15 Adult Jokes You Missed In Rocko's Modern Life

In case you somehow missed it, Rocko's Modern Life was an American animated sitcom that aired on the well-known kid's station, Nickelodeon. Stemming from the comic of the same name, Rocko's Modern Life had an almost cult-like following from the very beginning. The story behind the show focuses on an Australian, anthropomorphic wallaby who has relocated from his homeland to the United States. However, once moving to the states, Rocko had to learn first hand, like most Americans, that the land of the free isn't always all it's cracked up to be.

Living his new life surrounded by an array of annoying, nosy neighbors as well as a never-ending pile of laundry, Rocko sets out each day to live his best life. With the help of his friends, Heffer, Spunky, and Filburt, Rocko seems to be a master at getting into, out of , and back into trouble in 30 minutes or less. Either way, as with most cartoons, there is always much more going on than meets the eye. For instance, this show, like many others on the station, was littered with inappropriate jokes for adults. While these may have gone over your head at the time, there is no way you'd miss them if you watched the show today. That said, the following is an overview of 15 adult jokes you likely missed while watching Nickelodeon's Rocko's Modern Life. 


15 Playslug And Other Inappropriate Reading Materials

Although it initially appears to be a kid show, just a quick canvasing of the surroundings of these characters quickly reveals it is anything but. For instance, there is plenty of questionable reading material (aka porn) peppered throughout various scenes of this cartoon. For instance, in one particular scene, the manager of the city dump, Slippy the slug, who happens to be an anthropomorphic slug, is reading a copy of a Playboy parody, entitled "Playslug". What’s more, he does do while simultaneously fidgeting with a literal lever, which I am all but certain served as a phallic symbol in the scene. While most of us missed the implications of this in childhood, apparently, Rocko lived in a world in which publicly perusing through porn magazines is the norm.

14 Jacking As A Hobby


Moreover, just when you thought we couldn’t sink any lower, lower we go. His favorite hobby, jacking (yes, you read that right), is just as filthy as it sounds. However, in an effort to fool us idiot kids, they used a jackhammer, so jacking was just short for jack hammering, right? Well, is that a common hobby? Not that I've heard of. Either way, this makes the episode entitled, "Gutterballs" all the more questionable. In short, the guys were playing a game called "Spank the Monkey" in which they literally spanked a bare-butted monkey, making it spin, thus serving as the spinner for the game. The sexual innuendos are flying all over the place in this scene, starting with the title of the episode itself. Furthermore, at one point, they even attend a jack hammer festival...I'll just stop there.

13 Living In O-Town

There couldn't be a bigger dirty joke than the "big O" (or the big Oh, if you prefer). This makes it especially curious the setting for the entire show is none other than "O-Town", which, as we know, is another name for achieving an orgasm. Either way, the fictional parody of an American map shows O-Town is located somewhere near the Great Lakes (however, as a resident of Upstate New York, I'd beg to differ), and is essentially the show’s sick and twisted version of Anytown USA. Nevertheless, this is one huge running joke as all of the dirty, X-rated antics are occurring right in O-Town. Furthermore, there is also a running joke of using the letter O in a variety of this. (i.e. the Suck-O-Matic and Conglom-O-Corporation, to name a couple).

12 That "All Scottish Show" Card, Though?


Another hidden method of displaying hidden filth in plain sight is the use of acronyms. For instance, you likely missed the joke with regards to the All Scottish Show...but you shouldn't have. Despite his job and having friends, it becomes clear that the All Scottish Show plays a bigger role in his life than anyone knew. Apparently, the A.S.S runs his life. This is why, when he receives a credit card, we see that it was issued by none other than the All Scottish Show. (Yes, he has an A.S.S. card. Consider the implications of that alone) Moreover, when asked by his good friend, Heffer, if they could watch something else on television, Rocko replied that the A.S.S. channel is the one and only channel he can afford.

11 A Special Kind Of Phone Operator

One of the biggest inside jokes on the show lies in one of Rocko's many professions. Despite the fact that this totally went over our heads back in the day, it seems that Rocko's new job is actually working as a sex phone operator. How do we know this? On the show, Rocko gets fired from the comic book store and is obviously desperate for employment. From there, he takes on an array of jobs leading to his job as a phone sex operator. The signs are there, literally, as a sign appears next to Rocko while at work reminded him to "Be hot, be naughty, be courteous,". Furthermore, on one of the calls, you clearly hear Rocko unenthusiastically utter the words, "Oh, baby. Oh, baby. Oh, baby".

10 Really Really Big Man


And the dirty jokes keep coming. This time, in the form of the show's superhero, Really Really Big Man. Once again, as if the name alone doesn't raise some eyebrows, the super hero’s special powers certainly should. A male with a female alter-ego, Really Really Big Man's powers include magical chest hairs to make villains see the past as well as nipples that allow people to see their looking into them...literally. An insectoid with a transvestite alter-ego who is an office worker named "Lois Lane", this is one of the strangest faux superheroes to appear on any “kid’s show”. Moreover, I'd also like to point out that at 6'6", Really Really Big Man isn't all that big. One must wonder what else they could have possibly been referring to...

9 Dr. "Bendova" And Rocko's Eyeballs

There couldn't be a bigger display of the use of sexual innuendo than when Rocko visits Dr. Bendova (which purposely sounds like bend over). Although he grabs his eyeballs instead of his...ahem...other ones, the implications are clear. Jiggling and fiddling with his eyeballs in the same manner you would give a man an annual physical check-up of his genitals, the doctor then tells Rocko to turn his head and cough! If that wasn't enough smut, Dr. Bendova then throws on a latex glove and in the next scene, an upset Rocko appears to be walking funny. In another episode, Dr. Bendova seems to go straight for it. Rather than fiddling with his eyes, he reaches down below his waist and tells him to cough…several times…


8 Excited Hospital Heff


Of the many filthy jokes that appeared on this show, one of the most shocking moments occurred when Heffer was in the hospital trying to recover (from whatever illness he has contracted this time). There is no rhyme or reason for the way the scene unfolds besides the fact that the creators couldn’t wait to add another dirty joke. Either way, it only happened for a few seconds but I'm going to go out on a limb and say this was a hugely influential moment in many young, impressionable kids' lives. Although they never say what he is doing specifically, Heffer appears to be having a full-on fap fest right in the middle of his hospital bed. On any other show, we might be able to let this slide. However, it seems pretty clear what Heffer is doing while hailing from O-Town.

7 The Peeping Tom

On another note, there were dirty jokes hidden in virtually every episode of this show since the very beginning. For instance, in the first episode, for whatever reason they concocted (involving the use of the fictional contraption, the “Suck-O-Matic”), there were naked fairies floating in the near distance. However, that's not even the dirty part. The most appalling part of this scene is the little creepy we see trying to sneak a peep of the fairies. There is a tiny gopher, lurking in underwear, and using binoculars. Likened to an elderly man scamming on teenage girls, his facial expression says it. He is clearly not trying hard to hide his excited expression. Also, his mouth is gaping opening and his tiny perverted tongue is wagging. Yuck.

6 The No-Tell Motel


One of the most well-known jokes from this series is the No-Tell Motel. No matter how you slice it, this building represents an incredibly filthy motel being used for sex, if not an all-out brothel. In addition to the sign that asserts you can rent rooms by the hours, many of the antics occurring in this place assert its sexual nature. For instance, in one episode, Rocko and Heffer have to book a room for the night. As the night ends, viewers hear a bed rocking and the unmistakable sound of Heffer's voice calling for "Sheila". It appears Heffer has sexual flashbacks in his sleep...and maybe acts them out? Who knows. In other episodes, they even made mention of "Johnson Rods" but this was later edited out.

5 Chokey Chicken

Another painfully obviously sexual reference is (not so) hidden in the name of their favorite restaurant (and don't even get us started on the slogan 'it sticks to ya'). No matter what goes on, Chokey Chicken seems to be their favorite (and often only) place to eat. Technically a parody of Kentucky Fried Chicken, although it is not uncommon for cartoons to parody elements of the real world, it is not typical for them to dirty up the name. The venue even comes complete with a charming replica of a choking chicken on top. Furthermore, clearly parents caught on because in the middle of the 4th season, the restaurant’s name was changed to "Chewy Chicken". Either way, the older episodes still exist and so far, still continue to pay homage to the world of… well…chicken choking. How appetizing. Moreover, one look at the menu will send you screaming Get Out to everyone in O-Town.

4 Dingle Berries


This will make you wonder how the show didn't get canceled from the beginning. In one episode, entitled "Hut Sut Raw", they go on a natural adventure, which turns out to be indoors, at a place called "Nature-O-Rama". However, seeking a real outdoorsy experience, Rocko asserts he's had enough and suggests they go into the woods and rough it in real life. However, things didn't turn out as planned and the guys all end up delusional, starving, and searching for food. This led to the moment in which Rocko picks what appears to be berries from a bush, quickly scarfing a few down. However, they turn out to be the testicles of some type of ferocious animal, who lets out a huge roar...after he swallowed a few first.

3 Tunnel-O-Love

Another painfully obvious dirty joke occurred in the episode entitled...wait for it..."Love Spanked". While the show did not go full on Pornhub and allow spanking on the show, they surely went as far as they could with the euphemisms. As if the title alone wasn't enough, a scene in this episode includes a ride known as the "Tunnel-O-Love" (there's that big O again). A heart shaped tunnel designed specifically for lovers, this joke is just as raunchy as it sounds. Without getting into any specifics, per say, many children likely learned the gist of the birds and the bees and they watched two animals slowly drift into the heart-shaped tunnel and come out with babies. Although this isn't exactly how it works in real life, one can safely assume the Tunnel-O-Love is yet another homage to reaching the big O.

2 The Clown Closet


On the flip side, this might have been more apparent in this age, however, back when this show aired, the world was still very much trapped in the closet. However, the episode entitled "Clown Closet" was about...*drum roll please*... a gay clown hiding in the closet. The plot goes like this: Ed Bighead, who typically hates clowns, sees a clown stranded in front of his home so, of course, he goes out to chase him. The frightened clown fled, leaving his big red nose behind. Ed then kept the nose and put it on, only to find he rather enjoyed wearing it. From there, he wore the nose to work, only to get caught by his slimy boss, who then forcibly books him for a children's party. Rocko, Heffer, and Filburt just so happen to be at the party when Ed arrives and much to his dismay, his clown nose is stolen and his true identity is revealed. However, as luck would have it, Rocko comforts Ed by telling him that everyone has secrets and disclosing some of their other friends' secrets, which also gained acceptance. However, ironically, when Rocko revealed an affinity for rainbows he is promptly chased off the property. Hmm...

1 Shaved Kitties

Another random yet totally inappropriate joke occurred on the episode entitled, "Boob Tubed", in which both Filburt's head is sucked out of his head by the television (I guess that part is fairly age appropriate) causing Rocko and Filburt travel into the television to retrieve it, there are some curious antics afoot. Obviously, this episode focuses a lot of attention on the television so, when Heffer pulls up with a literal truck load of videos, they are too excited to pop a few in (pun mildly intended). In a later scene, the guys are sitting and watching when the title of the show they are watching pops up on the screen: "Night of the Shaved Kittens". I don't know what this could possibly be about. However, I've seldom heard any children talking enthusiastically about shaved felines...that's more of an adult thing.

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