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Average Salary of a Surgeon

In the medical profession, those who specialize in performing surgery are known as surgeons. There are so many sub-fields in surgery as well as it has expanded so much. There are general surgeons that specialize in performing surgery on the torso. Then there are surgeons who specialize in performing surgery on bones, breasts and the brain, and now a variety of new techniques and technologies have also been developed to help surgeons perform a better job. Surgeons, as they are specialists and work in operation rooms are employed primarily in hospitals and surgical outpatient centers. The average annual salary of a surgeon range is $118,810 to $287,902.

5 Starting level

In the United States, according to PayScale a surgeon with one to four years experience earns from $118,810 to $242,635 annually.

4 Mid-level

Surgeons with five to nine years experience earn $149,640 to $282,521 per year, as of 2009.

3 Experienced

Surgeons who have ten to nineteen years experience draw an average annual salary from $148,184 to $287,902.

2 Geography

In cities like Baltimore and Philadelphia surgeons are paid a higher salary. Pascale.com says that in 2009 in Baltimore the annual salary range was $157,243 to $319,492. In Philadelphia the range was from $162,135 to $305,209.

1 Potential

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics states that employment of surgeons is expected to increase by 14 percent from 2008 to 2016.

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