Top 5 Highest Paying Medical Professions of 2013

5 5: Gynaecologist/OB/GYN $204,470


Gynaecologists and OB/GYNs earn an average salary of  $204,470 a year. That being said their spot is secure at number 5 by beating out physicians by a 30 thousand dollar difference. If you are interested in this profession your in luck, there has been a recent shortage of them in the United States, that means less competitions for a job after school.

4 4: Orthodontists $206,190


Our number four salary goes to our Orthodontists they make an average of $206,190 a year. Its not that surprising considering about 5/10 people have braces, even I had braces as a kid. Their salary doesn't only involve the amount of people who have them, it's in the price, they can cost up to 1000-6000 dollars depending on the severity of the case.

3 3: Oral Surgeons $210,710

Whenever you get your wisdom teeth removed just remember that your Oral Surgeons also known as Maxillofacial surgeons has the third highest salary of all medical professions. Oral Surgeons earn about $210,710 a year on average. The most common form of Oral Surgery is the removal of wisdom teeth, but they preform other treatments such as jawline realignments and can often help people eliminate snoring.

2 2: Anesthesiologists $211,750


Anyone who ever had surgery was probably thankful they weren't awake for the operation. Anesthesiologists are to thank, they work with sedatives to numb the pain and put the patients to sleep during surgery, along with that they earn about $211,750 a year. Jobs are available for Anesthesiologists anywhere from the ER to the operating table.

1 1: Surgeons $219,770

Of course the number one spot would be held by the most respected professions in the world the surgeon. This spot applies to surgeons who preform surgery on the other parts of the body such as the brain or heart(aside from an oral surgeon). The average surgeon earns about $219,770 a year.

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