15 Ancient Artifacts That Prove Aliens Are Among Us

Some believe that all the ancient wonders of the world were created with the help of these extraterrestrials.

It all started with a man named Charles Fort. Born in 1874, this New Yorker, a journalist by trade, spent years looking into unexplained phenomena and compiled an extensive collection of all things mysterious. It is actually because of him that such endeavors are today considered Fortean studies. It was Fort who first proposed that maybe some of the unexplained experiences we encounter are actually representative of some extraterrestrial force at work. He wrote about the possibility of aliens seeding the Earth millions of years ago, and lending an unseen hand in shaping our evolution. This later gave rise to the now-popular ancient astronaut theories. This theory, though only recently being discussed openly, has long been believed by some of the earliest civilizations; in fact early natives on just about every continent have histories depicting “sky gods” and beings from the stars.

What makes some pause is the fact that for years, we’ve been finding ancient artifacts, landmarks, paintings, cave drawings, and writings, which lend credence to this theory. Some believe that all the ancient wonders of the world were created with the help of these extraterrestrial benefactors. With all the claims of alien sightings and UFO’s in the sky, what if, on one of these visits, they left something behind? Sure, some scientists and skeptics laugh off anything extraterrestrial-related; however, consider that most scientists believe it is a certainty that alien life does exist somewhere out there in the cosmos. Even if you don’t believe they are visiting us now, what if they were here in the ancient past? What follows are some of the best-known ancient artifacts that just might prove alien contact.

15 The Phaistos Disc

The Phaistos Disc measures about 15 cm in diameter and has symbols on both sides, embossed in a spiral pattern. There are 45 different symbols, some re-used; 242 depictions in total. The disk was discovered in 1908, in an ancient palace at Phaistos, on Minoan Crete. It is believed to be roughly 4,000 years old. Researchers have debated its origin, meaning, function, and actually have no idea what it even says. The language is unlike any other ever seen. It is a true enigma with some even believing it must’ve been handed down by those with extraterrestrial knowledge. Due to where it was found, it is thought to have originated with the highly-advanced, mysterious Minoan civilization, believed by some to be the basis for the Atlantis legend. Though some researchers claim to have made headway in the decryption, most experts believe it may never be translated or understood.

14 The Mexican Government’s Mayan Artifacts

Here’s what is known about this incredible story. In 2012, the Mexican government reportedly released a collection of Mayan artifacts that had been stored secretly for the past 80 years. Supposedly these artifacts were found in an unexplored pyramid discovered underneath the pyramid at Calakmul, one of the greatest ancient Mayan cities. A government-sanctioned documentary was being produced where these artifacts were to be the central topic. The collections of photos that have emerged of the artifacts clearly depict extraterrestrial beings and flying craft. However, soon after the story broke, the documentary production was quickly shut down, presumably as a result of a dispute among the two producers involving fraud and theft. The whole affair has cast doubt upon the authenticity of the artifacts. Was the whole thing a sham, or did the Mexican government back out at the last minute, orchestrating the whole scandal as a way to back out? We may never know the truth about these artifacts.

13 The Baptism of Christ (1710)

The Baptism of Christ was painted by Aert de Gelder, one of Rembrandt’s pupils, and is one of many illustrating the scene from the Bible where John the Baptist baptizes Jesus in the river Jordan. De Gelder’s painting is arguably the most famous as it interestingly depicts what appears to be a flying saucer hovering over the baptism shining beams of light downward. As De Gelder was considered one of the most respected artists of the period, it is believed he intended his work to be taken seriously. De Gelder was one of the few persons having rare access to the Vatican archives. Did he mean to say that extraterrestrials had taken notice of Jesus, or that he was perhaps affiliated with them somehow? Of the scene, the Bible states that as Jesus was baptized, “heaven was opened, and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and alighting on him.” The painting currently hangs at The Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge.

12 The Nazca Lines

High atop a plateau in Peru’s Nazca Desert, a series of ancient designs etched into the ground have baffled archaeologists for decades. There are some simple patterns and geometric shapes, but there are also immense etchings of animals, birds, and people, some measuring 600 feet (183 meters) across! These patterns stretch for more than fifty miles and can only be truly seen completely from high in the air. The Nazca people lived in this area between 300 BCE and 800 CE, and could not have been able to see their completed designs from that high (remember, there were no flying machines back then!). Some theorize that these colossal designs were created and used as guide posts for arriving extraterrestrial visitors and possibly even served as runways. Regardless of their meaning, how could the Nazca people have made these designs without a guide in the sky above directing them? It’s a mystery.

11 Cave Paintings

When looking for evidence of ancient alien visitations and interactions, many believe you need look no farther than ancient cave paintings. Some say it is the best evidence and can be found around the world. There are hundreds of unexplained images of cave art that have been discovered on every continent. Some clearly depict what can only be described as alien creatures and otherworldly flying vehicles. One great example is in the Sego Canyon area of Utah, in the United States. There, cave paintings by the ancient Anasazi and Fremont Native Americans, dating as far back as 5000 BCE, show strange beings with large bodies and huge heads and eyes. These drawings are said to depict the star people that descended from the heavens to create their tribes. This same story repeats itself across the globe, from China, to Sumeria. In each case, the beings are drawn as being larger than normal humans, with immense heads and eyes, possessing technology far advanced of any native culture.

10 The Crucifixion Of Christ (1350)

Old frescos found throughout Europe have been found to depict strange aerial crafts in the skies. One particular fresco, The Crucifixion of Christ, from 1350, shows a small human-looking man in a strange flying craft peering over his shoulder at another craft in the distance, as if he’s being pursued. The first craft is decorated with the markings of two twinkling stars, while the second craft is unmarked. This is eerily similar to how we mark military craft of different nations. The lack of halos above the pilot’s heads seems to negate the possibility of them being some sort of depiction of divine beings. Some theorize that these strange craft are just symbols of the Sun and the Moon. However, the Christian church does not deify the Sun or the Moon and to have illustrated them in such a fashion would’ve been considered blasphemous. This painting currently hangs above the altar at the Visoki Decani Monastery in Kosovo.

9 Ubaid Lizard Men

The Al Ubaid dig site in Iraq has unearthed some great finds for historians and archaeologists alike. They’ve uncovered numerous artifacts from the ancient pre-Sumerian Ubaid period (5900-4000 BCE). Some of the discoveries, though, raised more questions than provided answers. A group of statuettes were found depicting mysterious, humanoid lizard creatures in unceremonious poses. These poses seem to indicate that these figures were not gods (think Egyptian animal-headed god statues), but rather depictions of reptilian people. One appeared to be female and was nursing a smaller reptilian child she is depicted carrying. Many cultures have stories of reptilian aliens that contacted them in the ancient past. Some conspiracies maintain that these reptilians are still here, or, if you believe the tabloids, have made pacts with some governments. I don’t know if I believe all that, but it does seem that their true nature is still a mystery.

8 The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

Another famous artwork, The Madonna with Saint Giovannino, was painted in the 15th century by Domenico Ghirlandaio and hangs in the Palazzo Vecchio, as part of the Loeser Collection, in Venice. If you look closely, you can see just above Mary’s right shoulder there is a strange, disk-shaped object in the sky. It is emitting rays, possibly indicating it is glowing. Below the object, far off in the distance behind Mary, you can make out a man and his dog staring up at the strange object, shielding his eyes from its apparent brightness. As it is prominently figured in the painting and the man and his dog are staring directly at it, the object is believed by many to be an extraterrestrial craft. Is Mary shielding Saint John and the infant Jesus from the craft? The meaning of this painting has been hotly debated for decades and we may never know the truth.

7 Ancient Flying Craft

Archaeologists have long been digging up wild-looking artifacts from the Incas and other pre-Columbian civilizations, including those depicting ancient flying machines. These small ornaments are golden and honestly look like modern jet fighters. Originally researchers dismissed them as zoomorphic symbols resembling animals, closer examination found them to contain detailed features very much resembling fighter plane’s wings, stabilizer tails, and even landing gear. Some enterprising theorists even tried making larger-scale models using the original specifications and proportions and found them to be accurately aerodynamic. They even fitted their models with propellers and small jet engines and watched them fly perfectly! This led many to believe that the Incas had indeed made contact with an advanced race of beings, presumably extraterrestrial, which possessed flight technology. Of course, others dismiss the details and still insist they’re just golden representations of bees, or flying fish. Some people just have no capacity to expand their beliefs.

6 Guatemala Stone Head

In the 1930s, explorers discovered, deep in the Guatemalan jungle, a massive, intricately-carved sandstone head statue. This immense faces didn’t resemble the facial features of the ancient Mayan peoples, or any others that inhabited the nearby areas for thousands of years. Researchers just don’t know who the statue is supposed to represent and why its features were depicted so differently. The elongated cranium and slim facial features lead many theorists to believe it must depict an ancient alien visitor that was encountered by the early Mesoamerican peoples of South America. Some even speculate that the head is just the top part of some even more massive sculpture that still remains buried below the ground. Of course, further study found that second part to be largely discounted. Unfortunately, we might never know the true nature of the ancient statue and revolutionary troops used it for target practice years ago and its detailed features were destroyed.

5 The Summer’s Triumph Tapestry (1538)

The Summer’s Triumph tapestry was created around 1538, in Bruges, Belgium. It is currently residing in the Bavarian National Museum in Germany. The tapestry is a depiction of the ascension of a new ruler. However, it is far more famous for the unidentified flying saucer-like objects visible in the background skies. If you look at the top left of the tapestry, you can make out at least four dark, saucer-shaped objects hovering in the sky. With ancient rulers believed to be ordained by God, were these ancient depictions of flying craft supposed to signify the new ruler’s connection to the divine “sky god,” aka extraterrestrial benefactor? But this was 16th century Belgium; why would the Flemish connect aliens with divinity, or flying saucers with symbolizing divine intervention? Did they know of some very real connection between our representation of the divine and extraterrestrials?

4 The Glorification Of The Eucharist (1600)

Painted by Ventura Salimbeni around 1600, this Italian artist created one of the most mysterious paintings in history. The Glorification of the Eucharist is presented in three parts. The bottom two parts appear customary. They depict a group of religious authorities at an altar. It is the top part, depicting the Christianity’s Holy Trinity (the Father, the Son, and a dove representing the Holy Ghost), that has everyone asking questions. The Holy Trinity is looking down upon the lower portion of the painting and holding between them what appears to be an orbital space satellite! The object is unmistakably large, spherical, metallic, with strange lights, and two antennas. It appears pretty darn close to what the old Sputnik satellite looked like. Skeptics are quick to claim that orb is just a Sphaera Mundi, a globe representation of the universe (sure, a metallic, spherical, with antennae representation…). The painting currently resides in Florence, Italy. What do you think?

3 Pacal’s Sarcophagus

Lord Pacal ruled the Mayan Empire from the great city of Palenque for nearly 70 years. It is believed he died around 683 CE, and buried inside a pyramid known as the Temple of Inscriptions. Some believe he was a myth until his tomb was located. Questions immediately arose when archaeologists saw the massive lid to his sarcophagus was intricately carved picturing Pacal apparently sitting in some sort of cockpit, breathing from an oxygen tube, working levers with hands and feet, with flames shooting out of the bottom of this craft, seemingly indicating liftoff. Is this meant to depict his return to the heavens in the flying craft of their ancestors, or alien benefactors? The Mayans were very advanced. Did they receive a boost from alien visitors whom Lord Pacal hoped to join in the afterlife, or did he actually leave the planet? The Mexican government refused to release any photos of what was found inside the tomb.

2 The Istanbul Rocket Ship

The Istanbul Rocket Ship measures 23 cm long, 8 cm wide, and 9.5 cm tall. It was found in an excavation at Toprakkale, where the ancient kingdom of Urartu existed over 2,500 years ago. Long believed to be a forgery, it was sequestered away at the Istanbul Archaeology Museum in Turkey for over twenty years. It wasn’t until 1975 that experts began to believe the artifact was indeed an ancient relic. To modern eyes, it appears to plainly be a sculpted model of a cone-nosed rocket ship, with a cluster of engines in the back. The ship has a sole pilot, depicted as sitting with his legs folded towards his chest, wearing a one-piece suit, including gloves and boots. You see why they initially thought it had to be a fake. However, now it is believed to have been carved long ago from porous, volcanic ash stone. Does it depict an ancient space-faring being?

1 The Dogon And Sirius B

In the 1930s, anthropologists came upon a small tribe of mostly cave-dwellers called the Dogon. They lived in Burkina Faso in West Africa. They kept secluded from modern society and relied on their tribal traditions and religion to sustain them. Their culture describes how they were visited long ago by amphibious extraterrestrials from the Sirius star system, who gave them the knowledge of their far away home. Unexpectedly, the Dogon were found to possess broad detailed knowledge of Sirius B, which they call Po Tolo, and its neighboring white dwarf star. They know the length of its orbit in years, the shape of the orbit, and that the white dwarf is dense. Sirius B is not visible with the naked eye, yet the tribe can point out its location accurately. How did they come to possess this knowledge?


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15 Ancient Artifacts That Prove Aliens Are Among Us