14 Photos On The Internet That Keep Us Up At Night

The Internet is full of dark and mysterious things. For as long as we have had entertainment around, people have been amusing themselves with horrifying stories and dark tales that keep them up at night. There might not be a clear or exact reason why humans like to be scared, but it is well known where to find the scariest thing you can see in a lifetime: the Internet. Some of us have something that happened in our lives that we can say was the scariest thing we’ve ever seen.

The rest of us might go our entire lives without seeing something disturbing. If you lead a normal life and don’t get out much, there’s a chance you never have to really see anything disturbing that will keep you up at night. If you frequent the Internet, however, seeing something disturbing is almost unavoidable. Then there are those of us who like to go looking for something to really give us a fright, which is probably why you clicked on this link, right? There is an endless amount of horror in the real world, and the Internet is there to document it and share it with others. We’ve gathered some of the creepiest and disturbing photos and tales the Internet has to offer. Have you seen any of these before? Which do you think is the most terrifying?

14 The Final Words Of Pilots

Planecrashinfo.com is a site that you wouldn’t think you would need, but somehow, still manages to get a ton of traffic. A lot of people made their way to the site after a Reddit user shared that this is the scariest thing they’ve seen on the Internet. A lot of us know about plane crashes, and although they’re tragic, we might not say that they’re the scariest things we’ve ever heard of. The section on this site that makes it so scary is where they list the final words of the pilots who got in fatal plane crashes. Everything the pilots were saying was recorded because they were communicating with someone on the ground and sometimes, the pilots weren’t even aware that there was any problem in the air and have casual last words. You don’t read the words in their voice either, so it’s hard to know if they were panicking or unaware that those were their last words.

13 ME Pearl Takes Care Of Possums And Worships A Dead Squirrel 

The Internet is definitely full of freaks. There are people who might seem normal out in public, but you never know who goes home and changes into someone completely different once they get behind a computer screen. Some people are just freaks all around and the Internet helps them reach a huge audiences and broaden their ability to express their strange behavior. MEpearl.com is a website that seems to be the personal blog of the lady in the photo above. She seems like a nice little old lady, but the strange thing about her is that she has a bit of an obsession with small critters and little creatures. She has several videos of her explaining how to take care of a possum. The strange part, however, is that she also worships a dead squirrel and asks for donations and others to follow her beliefs.

12 Heaven's Gate Cult Still Has A Running Website

Heaven’s Gate has to be one of the most chilling cults of the past several decades. Of course, there are plenty of cults all around the world that have existed throughout history, but the public’s ability to look into this cult is one of the most chilling parts. There are plenty of cults you can get information from, but Heaven’s Gate is a little different because the majority of the members committed a mass suicide 20 years ago. They all shared a belief that a comet that was passing over Earth disguised a UFO that would take them away if they took their own lives at the right time. They went through with the suicide and a majority of the members were gone, however, the few that didn’t take their own lives now maintain the website and keep it running for anyone else who’s still interested in looking into the cult.

11 Final Words Of Inmates

As we’ve already discussed, hearing what the last words someone said are absolutely chilling. When you aren’t able to actually hear the words leave their mouth and can only  read what they had to say in their final moments, it can still be just as disturbing, if not more. Someone posted online that the scariest thing they’ve seen on the Internet is the website in which you can read Texas death row inmates’ last words. These are people who knew that they were going to die. While you can expect some to be remorseful, others having nothing but bad thoughts. If this isn't morbid, we don't know what is.

10 Audio From Jonestown

One of the most chilling things to happen in the past few decades has to be the Jonestown mass suicide. The cult was run by leader Jim Jones who you can see in the photograph above. He created what he hoped would become a utopia in Guyana. When the settlement started falling apart, he urged his members to drink Kool-Aid that he had laced with cyanide in order to escape a world filled with capitalism. He also stated that people would be coming to take the members' children from the settlement, and those who refused or were skeptical about drinking the Kool-Aid feared they’d be shot instead. Over 900 people were killed with over 300 of those people being children. As if the photographs from the crime scene aren't bad enough, the audio of the final moments of many of the members is available online. You can hear children crying and people screaming, and if you find yourself listening to the audio later, you’ll agree it’s one of the most chilling things you’ll have seen or heard on the Internet.

9 The Gauntlet Internet Game

There are plenty of horrifying things on the Internet that you could find if you were really looking to torture yourself. One video game that has existed on the Internet was known as The Gauntlet. It’s difficult to find and if you look at the surface level, you’ll likely find regular videos and video games instead of the disturbing version we’re talking about. Someone created a horrifying game known as The Gauntlet in which you had to watch different videos of horrifying things to see how far you could make it. You would start with a basic terrifying Internet video, something just a little scary. As things went on, the videos got more horrifying and realistic. If you made it to the end, you were a true sadist. Why anyone would create such a game is beyond us, and luckily, it isn’t as easy to find as it used to be. If you do stumble upon the game, we're sure you'll agree that it's one of the most disturbing things found on the Internet.

8 Audio From A Nightclub

Chunkylilman’s story of what they saw on the Internet is terrifying because it’s something that actually happened. His story is about the incident in which a nightclub known as The Station burned to the ground with people inside enjoying a concert. “The club caught fire and all these people were trapped inside. You can hear them screaming for help as they burn. I think Great White was playing and a [pyrotechnic] caught the stage on fire. The vid is on YouTube somewhere. It's horrific.” Since it was a show, many people were recording what happened. The stage explodes and people start to panic and leave. Unfortunately, many people were trapped inside. It occurred in Rhode Island in 2003 and over 100 people died and over 200 were injured.

7 A Man Describes His Crime

Albinohessain shares their chilling Internet story of what they found in the deep, dark web: “A long time ago I was messing around on the Internet trying to find 'shocking' sites and came across a forum that had a section where people could talk about and plan kidnappings, often of women and little girls. Most of it was obvious bullshit, but one post was from this guy who claimed to have abducted a little girl, buried her in the woods, and gave directions on how to find her. The scary part of it was, the woods he listed were only a city or two away from mine and I recognized everything he posted.” We don’t know what you would expect looking for shocking sites, but this is certainly one that would be hard to forget.

6 Elliot Rodger Had A Creepy Video Diary 

Several users have shared that the scariest thing they’ve seen on the Internet is Elliot Rodger’s YouTube channel. If you don’t know who he is, he is a disturbed man who opened fire on a street in California, hoping to kill as many women as possible. In his vlogs, he discusses his disgust with s*x and how many people have turned him down all his life. His motive was revenge, for he was a lonely boy who didn’t get enough attention from women. He decided the best thing to do about this was to attack innocent people. It’s scary because watching his videos, you might just think he’s an angry guy with a YouTube account. Not much, aside from him talking about committing a crime, makes you think that he would actually go ahead with vengeful plan. Elliot killed 6 people, injured 14 others, and ended up taking his own life after the massacre.

5 Sharon Tate's Crime Scene Photos

One of the most notorious murders of all time is the gruesome slaying of Sharon Tate and her unborn child in her own home. She was married to director Roman Polanski and they were living a life some of us can only dream of. She was a gorgeous actress and he was a talented director. They had recently wed and expecting their first child. They had a beautiful California home, but unfortunately, the previous homeowners had some enemies. These enemies happened to be the terrifying cult known as the Manson Family, and instead of killing the original homeowners, they murdered Sharon Tate while she was pregnant, as well as the friends who were at her home visiting at the time. The gruesome crime scene photos taken of Sharon in her home that day can be found on the Internet.

4 Google Maps Has Plenty Of Horror On Street View

In order to find some disturbing pictures and videos on the internet, you might have to do a little digging. Because of advertisers, certain laws and people who just don’t want to see messed up things, it can be hard to see some gruesome content on the Internet unless you go looking for it. Many people have shared their experiences with Google Maps as being one of the scariest things they’ve seen on the Internet! You don’t have to look any further than the world around you to see some terrifying things. The Google car takes pictures at any time of day and maps literally everywhere around the world. When traveling around the world and documenting the entire thing like the Google car does, you can see the terrifying parts of the world. With the advanced technology we have, you can also get a 360 view. Next time you’re looking for an Internet fright, look no further than your own phone.

3 Finding Out Your Old Online Friends Were All Old Men 

Coffeezilla’s story is one we might have experienced without ever even knowing it: “Before Facebook ever existed, I used to chat with a ton of people in chatrooms and such. Most of them were (according to them) pre-teen and teenagers like myself who [were] simply lonely. Six years later, I'm in my mid-teens and Facebook is a thing. Not thinking, I sign up for an account using the same email from my chat days, where I'd kept touch with some of those people for a time. Over half of the results when it used my email to find friends were middle-aged men. I stopped using the Internet to talk to people after that.” Most of us have had an Internet friend at some point or another. Maybe it was just someone you chatted with online or a mutual follower on social media. What would you do if you found out they were different than what they told you?

2 A Neighbor That Stalks The People Next Door 

Natasha shared a scary Internet story that will want to make you move to the middle of nowhere: “I came across this YouTube channel from user Robhgien Yrgna ('angry neighbor' backward containing over 5,000 recordings uploaded in the past year of his or her neighbors. Ostensibly, these recordings are documenting their "loud, rude, annoying, noisy neighbors" (an oft-repeated phrase in the video titles), but if you listen to the videos, they are no different than what you would hear in any residential city block or town.” That’s an insane number of recordings. We understand having noisy neighbors, but the fact that these neighbors aren’t all that loud and that their neighbor is recording them is absurd! The user remains anonymous and the videos are mostly black or at least difficult to make what is being visually recorded, so it’s hard to know who these two neighbors really are. Hopefully not you!

1 Be Careful Who's Watching

Disastermarch35 has a creepy story you won’t forget: “I was on Reddit sometime last year and I stumbled upon a link to a website that was a map of the world with clickable areas. When cities were clicked on, it opened up a window displaying somebody's webcam, only it didn't appear they were aware of it. I clicked on a few to see what it was all about and there were just people watching tv with their webcam broadcasting their living room activities over the Internet. One was a baby sleeping in a crib. Most were empty rooms. It was super creepy. I tried looking for the post to link it, but I didn't find it immediately and I don't really feel like searching for it.” Stories like this are why people put tape over their webcams. Be careful what you do in front of your laptop when it’s open! You never know who’s watching!

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