10 High-Paying Careers for People Who Actually Love Learning

awesome jobs for people who love learning

Do you love to learn? Well, there’s some bad news and some good news. Which do you want first?

The bad news is your learning days are coming to an end. That’s right, college students. You can only stay in school for so long. Eventually, you’ll have to smell the roses and join the work force. No more studying, no more tests and definitely no more scantrons.

But there is some good news. Although your learning experience in a classroom environment is almost over, there is still a lot to learn outside of school. There are certain career paths you can take where you never stop learning. These careers involve making new discoveries and tackling original issues on a daily basis.

Certain seasoned professionals are still learning a lot every day about their job, even when they’ve been doing it for more than half their life. There are also technological, scientific and medical breakthroughs constantly taking place that make sure some of the most brilliant minds in the world are still learning.

You can also extend your education and stay in school longer by applying to graduate or medical school. This is a great way to keep learning and be on track to get a high-paying job after you get your degree.

So if you love learning, then you’re in luck. There are plenty of high-paying jobs that either require a lot of education or demand on-the-job learning. Here are 10 of those high-paying jobs you may be able to land if you love to learn:

10 Computer Programmer

If you don’t already realize the importance of computer programmers in today’s society, then you might not be living in 2015.

Technological advancements are being made every day, and computer programmers lead this revolution. There is a high demand for programmers since companies want to be sure they are easily accessible for their customers — no matter where those customers may be. Programmers can also build their own apps or software and start their own business.

Programmers are always learning because technology is constantly evolving. There are so many different codes to learn that impact how you build certain applications or software. Some coding languages are currently in higher demand than others, but the possibilities are truly endless as to what you can learn and what you can do in this field, with an average salary well over $50,000.

9 Biochemical Engineer

Biochemical engineers are responsible for making medical breakthroughs that are saving people’s lives.

You’ll need at least four years of schooling to become a biochemical engineer, although a master’s degree will help your chances of landing a job. That education will pay off with a salary range reaching almost $100k.

This job position includes designing and testing devices that could potentially solve biological and medical issues. You will need to learn about new information that could influence your designs and how you go about creating your devices. Learning about various illnesses and the technology and medicine that may be able to help in their treatment is also essential to becoming a successful biochemical engineer.

8 Surgeon

This is the ultimate occupation for someone who loves school.

You need a four-year undergraduate degree, four years of medical school and three to eight years of surgical residency at a hospital. It seems like a love of learning is required for this profession since you will either be in school or training for at least eleven years before you are considered an actual surgeon.

However, this immense amount of schooling is definitely worth it. Surgeons make an average salary of $249,000 in the United States. Becoming a surgeon is the way to go if you’re looking for a high-paying job that requires a lot of learning.

7 Physician

Physician is another medical position that is great for people who love to learn – and who want to get paid the big bucks. Salaries are well over $100k with many exceeding $200k, depending on the specialty. More refined specialties like radiology almost reach $300k.

You’ll need the same amount of schooling as a surgeon to become a physician. Learning about illnesses is crucial since you will be diagnosing patients and prescribing medicine. This job will also test your problem-solving ability to make a diagnosis.

You will get to learn about people as well. Physicians often develop deep relationships with their patients and learn about their lives. This is just one of the many satisfying parts of becoming a physician.

6 Pharmacist

If you love learning, money and drugs, then becoming a pharmacist might be the best thing you’ve done since you binge-watched Breaking Bad.

Six to thirteen years of school is required to become a pharmacist. This is great news for anyone who wants to spend a lot of time learning in college.

Since you are dispensing specific dosages of potentially dangerous drugs, it’s important you are precise and learn about different chemical reactions. A rapid growth in medical advancements has made sure pharmacists continue to learn about new drugs and chemicals. The good news is pharmacists make a median salary over $100,000 to keep up with all the learning required.

5 Lawyer

Did you think a lawyer wouldn’t be on this list? Well, you can’t handle the truth!

Horrible joke aside, this is a great job for people who love to learn. You need three years of law school on top of a bachelor’s degree to become a lawyer. That’s a lot of school and a lot of learning about the law.

Learners will love this job because the laws are always changing, and you need to keep up with these changes to present a viable case. You’ll also need to treat every case differently. This satisfies learners because they might need to learn about an entirely new set of laws for each case. There are plenty of laws to learn about and memorize. And plenty of compensation for it. The median salary is only $77,000 but commissions and bonuses add a considerable amount. And, as we all know, lawyers’ salaries can skyrocket to the millions.

4 Astronomer

With many years of education and an endless supply of unknown entities, being an astronomer might be the most fulfilling career for someone who loves learning.

You will need about five to seven years of education and a Ph.D. to become an astronomer. There are new stars, planets and discoveries about space constantly being made. Astronomers gather data about objects in space, and then develop and test scientific theories about these objects.

There is still much to learn about outer space, and there’s always something new to discover. The field of astronomy delivers an endless supply of things to keep you busy if you’re a lover of seeking new knowledge. The possibilities for pay are endless as well, with many in the top 90% making over $130k.

3 Realtor

Becoming a realtor might be the job for you if you enjoy on-the-job learning and snooping through people’s homes.

You don’t need to go to school to become a realtor, but you do need to be educated in real estate and become licensed. There is a lot to learn in real estate since every job you get is completely different. You have to find homes that match your customers’ requests, and you also have to learn how to deal with and persuade different people. In addition, you have to be quick on your feet and come up with or find the answers to every question your customer has. The average realtor only makes around $50,000 but many pay structures are commission-based so the more you sell, the more you make. Total pay can easily exceed $100k, especially if you sell high-end homes or buildings as a commercial realtor.

2 Marketing Manager

Do you ever watch those repetitive Progressive commercials with Flo and think, “I can do better than that?” Well, here’s your chance.

In this career, you’ll plan marketing and branding strategies based on current marketing trends. You will need a bachelor’s or master’s degree in business to become a marketing manager

With technology always changing the ways companies can reach their audience, you’ll need to keep up with these advancements and learn how to utilize new technology to grow your business.

Learning how to take advantage of new trends is a key aspect of being a marketing manager. Depending on your success, you can land some pretty big clients which can pay way more than the median $61,000.

1 College Professor

Do you love learning about a certain topic so much that you never want to stop learning about it? Maybe you should consider becoming a college professor.

You need a Ph.D. to become a professor. Professors should know everything there is to know about whatever they are teaching.

This is great news if you love to learn because you can spend years learning about something you are passionate about. You also need to stay up-to-date with new discoveries about your topic, so there is never a shortage of information to master. This job also offers the satisfaction of helping students gain knowledge about something you are passionate about. And a salary that can exceed $150k.

Get Paid to Learn!

Most people who love to learn are nervous about leaving college because they believe their learning days are over. Don’t panic. Just find a job where there are constantly new things to find out.

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