The Top Ten Highest Paying Jobs

High living entails high costs, and these costs can be managed if you are paid generously for your work.  The following is the top ten highest paying jobs that will allow you to live a life of luxury.

10 Medical Professionals - $166,400

The medical field is a very lucrative profession because it requires the use of specific knowledge and the attainment of particular skills that can only be done through years of education and experience. Training can last up to 15 years, which is why a huge percentage of medical graduates have debts, which can then be easily wiped off once they have established themselves.

Four years of pre-medical schooling are needed before you are even considered for acceptance to a medical school. Another four years will be spent here, including classroom lectures and actual training. Residency is then undertaken, the length of which will depend on the field of specialization. Highly specialized fields like brain or heart surgeons and anesthesiologists are the highest-paid in this already elite profession.

9 Chief Executive Officers - $160,700

Being the highest ranking among all the officers in a company, it is just right that you get the highest pay as well.  After all, you are responsible for the entire company’s direction and operations.

CEOs can rise from the ranks, or may be outside managers with valuable experience in leading a company. You can even start your own company and appoint yourself CEO. In other words, there are many different ways for a person to get to this position. While a bachelor’s and master’s degree may give you an advantage, there are a lot of companies being headed by persons who did not even last long enough to get a college degree. Google Bill Gates.

8 Psychiatrists - $160,200

While psychiatrists are medical doctors too, their specialization in which they study and treat mental disorders make them distinct from physicians as we know it. Education takes the same amount of time as medical doctors. Eventually, however, psychiatrists may specialize in a particular demographic or mental illness. That is when the money will start pouring in.

7 Dentists - $145,320

You will need at least a couple of years of college-level education, four years of dental school, and an additional two to five years of training if you wish to specialize. While most dentists end up as general practitioners, you can earn bigger bucks if you go into a particular field, like oral surgery or orthodontics.

6 Engineering Manager - $117,000

Engineering is a highly sought-after profession. You are involved not only in the solution of technical problems, but also in the determination of specific goals. While engineering managers typically need a post-graduate degree to complement their bachelor’s degree, the rewards of the job are more than worth it. For one, you will be responsible for a project’s execution and financial viability. For another, your profession is so esteemed that you will be in charge of two other positions that got into the list, namely the natural science and information system managers.  By the way, if you can, try to focus on the semiconductor or electronic component industries. They pay the highest.

5 Natural Sciences Manager - $114,600

Scientists are nerds, supposedly, and a natural sciences manager gets to manage this bunch of nerds. So imagine how much a company will pay to people who can handle this position. You can even improve your marketability by getting post-graduate degrees, which companies are more than willing to pay for, as the combination of scientific knowledge with business know-how is an uncommon qualification.

4 Computer and Information Systems Manager - $113,700

This position usually entails rising from the ranks. You will initially serve as a data analyst or a programmer, attaining valuable knowledge and experience along the way. Once you have gained the requisite conceptual awareness of how to run an entire company’s information systems department, then you are ready to become the manager.  The days of some weird, gifted, self-taught computer geek running the whole information systems department is now over, however.  With the widespread acceptance in both corporate and educational world of information technology, computers and information systems are no longer esoteric fields. Corporations now prefer those with college degrees in relevant areas, like computer science or mathematics.

3 Lawyers - $113,000

In this litigious world, lawyers are needed because their jobs are connected to practically every aspect of our lives. They are the only ones certified to argue the law, be it a law on personal injury, accidents, environment, family, real estate, intellectual property and corporate governance. The legal industry is highly regulated, with a license required in the state where you intend to practice; this license is over and above the hectic requirements of a four-year law degree.

2 Marketing Manager - $110,000

A marketing manager has a lot of responsibilities. Aside from the usual management skills, a marketing manager needs to have above average prowess in marketing and communication. The job may involve a gamut of functions, from brand development and management, promotions development and financial analysis, all the way to media buying, advertising conceptualization and public relations. It is not a simple job, and the work may be never-ending. Which is a good thing because that means the job will always be in demand. Complement your four-year marketing degree with a Masters in Business Administration degree and the chances of an even higher level executive position gets bigger.

1 Air Traffic Controller - $109,800

The requirements may be long – college degree, three years of work experience, studying in an FAA-approved program, passing an aptitude test, 12 weeks of training, around 4 years of apprenticeship as a development controller. And the requirements are for good reason. After all, you will be responsible for the safe operation of airplanes by coordinating their movement in the air and on the runway. It is also the job of air traffic controllers to feed pilots relevant weather information.

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