14 People Who Didn't Make It Past The First Date

These poor men and women got more than they bargained for when they met up with someone online.

The first date can be a very exciting time, especially for women who tend to obsess about the man she's about to see. When it comes to online dating, though, it can be like walking into unsuspecting waters. Will they be calming waves or turbulent waters? The awkward part of online dating is that feeling that you're going on a blind date with a complete stranger. You don't know anything about that person or what to expect on the first date.

Still, when most people go out on a date, they don't expect anything bad to happen. They go out, they have some drinks, maybe some dinner, and then that epic goodnight kiss, which could even turn into a hookup, though it can be easy to forget the fact that you know nothing about the person you're meeting when you're too excited to meet them. After all, they could be anyone, even a serial killer. Isn’t that what our mother always warned us about? But we never took her seriously, though, because something like that could never happen to you, right? For these people, they had no idea what their dates really had in mind for them, and their stories will shock you. You'll probably think twice before going on your next date.

These poor men and women got more than they bargained for when they met up with someone online. For these 14 people, their first date became their last.

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14 Tori Pennington

This was one of the worst crimes scenes that the police had seen, so that should tell you a lot right there. Tori Pennington was found in her home, and sadly, her two sons were in the house with her, sleeping. She decided to have a date with Dustin Kendrick in her home, and she had no idea that he was a felon. Yikes! They met online and even talked for a while before they finally met. Kendrick is back in jail, and this time, he’s there for good, with no chance of parole. It’s a scary story about what can happen if you allow the wrong person into your home. It really makes you want to avoid dating altogether.

13 The Bench

This is a case of a first date gone wrong. There's so much senseless violence with this date that it makes the whole situation terrifying. Kate Beagley thought she was meeting the love of her life when she went to meet Karl Taylor. The two originally met at a bar and agreed that they would get together the next day and hang out. They met at a park where they sat together on a bench. Beagley thought that she and Taylor had a love connection. That was until he pulled out a weapon. You know what happens next...

12 Plenty of Nightmares

We’ve all had bad dates, especially if you're familiar with Plenty of Fish. Normally, however, it’s usually because the person was boring, inappropriate, or just plain rude. For Katie Locke, she was only 23 years old when she met Carl Langdell online and agreed to go out on a date. She was a teacher, and he had a law firm, or so that’s what he told her. What he had really been doing in his spare time was being locked up in mental institutions. He had a few mental illnesses and would often confess to nurses that he wanted to commit violent acts. When Langdell met up with Locke, he decided to make some of those fantasies come true. It was Locke's last ever date.

11 Ashley Nicole Pegram

Ashley Nicole Pegram used a dating app called "MeetMe" when she started talking to Edward Bonilla. She was really looking forward to meeting her date, and they agreed to meet around 9 PM on April 3. Unfortunately for Pegram, she didn't make it out of the date alive. They found her in a wooded area in Harleyville, South Carolina. It was obvious what happened, and the search for suspects started. Bonilla was eventually arrested. It’s a sad case when someone can’t even go out on a date without something bad happening.

10 Nicole White

It’s always sad when a girl is murdered, but it’s even worse when there are little children at home waiting for her to return. Nicole White was talking to Jonathan Daniel Harris online, and the two decided to meet up. She had a lot going for her at the time, including two children who loved her very much. For their date, they decided to meet up at a bar for some drinks. Afterwards, the two decided to go back to Harris’s place. What he did to her was unspeakable.

9 Inspired by Dexter

John Brian “Johnny” Altinger thought he was getting ready to meet a woman when he left his apartment to go on his date. He had been talking to this woman on Plenty of Fish for a while, and the two decided to meet up. Altinger was so excited about his date that he couldn’t help but tell friends about it. It wasn’t long before his friends started receiving strange emails from their friend saying that he was going on a long vacation to Costa Rica with the girl he had met. Even Altinger’s boss received a resignation letter, and that was when people knew that something wasn't right. When Altinger met up with his date, it turned out that it was a man, Mark Twitchell, who had been posing as a woman. Twitchell had been inspired by the TV show Dexter.

8 The Lake

22-year-old Kristina Medvedeva went out searching for love. She had just moved to a new city and wanted to meet someone new, so she hit the online dating sites. Most of her sites had her listed as “actively looking,” and when she went on her first date, she never came back from it. Police believed that the man she had met for her date was responsible, but they have been unable to find him and apprehend him, which means there's a violent man still on the loose. You would think they would've found something in her internet history.

7 Sharon Winters

The last thing that you expect to happen on your date is to be harmed physically. These stories really make you wish you didn’t have to date at all. Sharon Winters was a mother of four and was described as loving and caring. Looking forward to her date because the two had talked for a while online before deciding to meet, she met up with Kevin Hawke. What happened next was really violent. Hawke was arrested and charged with her murder. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison.

6 A Huge Setup to Kill

This was a first date that turned out to be a hate crime against Michael Sandy. He was looking forward to a night out with a man that he had met online in 2006. The two met up in a random location where the man, Anthony Fortunato, got into his car, and they drove to Plumb Beach, a popular location for gay men. Instead of making out, however, Sandy soon realized that he was being set up. While Sandy was there, he was surrounded by three other men who dragged him out of the car. He was able to get away from the men and ran from them scared out of his mind. He ran onto the highway looking for help and, sadly, was hit.

5 Leigh Swanson

In 2012, Leigh Swanson went out to meet Steven Fabi, whom she had met online. Swanson told her mother that Fabi was picking her up from home, but she never returned after the date. She was reported missing, and the police tracked down Fabi’s number by the caller ID left on the mother’s phone. They immediately went out to find Fabi, but before he could be arrested, Fabi ended his life. It was a bizarre turn of events, and because of it, no one ever knew why Fabi did it. They did find Swanson the next day...but it wasn't a happy ending.

4 When You’re Just Not Feeling a Second Date

When Sharon Siermans went out on a date with Jason John Dinsley, she didn’t know that he was a convicted rapist who was out on parole. He also had a live-in girlfriend at the time. The two had been talking for a while online and then started texting each other. They went out on a date, but Siermans ended it early. She didn’t like Dinsley and told friends that he was “filthy and was embarrassed to be seen with him.” She got home that night, but Dinsley wasn't happy that she didn’t want a second date and broke into her home. He left in handcuffs.

3 While Her Son Was Sleeping

Usha Patel was 44 when she started to talk to 35-year-old Miles Donnelly online. They chatted for a few months before they decided to get together. The two decided to meet at Patel’s home, which is always a bad idea. Patel’s five-year-old son was sleeping in the next room when the two started undressing. That was when Donnelly attacked her. She was found the next day by her son and his father, and there were many alcohol bottles around, which meant the two had been drinking together. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter how long you talk to someone online; bad things can still happen.

2 He Got Drunk First

Ingrid Lyne went missing in 2016 after she went out on a date with John Robert Charlton. Lyne was looking forward to a fun night watching a baseball game. Her children were with their father that night, and Lyne had no reason to think that she would never see them again. After the game, Charlton drove her home. Charlton told police that he was so drunk that night that he has no idea what happened, but they found some disturbing evidence in Lyne’s bathroom. When Charlton was arrested, he told police that he was “not a normal person” before he requested to speak with his attorney.

1 The Balcony

This Tinder dating story is just a little bit bizarre. There are parts that don’t even make sense. Warriena Wright and Gable Tostee met online and decided to meet up at Tostee’s apartment. Things got weird there on both ends. For one thing, Tostee had recorded the first three hours of their meeting at his apartment. Why he did that, we’re not sure. But during the recording, you could hear the two arguing, which is certainly weird for a first date. Oddly enough, it appeared as if it was Wright who started to become violent with Tostee, and you can hear him asking her to stop “beating him up.” Tostee actually asked Wright to leave because of her behavior. He forced her out on the balcony when she refused to leave his apartment. You know what happens next...

Sources: CNN; Daily Mail

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14 People Who Didn't Make It Past The First Date