10 Texts Men Accidentally Sent Their Wives Instead Of Their Side Chicks (And 5 Women Who Got Caught, Too)

It's probably smart for us to start this article by saying that we don't condone cheating at all. It's not fair to do that to someone else and it is emotional torture for people when they find out they've been treated this way. However, that doesn't mean that some of these stories can't be funny, even for the people involved. It just takes some time for that stuff not to be tragic anymore.

Yes, we wanted to show a side of cheating that is actually quite funny when you're on the outside looking in, and that's when stupid people try to keep such a huge secret from someone close to them. Seriously, if you don't have the sort of intelligence that allows you the ability to keep things a secret from someone you see every day, it's probably not a smart idea to cheat on your partner. You will end up slipping up and your slip up will most likely be posted on the Internet for everyone to laugh at.

So, want to take a look at some of the best cheating texts the Internet has to offer? Such a shame that these people had to find out they were being cheated on through text, but at least we get to laugh about it!

15 So Blatant

We think that if you're going to engage in this sort of behavior then you need to make sure that you have more than one phone. If you don't then you're going to get caught out. Not only does it make it easier for your partner to find out you're cheating with just the one phone, but you're also more likely to text someone you didn't mean to. Also, what sort of horrible person uses family troubles as an excuse to get out of spending time with their partner so they can sleep with someone else? You're just asking for some really bad karma at that point. People need to start worrying about their actions in the grand scheme of things or their immorality will end up coming back to bite them.

14 What A Pathetic Comeback

Honestly, if you were with the kind of guy who thinks that the phrase "I love you" is something they can pull out to stop you from being mad at them, then you're lucky if you get to leave them. That is not the kind of person you want in your life. Well, you also don't want someone who thinks cheating is okay either, but you get what we mean. We really do hope that this woman took his Xbox with her. At least she got something out of it. Don't throw his clothes out or smash things up, just steal his consoles instead!

13 Is This Real?!

Okay, so it seems pretty obvious that some of these probably aren't real and we think this is probably the worst culprit. There is no chance that anybody would respond like this to someone telling them this bit of information. Not only that, but if you were in the same room as this man, you wouldn't continue to text him back, you would have a conversation with him about what it is he's going on about. There's just too much about this text that doesn't add up, which leads us to believe that it has to be staged. However, things do often happen in life that are stranger than fiction, so we're not going to say we know for sure that this one isn't real. All we're saying is that we have our suspicions.

12 Justice Is Served

The funny thing is, we can't imagine a worse pain than having somebody tell you they no longer want to be with you, but sometimes, there are definitely some people who deserve it. We try not to wish pain on anyone, but if you're this kind of slimeball, then you deserve whatever you have coming to you. How dare you get caught like this and then try to apologize, asking the other person to forgive you. You got caught with your pants down which is really what you're sorry about. You're not sorry that you've broken the trust of somebody you supposedly love. Honestly, there are some people out there who don't deserve love. We never thought we'd find ourselves writing that down, but it's so true when you think about it. If you're obviously willing to risk losing someone who loves you and who you apparently love back, you don't really deserve it all if you can't respect them enough to be loyal.

11 Never Mess With A Woman's Friends

Although not all women can be trusted, most of the time, women stand by their friends till the end. If you're with a woman, just know that you shouldn't mess around with her friends. More often than not, depending on how lucky or unlucky you get, that information is going to make it back to the woman you love. It's harsh, which is exactly how it should be for somebody who is taking advantage of somebody's trust this way. And you better believe this woman is taking a screenshot of this as proof!

10 I Would Never Want To See Them Again Either

We all know that sometimes it can be hard not to see someone we love, even if we know that we can no longer be with that person, but we don't think we'd ever want to see someone who cheated on us. Once somebody has crossed that line, there is no way we could look at them the same way ever again. They would have to get out of our lives and stay there for as long as possible. In fact, if they tried to make their way back into our lives, we think we'd try to make their life a living hell. Take this as a note to all of the people out there who think they can cheat on people without consequences.

9 Some Of These Men Are So Dumb

Mate, you could've so easily turned this into a joke if you wanted to. Once you immediately realize your mistake, try and turn it on its head and say that you're just kidding. Sure, they won't be happy about it, but they'll be inclined to believe you if you just keep saying you meant nothing by it. That being said, this would only work if you have the sort of relationship where the two of you actually make this sort of joke. A lot of people don't and it would just seem weird. It wouldn't make any sense that, out of nowhere, you started making jokes like this to someone you love. A lot of people out there have a sick sense of humor and they could use that to their advantage when they mess up like this in such a huge way.

8 This Kid Knows How To Play A Situation Properly

If you're going to have to know this sort of thing, you may as well make some money out of it in our opinion. However, we'd go slightly different about it if we're being honest. Seriously, you may as well take as much money as you can off your dad and then tell your mom about it. That way, you get to keep the money and you get to be in the right as well. You save your mother from a man that just doesn't deserve her. We know we couldn't sit on this sort of information for the rest of our lives anyway. Can you imagine going to some sort of family reunion together, looking at your parents getting along and knowing that your mother had been betrayed in one of the worst ways possible? It just wouldn't work for us at all.

7 Wouldn't She Notice The Car Was Gone?

Seriously, how would you explain that sort of thing to your wife when she gets back? She would definitely want to know why you no longer had the flashy car that you had when she left, one you spent so much money on. That being said, if you're the kind of person who can spin a web of lies about cheating on somebody, you're probably better at hiding things and coming up with lies than we will ever be. We know for a fact that if we had to explain why we no longer had a car without using any of the truth, we would struggle. Not only that, but what happens when your niece comes round in that same car, laughing as she watched you sweat it out while explaining the whole situation to your wife?

6 Fell For That Trap

This sounds to me like the guy has got quite a few women, but none of them can be that serious if he can't even remember which name goes with which woman. There are a lot of people out there who would envy this guy's game, but if you can't even distinguish between your women, then what's the point? What can you really be getting out of that sort of situation? You quickly realize that if all you're doing is meeting up with people and having no sort of emotional connection with them, you're not likely to find anything that is worth hanging on to.

5 Quickly! Try And Get Something Out Of Them!

Why isn't this person doing what everyone else on this list seems to be doing and trying to get something out of the cheater? We know that there are a lot of good people out there, but we refuse to believe that anybody is this good. You'd be going through some serious emotions if you found this out. That being said, we suppose if the mother was going to tell the father anyway, then there's no leverage there. How can you blackmail somebody with a piece of information that they were going to willingly share anyway?

4 Should Probably Clarify First

Can we just say that this guy definitely has one of the best responses to find out whether he's been cheated on? There's no way you can handle this one well since it's going to destroy you, you just have to accept that, but that doesn't mean you can't go out swinging either. You can totally show your partner that you're going to deal with this better than they hope you would. However, we also have to give a shout out to the fact that people need to start taking it easy when it comes to texting people so quickly without thinking. In the modern world, a conversation isn't as simple as it used to be. Often times, you won't have the physical or immediate feedback from the person that you're talking to. Bear that in mind.

3 I Couldn't Imagine Anything Worse Than This

This is quite possibly the saddest text exchange on this list. Seriously, it is so bleak that we struggle to look at it, nevermind talk about it. If this has happened to anyone reading this list, we are so sorry and we hope that you can find it in yourself to still trust other people. Sure, you've been messed with in the most unpleasant way possible, but not everyone is like that. We can promise you that if you can learn to trust again, which we know can be hard, you're more than likely to end up with someone who deserves you a lot more than this type of woman. Also, you can tell a lot about someone you're falling for by their friends. If they seem like the kind of people who would just let them do what they want without saying anything, you're probably not dating a winner.

2 Family Members Are Definitely Off Limits

Look, we're not saying that it's ever okay to cheat because it really isn't, but if you're going to be that sort of d-bag, can you make sure that you don't end up with a family member of the person you're cheating on? There is some serious emotional scarring that you're leaving behind there and it's just not cool. There is no excuse for it, either. Can you imagine getting this sort of text? You wouldn't want to believe it at first. You'd have to check that it wasn't April 1. Then it would slowly dawn on you that this is real life and that you're going to have to deal with the storm that has been handed to you, even though you haven't done anything wrong. Not only that, but it'd probably rip a family apart as well.

1 There Must Have Already Been Problems

If you're with the sort of woman that is this stupid, then you probably got lucky and dodged a bullet. Who accidentally texts someone twice like this? We don't really believe there can be somebody this stupid, but maybe we've just been lucky in the sort of people that we've met throughout our lives. Do any of you know somebody who would be stupid enough to do this? We think it must be fake. We just can't believe that somebody would end up doing this. That being said, we reckon if somebody was this stupid, this probably would be how they'd get caught. Most people who cheat end up getting caught because of their own stupidity.

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