Zoologist Salary – How Much Does Zoologists Make?

The Average Pay for a Zoologist

Zoologists work in different sectors depending upon the field of zoology that they have specialized in. Some work for governments, and some work in private sector facilities, in laboratories and as teachers. Some zoologists work in zoos looking after animals, while others study animals in their natural habitats, yet others dissect dead animals and study their body composition and skeletons. There are many diverse fields and sub-fields of zoology and the job of zoologists depends on the field they have specialized in. Mammalogists as the name implies have specialized in mammals, and ornithologists study birds, whereas herpetologists specialize in reptiles. As a minimum, zoologists hold a bachelors degree. Most have acquired master's degrees, and to specialize in research some have acquired doctorate degrees. Zoologists are generally hired on an annual salary.

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4 Annual Median Salary

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics as of May 2010, zoologists and biologists earned an average salary of $61,660 annually. The top 10 percent earned a minimum of $93,450, whereas the lowest 10 percent earned less than $35,600. The bulk of the middle class zoologists' salaries ranged from $45,460 to $72,700.

3 Average Salary by Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the salaries of zoologists vary depending on where they are working. Those working for the federal government earned the highest average annual salary at $77,300. The second tier comprises those zoologists who work in research and development services and earned an average annual salary of $72,410. Zoologists working in museums and historical sites earned $49,130 per year. Whereas those working as animals activists and for social advocacy organizations earned on average $49,480.

2 Salary by Metropolitan Area

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the highest salaries earned by zoologists were in the metropolitan area of Barnstable Town in Massachusetts at $115,160.  The second highest salaries earned by zoologists at $105,250 per year were in the Bethesda-Frederick-Gaithersburg, Maryland area. In Tampa-St. Petersburg-Clearwater, Florida, and Lewiston, Idaho, metropolitan areas, zoologists earned relatively lower salaries at $44,890 and $49,860 annually.

1 Average Salary by State

Salaries of zoologists also vary depending upon which state they are working in. The top earners are zoologists in the District of Columbia who make an annual average salary of $196,540. The second highest salary earners are in Maryland who average $07,370 per year. Animal scientists in Montana, Wyoming and Florida earn significantly lower salaries which are $58,230, $54,400 and $51,160.

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