10 Best Jobs In America 2012

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10 #1. Software Engineers

The person responsible for designing computer software programs is a senior software engineer as he is familiar with the computer programming applications which are applied in order to develop and write the advanced software programs. The software engineers used to have the lowest stress levels although they have have to maintain a high energy level which is a must for them. Apart from this they also have good career prospects as well. Their average income is quite above average at $88,142. Their income is also dependent on certain factors such as local demographics, economic priorities and the demand and the supply of the software engineers.

9 #2. Actuaries

The people who analyze statistics for a number of companies, from the insurance firms to the financial service providers, are called actuaries. They have the best work environments and very few physical demands. Their chances of growth in the career are also great as they make an average of $88,202.

8 #3. Human Resource Managers

The managers who manage the administrative functions which are related to an organization’s relations with the employees are called the Human Resource Managers. They supervise the things such as the selection of new co workers, their training and consultations with the executives of the company regarding the matters which pertain to the organization’s co workers. The HR Managers make sure that solving the problems of the others is not as stressful because they reported a very comforting work place environment and a little stress with a very little amount of travel. The career opportunities are also quite wide. Their average salary is as high as $99,102.

7 Dental Hygienists

The people working under the orthodontists are also called as the Dental Hygienists and they are entrusted with the tasks of ensuring the oral health of their patients. They enjoy flexible scheduling. The training which is mandatory to become a licensed hygienist is very little as compared to the dentist. A majority of them work on a part time basis and can be paid on an hourly basis, in the form of the salary, daily wages or on the commission basis. They enjoy consistent work and much lower levels of stress during flexible hours. Entering into this field is quite easy too. If you have the zeal to stand all the time on your feet then you can earn up to $68,109.

6 Financial Planners

Every year, as it seems, some news source or a magazine alludes to the financial planning as one of the best jobs due to the increasing number of people interested in investing in their retirement plans, more particularly the baby boomers. The salary of financial planners is slanted badly by a very few financial planners who rake in huge salaries. Thus it is more useful to understand the range of financial planners. A lot of opportunities are there for the financial planners for advancement in their career paths and not to speak of the lower levels of stress. They have to stay within the cubicles while managing the other people’s money, however you can be rewarded awesomely as their average pay goes up to $104,161.

5 Audiologists

The people who have the hearing and other auditory conditions are called as the audiologists. They can take the use of digital equipment in order to diagnose and treat at the auditory clinics. In some cases the masters degree is acceptable, but the professional demand is that of a doctoral degree and a state license too. The highest paid audiologists can make really double than the lowest paid ones. Their perks are lower levels of stress and very much interaction with others and well defined working hours. Entering into this field is a bit quirky but not difficult. Their average pay is $67,137.

4 Occupational Therapists

The professionals who help the people learn to live more freely and with more freedom are called occupational therapists. They can train and teach the people with disabilities to stand up on their feet again. They have regular hours and very little stress not to speak of the good working environment. Their hiring potential is also great and their average income is about $72,110.

3 Online Advertising Managers

A lot of room for the advancement is there for the taking as you enter into this field. The work environment is also enviable. If you can manage the pressure of the fear of failing in your next marketing campaign then you can make an average salary of $ 87,255.

2 Computer System Analysts

Those who examine business and then analyze it are called computer system analysts they also analyze the science and the engineering problems and create befitting solutions which involve the processing of the information systems. They measure and enumerate the needs of the users and devise ways and techniques which can match up to the requirements. They may make software solution right from a scratch or recommend commercially available software or can combine these two approaches to help the clients. Their working hours are not that long but you spend your time alone in front of a computer. With moderate stress levels the job is not that much demanding. As the guru of your company you can have an average pay of $78,148.

1 Mathematicians

The mathematicians employ the theories and the principles to solve the economic, engineering, business and the scientific issues and the problems. A Ph.D is the minimum requirement but not only for those who are in the federal government where a bachelor’s degree is quite sufficient. A lot of Universities advise the people who are doing majors in Mathematics to have a degree in the related field such as the computer science, economics or the engineering so that the prospects of their employability could be increased along with their salaries. They work 40 hours in a week, which is a pre-determined standard, and that too in very comfortable and less stressful working environments. They can become the part of the interdisciplinary groups which may include the computer scientists, the technicians and the engineers or the economists. A median salary of the mathematician is $93,580 per year as of May 2009 as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics(BLS), at a range of $50,960 to $142,460 which is equal to $44.99 per hour at a range of $24.50 to $68.49.

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