County, which is a lot better title than "Kiddie porn distributor." She allegedly was trying to trade photos of a four-year-old family member for money, which obviously is not cool at all. That was not all, though. The 25-year-old mother was also alleged to have prostituted herself on Craigslist and, in at least one instance, was accused of engaging in online p--n while her children were present. This whole thing is not a good look. Sometimes it makes you wonder if these beauty queens changed a whole lot for the worse or just spent a good part of their lives hiding who they truly were.

14 Kumari Fulbright - Kidnapping


That mug shot, good god. She served two years in prison for the kidnapping, robbery, and torture of a former boyfriend. She's out now and even has a Facebook fan page. Sure, it has only 1,300 likes, but that's a lot for a kidnapper and torturer. In the "about" section on her page, it says: "Just another girl that wants to have fun," which I suppose sounds a lot better than "Just another girl who recently got out of prison and still thinks that she has a shot at making some money in the entertainment business." Her former boyfriend was beaten, cut with a knife, and held at gunpoint for hours until he was able to escape. Now that doesn't sound like a good time. I thought beauty pageant winners were supposed to be nice.

13 Jamie Lynn France - Meth and Heroin Arrests


Speaking of meth, it tends to mess up your looks just a tad. If you don't believe me, just check out how this former beauty queen looks totally awful after she was busted for possessing meth and heroin. Jamie was originally named Miss Teen Oregon, but eventually, she looked like she was auditioning for the title "Miss Cracked Out Loser" Hey kids, stay in school and don't do drugs, although I suppose it's all kind of relative. For a druggie, she actually looks pretty good. I used to work in a homeless shelter back in the day, and I can tell you one thing: Jamie would have been the hottest chick there without a doubt, although that probably wasn't what she had in mind when she was Miss Teen Oregon.

12 Kiersten Rickenbach Cerveny - Cocaine Overdose


Sometimes, you are a super hot beauty queen, and then other times, you overdose on cocaine and have your body dumped in a vestibule. According to the New York Post, "The video also shows the men dropping or dumping the former beauty-pageant princess in the vestibule at around 8:30 a.m., then going their separate ways outside." She was partying with a guy in his apartment when she died from an overdose, and when he dropped her off, she was topless. Who would possibly think this was a good idea? Like, "Hey, it looks like this chick just died without a shirt on in my apartment. Let's just carry her downstairs and dump her in the hall." Some people in this world just do not make the best decisions; there's no doubt about that.

11 Jill Ann Weatherwax - Murdered


Seeing this photo of Jill Ann Weatherwax looking totally gorgeous and all that, you would never guess that her life when she was stabbed to death while working as a prostitute. She was once Miss Hollywood, but her life spiraled out of control rather quickly after she won that title. She was arrested numerous times for drugs and public drunkenness and continued on her downward spiral until her body was finally found on the street. Some of these are more easy to figure out than others though. A Miss Hollywood probably has a much higher chance of something like that happening to her than a Miss Ohio does. She was seen in a seedy motel with three men before her death; the murder still remains unsolved.

10 Maria Jose Alvarado - Murdered


Maria was just 19 years old and had just won the title of Miss Honduras. She went to the 2014 birthday party of her sister’s boyfriend. Her sister ended up dancing with someone at the party, which made her boyfriend jealous -- so jealous that he shot both of them to death and left their bodies in a shallow grave. Maria was about to participate in Miss World. This really seems like a case of someone overreacting just a tad. I mean it's one thing to get jealous when your girl dances with another guy at a party, but it's another thing entirely to kill her and then do in her sister for good measure. Once again, what is it with some of these people and these ridiculous thinking errors? Two people dead and one guy in prison, all over a dance.

9 Kristina Long - Hit and Run


Kristina Long was Miss Bolton, which is in the U.K. No, that's not the most impressive beauty title ever, and in fact, she probably would've just faded into obscurity and got married and started popping out some babies if it was not for the fact that one evening, she drove home drunk and rammed into a pedestrian and hit him so hard he went flying 75 feet. He survived but ended up with some pretty serious injuries, and Long went to jail for 12 months. She pleaded guilty to causing serious harm via dangerous driving, failing to stop at the scene of a collision, and driving with excess alcohol in her system. I doubt that there are any beauty contests in the local jail, but if so, she has a pretty good shot at winning, I imagine

8 Katherine Rees - Drug Felonies


Katherine Rees was Miss Nevada. I say "was" because she was eventually stripped of her title because of nude photos that surfaced of her. That would have been bad enough, but then later, she was arrested "on five new drug-related counts including felony possession of methamphetamine, according to an arrest report." Katherine, that is seriously not a good look. I mean, come on. We can handle a beauty queen that has had a bunch of totally raunchy nude photos taken of her; in fact, some of us even really like that, but what we can't handle is our beauty queens doing a bunch of meth. It just doesn't jive with the whole "beauty queen" thing. But it seems like Katherine was not cut out for that anyway.

7 Peggy Sue Thomas - Accessory to Murder


It might seem a bit difficult to be a beauty queen and also be an accessory to murder, but Peggy Sue Thomas handled it just fine. According to a news story, "Prosecutors say Thomas, a former Ms. Washington and glamorous limousine driver, lured Douglas into an ambush with the promise of a Christmas gift before he was shot dead in his car by Huden." First of all, I don't know how glamorous a limo driver could possibly be. I mean, come on, it is a limo driver -- a person that drives you around. Her accomplice, Huden, got 80 years, while Peggy Sue only got 4. She still claims to be innocent and even calls herself a victim. I mean, I don't know about that; to me, the victim is probably the person that died, but what do I know?

6 Susan Shaw - Fraud


Susan Shaw was crowned Miss Hawaii International in 1992. In 2011, she was sentenced to 20 years in prison for numerous cases of ID theft that ended up costing her victims around $200,000. Her prosecutor described Shaw as “a manipulative, cunning identity thief who had no regard for the harm that she was going to cause to the victims." But hey, she is pretty hot though, right? Sometimes you wonder what's going on through the minds of people who do things like this. I mean, did she really think that no one was ever going to notice that she was running up huge debts in other people's names? Well, at least we know one thing for sure: Susan Shaw will be one of the hottest chicks in prison, at least until the next beauty queen is sentenced.

5 Monica Spear - Murdered


Monica Spear was hot, even for a beauty queen. She was Miss Venezuela in 2004 and was the 4th runner-up at Miss Universe, so you know she had something pretty good going on when it came to the looks department. Sadly, though, when it came to luck, she did not have much. She and her husband were killed by a group of robbers that preyed on motorists. The men were caught: "three men were each sentenced to more than 30 years in prison. Eva Armas Mejias received a 10-year sentence as well as other four people involved received sentences between 24 and 26 years for the murder of Monica Spear and her ex-husband." This does not seem like much of a long time in prison for doing something so awful.

4 Carmen Lechin - Drunk on Airplane


Carmen is a former Miss Venezuela who got all hammered and freaked out on a plane because she could not get a pillow. The story goes, "Lechin, who was on probation at the time for a previous incident involving domestic violence, DUI, and eluding police, was flying first class with her husband, pulmonologist Dr. Alex Lechin, and their teenage daughter when she started screaming [at] and kicking a male flight attendant." This is so not a good look. Long plane rides are totally a drag anyway, and even more so when there's a psycho former beauty queen on the plane. I do kind of wish I were there though, actually, as I find chicks that get mad kind of hot. Especially if they are former beauty queens.

3 Brandi Weaver Gates - Faking Cancer


There really are certain things that society always tends to look down on, and pretending to have cancer to get money is one of them, without a shadow of a doubt. Brandi went so far as shaving her head so it would appear that she had cancer and would even have family and friends take her to the hospital, where she would hang out and pretend that she actually was receiving treatment. She even held a fundraiser where she got 14 grand to help her with medical bills. She basically just lived off the money she collected. Her attorney said she did it because she wanted attention, which kind of goes without saying, but come on... there has to be an easier way to get that. She was sentenced to 2 to 4 years in prison.

2  Solange Magnano - Killed by Butt Enhancements

Solange used to be Miss Argentina. She was aging, as all of us do, and was said to be more and more upset about how her looks were fading. At one point, she got breast enhancements, but that was not enough as she decided that she needed some butt enhancements too. Now, I can understand that. Personally, I'm a butt guy myself, and far be it for me to tell someone to ignore that part of her body. The thing is, though, because of complications during the surgery, she died.  So she went from a beauty queen that was worried that her butt was not hot enough to a woman that died trying to make her butt look better. I'm sure that if she were still alive, she'd agree she probably should've just stuck with her old butt.

1  Genesis Carmona - Killed During Protests

Genesis was a former Miss Venezuela that was killed during anti-government protests in that country.  While the people there called them protests, the government had a different view and called them riots. 6 people were killed; Genesis died from a bullet to the head. The protestors said that she was killed by the government, while the government said that she was killed by some other protesters. Any way that you slice it, there's one thing for sure: it caused a lot of drama in Venezuela as they really tend to look highly at beauty queens and don't particularly like them being killed, especially in such an unromantic way. At least, though, she didn't die while having a butt implant, so she had that going for her.

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