Average Police Officer Salary

Cops and Robbers. This is a game we all played as children. Pretending to be a cop was a fun thing to do as a youngster, and many American's decide to keep playing when they grow up. Being a police officer is a noble job that helps America stay safe!

To become a police officer you must go through training. Many colleges offer a 2 year associates degree in law enforcement. Other ways of becoming a police officer include police academies and certification programs through the city.  Once in the force, an officer starts out as a deputy and has the choice for advancement down the line.


The average salary for a police officer in the united states is 35,000 Dollars. The average salary for a police officer varies depending on the city you are in. The property taxes are a huge determining factor in these salaries. For instance, in New York the property values are much higher than the nations average, so the average salary for a police officer in New York is 75,000 dollars. In my hometown of Provo Utah a police officer can expect to make 56,000 dollars. In contrast, a police officer in Lynchburg Virgina should only expect to make 34,000 dollars.

Being a police officer can be an awesome job for someone who wants to both serve their community and get a great thrill. Many benefits can come to police officers, such as great health insurance, retirement plans, union benefits, and various discounts. Many cell phone providers, mortgage companies, and even car dealerships offer discount rates and prices to police officers. Being a police officer can be a very fulfilling and uplifting job where you can help your community!

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