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Are you really good at posing for pictures and being bossed around? Well if you are then this may be the job for you. Professional bridesmaids, believe it or not, are a real thing. These hired bridesmaids are there to help on the big day.

Jen Glantz is the co-founder of

the company Bridesmaids for Hire, which offers bridesmaids and personal assistant type services to a bride throughout her wedding day. When you actually think about it, hiring a bridesmaid is not the worst idea, as it gives the chance to all the other bridesmaids to relax and have a good time. Plus, it gives the bride a perfect person to project her bridezilla energy on throughout her stressful day.

If you are wondering what it will cost you to get a bridesmaid for hire on your wedding day, it varies between $300-2000 depending on which package you choose.

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