The Ten Best Jobs In Education

It is undeniable that teachers are a very important part of our world. Where would our youth be if they weren't around to run a class? Where would professionals be if they didn't have great teachers to give them insight during their college years? Without teachers, it would be very hard for a doctor to become proficient in the field of medicine, or for a lawyer to become knowledgeable in the practice of law. The same is true of professionals in every field. Without teachers and mentors, it would be impossible for workers to gain the skills and knowledge they need to excel in their professions.

For aspiring educators, going to school to obtain a teaching degree is a worthwhile pursuit. For those who want to teach elementary school or high school, a four-year bachelor’s degree should suffice. However, if someone is looking to be a college professor, graduate school professor, or even an assistant graduate professor, they’ll usually need a master's or PhD. To be a professor, one needs to go to great lengths to make sure they have the right level of education to become a professor.

Just as in any field, there are some teaching jobs that are better than others. We have compiled a list of the top jobs that you can get with a teaching degree. These picks are not only based on salary, but the kind of contribution that one can make to society with this teaching job. While some are more general, the demand for the teachers on this list has been long-lived thanks to the skilled graduates their programs churn out. For building a better, more informed society, these are some of the best jobs that you can get if you want to be a teacher.

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10 Media Director - Median Salary $59,218

Being a media director for a school or school board can be a pretty exciting job. For those who have both a love of education and a love of technology, this might be the perfect job. Media specialists have the responsibility of deciding which new technologies will come into the school, which essentially determines how the school will learn for the next several years. All of the projectors, computer labs, student computers, and more are organized by the school's media director, giving them a huge influence in that regard. Becoming a media director requires experience in education and technology. At minimum, a 4 year degree is required for someone who wants to land this job.

9 Special Education Teacher - Median Salary: $49,010

Being a special education teacher is challenging, but it can also be rewarding. This is one of the teaching jobs with a low salary, but there’s an amount of personal satisfaction involved in helping a special needs child with their difficulties in learning. Special education teachers play an important part in the lives of special education students, helping them develop alongside their peers to achieve success. It’s not glamorous, and there’s no doubt that it’s a stressful job, but the difference that a dedicated special education teacher can make is of incalculable value to both the child and their family.

8 High School Teacher - Median Salary: $55,443

High school teachers may not make as much as college professors, but their value to society cannot be ignored. The teen years are some of the most developmentally important for anybody, and impressionable minds need guidance, support, and challenge. Because of the regular and close interactions teachers have with students, it is easy for a high school teacher to make a huge impact on the lives of their students. There are many famous and influential people who have said it was a high school teacher who really changed their outlook. Being a high school teacher may not pay an outrageous salary, but it is a job where teachers can make a real difference in a person’s life.

7 Librarian - Median Salary: $59,248+

Working as a librarian is a great, increasingly rare choice for those who love literature and the discovery of knowledge. There’s no doubt that this is a pursuit motivated by passion, as many who work these jobs must pay for four years of graduate school, but reap fewer rewards than many professions that require Master’s degrees. Librarians remain important even in the digital age, increasingly responsible for assisting people with accessing information databases and archives – not to mention lending a hand to those puzzled by the Dewey Decimal system. Another perk for prospective librarians is the fact that they’ll be surrounded by books all day. It’s a reward in itself for book lovers.

6 School Principal - Median Salary: $95,129

For those who prefer a more immediate approach, with personal interaction with students, teachers, and other administrators, becoming a school principal might be a great career choice. Becoming a school principal takes a solid education, and usually requires individuals to have obtained a Master’s degree in education. There are exceptions to this, but for the most part, schools are quite rigid in searching out individuals to run things. Being a school principal means assuming the many responsibilities that principals have to take care of on a daily basis. This job is not for the faint of heart, as it can be a very difficult and stressful area of employment.

5 Economics Professor- Median Salary: $101,806

The field of economics is a crucial component of any business program in a university setting, with economics classes often a general requirement for any program that a business student is enrolled in. When one has a passion for economics, being an economist can be a great way to pursue this passion, but teaching economics is another avenue to discuss and generate new ideas. Not only will economics professors be able to teach others the field of economics, but they will be able to research the newest trends and developments in the world of economics.

4 Engineering Professor - Median Salary: $112,634+

We’ll never stop building and improving upon our society, so the field of engineering just keeps on growing. For those who have a passion for engineering of all kinds, and who want to teach others the tricks of the trade, becoming an engineering professor can be a great way to fulfill both of these passions. The job usually takes either work experience in the field, or PhDs in teaching and engineering.

3 Medical Specialties Professor- Median Salary: $139, 585

Professors that teach in medical school are also greatly rewarded greatly for their services. Medical professors will usually have attended medical school and practiced medicine in the field. There are those, however, who go through school in order help teach the different specialties of the medical field. Teaching in the field of medical specialties requires a great amount of information. Knowledge of teaching others is another skill that medical professors must have. To put it simply, it wouldn’t do to have a professor of medicine that is unable to properly train the life-saving doctors of tomorrow.

2 School Superintendent - Median Salary: $144,039

For those who have a love for education, a position on the administrative side of things could be a great, different fit. A high-up position in the public school system allows an individual to have a greater influence on the pupils of teachers all through a school board, county, or district. That said, becoming a school superintendent is no easy task. For the most part, the position requires a PhD in education, as well as a lengthy, often costly campaign to become elected to a top spot on the school board.

1 Law Professor – Median Salary: $151,710

Becoming a Law professor is a smart and steady career choice. Law professors are highly salaried because of the competitive nature of law schools, which require top minds to educate students who pay large amounts of money in pursuit of a career in law. The students that they are training will go on to become lawyers, judges, and politicians, so it is crucial for those who are training them lawyers to have a great understanding of the law, and also of how best to educate their charges. Most of those who want to become a professor of law will have already have practical experience.

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