10 Great Careers For The Introverted

Introverts are a commonly misunderstood group. They stand out because, contrary to most of society, they prefer to listen instead of speak, and prefer minimum social interaction over lots of it.

The truth is, introverts have unique qualities that make them far more suitable to certain careers than extroverts. For instance, jobs that require lots of diligent research, extensive alone time, and great listening skills - all are perfect for the everyday introvert.

In addition, people assume that introverts hate social interaction, which is wrong. They’re really just drained by it, even if they love being around others. So as long as a job doesn’t require constant social interaction and they can get away to recharge themselves, it’s suitable for an introvert. It’s actually pretty hard (maybe even impossible) to find a high-paying job that requires little or no social interaction, but that’s actually okay for the common introvert. As long as it’s minimized, that’s all that matters.

In fact, even though most of these jobs are research based, they’re generally done in a team setting. That’s not to say you’ll constantly be working together. More likely is that coworkers will collaborate on shared findings. Afterwards, everyone is back off to do their own thing again. Since most introverts like a little bit of social interaction only, I’d say that works out great in most cases.

But even for those who are not introverts, this list will probably have a career or two that appeals to those with a passion for working with computers. One of these jobs actually requires travel to different parts of the world to do field surveillance, which might interest the travelers out there.

Having said that, here is a look at a few high-paying jobs that introverts might be interested in. If you’re not introverted, take a look anyway. You might actually find something you like.

10 Elevator Installer And Repairer - Median Salary: $75,060

Starting our countdown off are the elevator installers and repairers. As you can guess, their job is to use tools to fix and maintain elevators. They also work with escalators, moving walkways, and other lifts as well.

Although these guys work in a team, the work itself is done by a single person when called to do repairs, giving these professionals a good sense of independence.

9 Financial Analyst - Median Salary: $75,950

A financial analyst's duties revolve around evaluation of different data, including business trends, financial statements, and stocks and bonds. They’ll also end up doing some writing in the form of financial reports.

Most interaction in this career is done through period chats with investors. Other than that, analysts spend most of their time doing the aforementioned evaluation work.

8 Biochemist And Biophysicist - Median Salary: $79,230

Those in this field rely on computer and medical technology to do research. They study the effects of drugs, analyze DNA, and present reports based on those findings to their colleagues and other scientists. This career also has applications in fields such as agriculture, where scientists figure out how to modify crops to be more resilient to disease and harsh weather.

Biochemists/biophysicists usually work in team settings, but the actual research process requires plenty of working and thinking alone.

7 Materials Engineer - Median Salary: $85,150

These guys study and develop the materials used to make lots of different products. A few of those materials are ceramics, plastics, metals, and so on. They do a lot of work with computers and design equipment, and usually work in offices, factories, or lab settings.

Due to the extensive material analysis needed in this job, it’s great for those who really love their alone time.

6 Marine Engineer And Naval Architect - Median Salary: $88,100

This career is all about creating and maintaining all kinds of ships and submarines. Marine engineers also conduct inspections of marine equipment and create technical reports as well. To do this, they use computer software for research and planning purposes.

Thanks to all of that research and planning, this job is great for those who like to do independent work in between interactions.

5 Geoscientist, Except Hydrologists And Geographers - Median Salary: $90,890

Geoscientists do as much field work as they do lab work. What they do is conduct field studies, where perhaps they’ll collect rock samples using hammers and drills, and then study it in a lab using microscopes and x-ray machines. They take those findings and create maps, scientific reports, and so on.

As with any science, the research will require you to be alone for periods at a time. Also, geoscientists sometimes have to travel to remote destinations for weeks or months at a time (such as to research ships in the middle of the ocean), so a little introversion can really come in handy useful.

4 Actuary - Median Salary: $93,680

Actuaries use a variety of skills (math, stats, finance theory) to assess risk and uncertainty to help make insurance policies. There’s a lot of number crunching involved in doing all the stats analysis and probability work. You’d also have to present this work in the form of charts and tables, and it should be done in an easy to understand manner.

This career requires you meet with clients and collaborate with others sometimes, but overall you’ll be conducting research and doing math by yourself the majority of the time.

3 Mathematician - Median Salary: $101,360

Mathematicians use their understanding of math to solve real life problems. A career in math holds lots of opportunity since so many fields require math on some level. So computers, business, science… All are fields that can use a mathematician, which is great.

Mathematicians are all about research and analysis. Naturally this means that they’ll need a lot of alone time to get any real work done.

2 Political Scientist - Median Salary: $102,000

The job of political scientists is to study how political systems work. This includes government policies and their effects on businesses, how governments of different nations interact, and analyzing data from public opinion surveys. This info is compiled into written reports and presented to others.

All this political research requires a lot of alone time, making it ideal for the everyday introvert.

1 Physicist Or Astronomer - Median Salary: $106,360

These guys study the ways of the universe and help develop models to better explain what we know about it. They use all sorts of tools to study and conduct research, such as; radios, microscopes, lasers, and even the Hubble Space Telescope. Their work is very complex, often requiring a Ph. D. to get a job in this research heavy field.

And as a research heavy field, you’re going to need to patience and alone time to make your work great.

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