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Physical Therapist Average Salary:

Physical therapists also known as physiotherapists help people who have suffered injury, illness, been through certain types of surgery, to manage their pain and improve their movements.

They form an important function in treating and rehabilitating patients with chronic illnesses or injuries and in helping them regain their mobility. They spend most of their working hours on their feet actively working with patients. The salaries of physical therapists are based on several factors.

5 Physical therapist Salary In United States

The U.S. Department of Labor has determined that the average nationwide annual salary for physical therapists is approximately $74,410. The average hourly salary has been determined to be around $35.77.

4 Experienced

The average hourly salary as stated by PayScale of a physical therapist with less than 5 years experience is $15.11. Physical therapists with more than 20 years of experience earns on average $26.59 per hour.

3 Geography

The average salary of physical therapists in California is higher than in other states, and their approximate hourly salary is $23.38. The average salary of physical therapists in Pennsylvania is $17.25 per hour.

2 Employer

The average salary of physical therapists who work with an athletic team is approximately $13.50 per hour. However a physiotherapist who works for a college earns $30.62 per hour, which is the standard hourly wage.

1 Specialty

Physical therapists who are specialists in their fields tend to earn more. For example, a physical therapist who has specialized in geriatrics may earn an average hourly salary of around $26.42. Those working in rehabilitation average an hourly wage of $20.08.

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