15 Absolutely Terrifying Things You Had No Idea Existed

At any given time, there’s a good chance there’s a spider within several feet from where you’re sitting. If you search your area for sex offenders, it’s likely they live close to you. There’s no telling when a natural disaster might hit your area and devastate a town. These are all incredibly terrifying things, and for the most part, we’re aware of the dangers that constantly surround us. And although it seems like we know enough horrors to last us a lifetime, there are still plenty of things out in the world that we have no idea about and are much more terrifying than the things we already know to be scary.

Now, not everything that is dangerous is scary, just like not everything that is scary is dangerous. However, there are just some things in the world that frighten us so much that we’d like to stay as far away from them as possible. Maybe you feel like you’re better off not knowing about scary things that exist out in the world, but we can assume that since you’re reading this, you let your curiosity get the better of you. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with being as educated as possible about all the horrors in the world, so reading this is probably one of the wise decisions you've made.

From scary monsters to spooky looking locations, there are plenty of things that are horrifying and yet we had no idea existed. For this list, we narrowed it down to the best 15. Here are 15 Absolutely Terrifying Things You Had No Idea Existed:

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15 Goblin Sharks

via youtube.com

Sharks are scary; there’s no doubt about that. But a shark that looks like this? 100 times scarier. Not only does it not even fully look like a shark, it doesn’t fully look like it belongs on this planet! This particular shark doesn’t happen to be alive anymore, giving us a little bit of a reduction in our anxieties. However, knowing that its brothers and sisters are still roaming about in the oceans is enough to make us stay away from even the smallest of puddles. Don’t be too terrified just yet though. Even if you frequent oceans, there’s hardly a chance you’ll ever run into one of these terrifying beasts. They’re mostly found in the deep sea at depths below 350 feet. And if you ever do run into one, there’s a good chance it won’t be an adult, another comforting fact as adults can grow longer than 13 feet!

14 Living Rocks

via youtube.com

This picture is hard to look at without getting all sorts of horrifying emotions. It’s spine-tingling, makes our skin crawl, and honestly might cause a bit of gagging. Before this thing was cracked into two however, it had an appearance similar to that of any large, dirty rock. That is, until someone decided to cut it right in half, exposing its very human-like insides! That’s right, this isn’t a rock; it’s a living animal that has the same basic needs as many other living things on this big, terrifying planet. This living rock lives most of its life stationary, absorbing water and nutrients through its skin and taking what it can get from its surrounding area. It doesn’t attack, fight back, scream, or cry like most animals would if you cut into it. But somehow, that makes it all the more terrifying.

13 "Competitive" Tickling

Everyone’s been tickled before. Some of us absolutely hate it as it can be uncomfortable and causes us panic. However, others enjoy the sensation and participate in it often. No matter what your feeling towards tickling, however, there’s no denying that it’s a strange sensation that affects us all in different ways. A few of us choose to tickle our loved ones as a way to tease or flirt. But surely even fewer, like the two in the photograph above, enjoy partaking in “competitive” tickling. This process usually involves strapping someone down on a bed and tickling them until... until it gets old, I guess? There aren’t any rules to the game of tickling, and the purpose as to why people do it is rather strange. Calling it “competitive” seems to just be a way to mask another strange fetish so creeps around the world can enjoy this deviant behavior without any guilty stigma being attached to it. Yes, it may not be the most obviously scary thing out there, but after watching unsettling videos of competitive tickling, you’ll surely understand why this strange activity makes the list.

12 Rat Kings

via youtube.com

Rats are gross. They break into people’s homes to eat their garbage and terrorize their cats. They roam the streets in the hunt for their next meal and seem to be the dirtiest rodents out there. Finding a rat in your home gives a horrible feeling, but knowing that something like what's in the photograph above exists out there is all the more terrifying. The image above depicts a rat king. This is when the tails of several rats become intertwined, making it nearly impossible for them to ever break free. It’s actually pretty tragic, but there’s no doubt its image is also nightmare-inducing. It’s basically become a super rat, starving for its next meal as upon entanglement, it has to share all the food it finds with the other members of the group. In fact, if you study the different rats within the image, some appear to be more decomposed than others, possibly hinting that these ones died before the others, causing the rest to drag their corpses around.

11 An Unexplainable Face On A Steep Cliff

via abcnews.com

It’s a bit hard to make out, but to the left of the top-center section of the photograph above, you can make out what appears to be a face carved into the side of the cliff. Of course, carvings on cliffs are certainly nothing new. (Ever hear of a thing called Mount Rushmore?) In most cases, we have proof that humans were responsible for what was carved. However, when it comes to this sculpture, no such proof exists. There’s no record of anyone carving the face into the cliff, and no one has come forward with any idea how it might have gotten built. Furthermore, the area is dangerous to get to, and it’s hard to figure out how someone was able to sculpt the image in such a challenging spot. Someone had to have carved this into the cliff as the face is way too realistic and detailed to be natural. Unfortunately, we may never find out the true circumstances surrounding it.

10 Black Clouds

via epod.usra.edu

The photograph above is of the migration of starlings in Denmark. These birds have an annual migration in which they flock in the same mass creating what looks like black clouds. Some may say that it’s a beautiful site, but we always like to point out the horror behind the beauty. Sure, from a distance it may seem cool, but imagine yourself in the thick of it. Clouds are supposed to be calming and a peaceful site. Black clouds? Not so much. What is it about these birds that make them swarm in such a dense crowd and with such unique patterns? From a distance, it doesn’t look so bad, actually, but up close, you’d surely be overwhelmed with the massive number of birds. Plus, having a black cloud follow you around would be absolutely terrifying.

9 Lamprey

via fishbio.com

There are some animals out there that make us wonder if we’re not already surrounded by terrifying aliens. The Lamprey is certainly one of them. Their body is basically a long tube with intricate, sharp, and scary-looking teeth just waiting to chomp down on their next victim. They’re like a snake if you took all of the cute parts of the snake away -- and even that’s a stretch. Furthermore, the wound these animals can cause is so gruesome and brutal we decided to only show you a picture of the predator and not the victim. As if the ocean wasn’t already scary enough with the Goblin sharks and scary living rocks waiting at the shore, now we have to worry about getting eaten by a worm with teeth! The fact that they lack eyes and anything else that makes them seem like a normal animal is all the more horrifying.

8 Screaming Mummies

via imgur.com

Mummies are nothing new to us. To mummify the departed was to preserve their body after they died and honor it in a way that would honor their lives. For the most part, mummies were normal dead bodies wrapped up the way these people looked when they died. And that’s what makes the screaming mummies all the more terrifying. Were they screaming when they died, causing them to look like this as mummies? Or perhaps all the mummy movies we’ve ever watched were on to something and these mummies did come back to life at one point only to be frozen in time mid-scream. Some people, however, just assume that the screaming mummies were the result of a poorly executed, hurried, and lacking-in-care mummification process. Nevertheless, there will always be the people that look for the mystery and conspiracy behind the reality and continue to test the truths we think we know -- people who believe that there is a greater mystery behind the chilling poses of these screaming mummies.

7 Fairy Circles

via youtube.com

If you tried to imagine a fairy circle without seeing a picture and created an image based solely on the name alone, you might think of something beautiful and angelic, not something creepy and inexplicable. Surely, the sight above isn’t immediately startling; however, after realizing that there’s certainly something unnatural about it all can make us feel a bit uneasy. A fairy circle is basically a formation that sprouts in a grassland in which nothing grows in the middle of a circle lined with tall grass. There’s no explanation, reason, or even hint as to why this might occur. The fairy circles are mostly found in Africa and Australia, but as they don’t have fixed patterns or reasons, who knows where else they might show up! There’s nothing harmful and dangerous about them, but not having a reason as to why they exist and what the causes are certainly make us feel pretty terrified.

6 DNA Hacking

via pinterest.com

One comforting realization we have about ourselves as humans is that no two of us are exactly alike (except identical twins, to a certain extent). We each have something called DNA that, although is similar to our family members, is completely unique to us. In fact, since DNA testing was discovered, we’ve significantly reduced the number of the falsely accused, as DNA certainly can’t lie about who it belongs to. That is, until recently. As is true with most good things in the world, some evil scientist had to come along and ruin it. Recently, some people have been experimenting with DNA hacking. The intention is good, as it can help save the lives of people with rare diseases. However, many people fear the power that comes along with the ability to replicate and change DNA. We run the risk of people framing others for murder or potentially making a disease that is only able to attack a certain person or group of people with particular DNA properties -- and that is absolutely terrifying.

5 Masking

via plaidzebra.com

Everyone does something that someone else is bound to think is weird. But there’s really nothing wrong with doing whatever you want as long as you’re not hurting others. However, when it comes to masking, we can’t help but be a little judgmental -- and frightened. The image above is not a sex doll, toy, or Halloween costume. It’s a man who enjoys spending his free time in a whole body of latex in order to give the appearance of being a woman. There’s definitely nothing particularly harmful about this, however, and that’s not the part that’s scary. The haunting part is that people into such a practice often end up looking like walking dolls, which we should all agree are meant to be basically inanimate children’s toys. After all, if you’ve ever seen a horror movie about a doll, you'd be aware that when dolls move, such movies hardly ever end well. So while everyone is allowed to dress whatever they want, perhaps dressing up in a doll-like suit should probably be an exception as it's unsettling to even the most open-minded among us.

4 The Inside Of A Goose's Mouth

via twitter.com

Although they’re mostly harmless to humans, geese can sometimes be scary. They’re overprotective of their goslings and are known to nip at humans. You’d think a goose bite wouldn’t hurt all that bad, but when you look at their mouths, you can start to understand why they would end up giving pretty painful nips. The inside of a goose’s mouth looks like something straight out of an alien movie! What kind of bird needs a mouth like that! One that surely has evil in its heart! I mean, before today, before you saw this picture, you probably never thought twice about what the inside of a goose’s mouth looked like. But after seeing this photo, you’ll likely wonder what the inside of all animals' mouths look like and what horror might be in them. Good luck trying to get some sleep...

3 Blood Falls

via wikipedia.org

The Antarctic is truly a beautiful site. The crisp white planes and icy blue oceans paint a picturesque reality that is often seen only in doctored photographs. It's a peaceful and calming sight that many enjoy. That is, until you get to the waterfall made out of blood! Blood falls is given its name because -- you guessed it -- it looks like blood! Fortunately though, it's not really blood. It's actually water and has a red appearance because of the high amounts of iron oxide in the saltwater. Now having understood this, we can view the blood falls as a haunting sight, but one in which we can still find beauty. Imagine the poor guy, however, who first discovered it! Surely he feared that the worst massacre had just taken place!

2 Suicide Plant

via wikipedia.org

Why was the plant above given the nickname suicide plant? No, it’s not a killer plant that will make you die if you touch it. Nor is it a plant that kills itself when touched. It’s worse than that. What actually happens is that it causes such immense pain to whoever touches it that it forces them to commit suicide. And this isn’t just true for humans; it's the case for animals as well. Horses and small animals have been known to jump from large heights after coming in contact with the plant. The scariest part is that it’s hard to identify this plant that has hairs on its ends, which when touched cause an unbearable stinging that lasts for days or even weeks. No, the results aren’t deadly, but they’re painful enough to make you wish you were dead. Thus, if you’re going to study the appearance of just one plant for the rest of your life, this one is probably the one you’d want to store in your memory so that you can always avoid it.

1 Globsters

via youtube.com

There are all sorts of terrifying things that have washed onto the shores of bodies of water all around the world. Some things are normal and expected, but others are terrifying mysteries. One of those mysteries is referred to as a globster. A globster is an apparent mass of a deceased animal that has washed ashore. The terrifying part is that the animal cannot always be identified. Sometimes it might have a furry appearance, like the one above. In reality, it’s likely composed of muscles and nerves hanging from the decaying body. Globsters are pointless to study as they’re usually just the last bits of bones and fat that have yet to wash away. It takes much longer for sea mammals like whales to decompose when their bodies are being partially preserved in saltwater, but the decomposing still eventually happens. So the next time you’re walking along the beach, and you come across a terrifyingly disgusting mass, you can assume it’s just a globster. Of course, there’s always a chance that it might not be, however.

Sources: Wikipedia.org

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