The 10 Best Ways To Make Money In College

Having disposable income is important to having a good time in college. It’s as simple as that. Sometimes we want to ditch the food court and hit up a trendy restaurant. Sometimes we want to travel to our friend’s college for the rivalry football game. Sometimes we want to afford going to the bars on the weekends and not feeling guilty about spending way too much money.

For all these times and many more, it is vital to the welfare of a college student to not go broke before the end of college. Colleges may put us in serious debt with tuition, but they will not take all of our birthday money from Grandma, our extra allowance from our parents, and our bar/bat-mitzvah money (if Jewish). The good news is making money in college is very doable.

There are a bunch of rewarding jobs and legal hustling opportunities out there on college campuses near you, some of which you wouldn’t even think of. Don’t worry because here the 10 best ways to make money in college.

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10 Participate In Surveys

These are for the people who only need a little bit of income to be happy. Not everyone is aware of this, but there are always studies taking place at college campuses and they pay you! For an hour, you can answer dumb 'yes or no' questions about if you use condoms, eat food off the ground, or use social media on the toilet. Maybe those questions are made up, but the questions or polls really are for things like safe sex, food safety, and technology use. This is the easiest way to make money, but don’t expect to cover your $150 weekly bar tab.

9 Participate In Medical Research Studies

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The differences in medical research studies versus general product or market research studies are the risk and the payout. Medical studies are often testing a drug by injecting you with it! You can make more money testing a new drug then you can answering a poll about your favorite ice cream flavor; but you can also get sick testing a new drug. So there's that to consider. If the money is worth the risk of an adverse health effect, then go for it. But for those who don’t need to take that sort of risk, I would stick with the general research studies. Cookies and cream flavor is the best!

8 Donating Plasma And/Or Sperm

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This is a mediocre option for those who don’t have time to get a job. For the men, you can make roughly $100 a trip for donating sperm, but it’s a long process to get the money. If you aren’t clean you aren’t making money. If your sperm doesn’t survive testing, you aren’t making money. The process takes months, so it’s an investment that takes a while. But if you follow through, you could see increasing dividends that could lead to $1,000 a month for numerous visits. For plasma route, you get the money right after donating, but the payout isn’t high and you only have so much to give before you run out. Don’t die of blood loss trying to make an extra buck. It isn’t worth it!

7 Freelance Writing/Blogging

For those going to school for journalism or a related major - this is a great move. Making money blogging is not the easiest, but it is possible if you have the talent for it. There is a Pro Blogger website board, and many others like it, that you can find paid work on. If writing comes naturally and quality articles seep out of you, then you can make a significant amount of money. Possibly even more than with donating sperm! One great thing about making money this way is that you can do it from your room on campus during your free time. Writing gives you the flexibility to balance your busy college schedule and this makes it a great part-time job.

6 Working As A Bartender

Bartending is cool. Bartenders are cool. Why wouldn’t you want to be cool? In all seriousness, a bartender has the power to serve alcohol to whom they want and when want, according to the law of course. Bartenders can make a lot of money through tips on a busy night, so for those that want to get paid - this is the job. Also if getting laid is important, you're in luck. This is partially true because of the power aspect behind the position. Finally you’ll meet some cool people, and at the end of the day, bartending will provide you with plenty of stories.

5 Selling Textbooks


This is hustling. If you don’t want to put in a lot of effort, then don’t bother reading this. The most frustrating purchases in college are textbooks. Half the time you don’t even need them, so waiting it out or sharing with a friend would be advice on saving money. Besides saving money, there is also the opportunity to make money. As previously mentioned, college students are lazy. Often times there are students who forget or don’t care enough to sell their textbooks back. Also, students could make more money on their textbooks, but sell it to the wrong place because they don't know any better. Gaining an understanding on where you can make the most money with old textbooks and then going around and either purchasing the books cheaply or getting them for free can make you a lot of money.

4 Working As A Tutor

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Tutoring might not seem as cool as bartending, but it's more rewarding. Helping other students learn and do better on tests is something to be proud of. If you start tutoring independently you can make a lot of money, but be careful because, like drugs, it's a slippery slope. One day you are taking a little extra money to help someone with a problem, the next day you are solving the problem for everyone in that person's class. Just like doing meth, it's a horrible decision and you are going to get in trouble. All else aside, being able to make money helping students the right way is all the reason one should need. If that isn’t enough, then know that the students will look up to you if you are doing a good job and make it fun for them.

3 Stripping

Hustling, but in a different kind of way. Stripping isn’t recommended, but for those that feel empowered by it - the male species says go for it! Technically you can make a lot of money per hour at the right time in the right club, but you can also spiral down a slippery slope. Women are often treated poorly because at the end of the day, it’s a business. Some men only see the strippers as the people taking money from their wallets. Male strip clubs are less common, but the same applies to men. You better have a strong sense of self and a love for dancing without your clothes on to be a stripper. If it doesn’t feel comfortable, then stripping is not the move for you.

2 Working As A Residential Assistant (RA)

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Technically you only get paid for the preparation before you start working, but since your work covers your expenses for living, it counts. If you're smart and don’t love the parents who were going to pay for your room and board, you can make a lot of money off them by collecting that money upfront. Does this make you a bad person? Yes. Will you have time to make up for your sins? Probably. One day when you have schemed everyone down on Wall Street, you can pay your parents back one hundred times. Working as an RA has its perks. It allows you to meet a lot of people, learn about fun campus activities, and you get to boss around the freshman, for whom you're responsible. Unfortunately, you have to make sure the freshmen isn't having too much fun and you may not be liked if it’s a common occurrence. An RA is a responsibility, but it’s financially a smart move.

1 Start Your Own Company


This is the best and hardest option. College students often have unfulfilled needs and I’m not just talking about sex. A lot of college students are lazy. People don’t want to get their food, they don’t want to do their laundry, and they don’t want to clean their place. You could do all of it for your desired price! If you succeed you will have done something that only a minuscule percent has in this world, and that is something to be proud of. Even if you fail and the company goes down the toilet in a couple months, starting your own company looks awesome on your resume and will probably get you the job you want outside of college. Try it, you never know.

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