Ronald Wayne: Apple Shares Worth $35 Billion

Since its humble beginnings in 1976, Apple has now produced many millionaires and billionaires. It started out as a struggling company founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne.

Apple succeeded with the help of multi-millionaire Mike Markkula in 1977. During that time, Wayne was no longer part of the company as he had sold his share to Jobs and Wozniak for $800. Jobs and Wozniak each had 45% share while Wayne has only 10%. In the same year, Apple’s sales had already reached $2.7 million.

If he was still part of the company, his share would have reached up to $35 billion!

Wyane was 42 at the time and served as the supervisor or counselor to his young co-owners, 21-year-old Jobs and 25-year old Wozniak.

He even drew the first Apple logo and wrote the Apple 1 manual. Yet he was unrecognized. However, in the new film Jobs featuring Steve Job’s biopic, Wayne’s contribution in the history of Apple is being recognized.

The 79-year-old said in a recent interview that he did not regret his decision of leaving Apple due to a disagreement with Jobs. “I made a decision that allowed me to pursue my interests. I honestly don’t regret walking away at all. I knew the Wozniak design for a personal computer was going to be a successful product. But who could have anticipated it would be what it is today? If I had stayed with Apple and accepted the limitations on my philosophy of life I could have well ended up the richest man in the cemetery. I was in my 40's, these kids were whirlwinds. It was like having a tiger by the tail.”

After leaving Apple, Wayne worked at Thor Electronics in 1982 and at retired in 1999.

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