Five High-Paying Jobs For People Who Love To Travel

Finding a high-paying job that requires or encourages frequent travel isn’t easy. Most of these kinds of jobs are low-wage and rely on a passion for travel more than anything else. This means you need to do a lot of job sifting to sort the good paying jobs from the bad.

Luckily, there are some pretty high-wage travel jobs out there. In particular, jobs that employ workers on a contractual basis require that those individuals make moves in several different locations. After all, they need to go where the money's located, since it’s not usually all bundled up in one location. But that’s hardly a trouble for any of the travel-hungry job seekers out there.

As with most other areas of employment, those with an advanced education have a leg up. If a person wants a good job that pays well and involves extensive travel, they should be prepared to put in the work necessary to reach that kind of position. At a minimum, prospective employees should expect to earn a bachelors degree to work these kinds of jobs. But when you think about it, it's not really asking for much, since thousands of other jobs have those same prerequisites. These jobs have the added fun of letting workers travel frequently, and all over the world, too.

So really, what is there to lose? There are jobs on this list that allow people to help others, a job that lets curious minds meet and study different people and their cultures, and a job that lets the truly travel-determined fly all the time, and even stay in new places free of charge! Plenty of variety fis available in the high-wage travel world, so it’s definitely worth the time, money, and effort to work towards these careers.

Having said all that, here’s a look at these careers in detail. Those not particularly interested in a great deal of travel should take a look anyway. These jobs are interesting for other reasons as well.

5 Anthropologists And Archeologists - Median Salary: $57,420

These workers study the culture and development of societies all around the world. Archaeologists focus on studying relics from the past, and combine those findings with what’s known about the past to create a more in-depth understanding of an older culture.

Anthropologists, however, focus on cultures of today. They’ll often immerse themselves into a society so they can experience their culture firsthand. This allows them to better understand the customs and social norms of different societies.

Both jobs include fieldwork that requires workers to go to new and remote locations, usually for 4-8 weeks. Anthropologists’ fieldwork requires far more social interaction, however, as archaeologists focus on studying relics from the past, minimizing the need to interact. So, depending on your preferences, one would be better for you than the other.

4 Travel Nurse - Median Salary: $65,470

Nurses have a wide range of responsibilities in the health field; observing patients, performing tests, administering medicine, and so on. And since medical care is needed worldwide, nurses have the opportunity to travel anywhere where their services are needed.

Sometimes this means traveling around the United States, and other times it means going abroad. Probably the best part is that travelling nurses usually get free housing! Utilities, naturally, are included as well. If a life spent partly in the skies and partly in helping people on the ground sounds like one well-spent, it would be a good idea to look into this fulfilling career option.

3 Management Analysts - Median Salary: $78,600

Management analysts are basically consultants for organizations. They work together to help analysts make more money, while minimizing any wastes and inefficiencies that are present. This "fine-tuning" is a great asset to any organization, making this job pretty valuable.

As most management analysts work contractually, they may find they need to travel often to meet up with new clients. There’s a lot of back and forth involved in meeting new clients and working with old ones, so Management Analysts will definitely be moving around a lot.

2 Construction Manager - Median Salary: $82,790

Construction managers oversee the development of new buildings and/or structures. They make sure that deadlines are met, workers are on the same page, and budgets are maintained. Basically, it's the same job as any manager's, but applied to a construction setting.

Construction managers sometimes end up with multiple projects, meaning they might need to travel a considerable amount in order to ensure everything is maintained, and that work on big projects is completed on time and without costing unbudgeted sums. For those with an interest in construction, this could be a great match.

1 Airline And Commercial Pilots - Median Salary:  $98,410

At the top of the countdown are pilots. They travel all across the globe getting passengers from point A to point B, all the while enjoying the benefits of seeing different parts of the world.

Pilots are frequently involved in overnight layovers, and can end up spending 1-3 days every week in different countries. What’s especially neat about this is that the airline usually covers the cost of hotels, transportation, and food during these layovers. So it's kind of like having frequent free trips to different parts of the world.

That said, there are often restrictions in place forbidding the consumption of alcohol or other substances before flights, and the job itself is one that is notoriously stressful and difficult to do. Still, for the person who wants to travel, it’s tough to beat a career that is all about going new places.

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